Every now and then, I come across a paper that is so remarkable that I feel like copying it for you in its full and untouched beauty. The recent article entitled “Revisiting the therapeutic potential of homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox for herpes simplex virus and inflammatory conditions” falls in this category. Let me present to you its unchanged abstract as recently published in the ‘J Ayurveda Integr Med’:

Background: Herpes simplex virus type-1 and type-2 cause a viral disease named Herpes. Genital herpes is mainly caused by HSV-2 with symptoms of painful and itchy blisters on the vagina, cervix, buttocks, anus, penis, or inner thighs with blisters that rupture and convert into sores. The homeopathic remedy Rhus Tox has been widely used to treat herpes and has shown invitro anti-inflammatory effects in previous studies.

Purpose: The presented review focuses on relapses and harmful effects caused by acyclovir in modern medicine and the probable antiherpetic activity of Rhus Tox on HSV infection based on its pathophysiology, preclinical findings, on primary cultured mouse chondrocytes, mouse cell line MC3T3e1 and a comparative study of Natrum Mur with Rhus Tox on HSV infection.

Study design: The design of the study focuses mainly on the descriptive data available in various literature articles.

Method: Databases such as PubMed, Google Scholar, Medline and ScienceDirect were used to search the articles. Articles are selected from 1994 to 2022 focusing solely on the competence of Rhus Tox against herpes. Keywords used for the study are antiviral, Herpes, Rhus Tox, in vitro and homeopathy.

Results: The review includes fifteen articles, including 4 full-text articles on HSV, 6 in vitro studies of homeopathic compounds performed on the herpes virus, and 5 articles based on the pathophysiology and effects of Rhus tox. The review article proposes the anti-inflammatory and antiviral action of the homeopathic remedy Rhus Tox which can be used in crisis conditions when the physician doubts the simillimum, as it prevents further outbreaks of HSV infection.

Conclusion: The homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox has no cytotoxicity observed under in vitro conditions and can be used to treat herpes infection. Further studies are needed to confirm the results under in vitro and in vivo conditions as well as in clinical trials.

Considering that the paper was based on ‘descriptive data available in various literature articles’, the conclusion that “Rhus Tox … can be used to treat herpes infection” is surprising, to say the least.

In the paper itself we find many more baffling statements, e.g.:

  • Modern medicines target only specific organs at a time, but there is a risk of widespread infection which influence complications such as meningitis or HSV-2 radiculopathy which are not observed after the use of homeopathy as the disease progression does not involve vital organs and the disease level stays on the skin layer itself.
  • Homeopathy treats patients holistically taking into consideration all the physical, mental and characteristic ailments of the patient. Rhus tox can effectively relieve all the symptoms of herpes infection, including pain, blisters, redness, restlessness, etc. Rhus Tox can effectively penetrate the capsid structure of the infected cells and cure the patient. Rhus tox in different potencies is currently being used to treat inflammatory and viral diseases
  • In homeopathy, many treatments have been clinically proven to have some impact, and in individual cases a solution for herpes viruses. Homeopathy can prevent further outbreaks of herpes simplex infection.
  • Homeopathy strengthens immunity to fight infections and contributes to mental, physical, and social well-being, hence complementary therapies should be used along with the traditional antiviral drugs to give maximum comfort to the patient.

I am sure that some readers of the paper are impressed. These statments leave little doubt about the notion that homeopathy is the best thing since sliced bread. What a pity though that, for none of them, the authors (who incedently are affiliated with prestigeous sounding institutions: Homeopathic Materia Medica Department, Bharti Vidyapeeth, Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Dept. of Postgraduate & Research Centre, Pune-Satara Road, Dhankawadi, Pune, 411043, India, ICMR-National AIDS Research Institute, 73 G MIDC Bhosari, Pune, India, ICMR-National AIDS Research Institute, 73 G MIDC Bhosari, Pune, India) provide any evidence whatsoever.

Homeopathy, it seems to me, is a cult characterised not just by a total lack of active ingredients but also by an equally total void of proper evidence supporting the delusions of its proponents.

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  • It certainly cannot be true of all in India, but one gets the impression from scam call centres, from emails falsely claiming to have found many problems with my website and wanting to fix them for a fee, and from papers like this, that in India there is a different relationship with, or understanding of, truth.

  • Well, to play the devil’s advocate, the following claim is absolutely true:

    Conclusion: The homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox has no cytotoxicity observed under in vitro conditions and can be used to treat herpes infection.

    The same of course goes for any inert substance: it won’t actively harm the organism, and it can be used to treat any condition under the sun. It’s just that this ‘treatment’ won’t do anything – apart of course from engendering a possible placebo effect.

  • It seems homeopaths can also boast of a superdilution of comprehension ability? Makes them very strong scientists?

  • Edzard

    “…it seems to me, is a cult characterised not just by a total lack of active ingredients…”

    This is NOT what you were writing a little while back?

    “Acute Fulminant Hepatic Failure in 23-Year-Old Female Taking Homeopathic Remedy”

    Which of the 2 statements is true?

    • sorry that you are slow on the uptake

      homeopathic remedies typically contain nothing

      sometimes quality control is so bad that they do and are toxic

      • Edzard on Friday 08 December 2023 at 17:21

        “sometimes quality control is so bad that they do and are toxic”

        Should you write the headline while simultaneously writing “Regardless whether the product was herbal or homeopathic……,” as a DOCTOR, when on numerous occasions claiming that you have studied homeopathy and your father practiced it on you?

        Did anyone tell you about contamination errors or you missed them on purpose to show ONE death?

        You should read the write ups below, slowly, to get the impact of what is left unsaid and please don’t start with the lame excuse: this site is for alternative medicine.

        “Moreover, the toll on human life has been substantial. A striking example is the New England Compounding Center recall of injectable corticosteroids contaminated with fungal strains. The product caused 751 reported cases of fungal meningitis and 64 deaths. ”

        “The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting an additional death and six more cases of vision loss linked to infections from eye drops recalled due to bacterial contamination.

        Four deaths and 14 cases of vision loss in total have now been reported among more than 80 infections of a rare strain of drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa that had never been identified in the United States prior to this outbreak. The CDC has also reported four cases of surgically removed eyeballs. ”

        U.S. Illnesses and Deaths Associated With Compounded or Repackaged Medications, 2001-17

        Pew’s drug safety project has identified 69 reported compounding errors or potential errors associated with more than 1,418 adverse events, including 114 deaths, from 2001 to 2017. However, a 2015 survey found that only 30 percent of states (13 of the 43 that responded) require sterile compounding pharmacies to report serious adverse events.
        “Because many such events go unreported, this chart is an underestimation of the number of compounding errors since 2001. Contamination of sterile products was the most common error; others were the result of compounders’ miscalculations and mistakes in filling prescriptions.

