It been reported that the German HEILPRAKTIKER, Holger G. has been sentenced to serve a total of 4 years and three months behind bars. He made himself a pair of glasses out of aluminum foil and appeared at the start of his trial wearing a Corona protective mask. The accusations against him were fierce: He was accused of having issued false Corona vaccination certificates en masse in Munich and of having given medication to patients. A woman, who had contracted Corona and had been treated by Holger G. with vitamin solutions, had died last year.

According to the verdict, Holger G. had violated the German Medicines Act. The court announced he was also convicted of 96 counts of dangerous bodily harm and 102 counts of unauthorized trading in prescription drugs. In addition, the court ordered the HEILPRAKTIKER to be placed in a rehab facility.

The 71-year-old MAN had issued Corona vaccination cards since April 2021, without actually vaccinating the people concerned. For the forged vaccination cards, he charged several tens of thousands of Euros. In addition, the former HEILPRAKTIKER illegally sold prescription drugs. The judgment is so severe because Holger G. has form. He also ordered to bear the costs of the proceedings.


I have long criticized the German HEILPRAKTIKER. In my recent book on the subject, I make the following points:

– Today, no one can provide reliable data on the number of HEILPRAKTIKER in Germany.
– The training of HEILPRAKTIKER is woefully inadequate.
– The far-reaching rights of the HEILPRAKTIKER are out of proportion to their overt lack of competence.
– This disproportion poses a serious danger to patients.
– This danger is further increased by the fact that there is no effective control of the activity of the HEILPRAKTIKER does not take place.
– Existing laws are almost never applied to the HEILPRAKTIKER.
– Most HEILPRAKTIKER mislead the public unhindered with untenable therapeutic claims.
– The federal government seems to put off over and over again any serious discussion of the HEILPRAKTIKER.

Cases like the one above show that it is high time for reform – or, should that prove impossible, the discontinuation of this utterly obsolete and highly dangerous profession.

9 Responses to Prison sentence for a German HEILPRAKTIKER who issued false vaccination certificates

  • Dear Edzard,
    you are certainly right criticizing insufficient training and non-existent surveillance of the German “Heilpraktiker”.
    But what about the “natural healers” in the UK?
    I was often wondering: On what legal basis could impostors like the self-styled “Professor” J. R. Worsley (whose “five-elements-acupuncture” was purely an invention of his own) not only open schools and educate bona fide students, but also treat patients? Or the “Doctor of Acupuncture” Diedericus van Buren (who had invented the “stem and branches acupuncture”)?
    Or, at present, someone like Volker Scheid, who is not only professor at the university of Westminster and author of well-known books, but also runs a TCM clinic of his own?
    Could it be that in the UK things are even worse than in Germany?

    • “Could it be that in the UK things are even worse than in Germany?”
      Not worse but very different, e.g.:
      UK practitioners do not have nearly the same rights as the German Heilpraktiker.
      They normally only practice 1 form of SCAM.
      They often are well-trained in this modality.

    • @Dr. med. Hanjo Lehmann
      In my opinion, one really bad thing about German Heilpraktiker in particular is the fact that they are state-sanctioned, lending them an undeserved measure of respect and trustworthiness.

      The same of course goes for real doctors who for one reason or another decide to betray their scientific education and their medical oath, and start practising some kind of alternative modality – but luckily, those doctors are few and far between.

  • Take-away message as I see it: antivaccine activism is considered a serious threat to public health – in particular when espoused by healthcare providers (both real doctors and uneducated practitioners such as Heilpraktiker). This is also supported by the numbers: as of the beginning of 2021, when effective vaccines were widely available, almost all Covid-related hospitalizations and deaths were among unvaccinated people. Hundreds of thousands of these people chose to remain unvaccinated as a result of antivaccine propaganda, especially when coming from professionals – and many of them expressed their regrets about this bad decision in hindsight, often on their Covid deathbeds.

    And even though Covid mortality has fallen dramatically in the past months, the disease still kills dozens of people every day worldwide – most of whom are probably unvaccinated. Covid vaccines most certainly do not kill people in such numbers; even two years after global use of these vaccines, I still haven’t come across even one documented case where a Covid vaccine was the indisputable cause of death – no antivaxxer has come up with even one such case.

    Sure, statistically speaking, Covid vaccines must have caused or at least contributed to some deaths. After all, vaccines do have some side effects that may just have pushed people who were on the brink of death already over the edge. But there is not a single proven case where Covid vaccination caused a healthy person to ‘die suddenly’, as often claimed by antivaxxers.

    Of course what makes this case extra poignant is that this quack not only endangered his patients’ health, but even turned a significant profit doing so. Which is why I think that this harsh sentence is quite justified.

    @Edzard: there is this half-finished sentence:
    “The judgment is so severe because Holger G. has form[er serious convictions.]”

    Apparently, the man’s license to work as a Heilpraktiker was revoked already in 2008.

    • “To have form” is a UK judicial and police slang that means to possess a criminal record12. The record establishes a pattern of behavior, so having form becomes a metaphor for having a history of certain actions2. However, the phrase does not imply that the activities of the person who has form are or have ever been illegal in any way1.

      • @Edzard

        “To have form” is a UK judicial and police slang that means to possess a criminal record …

        Ah, I didn’t know that, thanks for the explanation – learning something new every day!

  • “Former” Heilpraktiker, dear Edzard. Can we at least try to keep it fact based? Because he was charged and sentenced earlier in life, he lost his “title” as Heilpraktiker a while ago. Btw, that does not happen to criminal MDs, they are not allowed to practice anymore but still can call themselves “MD”, right?

    • well, if you want to be precise, he was a false Heilpraktiker because he pretended to be one after he had lost that prestigeous title.

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