The following are talks, lectures or debates that I will be giving in the near future:


22 January, Halcyon International School, London, Title: Critical thinking and homeopathy

28 March, ICEPS Conference, University of Montpelier, Title: Ethical problems in alternative medicine

29 March, ICEPS Conference, University of Montpelier, Title: SCAM, so-called alternative medicine: Alternative medicine, facts and fallacies

11May, Association for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders, Sheffield, Title:  Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) – what are the facts?

22 May, University of Vienna, Title: Esoteric medicine, facts and fallacies


31 August, European Congress of Skeptical Organisations, Gent, Belgium, Title: What do governments and health organisations like WHO do against quackery?


If you require details or hope to invite me for a talk, please contact me.

(I will carefully consider all invitations to give lectures about alternative medicine [but sadly cannot accept all that I currently receive])

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