Title Date
Wonderland (7): pseudoscience is a deceit perpetrated on the weak and the vulnerable 30 March 2015
Once again: the regulation of nonsense will generate nonsense - the case of UK herbalists 28 March 2015
The FDA is about to assess homeopathy 26 March 2015
Homeopathy: have the regulators in Ontario lost their senses? 24 March 2015
Acupuncture: a treatment to die for? 23 March 2015
15 'arguments' for homeopathy 19 March 2015
When will pharmacists finally stop selling homeopathic remedies? 17 March 2015
Wonderland (6): attempts to sabotage my scientific, moral and ethical standards 14 March 2015
Bach flower remedies: positive effects cannot be doubted 13 March 2015
The final verdict on homeopathy: it's a placebo 11 March 2015
A new chiropractic survey seems to avoid all the potentially embarrassing questions 10 March 2015
Reflexology = placebo therapy 09 March 2015
CHIROPRACTIC: an early and delightful critique 06 March 2015
Wonderland (5): a 'moral and intellectual weakling from the usurping House of Hanover' makes his mark 03 March 2015
The UK General Chiropractic Council: fit for purpose? 28 February 2015
Acupuncture: new meta-analysis suggests it is effective beyond placebo 25 February 2015
Traditional Chinese Medicine = a commercially driven world in an evidence-free environment of make-belief 23 February 2015
Phrenic nerve injury: a rare but serious complication of chiropractic neck manipulation 20 February 2015
Wonderland (4) - 'a clarion call for medical ethics' 17 February 2015
Colloidal silver for cancer? No, it's for enriching fraudsters! 16 February 2015
Are chiropractors being taught to mislead the public ? 14 February 2015
Reiki = nonsense on stilts 13 February 2015
Anthroposophic medicine: guided not by evidence but by wishful thinking 11 February 2015
Subluxation, a myth that is deeply ingrained in the chiropractic mind-set 09 February 2015
WONDERLAND (3) 06 February 2015
What do multivitamins do? They render your urine more expensive! 05 February 2015
Is there a place for homeopathy? Yes, it's in the history books! 03 February 2015
Wonderland (2) 02 February 2015
Ivengar Yoga for back pain - as good or bad as most other treatments ? 01 February 2015
Why do patients rarely complain about receiving bogus treatments? 31 January 2015
Another wonderful comment from someone I highly respect 30 January 2015
If you don't stop telling lies about me, I might tell the truth about you 29 January 2015
My comments angered colleagues - but are they really incorrect??? 28 January 2015
...and this is what chiropractors call 'progress' ? 27 January 2015
Homeopathy: a textbook example of wishful thinking masquerading as research 26 January 2015
A medical visionary working tirelessly for the benefit of us all 25 January 2015
New data on the risk of stroke due to chiropractic spinal manipulation 24 January 2015
WONDERLAND (1) 22 January 2015
A Scientist in Wonderland: a thoughtful comment on my new book 20 January 2015
My visit to the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic 19 January 2015
Osteopathy = confused and confusing 18 January 2015
Transcendental meditation (TM) for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease? 17 January 2015
ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE: the 'inside story' 16 January 2015
Chronic low back pain: exercise is better than spinal manipulation 15 January 2015
HealthWatch: an organisation you might want to join! 13 January 2015
Rudolf Hess (Hitler's deputy) on alternative medicine 11 January 2015
If you guess the author of this speech, I will send you a free copy of my new book 10 January 2015
Chiropractic neck manipulation can cause stroke 07 January 2015
Moxibustion: old, popular, exotic...but what for? 06 January 2015
10 things that would improve alternative medicine in 2015 03 January 2015
HOMEOPATHY: proof of concept or proof of misconduct? 29 December 2014
"Proof of concept that homeopathic medicines have clinical treatment effects.” A challenge for experts to comment 27 December 2014
It's beginning to look a lot like DETOX...everywhere I go 24 December 2014
'The 10 commandments of quackery' 23 December 2014
