Louise Lubetkin

Louise Lubetkin is a medical writer and author with a particular interest in oncology. She is a keen observer and critic of the alternative medicine industry.

Her work has appeared in publications on both sides of the Atlantic, and her memoir, In This Dark House, won the National Jewish Book Award (US) and the Wingate Literary Prize (UK).

A retired dentist, she now lives in Los Angeles.

Richard Rawlins

Richard Rawlins

Richard Rawlins trained in London and was appointed Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in Bedford in 1985 and Honorary Consultant since 2006.

Richard continues in private practice and as a medical expert witness. He has been Chairman of the BMA’s Clinical Audit Committee, the UK Consultants Conference and is a member of the BMA’s Representative Body.

His lecture ‘Beyond the Syringe — Secrets of Alternative Medicine Exposed’ intrigues audiences as much as his presentation of ‘Secrets of the Magic Circle’ and ‘Entertainment at the Speed of Thought’.

He is a member of The Magic Circle (trained in deception), a member of the Society of Apothecaries and author of ‘Real Secrets of Alternative Medicine’.

Jan Willem Nienhuys

Jan Willem Nienhuys (1942) was teacher of mathematics in Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, and is secretary of the Dutch organisation Skepsis. He is (co)author of books on mathematics, computer programming, reincarnation, pseudoscience and on the history of China and free lance translator of popular science books.

Michelle Dunbar

Michelle Dunbar is an Executive Director at a retreat that is an alternative to traditional alcohol and drug treatment centers and rehabs offering a non-treatment, non-12 step and non-religious, educational program. The curriculum and methods present an opportunity for an individual to take control of his/her own thoughts, choices and actions, learn more productive behavioral patterns, build an envisioned future, and accomplish goals and dreams.

Jan Oude-Aost

After pediatric nurse training and medschool, Jan now works as a physician in child psychiatry in Dresden. Since medschool he is interested in Complementary and Alternative Medicine and made it his favorite hobby. He is also on Twitter (@diaphanoskopie) and blogs at diaphanoskopie, but mostly in German.

Pete Attkins

Pete Attkins is a retired engineering consultant who specialised in test & measurement, analog and digital signal processing, error detection and correction, and reliability engineering for complex systems.  During his early career he spent three years teaching aspects of science and engineering. His students taught him how to present complex (and often boring) subjects in an inspiring style that is both easy to understand and humorous. In his retirement he’s become an amateur artist, but keeps making the mistake of thinking that his work must conform to the scientific method.

Nick Ross

Nick Ross is a broadcaster with an interest in bioethics and healthcare. He is President of HealthWatch, a Trustee of the UK Stem Cell Foundation and of Sense About Science, Chairman of Evidence Matters and of the Wales Cancer Bank, a member of the RCP’s Committee on Ethical Issues in Medicine and a visiting professor at UCL. He has been a member of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics and several national inquiries into novel health treatments, the use of animals in medical experiments and NHS reforms.

Frank van der Kooy

Frank van der Kooy is a pre-clinical scientist with experience in phyto-chemistry and analytical chemistry with a focus on drug discovery from medicinal plants.  He served in the position of senior analytical chemist at the National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM), Australia. He is currently attempting to correct the many wrongs in order to save science, scientific education and minimise the negative health impact on society.

Norbert Aust

Norbert retired as engineer after a career with various positions as manager research and development and manager quality in the vacuum pump industry. He started to dig into homeopathy after some useless treatment of a family member and found the premises and claims contradicting to physics and chemistry and logic. Norbert published a book in 2013 and runs a blog, mostly in German, where he analyses and discusses studies and publications of homeopaths. He joined the German Skeptics Society (GWUP) and initiated a meeting of the German speaking critics of homeopathy in January 2016, which then became the Informationsnetzwerk Homöopathie (INH).


Hans-Werner Bertelsen

Hans-Werner Bertelsen is a dentist who has worked in a ‘holistically orientated’ dental surgery. This experience turned him into an ardent critic of so-called alternative dentistry. Since many years, he reports about his experiences in medical journals, newspapers and blogs. He is a member of the “Münsteraner Kreis” and advocates a better control of the contents of medical post-graduate education.


Carlos Orsi

Carlos Orsi is a science journalist and writer, with 25 years of experience in the popularization of Science. He is currently the chief editor of Questão de Ciência magazine, a Brazilian initiative to promote skepticism and critical thinking (

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