        A cholesterol-lowering drug taken by 700,000 Americans — Bayer Pharmaceutical’s Baycol — was pulled off the market Wednesday because of muscle destruction linked to 31 U.S. deaths and at least nine more fatalities abroad.
        Baycol has been linked to significantly more fatal cases than its competitors, said FDA’s Dr. John Jenkins.
        Bayer executives refused to say how many rhabdomyolysis victims they have counted worldwide. But in addition to the 31 American deaths, the FDA has reports of at least nine Baycol- related fatalities abroad.

        (Reuters) – The lives of 22,000 patients could have been saved if U.S. regulators had been quicker to remove a Bayer AG drug used to stem bleeding during open heart surgery, according to a medical researcher interviewed by CBS Television’s 60 Minutes program.

        The drug Trasylol was withdrawn in November at the request of the FDA after an observational…

          • Edzard on Sunday 10 December 2023 at 07:49

            It seems you don’t count beyond one? Do you?

            This is for Ayurveda, Homeopathy or Allopathic drugs?

            “The top recall causes are incorrect labeling, defective products, and incorrect potency. Common examples of contaminants that cause drug recalls were other drugs, heavy metals, bacteria, or fungi.”

        • @Krishna
          The fact that real medicine sometimes makes mistakes does NOT mean that homeopathy is any good.
          Real medicine does far more good than harm; it saves millions of lives every year, and it relieves suffering of many more. Without it, we would still see 1 in every 5 children dying at a young age, and lots of people would die from what we now consider minor medical problems.

          Homeopaths, on the other hand, are deluded fools who pretend to do medicine, even though both their ‘diagnoses’ and their ‘remedies’ are utterly useless. The only way that they ever saved patients’ lives is by not doing anything at all, and let nature take its course – especially in the day and age when conventional medicine indeed was more harmful than beneficial, and killed more patients than it saved. But luckily, those days are history now.

          • Richard, if this so called “real medicine” you speak of is so good then please give me a nice long list of non-self limiting diseases it can cure. I want to see a really nice long list and I said cures not treatments.

          • @mutus bellator

            Richard, if this so called “real medicine” you speak of is so good then please give me a nice long list of non-self limiting diseases it can cure.

            Sure, no problem, here’s a nice long list featuring many conditions that modern medicine can cure:
            (No, not all of these diseases have a cure, but many do.)

            Of course surgical interventions can cure lots of ailments as well.

            But why insist on just cures? Modern medicine can do even better, and prevent many diseases through vaccination (something that lots of homeopaths reject in all their arrogant stupidity) and/or lifestyle advice.

            And oh, what is wrong with treating conditions if a cure is not possible? Just relieving pain and discomfort or treating symptoms is already massively beneficial to untold millions of people. Several types of cancer can also be treated quite effectively, giving patients many more years than they otherwise would have. Childhood leukaemia nowadays has a 90% long-term survival rate, against just 3% only half a century ago.

            But as I get the distinct impression that you are a homeopathy apologist, I would like to ask you to return the favour, and come up with a list of non-self-limiting diseases that homeopathy has scientifically proven to be able to cure. And to make things slightly easier on your part, I will not insist that it should be a long list.
            In fact, just name ONE condition for which homeopathic treatment has proven itself consistently efficacious in proper medical trials.

          • OK Mutus

            Most bacterial and fungal infections. That’s a very long list of diseases.

            Many cancers – if we’re restricting ourselves to those cured by non-surgical intervention, we’ll say lymphomas and leukaemias. If we name them all individually we’re going to have an even longer list.

            And of course prevention is better than a cure. So let’s add in all those diseases prevented by vaccination.

            Meanwhile we can list all the conditions which homeopathy can successfully treat. Here they are:

          • Richard Rasker on Sunday 10 December 2023 at 10:38

            “The fact that real medicine sometimes makes mistakes……….”

            SOMETIMES???????????????????? Once per month in USA alone is SOMETIMES? And how many DEAD?

            “FDA recalls have a significant financial toll on the healthcare system. Clinically important drug recalls occur approximately once per month in the United States……”


            How many countries are there in the world?

            ” it saves millions of lives every year,…”

            Every one saw the outcome 2 years ago from Influenza. How many millions dead? Was it very different to the one that happened 100 years ago?

            “we would still see 1 in every 5 children dying at a young age, and lots of people would die from what we now consider minor medical problems….”

            I suggest you go back and read the commentary of Dr. Blaser of how in the name of medicine, hundreds of new diseases “the modern plagues” as he calls them, have been invented and are helping the pharma industry make money from gullible fools.

          • @Krishna

            SOMETIMES???????????????????? Once per month in USA alone is SOMETIMES?

            Yes, that is indeed ‘sometimes’, when considering that in the US alone, there are approximately 12 million hospitalizations every month, and many, many more non-clinical treatments being prescribed – the vast majority of which with a beneficial effect on patients’ health and/or well-being.

            “FDA recalls have a significant financial toll on the healthcare system. Clinically important drug recalls occur approximately once per month in the United States……”

            So this part of the system of modern medicine appears to be working as intended: authorities are continuously monitoring the quality of drugs and other treatments, and do not hesitate to pull products from the market if they appear to be harmful or ineffective – even if this hurts Big Pharma’s baseline.
            So what is your problem with this? The fact that mistakes (and sometimes even fraudulent actions) happen in the first place? Well, don’t hesitate to tell us how we can prevent these things from happening at all!

            How many countries are there in the world?

            Er, 195?

            Every one saw the outcome 2 years ago from Influenza. How many millions dead?

            The 2021-2022 influenza season had approximately 0.005 million influenza deaths in the US, an all-time low. This was most likely caused by measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19, as we also saw far lower numbers of other seasonal infectious diseases.

            Was it very different to the one that happened 100 years ago?

            Well, given that the 1918-1919 flu pandemic cost at least 50 million lives (with only a quarter of today’s world population, mind you), I’d say that the 2021-2022 influenza season was indeed somewhat different – if only because it had 10,000 times less deaths.
            But I don’t understand what influenza has to do with the fact that homeopaths are deluded fools.

            I suggest you go back and read the commentary of Dr. Blaser of how in the name of medicine, hundreds of new diseases “the modern plagues” as he calls them, have been invented and are helping the pharma industry make money from gullible fools.

            Martin Blaser is critical of (over)use of antibiotics, and rightly so. But I’m pretty certain that the man does not subscribe to your other ideas. Also see a previous comment of mine.