More potentially good news about fish oil 22 December 2014
Chiropractic and other manipulative therapies can also harm children 18 December 2014
Another bogus claim by chiropractors debunked 17 December 2014
Finally a piece of meaningful chiropractic research: compensation claims against chiropractors 16 December 2014
Fish oil supplementation may be useful for rheumatoid arthritis 15 December 2014
The current craze for dietary supplements: irresponsible charlatans pulling wool over our eyes? 14 December 2014
What DOES it take for people to get real in this world? 13 December 2014
Seven things to remember before you consult a naturopath 12 December 2014
Aromatherapy: not much more than a bit of pampering 08 December 2014
Thousands of cancer patients are being duped into having bogus treatments 07 December 2014
The chiropractic profession: "struggling to define themselves" 05 December 2014
Chiropractic education seems to be a form of religious indoctrination 04 December 2014
CAM for KIDS: more good than harm? 03 December 2014
My offer to educational institutions of alternative medicine 01 December 2014
Ginkgo biloba for ADHD? 30 November 2014
Homeopathy for Ebola: an update directly from the 'horse's mouth' 28 November 2014
Seven things to remember before consulting an acupuncturist 26 November 2014
Intriguing statistics on the volume of alternative medicine research 25 November 2014
Who wants to join in the fun and play BULLSHIT BINGO with me? 24 November 2014
Seven things to remember before you take a herbal remedy 23 November 2014
Seven things to remember before you consult a herbalist 22 November 2014
Reiki: the gullible belief in the super-natural 20 November 2014
Acupuncture for US military veterans: a victory of 'political correctness' over science? 18 November 2014
Let me remind you what this blog is about 17 November 2014
Homeopathy: this is how it could kill millions 16 November 2014
Seven things to remember when you are tempted to try homeopathy 14 November 2014
The tolerance of quackery renders chiropractic a profession of quacks 12 November 2014
Alexander technique: some evidence and plenty of wishful thinking 11 November 2014
Seven things to remember when you next consult a chiropractor 10 November 2014
Biopuncture = quackery at its purest 09 November 2014
Irresponsible promotion of quackery even by the 'respectable' press 08 November 2014
Alternative medicines to die for 07 November 2014
A new trial seems to show that homeopathy is effective for acute tonsillitis 05 November 2014
How to mislead people with seemingly sound research 03 November 2014
The relentless demolition of chiropractic's reputation by chiropractors 01 November 2014
Some chiropractors quite simply adore me!!! 29 October 2014
The chiropractic attempt to have the cake and eat it has failed 28 October 2014
Vaccination: chiropractors "espouse views which aren't evidence based" 26 October 2014
A decent trial of ear-acupressure? (Don't let this spoil your National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day!) 24 October 2014
Are they happily selling you bogus remedies? Respond like Mark Twain! 22 October 2014
Homeopathy works for animals - so it can't be a placebo! 20 October 2014
Fish oil might reduce the risk of suffering from rheumatoid arthritis 18 October 2014
Tory MP David Tredinnick: "perhaps the worst example of scientific illiteracy in government." But is he also a liar? 16 October 2014
Teething problems in homeopathy's wonderland? 15 October 2014
Today is the second anniversary of my blog! 14 October 2014
New evidence on the risks of acupuncture 13 October 2014
Beware of the 'new-born holists' 12 October 2014
Healing, hype or harm? 11 October 2014
Homeopathic medicines: another one hits the dust 10 October 2014
Dietary supplements: often more than we bargained for 10 October 2014
Homeopathic uranium 200X and similarly bizarre stories 09 October 2014
Acupuncture for anxiety? Rubbish in, rubbish out! 07 October 2014
Does the 'Chartered Society of Physiotherapists' promote quackery? 06 October 2014
Homeopathy for cancer: a new and remarkable study 05 October 2014
