Yesterday, I was alerted of this remarkable tweet. Yes, you guessed correctly, it is indeed a horoscope that the ‘Astro Dienst’ did on me. And it seems to conclude that I am an ‘injured and unhappy’ man which, in turn, is said to explain my skepticism.

So, it is all written in the stars!!!


Who would have thought?

Inspired by such profound insights, I went on Medline and looked for evidence on the subject of horoscopes. Here is a recent article that I found:

Purpose of the study: Established over 2000 years ago, horoscopes remain a regular feature in contemporary society. We aimed to assess whether there could be a link between zodiac sign and medical occupation, asking the question-did your specialty choose you?

Study design: A questionnaire-based study was distributed using an online survey tool. Questions explored the zodiac sign, specialty preferences and personality features of physicians.

Results: 1923 physicians responded between February and March 2020. Variations in personality types between different medical specialties were observed, introverts being highly represented in oncology (71.4%) and rheumatology (65.4%), and extroverts in sexual health (55%), gastroenterology (44.4%) and obstetrics and gynaecology (44.2%) (p<0.01). Proportions of zodiac signs in each specialty also varied; for example, cardiologists were more likely to be Leo compared with Aries (14.4% vs 3.9%, p=0.047), medical physicians more likely Capricorn than Aquarius (10.4% vs 6.7%, p=0.02) and obstetricians and gynaecologists more likely Pisces than Sagittarius (17.5% vs 0%, p=0.036). Intensive care was the most commonly reported second choice career, but this also varied between zodiac signs and specialties. Fountain pen use was associated with extroversion (p=0.049) and gastroenterology (p<0.01).

Conclusions: Personality types vary in different specialties. There may be links to zodiac signs which warrant further investigation.

Now I am even more fascinated!

Horoscopes are for real?

They actually predict things accurately?

Hold on, in my case, the horoscope was totally wrong!

The thing about me being ‘injured’ they clearly got from Wiki and similar accounts of the old tale with Chucky Windsor etc. But what about the claim that I am ‘unhappy’? I feel happy as a lark!

Perhaps I delude myself?

As a true skeptic, I conducted a quick survey with people who know me well. It turns out that 0% of them think I am unhappy!

And then it dawned on me: the methodology of the horoscope is, of course, entirely correct but they supplied it with the wrong data: the birthday and place are correct. However, the time of day is incorrect.

The only possible conclusion is that the incorrect time must be the reason why an otherwise fool-proof method failed.





No, I will not provide the correct time; it would enable the ‘Astro Dienst’ to disclose all my deepest secrets.




6 Responses to My horoscope tells it all!

  • Evidently you just don’t realise how unhappy you are…..

  • ” Fountain pen use was associated with extroversion (p=0.049) and gastroenterology (p<0.01)."

    The authors are UK-based; the NHS is pretty much all computerised records these days, so who is using a fountain pen for notes and the rest?

  • And another thing: how was “personality type” assessed?

    Only introversion and extroversion are mentioned, which suggests a very simplistic and not necessarily accurate nor helpful manner of looking at this complex area. And some class of online tool. Nothing like a serious model, such as Minnesota Multiphasic.

    This does not look like a very good piece of “research” at all.

  • It’s been a rough week…. THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS, I NEEDED THIS!

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