            The gullible fools here are those who reject modern medicine, and still believe in long-obsolete quackery such as homeopathy.

          • Richard Rasker on Sunday 10 December 2023 at 15:10

            “Yes, that is indeed ‘sometimes’, when considering that in the US alone, there are approximately 12 million hospitalizations..”

            This is not about recall: But there is an interesting link to these hospitalization outcome-

            “The third highest cause of death in the United States is mistakes by medical staff” : killing over 250000 in USA alone. (2016) The real funny part: the numbers have just continued to increase during every study. This is over and above the errors made by the pharma companies (VIOXX……) that kill and maim maim millions every year.


            This is in the USA, considered the Mecca of the medical world. Imagine the plight of the people around in the 195(?) countries? This is NOT counting the patients seriously harmed or the procedure creating a serious medical issue some years later.

            And here a doctor is writing a LOOOONG blog about ONE patient dying of a “SUSPECTED” Homeopathic or Aryuvedic medicine labeling it as if Homeopathy has managed to bring the medical world to an end. More of a salesman than a doctor writing a slanted article for foolish people.

            How many patients would have been killed by doctors during Covid 19 from all the irrational responses: using antibiotics, steroids, metformin, ivermectin, fluvoxamine, hydroxychloroquine……….the jury is still out. (Remember Aspirin for 1920 influenza?) And finally vaccines that did not go through ALL the required tests and that will create millions of patients over the next many years.

            Very much like antibiotics fueling the modern plagues.

            While at it, you may also explain the paradox: why are the Americans the most sick people in the world gulping down thousands of tons of drugs every year that just keeps on increasing year after year?
            If the scientific medicine was such great system, the tons of medicines should reduce every year as the people became healthier.

          • @Krishna

            This is not about recall

            My mentioning of the number of treatments administered is just to put it into perspective. Every month, literally dozens of millions of treatments are administered in the US alone, mostly with a good outcome – which you ignore. But you see one recall per month as a clear sign that regular medicine is no good. Which is plain stupid – if only because if these recalls show one thing, it is that the healthcare system is NOT the wild west situation where Big Pharma can sell the hapless sheeple useless or dangerous products for way too much money.

            But there is an interesting link to these hospitalization outcome- “The third highest cause of death in the United States is mistakes by medical staff” : killing over 250000 in USA alone (2016).

            Ah, that old chestnut again …

            The real funny part: the numbers have just continued to increase during every study.

            Yep, with the highest estimate pegging the number at 400,000 deaths per year caused by medical staff. This sure exposes a horrible problem – with your intelligence that is. Because if you look up the numbers, you will find that in all, approximately 650,000 deaths per year happen in hospitals. And some 60% of those deaths would be due to medical errors? And you really believe this?

            This is over and above the errors made by the pharma companies (VIOXX……) that kill and maim maim millions every year.

            Oh, so now we’re even up in the millions? Those poor Americans … either they die from medical error, or they die from the nefarious products from Evil Big Pharma …

            The real figures are of course completely different. In the US, an estimated 4% of all in-hospital deaths are linked to medical error, or 26,000 deaths. And given that the Vioxx scandal was about 40,000 deaths, it is safe to assume that the annual number of deaths caused by prescription medication is lower than this figure (unless you want to argue that we have a Vioxx-type scandal every single year). Add to this maybe 15,000 deaths from abuse of prescription medicines (mostly opioids), and we arrive at 80,000 deaths per year that can be linked to regular medicine and Big Pharma combined – or some 2% of all-cause deaths. Which I still think is a lot, but nowhere near the ‘millions’ and ‘third leading cause of death’ that some rather dim quackery proponents want us to believe.

            Anyway, you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about, parroting the same nonsense over and over again, and fail to actually think about what you are dumping here, let alone correct your insights where shown wrong. And, of course, this blog is about SCAM, not so much about real medicine (except where that real medicine has SCAMmy properties). So I’ll keep it at this.

          • Richard Rasker on Monday 11 December 2023 at 09:47

            “In the US, an estimated 4% of all in-hospital deaths are linked to medical error, or 26,000 deaths.”

            You should have spent time with Senator Bernie Sanders and helped him save taxpayers money wasted on Congressional hearings….

            @Krishna: I will not post you statements that have been discussed ad nauseam and shown to be false or misleading.

  • We really need to take this papers words, add to them millions of blank spaces and keep going until not even a letter or punctuation mark remains and re-read it – perhaps then we will be able to perceive its real meaning.

  • Oh if only we indeed had medicines which targetted only particular tissues or organs. We could banish side effects for good. Also we could use effective medicines unusable because of their side effects.

  • I enjoyed this part:

    1. Introduction

    Homeopathic treatment for herpes infection: Homeopathic philosophy and science are based on treating the patient than his ailments. Various remedies with different concomitant symptoms are quite effective in herpetic care. According to the law of cure by Herings [15,16], cure takes place from the centre to periphery, from top to bottom, from inside to outside and from more important organ to less important organ and in the reverse sequence of their appearance.

    Skin eruption is a sign of the body’s defence mechanism in presence of infection. Healing begins when the disease is removed from the skin. Application with allopathic drugs suppresses the disease whereas homeopathy acts on both the root and effect of the disease process thereby curing the patient.

  • I should have been clearer in my demand. Since Homeopathic medicines are orally administered let’s compare it to orally administered pharmaceutical medicines. Now give me a nice long list of non-self limiting diseases that can be cured by orally administered pharmaceutical medicines. I said cure not treat. If this “real medicine” is so much better I want to see a really nice long list.

    • 1) many antibiotics or cancer drugs are given orally;
      2) homeopathics are sometines given by injection.

    • @Mutus Bellator

      I should have been clearer in my demand.

      Ah, I see you’re moving goal posts. OK, I know how this goes: next, you demand that this list should only feature curative oral medicines that are always 100% effective. And then of course you will demand that medicines have no side effects whatsoever. Followed by the demand that only inexpensive medicines should be included. Then, after a few more of such elimination steps, to arrive at the conclusion that regular medicine is completely useless, and that we all should rely on homeopathic ‘remedies’. Well done, that man!

      • I’m still waiting for that really long list Richard. There was no need for you to waffle on so much about what you assumed I would demand next.

        • while you are waining:

          1) many antibiotics or cancer drugs are given orally;
          2) homeopathics are sometines given by injection.

        • I’ll provide you once again with the list of non-self limiting diseases that can be cured by orally administered homeopathy.

          Here they are:

          • That’s not what I asked for Lenny. Let’s stay on topic shall we?