Pranic healing: could it be a hoax? 04 October 2014
A truly dangerous homeopath 02 October 2014
More evidence to show that acupuncture is a 'theatrical placebo' 01 October 2014
The homeopathic emergency kit: it must be good, it's recommended by pharmacists 29 September 2014
Want to legitimise your bogus therapy? Here is how 27 September 2014
Beware: chiropractic pseudo-research now in top journals 25 September 2014
When a chiropractor teaches us about homeopathy, we are in for comedy gold 24 September 2014
Can dietary supplements save health care cost? 23 September 2014
Kinesiology tape, another theatrical placebo? 19 September 2014
Ten reasons to love homeopathy 16 September 2014
How reliable are chiropractic diagnostic tests? 15 September 2014
The statistical argument against alternative medicine: why it "cannot be considered evidence-based" 12 September 2014
Bach Flower Remedies: this might be the most bizarre study I have seen for a long time 10 September 2014
How ineffective treatments retain a good reputation 08 September 2014
The biggest danger of alternative medicine 04 September 2014
Homeopathy as the treatment of choice for 'heart sink' patients? 02 September 2014
A hitherto unknown risk of herbal medicine usage 31 August 2014
Ear candles: a triumph of ignorance over science. 27 August 2014
More evidence regarding the anti-science stance within alternative medicine 26 August 2014
How dull my days would be without the joy of the 'fan-post' by devoted chiropractors 25 August 2014
My summary of 20 years of alternative medicine research 24 August 2014
A vindication of Linus Pauling's bizarre theory that vitamin C prevents cancer? 23 August 2014
Another dodgy study of homeopathy 22 August 2014
The Perils of Complementary Alternative Medicine 21 August 2014
"The evidence does not support treating migraine or osteoarthritis with homeopathy" 19 August 2014
Acupuncture and most other alternative therapies for MS are not evidence-based 17 August 2014
Proof of homeopathy's effectiveness? 16 August 2014
How safe are herbal medicines? 15 August 2014
Why many results of alternative medicine research are wrong 13 August 2014
What are the adverse effects of yoga? 12 August 2014
Homeopaths certainly help to make the world a more scary place 10 August 2014
Acupuncture research: I am afraid, much of it is unethical abuse 09 August 2014
Cervical Arterial Dissections and Association With Cervical Manipulative Therapy 08 August 2014
Home-hypnotherapy for chronic low back pain - at least it is inexpensive and safe 07 August 2014
Another 'natural' medicine hits the dust 06 August 2014
Ayurvedic medicines: efficacy doubtful with considerable risks 04 August 2014
Peer review in alternative medicine is farcically inadequate 01 August 2014
New evidence on Reiki and other forms of 'energy/biofield/spiritual healing' 30 July 2014
Why do alternative practitioners always smile? 28 July 2014
More bad news for chiropractors 24 July 2014
Red ginseng lowers postprandial blood sugar levels in diabetic patients - but is this good or bad news? 23 July 2014
Chiropractic = a profession of wishful thinking? 21 July 2014
Pilates for chronic back pain? Yes, maybe 18 July 2014
Spinal manipulation for herniated discs? Chiropractors should start doing meaningful research 14 July 2014
Why homeopathy doesn't work!...... Samuel Hahnemann gives the answer...(finally) 09 July 2014
Why so many chiropractors advise against immunisation 07 July 2014
Chiropractic care for reducing body weight - or just for reducing the cash in the patient's pocket? 04 July 2014
Homeopathic immunisation is dangerous, unethical madness 03 July 2014
Chelation therapy for cardiovascular disease? No thanks! 02 July 2014
How Prince Charles disrespects his constitutional role 30 June 2014
A tribute to Arnold S Relman 29 June 2014
BERLIN WALL: homeopathy at its finest 28 June 2014
St John's wort: potentially dangerous interactions which consumers should know about 27 June 2014
David Tredinnick: perhaps the worst example of scientific illiteracy in government? 26 June 2014
Pseudoscience revisited 25 June 2014
