The following are talks or lectures that I will be giving in the near future:


22 July 2018, Lewes Literary Festival, Title: SCAM

14 September 2018, Bilbao Science Festival, Title: A scientist in wonderland

20-23 October 2018, European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress, Munich, Title: not yet decided

10 November 2018, Moscow, Evolution Foundation, Title: Trick or treatment?

14 November 2018, Cambridge, Café Sci, Title: SCAM

27 October 2018, University of Bologna, Title: Ethics and empathy in supportive therapies and in spa treatments

28 March 2019 ICEPS Conference, University of Montpelier, Title: not yet decided




[If you require details of the above or consider inviting me for a talk, please contact me via this blog;

I am happy to talk about ANY subject related to alternative medicine]

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