          • yes, and the subject of this post is homeopathy!

          • I’m staying on topic, Mutus. Homeopathy. Look at the top of the page. You’re the one who moved away. We were good enough to show your supposed gotcha for the hollow nonsense that it was. Now we’re back where we should be.

            That you don’t like it is your problem, not mine.

        • @Mutus Bellator

          I’m still waiting for that really long list Richard.

          I already gave you the really long list of conditions that have curative treatments – many of which are oral medicines, FYI. It’s not my problem if you decide to reject it for reasons you make up on the spot.

          Now where is your list of at least one condition that can be successfully cured with homeopathy? The only condition that I can think of that homeopathy sometimes addresses nicely is hyperpecuniosis in the leathery structure called ‘the wallet’.

  • God allows gentle and aggressive medicines/treatments to exist in this world, as well as competent and incompetent health professionals, with the aim that the Karmas of the just and unjust are fulfilled. Those who committed evil in past lives and in this one will suffer from aggressive medicines/treatments and incompetent professionals. Unfortunately, the learning and evolution of the unjust takes place through suffering. In the future, when humanity is more spiritual and worthy, homeopathy will be a great success! Currently, it is more successful in India and Brazil thanks to yoga and Christianity!

    • “Faith is pretending to know things you don’t know.”
      — Peter Boghossian

      “Faith is the mother of all cognitive biases.”
      — John W. Loftus

      • It’s true, that’s why we should try to read religious, philosophical and scientific books that make us know, not just believe.

        • “Ignorance is nothing shameful; imposing ignorance is shameful. Most people are not to blame for their own ignorance, but if they willfully pass it on, they are to blame.”

— Daniel C. Dennett, Breaking the Spell.

    • Oh boy! You have shaken my faith to its core. I led.most of my life thinking that Godzilla is the tool god used to fulfill karmas. Never would I have imagined that karma is doled out by bad medicine and bad doctors. I did not realize I was living in a fairykaiju tale. Thank you, Gustavo for this revelation and waking me up out of my monster mayhem induced slumber.

      • Thank you, you are very kind and funny!
        Hahnemann often wished that the allopaths of his time would suffer as they made their patients suffer. This sometimes does not happen in the same incarnation, but in subsequent ones.

        • You are welcome, Gustavo! My kindness knows no bounds, as you have experienced it yourself. When will I reap my reward for my boundless kindness towards others? Do I have to wait until my next incarnation? Is there a way for me to get my reward fastracked and receive it in this incarnation?

          I wonder where Hahnemann is now. Probably in his third or fourth incarnation, still reaping benefits from the incarnation where he unleashed homeopathy on this world.

          • When a person has a mission to carry out in this world, they already receive the intelligence and other resources (financial, friendships…) in advance to achieve it! With each promised and achieved achievement, the person immediately feels the happiness that arises within themselves and that comes from the gratitude of others! I believe that happiness generates health hormones and neurotransmitters, rewarding the person instantly.

            Unlike most researchers, who test medicines on sick animals and people, Hannehman and his experimental friends tested hundreds of medicines on themselves, altruistically discovering how to heal the body, mind, emotions and spirit of the sick.

            The allopathic treatment of his time was terrible and today, even with all the advances, we know that ponderal drugs, even if prescribed in the correct dosage, cause various health problems, with the aim of curing or alleviating some disorder in the body, in the mind and emotions. This does not mean that it is proposed to eliminate this treatment method.

            Hundreds of studies have already proven that homeopathy is capable of healing, but I believe that we are still at an early stage of research.

          • “Hundreds of studies have already proven that homeopathy is capable of healing”
            please show us one that you think is particularly reliable.

          • Sorry, but I believe that research into homeopathy is in its infancy. Furthermore, as you know better than me, every scientific study has biases and I don’t want to debate whether the ocean is green or blue.

            It will be a lot of work to test most homeopathic remedies. Analyzing the Australian study, for example, we found that for each health condition that used clinical homeopathy, very few remedies were researched in very few different dynamizations. And although it is not the correct way to use homeopathic remedies, I counted 127 studies that concluded that the homeopathic remedy was statistically significant in achieving cures compared to placebo. It is a very good result, considering these 3 complicating factors (non-individualized medicine, few medicines and few dynamizations for each health condition). We must remember that these patients have not and will not develop diseases in the future.

            In the Australian study, I counted 66 studies confirming that individualized homeopathy was statistically significant over placebo. In relation to individualized homeopathy, I believe that an international protocol for individualized homeopathic consultation should first be validated for carrying out research. For example, last week I administered a questionnaire with 150 questions, in addition to asking about signs and symptoms in all of a patient’s organs, which lasted 3 hours and generated 88 rubrics. I use the Homeo Assistant App to find the patient’s medication. But if a colleague carries out a consultation in a few minutes with that same patient, he will most likely choose a different medicine. Kent’s query was 32 pages long.

            In the Australian study, clinical homeopathy was superior to conventional treatment on 5 occasions, inferior on 7 and having equal results on 27. Individualized homeopathy was superior to conventional treatment on 6 occasions, inferior on 8 and equal on 12. Result: tie.

            If I analyze systematic reviews carried out by homeopaths, the results favorable to homeopathy will be greater, but as Edzard is the same sign as me, Aquarius, I decided to collaborate.

            In the History of Medicine, I do not know of any doctor more brilliant than Hannehman, both from a scientific, social and moral point of view. Do you know?

          • ” I believe that research into homeopathy is in its infancy.”
            you are mistaken;
            200 years of research and ~600 clinical trials can hardly be called ‘infancy’.

          • The low quality of the studies, the unknown competence of homeopaths as to the rules established by Hannehman how to apply individualized homeopathy, the infinite amount of dynamizations to be tested from some remedies (DH1 to infinite) in the use of Clinical Homeopathy, use or not of electronic repertorger, the application differences of individualized homeopathy between homeopaths Kentists (high dynamizations) and classic homeopaths (low dynamizations, growing dynamizations and LM use) and the lack of standardization in homeopathy research caused a lot of loss of time, money and homeopathy development, delaying the benefits it could provide to humanity.

            Although they suffer in the body, mind and emotions, I believe that the first healthy homeopaths that have experienced substances and registered their effects were few people (N low). They also counted on the records of the toxic effects of the substances discovered by allopaths in sick people, however, are all perceived effects actually caused by the substance or came from the patients themselves? For the degree of technology of that time, the work of the first homeopaths was spectacular. I hope the current science can be able to standardize research in homeopathy at a high level.

          • “Hundreds of studies have already proven that homeopathy is capable of healing”
            please show us one that you think is particularly reliable.