Hahnemann's invention of placebo therapy - twice over 22 June 2014
Acupuncture/moxibustion for version of breech fetuses? Probably not! 21 June 2014
The embarrassing Dr Oz 19 June 2014
Is chiropractic treatment for chronic low back pain cost-effective? 18 June 2014
'Energy healing' is nonsense 16 June 2014
Does TCM cure cancer? A celebration of the irreproducible result 14 June 2014
'The world's leading homeopathy portal' promotes homeopathic cure for cancer 11 June 2014
Tai chi, for a longer life? 10 June 2014
Magnetic bracelets: a paradise for charlatans 08 June 2014
How the amazing duck turned into a holy cow 06 June 2014
How to render alternative medicine ‘evidence-based’ in a hurry 04 June 2014
Alternative medicine = 'Ersatz' religion? 03 June 2014
Homeopathic manufacturer to close North American subsidiaries 30 May 2014
Auricular acupuncture: more dismal research that is a disfavour to everyone and borders on scientific misconduct 28 May 2014
A decent trial of Alexander Technique with exceptionally cautious conclusions 27 May 2014
Boiron's masterpiece? 25 May 2014
Yoga for the prevention of cardiovascular disease: more than wishful thinking? 24 May 2014
Manipulation for infant colic: the sorry tale continues 23 May 2014
'The Natural Cancer Handbook': a depressingly typical example how vulnerable patients are being misled 22 May 2014
And this is why we might as well forget about Chinese acupuncture trials 21 May 2014
Naturopaths: trained to endanger public health? 19 May 2014
'The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine': from bad to worse 18 May 2014
A conspiracy theory seems to be driving the popularity of alternative medicine 16 May 2014
Evaluating the absurd: a waste of time or a necessary step towards progress? 15 May 2014
Agrohomeopathy: one couldn't make it up! 14 May 2014
Homeopathy was officially recognised in Belgium 13 May 2014
Spinal manupulation: little more than a theatrical placebo? 11 May 2014
The top three untruths about acupuncture 10 May 2014
Tai chi for reducing cardiovascular risk? 09 May 2014
The Marijuana Debate 08 May 2014
George Vithoulkas: homeopathy makes infertile women fertile 06 May 2014
Homeopathic optimism: the case of the 'Swiss report' 05 May 2014
Acupuncture for IBS: the evidence shows effectiveness, but only if one is very liberal with the truth 02 May 2014
Ever heard of 'Khalifa therapy'? 28 April 2014
Three perspectives on homeopathy, and the end of an error 23 April 2014
Why do pharmacists sell bogus medicines? 19 April 2014
QUESTION: how do chiropractors earn their daily bread? ANSWER: all too often by being economical with the truth 15 April 2014
The most thorough and independent assessment of homeopathy ever 09 April 2014
Acupuncture for surgical conditions? 06 April 2014
Homeopathy: benefit of the doubt or doubt of the benefit? 03 April 2014
Homeopathy in perspective 31 March 2014
Massage seems effective for chronic neck pain - but what is the optimal dose? 27 March 2014
The risks of manual therapies like chiropractic seem to out-weigh the benefits 24 March 2014
Alternative practitioners often endanger the lives of cancer patients 19 March 2014
Is massage therapy effective for fibromyalgia? 17 March 2014
Does acupuncture reduce the risk of stroke after traumatic brain injury? 12 March 2014
Which ever way you look at it, homeopathy makes no sense 10 March 2014
Chiropractors continue to bury their heads in the sand 07 March 2014
Informed consent in alternative medicine: the example of chiropractic 05 March 2014
Complications after chiropractic manipulations: probably rare but certainly serious 04 March 2014
Thoughts about Claus Fritzsche's suicide 01 March 2014
Disc herniation after chiropractic 28 February 2014
Does TCM-use really prolong cancer-survival? 27 February 2014
Which therapy is best for low back pain? 26 February 2014
Alternative medicine for pregnant women? 24 February 2014
TIME TO OWN UP: my personal ‘conflicts of interest’ 18 February 2014
The alchemists of alternative medicine - part 7 'hoisted on the petard' of EBM 14 February 2014
The alchemists of alternative medicine - part 6: smuggling in non-evidence 11 February 2014
