If I had a £ for each time I was asked during the last few days whether King Charles is going to treat his cancer with homeopathy, I would have my pockets full of cash. The question seems reasonable because he has been singing the praise of homeopathy for decades. But, as I have pointed out previously, he is unlikely to use homeopathy or any other unproven cancer cure; on the contrary he will certainly receive the most effective therapies available today.

In any case, the homeopathic treatment of cancer is currently a most popular topic. As if on command, an article appeared on my screen that promises to address the subject:

“Homoeopathy and Cancer – An Alternative Approach towards the path of Healing”

Here is the abstract of this remarkable paper:

Homoeopathy is a holistic system of medicine rooted on the principle of “Similia Similibus Curentur”. It has gained attention for its potential therapeutic benefits. It offers a holistic approach that addresses both the physical symptoms and emotional well-being of individuals. While this alternative approach of healing has been explored in various health contexts, a notable gap remains in understanding its application in the realm of cancer care. This review seeks to fill this void by exploring the broader landscape of homoeopathy’s principles and applications. Through a critical examination of existing research and evidence, it aims to offer valuable insights into the potential role of homoeopathy as a complementary approach in cancer care and symptomatic relief. This review underscores the need for further research and a more nuanced understanding of homoeopathy’s place in healthcare, particularly in the context of cancer patients and their well-being.

I am sure you are as impressed as I am and keen to learn more. In the article itself, the authors offer some brand-new, cutting-edge science to back up their views:

According to Samuel Hahnemann, “When a person is ill, it is originally merely the spirit-like, autonomic life force (life principle), which is always there in the organism, that is mistuned by the dynamic effect of a morbific agent inimical to life.Only the life principle, tuned incorrectly to such an anomalyis capable of causing irregular functions the body. Cancer may initially be treated as a one-sided disease because the expanded pathology weakens the Vital Force. According to Hahnemann, “Diseases that seem to have just a few symptoms are called one-sided because only one or two prominent symptoms are indicated. This makes these diseases, which primarily fall under the category of chronic diseases, harder to cure. According to Arthur Hill Grimmer, the biggest challenge in treating advanced cancer cases is getting therapeutic individualization of symptoms. Even with all the typical symptoms, it is quite difficult to create a potent homoeopathic prescription. Burnett considered both the characteristic aspects of the patient as well as the ‘action’ or‘organ affinity’ of the remedy he prescribed.

Eventually, the authors (who are affiliated with prestigeous institutions: Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur; Swasthya Kalyan Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre, Jaipur) arrive at the following conclusion:

In the scientific literature, homoeopathy’s use in the treatment of cancer is still largely unexplored. Pioneers have offered intriguing perspectives on disease origins and treatment challenges. The miasmatic perspective offers a distinctive approach that emphasises individualised strategies based on symptoms and characteristics. Some studies suggest an improvement in quality of life of the individuals suffering from cancer. In the dynamic landscape of cancer treatment, more studies are warranted to enhance the scope of holistic, patient-centered care through homoeopathy.

Yes, homeopathy is a joke. This paper (and the many similar publications out there) could thus be intensely funny – except for the fact that these charlatans are playing with the lives of many vulnerable and desperate patients. I sincerely hope Charles manages to stay well clear of homeopathy and its irresponsible practitioners which clearly is one precondition for making a full recovery.

15 Responses to Homeopathy and cancer – I hope King Charles avoids them both!

  • Homeopathic medicines do support conventional treatment. If a person has taken sufficient homeopathic medicines say around 5000 pellets of 30C potency for whatever illness, there is no need of taking it again as it’s effect remains in the body. Hope King Charles will now only go for allopathic treatment as he must have taken sufficient homeopathic medicines earlier.

    • @Pamela
      5000 homeopathic pellets equate to about 250 grams of sugar.

      Not sure if Charles has a sweet tooth, but I seriously doubt if this will be beneficial for the man’s health or even well-being in any way …

      • From personal experience I say and also from what a Homeopath said. And anyway all homeopathic medicine beyond 12C is same. I am not for taking homeopathic again and again once we have undergone the course as it tends to cause “homeopathic aggravation “.

      • I mean 5000 pellets over a period of time. Here normally Homeopaths give 6-6-6 per day. I don’t know the science about how it works but it works.

    • Pamela, your numbers are slightly off… the sufficient amount of “homeopathic medicines” for whatever illness is exactly zero! 💁‍♂️

  • I’ve always thought that SCAM consumers are victims of postmodern magical thinking. Interestingly, when they get sick, they turn to evidence-based medicine (evidence confirmed by the scientific method). The siren song of SCAM no longer seems so plausible or attractive to them. King Charles is going to have to decide whether to get on a plane or on a flying carpet.

  • 😀 He will get going on a Jet plane for sure.

  • Does the paper make any mention of the treatments espoused by the delusional loon Prasanta Banerji who has for many years claimed to treat cancers with homeopathy?

    A paper here he has co-authored with Iris Bell and a few other notable morons

    (Interestingly we have here homeoloons other than Dana referring to homeopathy as ‘nanomedicine’ in a desperate bid to confer a cloak of supposedly-scientific legitimacy on their worthless nostrums. Wonder why the paper wasn’t published in a nanomedicine journal?)

  • “the path of Healing” – Phrases like this should raise a red flag to anyone with any sense.

    “Yes, homeopathy is a joke. ” – but not a very funny one!

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