          • Should we blame homeopathy because of researchers doing low-quality studies?

            Homeopathy has always been used in research without respecting its philosophy. I suggest carrying out just 2 studies, considering the purposes for which homeopathy is intended:

            – retrospectively monitor or start a survey with 2 large groups of people, one who has been treated with homeopathy their entire life and the other with allopathy, to see who was or is healthier, spent less money, has a better quality and perspective on life.

            – 2 large groups with each patient with 50 rubrics (symptoms and signs). Check in one year who achieved a cure or reduction in the greatest number of rubrics with less money spent, less time spent going to the homeopath or various specialists, and the prospect of developing future illnesses (analyzing the side effects contained in the leaflets).

          • @Edzard

            200 years of research and ~600 clinical trials can hardly be called ‘infancy’.

            The only thing about homeopathy that is still in its infancy is the mindset of homeopaths: they still believe that they can magically turn water into a medicine through a simple dilute-and-shake ritual – much like my stepdaughter when she was 6 years old, and made ‘witch brew’ together with her friends by mixing up some randomly selected substances found in and around the house.
            The hilarious thing is of course that compared to homeopathic dilutions, her brew was far more likely to actually do something – even if it hardly ever was what she intended (although me running around, rolling on the floor and going argh argh argh may well have been the desired effect 🙂 )

          • There are unbelievable things in this world. The energy hidden within tiny atoms did not make the inhabitants of Hiroshima and Nagasaki believe and smile.

          • why are you compelled to post such utter drivel?

          • As a good Aquarius, you know that learning is efficient with messages that shock. The emotions involved make the response unforgettable.

          • @Gustavo

            There are unbelievable things in this world.

            Yes, indeed, such as your comments and claims – those are literally unbelievable, as in: no sane person believes them.

          • I’m very sorry. I like your attention to my comments. Thank you very much! My intention here is to please and evolve spiritually!

          • You will please very much if you answer Professor Ernst’s question and tell us one good homeopathy study that you think is particularly reliable.

          • I think we can take his non-reply as saying THERE IS NO SUCH STUDY

          • I’m not a researcher. Good work and happiness!

          • would it change something? I have already presented my considerations regarding the current state of research in homeopathy and made suggestions.

          • Oh well, give it time, it’s still in its infancy….

            Makes me think of the doctor who says “Yes, we can cure you, just not in your lifetime”…….

          • Even if I brought studies with the highest degree of reliability in classical individualized homeopathy, these could not be replicated as they depend on the subjectivity of the homeopath, his “art”, his talent and respect for the rules established by Hannehman. Even so, in the end, everyone will find the medicine they deserve, some will be cured gently while others under the tortures of modern medicine.

          • So you concede, Gustavo, that there is no reliable evidence that any homeopathic treatment works better than placebo in altering the course of any health condition? Is that what you are saying?

          • Of course not, the hundreds of scientific pieces of evidence I cited above are from the Australian study, which can be easily found on Google by typing: “Effectiveness of Homeopathy for
            Clinical Conditions:
            Evaluation of the Evidence”

            As homeopathy research is in its infancy, you will not see studies with large N or free of bias. Even the Australian study admits numerous methodological weaknesses.

          • Gustavo, you ask, regarding the request to identify reliable evidence “would it change something?”.

            Yes, most definitely. Enormously.

            If you have found reliable evidence for the effectiveness beyond placebo of any homeopathic medicine in altering the course of any health condition – evidence which somehow Professor Ernst and others have missed – then the changes will be incalculably enormous.

            Much of our understanding of science will have to change. It is not a bad thing, of course, for scientific understanding of the world around us to change. But it’s got to be evidence-based, not blind-belief-based.

          • Homeopathy is a very delicate therapy, aimed more at special people, not brutes, which are other reasons for the failure of many studies. I will leave some excerpts from the book Physiology of the Soul, by Ramatis, which are useful, at least, for those who do not believe in disembodied spirits who write books, as hypotheses to be tested:

            “The glutton, the merciless, the disbeliever, the libidinous, the alcoholic, the choleric, the avaricious, are not elective and absolutely successful patients for therapy. gentle and generous form of homeopathy, as are the frugal, the pious, the peaceful, the honest, the chaste, the spiritualist, the teetotaler or the meek of heart. And also the admirable and exact law of “similars who are cured by similars ”, acting in perfect affinity with certain characters, and which determines the treatment and cure for the former through the toxic and painful therapy of allopathy, while the latter
            They are free from great suffering, because they are psychically elective to mild homeopathic medication.

            Since homeopathic doses awaken energies directly in the imponderable intimacy of the creative forces, of the infinitesimal world, they obviously exert greater action on the individual with greater spiritual sensitivity and who is accessible to noble and to the higher principles of life. Its magnetic body has a higher and nobler frequency, more easily attuned to the effervescence of forces and magnetism of potentized doses, without weakening them by the presence of inferior energies or bombarding them with the toxic firecrackers of the disordered mind. This is why little children, being less captious and more spontaneous in their infantile manifestations, they are more easily cured by homeopathy.

            Unfortunately, the percentage of individuals who are truly in a mental, emotional and confident state to be treated with the gentle and accurate therapy of homeopathy is still small.

            Metal spoons, utensils or containers are often tinned and oxidize easily, which can form unexpected chemical combinations that are harmful to the homeopathic essence.

            Because the inner corners of glasses, flasks or containers are difficult for absolute cleaning, they become places for easy proliferation of germs and accumulation of particles offensive to the delicacy of infinitesimal doses;

            Due to this rule, homeopathic medicines should never be mixed with any other substance other than distilled or boiled water. High dynamizations can become innocuous if common water is added or if the recommendations in focus; In fact, only distilled water is useful for them, since the water from common city networks, given the chlorine treatment to which they are subjected, even after boiling, can still compromise high dosages.

            Since the carnivorous diet itself causes harm in homeopathic therapy, because it defiles the patient’s vital body with the inferior fluids of the animal’s flesh, it is still necessary to spare the very subtle energies awakened by the infinitesimal dose,
            It should not be strange to you that a camphorated, sulfurous soap,
            tar, or the very strong perfume of certain essences also produce incessant bombardments of “alpha” particles that are offensive to the energized energy field. Since certain substances, such as ether, ammonia or camphor, produce dizziness, drowsiness or excitement, acting only through their etheric emanation, it is evident that the aura of tar, sulfur, creosote or camphor soaps also seriously impair therapy. energetic and subtle form of homeopathy. Even among certain homeopathic medicines, it is not advisable to put them together in the same box or cabinets, because their auras are incompatible and they clash under antagonistic impacts.