The alchemists of alternative medicine - part 5: pseudo-systematic reviews 08 February 2014
The alchemists of alternative medicine - part 4: you cannot judge me by my signature therapy 05 February 2014
The alchemists of alternative medicine - part 3: the 'NON-CONCLUSIVE' method 03 February 2014
The alchemists of alternative medicine - part 2: the 'fatal flaw' method 31 January 2014
The alchemists of alternative medicine - part 1: introduction 30 January 2014
Director of 'ALLIANCE OF HOMEOPATHS' recommends homeopathy for measles 28 January 2014
The 10 best supplements for cancer? 27 January 2014
Alternative cancer diets, what does the evidence say? 24 January 2014
HOMEOPATHY, does it really work in animals? 22 January 2014
Chiropractors' use of X-rays 21 January 2014
Visceral couldn't make it up 19 January 2014
The scandalous attitude of some homeopaths and their supporters towards immunisations 18 January 2014
The relative effectiveness of acupuncture for osteoarthritis 17 January 2014
Finally an encouraging result from a trial of alternative medicine? 15 January 2014
What Brits really think about homeopathy 14 January 2014
Important new insights into homeopathy 13 January 2014
Mistletoe for cancer: the saga continues 08 January 2014
Homeopathy for cancer? 06 January 2014
Critical thoughts on alternative therapies for cancer patients 03 January 2014
Feeling a bit rough today? Could it be a hangover? 01 January 2014
Highlights of 2013 28 December 2013
Nine things to do before the New Year 24 December 2013
What can I get my alternative therapist for Christmas? 21 December 2013
Supplements for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer 18 December 2013
Nothing wrong with case reports, but.... 16 December 2013
Homeopaths' often criminal fight against public health 13 December 2013
How I became the 'hero' of the energy healer lobby 12 December 2013
On-line information on herbal supplements is mostly rubbish 11 December 2013
Therapeutic Touch: "as if you were a god" 10 December 2013
Plant sterols have beneficial effects on hypercholesterolemia, but are they an alternative to statins? 09 December 2013
Acupuncture: it's a placebo, isn't it? 07 December 2013
'Ad hominem' attacks: my life would be so dull without them! 06 December 2013
The 'homeopathic epiphany' and its role in creating true believers 03 December 2013
The myth about 'Traditional' Chinese Medicine 02 December 2013
Ear-acupressure for smoking cessation? False claims by dishonest therapists 28 November 2013
Unreliable diagnostic techniques must lead to idiotic treatments 27 November 2013
'Fat burners' or money wasters? 26 November 2013
Chiropractic abuse and how we can protect ourselves from it 25 November 2013
Chiropractic modesty 24 November 2013
ERNST’S LAW 23 November 2013
Overcome the trauma of war with unproven treatments? 22 November 2013
Many homeopaths lie outright! 20 November 2013
A treasure trove of fallacies, falsehoods and deceptions 19 November 2013
Homeopathy for IBS? When will we stop wasting resources on such useless pseudo-research? 18 November 2013
Two new meta-analyses of moxibustion for IBS 16 November 2013
Spinal manipulation for back pain: who does it best - chiros, physios or osteos? 15 November 2013
A tribute to Prince Charles, champion of anti-science, on his 65th birthday 14 November 2013
Chiropractic for back pain? Perhaps we should think again 12 November 2013
How to build a body of misleading pseudo-evidence for bogus treatments and mislead us all 10 November 2013
Alternative truths from another planet (AT FAPs) part four 07 November 2013
Prince Charles' new and embarrassing venture into quackery: at £195 it's a bargain! 05 November 2013
A 'bullshit-detector' for clinical trials? The example of a recent trial of homeopathy 04 November 2013
There is nothing like the 'test of time' mislead us 02 November 2013
Quackademia revisited 30 October 2013
Alternative truths from another planet (AT FAPs): part three 29 October 2013
Acupressure: when all else fails, ignore the results and publish a favourable conclusion 28 October 2013
Pharmacists should finally get their act together...or lose credibility 26 October 2013
