In many parts of the world, vaccination rates have been declining in recent years.


This study aimed to determine the rates and reasons for parental hesitancy or refusal of vaccination for their children in Türkiye. A total of 1100 participants selected from 26 regions of Türkiye were involved in this cross-sectional study conducted between July 2020 and April 2021. Using a questionnaire, the researchers collected data on:

  • the sociodemographic characteristics of parents,
  • the status of vaccine hesitancy or refusal for their children,
  • the reasons for the hesitancy or refusal.

Using Excel and SPSS version 22.0, they analysed the data with chi-square test, Fisher’s exact test and binomial logistic regression.

Only 9.4% of the participants were male and 29.5% were aged 33-37 years. Just over 11% said they were worried about childhood vaccination, mainly because of the chemicals used in manufacturing the vaccines. The level of concern was greater among those who:

  • got information about vaccines from the internet, family members, friends, TV, radio, and newspapers,
  • used so-called alternative medicine (SCAM).

The authors concluded that parents in Türkiye have several reasons for hesitating or refusing to vaccinate their children, key among which are concerns about the chemical composition of the vaccines and their ability to trigger negative health conditions such as autism. This study used a large sample size across Türkiye, although there were differences by region, the findings would be useful in designing interventions to counter vaccine hesitancy or refusal in the country.

The fact that SCAM users are more likely to be against vaccinations has been reported often and on this blog we have discussed such findings regularly, e.g.:

The questinon I ask myself is, what is the cause and what the effect? Does vaccination hesitancy cause people to use SCAM, or does SCAM use cause vaccination hesitancy? I think that most likely both is true. In addition the two are linked via a common trait, namely that of falling for conspiracy theories. We know that someone believeing in one such theory is likely to believe in other such notions as well. In my view, both vaccination heaitancy and SCAM can qualify to be called a conspiracy theory.

24 Responses to Reasons for parental hesitancy or refusal of childhood vaccination

  • The West has not experienced totalitarian-force until the last few years, whereas the more to the East we go, the more they have. Hence the more they recognise it and resist accordingly.

    Folks who have never experienced an AE from vaccines can’t miss everything else they have been subjected to, so they can’t help get suspicious, especially when “safe and effective” is repeated ad nauseam because it begs the question, why keep repeating it, if it is true?

    We never hear “safe and effective”, repeated for organic-whole-foods or for exercise or for vitamin C, why? Because there is no need to say it. The truth speaks for itself.

    Take Bill Gates, he pushes the “safe and effective” narrative. He is one the richest men on the planet and can afford anything and anyone, so he should be eating the best food, getting the best personal trainer etc – look at him, is he a good advert for “safe and effective”?

    It was said by a “SCAMmer” that he would attend any alternative meeting (rather than a doctor’s symposium where they were all drunk), the chiropractors and personal-trainers look great and sound good.

  • It’s not just parental hesitancy, it is also medical professionals:

    [Quote today’s Daily Mail, 11th December, 2023, p. 41]
    “A new Covid variant – along with norovirus, flu and a ciral 100-day-cough – risks throwing A&E services into chaos this winter. Yet as few as one-fifth of NHS staff have had their Covid and flu jabs so far, despite many trusts making it incredibly easy for staff to get vaccinated…”
    [end of quote]

  • Maybe Gov data helps. Just Google’ NHS covid front line staff vaccine uptake ‘.21.8% of frontline NHS H/C workers had been vaccinated with the booster from Sept 22 to end of Feb 23. This is surprisingly low.
    This years data won’t be out until well into 24. This will be interesting as staff continue to be encouraged to vaccinate by the NHS.
    So we have 78.2% of NHS front line staff who
    by Feb 23 didn’t vaccinate with the booster according to the data. Obviously there must be a lot of loons and conspiracy theorists working front line in the NHS.

  • Another bogus study trying to find a strong correlation between users of complementary medicine and “anti-vaxxers”. Only 11% of all participants meet the “pattern”, and the authors are not even able to show which CAM practices they are referring to specifically or whether they are reluctant to all or only mRNA-technology vaccines. LOL!

  • This Austrian, Pro-Vaccine Doctor, Comes to a Chilling Realization, Says “I Can’t Continue to Vaccinate Here”:

    • No wonder your brain has been fried if you’re reading websites like that.
      Maybe you could give yourself a holiday from the conspiracy sites for a bit?

    • Bob

      Countless millions of vaccinations have been administered by thousands and thousands of doctors, none of whom have noticed any problems.

      Apart from this one.

      On a website for foaming conspiracist loons.

      Have a little look at yourself, Bob.

      • “Have a little look at yourself”
        excellent advice!
        however, there seems to be an epidemic of lack of self-criticism amongst SCAM enthusiasts.

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