            We refer to your energetic auric fields and which, coming into conjunction, produce mutual damage, such as doses of creosote, allium cepa, allium sativum, potassium, mercury
            or iodine, whose auras are too strong and should be avoided.

            They also advise taking doses away from food because, during digestion, the most varied energy fields of substances are formed in the body that break down in the stomach and intestine, which then combine and fight against each other, nullifying much of the medicinal effect. of homeopathy. Carnivores are not ideal candidates for infinitesimal dose therapy, although they can also be successfully cured, thanks to
            to the resources and skill of good homeopaths. Furthermore, it must be considered that the dense field of inferior energies awakened by the vital aura of the sacrificed animal, which is ingested after being cooked or roasted, ends up neutralizing most of the forces that the dose highly dynamizing homeopathic medicine makes it hatch in the sick creature. Following ingestion of the meat, the repellent fluids from the lower astral of the sacrificed animal also merge with the human perispiritual aura and degrade the energized energetic potential; the potentialized essence of homeopathy disappears, troubled, without being able to overcome the field of lower vibratory condensation. The dynamic action of homeopathy, on the endocrine and nervous systems, is also hampered, as the double-etheric chakras, under the action of animal astrality, reduce their acceleration vortices and reduce their receptive capacity to homeopathic and catalytic energy. of
            dormant forces of the physical body. So the very subtle, infinitesimal treatment requires a greater amount of time for a reasonable or perhaps less successful cure. It must also be considered that attacks of anger, jealousy, hatred and irritations greatly reduce homeopathic success, because they are violent mental explosions, which sow harmful particles and bombard the aura of vital energies awakened in the carnal organism.”

          • @Gustavo

            Homeopathy is a very delicate therapy, aimed more at special people

            Yup, the gullible.

          • my intention was to propose hypotheses that can reveal why homeopathy has such good and bad results

          • Gustavo,

            One doesn’t have to be a Deepak Chopra to be able to come up with hypotheses. It’s an easy-peasy lemon-squeezy job that a brute like me can do in my sleep. You are twisting yourself into a pretzel by invoking spirits and energies to pull a preposterous hypothesis out of your rear-end, which you can’t comprehend yourself let alone explain it to others. Your hallucinations, which you call hypothesis are a product of an overactive and utterly unimaginative human brain.

            The reason why some homeopathic remedies don’t work is simple. It depends on how they are shaken when prepared. Humans are weaklings and don’t the necessary arm strength to shake the remedy into existence. Chimpanzees like me have powerful arms and can impart necessary force to make the water molecules smash with the molecules of the active ingredient to form the water memory necessary for therapeutic effect. It won’t work if you use a machine to shake homeopathic remedies, it must be shaken by a living being with enough arm strength and humans aren’t the species with that capability.

          • like cures like, good luck!

          • @Gustavo

            my intention was to propose hypotheses that can reveal why homeopathy has such good and bad results

            Yes, and the most plausible hypothesis is that homeopathy has no clinical effects whatsoever, but may cause placebo effects, especially in gullible people.

            It’s quite simple: when certain effects are only experienced by people with a ‘special’ mental disposition, then that is a sure sign that those effects are not real, but only exist in these people’s heads. Here is a good example how homeopaths keep fooling not only their gullible customers, but even themselves:


            “I experienced strong symptoms from the remedy even though I did not take it”

          • that the practice of good prevents us from needing remedies

          • LMAAO (laughing my ape ass off) @Gustavo

            Are you tired of writing pages of new age drivel that you usually write and pretending to be a quote generator?

          • The book Physiology of the Soul can be purchased on Amazon and read with the help of a full-screen translator App. It has 8 chapters (68 pages) explaining homeopathy. Here in Brazil, in 90 years, we have more than 5000 books written by disembodied spirits. Thousands of letters have already been written in spiritist centers from people who have already crossed over to their “final destination”, as well as thousands of verbal communications. Today I saw a video from a friend on YouTube and a spirit called Francisco spoke through him (link below) live. He is a Shamanic Reiki Master and other CAMs, a lawyer, and has a nice charitable work. 1:31:17 to 1:35:30


          • Perhaps in the ‘land of the final destination’, Reiki, etc. work.
            On this planet, however, they are nonsense.

          • The biggest problem lies in the patient’s deservingness of being cured or cured themselves and in the therapist’s ability to have love to give (something that is exemplified in the course but which depends on the therapist’s way of living).

            As subtle energies originating from disembodied spirits can be transmitted by mediums, they could research by placing 2 groups, one of mediums and the other of ordinary people, and compare which one obtained better results. Furthermore, before applying therapy, the therapist must inform the level of love that have practiced and felt on a daily basis.

            Still, it would not eliminate the question of the patient’s worthiness. In research, one can ask whether he or she truly feels that he or she deserves to be healed or healed themselves.

            It is commendable to want to discover therapies that alleviate or cure human beings, but for most people, unfortunately, illnesses of the body and mind are the teachers that will make them believe in what Jesus taught.

            Although gurus are, understandably, at the base of the pyramid of scientific evidence, in the end, it will be seen that we waste a lot of time and money researching and developing therapies and medicines by not doing good using of our “talents”.

            Wouldn’t it be fairer for the patient to recover his health by doing the opposite of what made him sick? As long as people don’t want to look inside themselves and improve themselves, they will continue to deceive themselves more and more, deceive others and become more and more sick.

            CAMs, through practices in which people learn to love others and love themselves, aim to transform human beings into better creatures!

          • The biggest problem for you, ‘GUSTAVO’. lies in the fact that you are posting nothing but complete nonsense.

    • The rain, it rains on the just and the unjust fella,
      but the unjust’s got the just’s umbrella!

  • Congratulations to commentator ‘GUSTAVO’ for posting not just on‑topic to the core essence of this article Homeopathic delusions, but also for making such a gallant effort to exemplify most, if not all, of its subcategories:

    🗂️ Posted in alternative medicine, alternative therapist, bias, bogus claims, bullshit, causation, charlatan, conflict of interest, critical thinking, cult, evidence, fraud, gullible consumer, homeopathy, medical ethics, methodology, pseudo-science, quackery, research, satire, study design

    • Gustavo seems too sincere in his beliefs that it would do injustice to categorize his posts as satire.

      On second thought, his posts can be considered as satire if a disembodied spirit of a satirist entered Gustavo’s body and made him write them.

      • He does appear to be under the influence of spirits.

        ultracrepidarian [noun]:
        • someone who has no special knowledge of a subject but who expresses an opinion about it.
        — Cambridge Dictionary

        • a person who criticizes, judges, or gives advice outside their area of expertise.