Alternative truths from another planet (AT FAPs): part one 25 October 2013
Oh yes, let's have homeopaths as primary care practitioners! But only in a parallel universe,please. 24 October 2013
Acupuncture for depression? The quality of the research is enough to make me depressed! 23 October 2013
Never let the truth get in the way of a lucrative story 22 October 2013
Herbal supplements: do we really know what is in them? 21 October 2013
AFTER THE STORM... the lies? Or: Does alternative medicine have an alternative truth? 20 October 2013
Five methods for avoiding progress from criticism 19 October 2013
Twenty Things Most Chiropractors Won’t Tell You 18 October 2013
Intravenous vitamin C as a treatment for cancer, a hallmark for cancer quackery? 17 October 2013
Shiatsu: holistic therapy, naive nonsense or malicious quackery? 15 October 2013
Time for a big THANK YOU 14 October 2013
The blurred line between sense and nonsense 12 October 2013
Alternative practitioners treat the whole person, not the disease !?!? 09 October 2013
A fictitious interview with the Prince Of Wales 07 October 2013
Fish oil: what do we call an alternative medicine that works? 05 October 2013
My 20 years in alternative medicine research 03 October 2013
Nine lessons for the budding pseudo-scientist. 01 October 2013
Massage for back pain? Why is there still no certainty? 29 September 2013
Mind-body therapies as supportive treatments for cancer? The "CAM-cancer" initiative 27 September 2013
My double-life as a homeopath 25 September 2013
Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 15: Politicians 24 September 2013
Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 14: Alternative medicine researchers 23 September 2013
Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 13: Private health insurances 22 September 2013
Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 12: Alternative practitioners 21 September 2013
Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 11: Conventional health care professionals 20 September 2013
Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 10: Journalists 19 September 2013
Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 9: 'Homeopaths Without Borders' 18 September 2013
Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 8: Books on alternative medicine 17 September 2013
Drowing in a sea of misinformation. Part 7: celebrities 16 September 2013
Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 6: The World Health Organisation, WHO 15 September 2013
Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 5: purveyors of alternative cancer 'cures' 14 September 2013
Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 4: chiropractic professional organisations 13 September 2013
Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 3: professional organisations of colonic irrigation 12 September 2013
Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 2: The UK 'Society of Homeopaths' 11 September 2013
Drowning in a sea of misinformation. Part 1: professional organisations of alternative medicine 10 September 2013
Why I write this blog 09 September 2013
Another death caused by 'traditional wisdom' 08 September 2013
Can one design a trial such that it inevitably produces a positive result? 07 September 2013
The worst platitude of them all? 06 September 2013
MORE GOOD THAN HARM? I herewith challenge my critics 05 September 2013
What can be more irresponsible than implying that homeopathy cures cancer? 04 September 2013
Faith-healing as an alternative to vaccination? 03 September 2013
The proof of experience? 02 September 2013
"This could revolutionize the whole outdoor experience!" A homeopathic trick or treatment? 31 August 2013
The promotion of unsubstantiated claims under the guise of 'research' 30 August 2013
Do chiropractic schools promote quackery? 29 August 2013
The myth of BIG PHARMA and LITTLE ALT MED 28 August 2013
No sound evidence-base for acupuncture as a treatment of fibromyalgia 23 August 2013
Have the top US journals taken to promoting quackery? 21 August 2013
Does every bizarre concept require a clinical trial? 20 August 2013
Should NICE recommend placebos? 15 August 2013
Homeopathy cured me ! 14 August 2013
Are acupuncturists frauds? 13 August 2013
Evidence-based chiropractic is an oxymoron 10 August 2013
Another wheelchair filled with the help of a chiropractor 08 August 2013
Massage might be an option to alleviate depression. 06 August 2013
Why 'patient choice' does not apply to alternative medicine 01 August 2013
The alternative cancer "cure" of Nicholas Gonzalez 30 July 2013
Mistletoe, a cancer therapy? You must be joking! 27 July 2013
Alt med = a continuous flow of misleading conclusions 25 July 2013
Vibrational Medicine - wait until our Health Secretary hears about it ! 22 July 2013
The "competent homeopath", a contradiction in terms? 19 July 2013
Is a herbal mixture the solution to the obesity epidemic? 16 July 2013
Osteopathy seems to work wonders, it even shortens hospital stay !?! 15 July 2013
Is this the study chiropractors have been waiting for? 11 July 2013
Why homeopathy is so hard to swallow 09 July 2013
Alternative medicine, is it a cult? 03 July 2013
Acupressure against nausea and vomiting? The evidence is far from convincing 01 July 2013
Top ten quacks? 28 June 2013
Evidence for a causal link between chiropractic treatment and adverse effects 27 June 2013
Did a misunderstanding trigger the current acupuncture-boom? 25 June 2013
More on the risks of spinal manipulation 23 June 2013
Osteopathy is based on excellent evidence ( no, not really, I was just joking) 21 June 2013
The Knighthood Starvation Syndrome: little hope for the desperate and vulnerable victims 20 June 2013
Alternative medicine promotion dressed up as research 19 June 2013
Tai Chi is based on strange concepts - but is it helpful? 18 June 2013
Antioxidants for cardiovascular health or for expensive urine? 17 June 2013
Alternative 'logic' is no alternative 15 June 2013
Osteopathy is based on little more than wishful thinking 14 June 2013
Alternative practitioners' lack of knowledge puts patients at risk: the example of acupuncture and cardiac tamponade 13 June 2013
Lymph-drainage, a hope for cancer patients? 12 June 2013
Alternative medicine for kids: when is it child-abuse? 11 June 2013
How chiropractors put patients at risk 10 June 2013
Iridology: if evidence is systematically ignored, lives are put at risk 07 June 2013
Where is the line between poor and unethical research? 04 June 2013
Acupuncture: a 'needle in the haystack' or a 'theatrical placebo'? 01 June 2013
My holistic health centre 31 May 2013
Is yoga effective for neck-pain? A new study is positive, but I have doubts. 28 May 2013
Acupuncture: if it looks like a placebo, feels like a placebo, behaves like a placebo, perhaps it is a placebo?? 22 May 2013
Evening primrose oil is ineffective for eczema: a fascinating tale of mischief 20 May 2013
Spiritual healing: do we really need more pseudo-scientific 'research'? 20 May 2013
Homeopathy: how well accepted is it really? 15 May 2013
Alternative diagnostic techniques: like bogus bomb-detectors? 13 May 2013
Hope for COPD-sufferers 10 May 2013
Do Chinese reviews summarising Chinese clinical trials of TCM send us up the garden path? 07 May 2013
More on the dangers of acupuncture 04 May 2013
Many British GPs might approve of acupuncture but seem less and less taken by homeopathy 02 May 2013
Time to re-write the guidelines on spinal manipulation for low back pain 29 April 2013
Born to suck 28 April 2013
EBM and how it is abused in alternative medicine 26 April 2013
Acupuncture for cancer-related fatigue? Not if you want the best for cancer patients. 23 April 2013
Cancer patients who use alternative medicine die sooner 18 April 2013
Chiropractic improves quality of life: another bogus claim? 15 April 2013
Reiki: neither plausible, nor effective, nor harmless 12 April 2013
More rubbish homeopathic research from Boiron 10 April 2013
"Strictly confidential"- for chiropractors only 08 April 2013
Aromatherapy 06 April 2013
Some alternative therapies are effective and safe! 04 April 2013
Reflexology is pleasant enough, but does it work? 02 April 2013