        • one who is presumptuous and offers advice or opinions beyond one’s sphere of knowledge.
        — Merriam‑Webster

        • the habit of giving opinions and advice on matters outside of one’s knowledge or competence.
        — The Free Dictionary

        • the tendency for people to confidently make authoritative pronouncements in matters above or outside one’s level of knowledge. Often, those pronouncements fall entirely outside the ultracrepidarian’s realm of legitimate expertise.
        — RationalWiki

      • I have a mission on this blog. Learn.

        • Gustavo, respectfully, I wonder if your mission would be better served by operating a Blog of your own.

          This Blog is about ‘complementary and alternative medicine’ and is intended to provide, examine, and comment upon, medical evidence.

          • DavidB, it is a pleasure to experience English cordiality, which unfortunately is not practiced by everyone. Thanks.

            I have other projects in progress, which require time, so I will not have a blog. I participate in this once a month.

            Although I appreciate my beliefs, I take them as hypotheses, which are the raison d’être of science. Seeing things from different angles is a quality of good researchers. Can you imagine if the first proponents of transmitting information over the air were discouraged from talking about their hypotheses?

          • Thank you Gustavo, but I am not English, nor do I live in England.

          • but you honor your country with your education, congratulations! Where are you from?

          • I am from, and live in, Scotland. Genetically, my genome is: 41% Scottish, 30% Irish, 26% Italian and 3% Scandinavian

          • Very interesting! may our thoughts and actions produce and transmit the best genes for a disease-free world! I love 40 songs by the band Cocteau Twins.

  • The prejudice against Galileo Galilei’s “complete nonsense” cost him his life. I believe that hypotheses should be respected, no matter how strange they may seem to us.

    Sorry for not sending a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year message. I echo Ramatis’ words at Physiology of the Soul:

    “Without a doubt, the true science of healing is still the evangelical prophylaxis advocated by Christ, the Divine Physician, as the main guarantee of health and mental and moral integrity of man! And love, kindness and purity of spirit are still the most sublime medicines of this Christic therapy, and which are still in perfect relationship with the spiritual laws that govern the Universe. There is in the “Sermon on the Mount”, by the unforgettable Jesus, greater prophylactic and curative success for the human being, than in all the pharmaceutical drugs and medical processes that still exist today on Earth!”

    • Christmas is for nutcrackers. The nutcrackers of homeopathy are nuts, not crackers.

      Funny how people buy the latest computer or cell-phone, but believe crap, which already at its beginning 225 years ago was a fraud.

    • “The prejudice against Galileo Galilei’s “complete nonsense” cost him his life.”

      This is not the case.
      Read Galilei’s biography, e. g. in wikipedia:

      • True, thank you for alleviating my ignorance a little. Lots of interesting information in this text.

        • @Gustavo
          Please note that Galilei’s plight was not caused by scientific consensus refusing to accept his new findings, but by dogmatic religion – the same religion in fact that you adhere to.

          Also note that already before Galilei’s days, there were astronomers such as Copernicus who hypothesized about a heliocentric model, without incurring much criticism. And within 50 years of Galilei’s work, the heliocentric model was accepted by science – simply because it much better explained the observations than the old geocentric model.

          Homeopathy, on the other hand, was doubted and criticized by doctors and scientists almost from the moment that Hahnemann came up with it – not because of dogmatic principles, but simply because they observed that it didn’t appear to do anything. They saw that it made no difference whether they administered a homeopathic dilution or just plain water(*).
          And even after 228 years, there is still not a single homeopathic product that has clear, consistent and repeatable effects, in spite of many thousands of trials. Together with the fact that homeopathy is incompatible with several fundamental scientific principles we can safely relegate it to the scrapheap of history. So no, it is a complete waste of time to do research into hypothetical mechanisms behind homeopathy.
          Simply said: homeopaths should first prove THAT it works, and only then start researching HOW it works.

          *: The main reason why homeopathy appeared to work better than regular medicine of the day was not because homeopathy was any good, but because regular medicine was so bad.
          In the course of the 19th century, chemistry progressed to the point that it became clear that homeopathic dilutions over 12C by definition do not contain any active substance any more, and thus cannot work. Also, medical science progressed to the point where the actual causes of disease became clear, together with ways to prevent and treat those diseases. Homeopathy was not effective for either purpose then, and it still isn’t.

          • I explained above the data I obtained from the Australian study and some hypotheses that, if tested, could solve the “mystery” of the results in homeopathy being so controversial. In my opinion, in order to have reproducible results, homeopaths have to use an assessment tool, such as a questionnaire, that is unique and validated. The subjectivity of the healing artist is an obstacle. Even the use of different repertoires by homeopaths interferes with the results. If you download the Homeo Assistant App and go to “search in repertoire”, you will see that Kent’s has 64495 symptoms, Boericke’s 5618 and Boenninghausen’s 26516.

            If Hannehman were alive, he would have already resolved this issue, but enlightened spirits like him are only sent to Earth a few times. I read an article that said that the church, which took care of the insane, didn’t like him because he “stealed” their “clients”. In the sixth edition of Organon, the Art of Healing, he mentions the word “spirit” 21 times and “spiritual” appears 38 times. Nowadays, even with thousands of spiritual books already written, most homeopaths are ignorant about this reality, or they know it and are cowardly in publicizing it, so as not to lose clients. I mention this just to give you an impression of the courage and how advanced the knowledge brought by Hannehman was.

            The cultural exchange between disembodied and incarnated spirits will increase and benefit Homeopathy. 100 years ago we didn’t have books written by spirits, today we have more than 5000. Millions of letters have been written, in Brazilian spiritist centers, from people from there to here. It is expected that, in the coming decades, the connection will be direct through video calls, hence Vitalism will be understood, as well as various CAMs.

            Spiritists already know where illnesses come from (crimes committed in past lives or in this one). Through miasmatic medicines, Hannehman, with his mind ahead of his time (incredibly not understood even by many hard-working scientists today), can prevent the development of serious pathologies originating in family members. Now that’s prevention! When homeopathy cures a simple pain in the chest, opponents laugh at homeopathy, but applaud the great surgeons who transplanted a heart from the poor guy who didn’t know homeopathy existed. Those who avoid suffering are not valued in this world, unfortunately.

            In relation to treating illnesses, contemporary medicine tries to “fix” the body and mind, but always causing other organic imbalances. I work in a hospital and few are cured, the vast majority continue treatment with specialists. Despite the commendable effort to create increasingly safer drugs, it is enough to read a leaflet and we realize that there is a price to pay. There are antibiotics that cause kidney failure, doctors reduce the dose to protect the patient, but I ask, how many super bacteria were created through this procedure?