Saving lives with alternative medicine research? 31 March 2013
Are the inadequacies of mainstream medicine to blame for the popularity of alternative medicine? 28 March 2013
Do alternative practitioners systematically misinform their patients? 25 March 2013
I've been fired! 22 March 2013
The four types of homeopaths: would Hahnemann approve? 18 March 2013
Survey-mania in alternative medicine: a fruitless, misleading and counter-productive distraction 13 March 2013
Alternative slimming aids are bogus 10 March 2013
Complementary medicine [CM]: changing attitudes [?] 06 March 2013
Alternative practitioners treat the root causes of disease !!! 04 March 2013
What is next? A Royal College of window-salesmen? 01 March 2013
How many fatalities has acupuncture caused? And are acupuncturists in denial? 28 February 2013
Acupuncture for hay fever: breakthrough or bonanza of incompetence? 27 February 2013
Acupuncture for coronary heart disease? Be aware and beware! 26 February 2013
Systematic reviews of acupuncture-trials - often more than meets the eye 25 February 2013
Acupuncture for smoking cessation? 23 February 2013
They would say that, wouldn't they? 20 February 2013
Spinal manipulation: a treatment to die for? 17 February 2013
Massage therapy: finally some POSITIVE evidence ! 16 February 2013
More dismal chiropractic research 15 February 2013
Is homeopathy value for money? 14 February 2013
Acupuncture = placebo? 13 February 2013
The real world demonstrates: homeopathic remedies are placebos 12 February 2013
Three fallacies for the price of one! 09 February 2013
Two types of herbal medicine: neglect the difference at your peril 03 February 2013
A new and refreshingly rigorous trial of homeopathy 02 February 2013
Research in chiropractic seems in a dismal state 01 February 2013
Not all alternative medicine is rubbish - encouraging news for arthritis-patients 31 January 2013
Healing touch for combat-exposed soldiers? 29 January 2013
The Holocaust and Nazi (alternative) medicine 27 January 2013
A 'vision' of good medicine 25 January 2013
Prince Charles' vision of a "post-modern medicine" and my response to it 22 January 2013
Research can be a waste of time, money and volunteers' cooperation 21 January 2013
Time for the legal profession to have a serious look at homeopathy? 15 January 2013
Contamination and adulteration of herbal remedies 12 January 2013
Gua Sha: torture or treatment? 11 January 2013
Usefulness of alt med for "arthritis" is very limited 09 January 2013
Informed consent is a serious threat to osteopaths and other alternative practitioners 07 January 2013
Pro 'alt med' and anti-vax 02 January 2013
The charlatan's wish-list for 2013 31 December 2012
Chiropractic manipulation for infant colic? 27 December 2012
How to become a charlatan 24 December 2012
Ad hominem attacks are signs of victories of reason over unreason 22 December 2012
The risks of homeopathy? 17 December 2012
Up the garden path: craniosacral therapy 12 December 2012
Dietary Supplements: are they taking us for a ride? 11 December 2012
Integrated medicine makes no sense 06 December 2012
Taking the piss 03 December 2012
How to fool people with clinical trials 28 November 2012
No negatives please, we are alternative! 21 November 2012
The risk of neck manipulation 13 November 2012
Boiron’s new study of homeopathy 11 November 2012
Yet another homeopath wins the Nobel Prize 08 November 2012
The ultimate proof of homeopathy's effectiveness? 06 November 2012
What is (and what isn’t) clinical evidence, and why is the distinction important? 05 November 2012
Patients' views and knowledge of chemotherapy in advanced cancer 04 November 2012
The Trustworthiness Index 02 November 2012
Herbal remedies for cancer? 28 October 2012
Quackademia 26 October 2012
Acupuncture for chronic pain? Almost certainly not! 23 October 2012
Professor Harald Walach, pseudo-scientist of the year 21 October 2012
Chiropractic: lessons that have not been learnt? 17 October 2012
A telling story about "alternative" cancer cures and their purveyors 14 October 2012
A New Blog on Alternative Medicine. Why? 14 October 2012
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