          • @Gustavo

            Don’t pay attention to party poopers like Norbert and Richard. I never met anyone who could dispense hypotheses faster than the speed of light and I think your hypotheses have a lot of merit. You are better off pitching your ideas to Dana Ullman. You are no stranger to his shenanigans on this blog and he needs no introduction. He’d be very interested to hear your spiritism based explanation of homeopathy. Although he is dead set on nano pharmacology, he is open to all sorts of ideas. I firmly believe that you two would have a lively debate and who knows you both might end up sharing a Nobel Prize soon.

          • Thanks for your attention! You are very kind! I really love spiritism. It is the third revelation (the first was Moses, the second Jesus and the third the “spirit of truth” (which are many spirits) promised by Jesus, John 14:16-28:

            16 “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— 17 the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him , for he lives with you and will be[a] in you. 18 I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. 19 Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you will also live. 20 On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. 21 Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.”

            Jews have always been very intelligent, winning many Nobel Prizes, but to this day they suffer for not being able to transform into Christians. Spiritism comes to transform Christians and everyone who is able to follow higher reasoning and emotions into enlightened beings. I wish everyone on this blog not to be “new Jews”, clinging to the stagnation of knowledge and trying to put on a new crown of thorns and an INRI sign.

            I readed some of Dana’s conversations here, he’s witty! I root for him. Maybe Edzard use to publish some provocative articles just to interact with him. Like a good Aquarius, Edzard is “against”, helping the evolution of each one of us through extreme provocations.

          • ” Like a good Aquarius, Edzard is “against””
            WHAT A LOAD OF BS!!!

          • “Spiritists already know where illnesses come from (crimes committed in past lives or in this one).”

            Any further discussion seems wasted lifetime.

          • @Norbert Aust

            Any further discussion seems wasted lifetime.

            I’m afraid that you’re right.

    • QUOTE Galileo gambit, RationalWiki

      The Galileo gambit … is a logical fallacy that asserts that if your ideas provoke the establishment to supposedly vilify or threaten you, then you must be right — ”everyone says I am wrong, therefore I am right.”

      Users of the fallacy are to be understood as being essentially “Galileo wannabes”.

      “The chief problem with the Galileo gambit is the failure to understand the difference between a well-established scientific law and religious dogma.”
      — Steven Novella

      In reality, taking up the mantle of Galileo requires not just that you are scorned by the establishment but also that you are correct — that is, that the evidence supports your position. There is no link between being “persecuted” and actually being correct. However, the selective reporting of cases where people who were persecuted or ostracized for beliefs and ideas that later turned out to be valid has instilled a confidence in woo promoters and pseudoscientists that is difficult to shake. They forget the part where they have to prove themselves right in order to be like Galileo.

      The fallacy as normally used relies, to a large extent, on misrepresenting the refusal of the scientific community to publish or engage with cranks as “censorship.” [my bolding]

      Cranks who use the gambit to claim persecution by “Big Science” often fail to see the irony in the comparison — it was the Catholic Church that censored Galileo, not the “scientific establishment”.

      An additional irony arises when we consider that if the maverick idea does manage to amass enough evidence to win over the majority, it will become the new consensus — at which point, by the fallacy’s own reasoning, the idea must become wrong!
      END of QUOTE

  • Galileo! Galiieo! Well that is magifico!

    Is homeopathy the real life or is it just fantasy,
    caught in a landslide with no escape from reality?
    Well just open your eyes look up to the sky and see.
    We are not poor boys(too bloody busy) so we need no sympathy.
    So (on this blog) it is just easy come and easy go
    You can get high and then get low (we dont care)
    So you can all shove it where the wind blows!

    You just dont matter to me!
    Maybe soon you will all be gong.

  • I see a little silhouetto of a man.
    Scaramouche, Scaramouche, you talk a load of Fandango.
    Thunderbolt and lightning, but not very frightening to me!

    • Is this real medicine?
      Is this just quackery?
      Caught in a placebo therapy
      No escape from homeopathy
      Open your eyes
      Look up the vial and see
      Its just shaken water, you need no homeopathy
      Because it’s easy shake, easy dilute
      A little high, little low
      Any way the water flows, stay away from sugar-quacks.

      Mama, just killed a man
      Gave him some sugar crumbs, convinced him it’s real medicine, now he’s dead
      Mama, life had just begun
      But now I’ve gone and diluted it all away
      Mama, ooo
      Didn’t mean to make you cry
      If I’m not quack again this time tomorrow Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters…..

      • Ah, I see the NoHomeo Rhapsody is coming along nicely 🙂

        Now all we need is a couple of musicians and above all someone who can sing the part (sorry, don’t ask me, even the crows flee in panic when they hear me) …

        • @Richard Rasker

          Due to popular demand I had to finish the NoHomeo Rhapsody 😜

          Too late, my time has come
          Send sugar crumbs down my gut, body’s still aching all the time
          Goodbye, everybody, I’ve got to go
          Gotta leave you all behind and face the quack
          Mama, ooh (any way the water flows)
          I don’t wanna die
          I sometimes wish I’d never been into homeopathy at all
          I see a little silhouetto of a Hahnemann
          Charlatan, Charlatan, will you do the trickery?
          Shaking and diluting, very, very cunning
          (Arsenicum) Arsenicum, (Arsenicum) Arsenicum, Arsenicum Belladonna, oscillococcinum
          But I’m just a poor homeopath, everybody hates me
          He’s just a poor homeopath from a German family
          Spare him his life from this quackery

          easy shake, easy dilute, will you take the remedy?
          No, we will not take the remedy (take the remedy)
          We will not take the homeopathic remedy (take the remedy)
          We will not take the homeopathic remedy (take the remedy)
          Will not take the homeopathic remedy (take the remedy)
          Never, never, never, never take a homeopathic remedy
          No, no, no, no, no, no, no
          Oh, mamma mia, mamma mia
          Mamma mia, take the remedy
          Hahnemann has Excrementum tauri put aside for me, for me, for me
          So you think you can cure me with shaken water?
          So you think you can give me sugar crumbs and leave me to die?
          Oh, baby, can’t do this to me, baby
          Just gotta get out, just gotta get right outta here
          Homeopathy is nothing but quackery, anyone can see….

  • First we had Galileo on here, then Scaramouche. Hardly surprisingly Beelzebub has now turned up.

    So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?
    So is there is a remedy to help cure you guys?

    Oh Mercury! Well dilute in 200c potency!
    You just gotta check this out, Clarke mind section right here.

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