The French ‘National Assembly’ has yesterday adopted a major law aimed at reinforcing the prevention and combat against sectarian aberrations in France. This marks a significant step forward in strengthening the protection of citizens against abuse and manipulation by charlatans, gurus and other sectarian movements.

This bill, the result of particularly fruitful work and debate in both chambers, reflects the Government’s commitment to meeting the expectations of the victims of these sectarian movements.

Some of the key measures voted through by parliamentarians include:

  • The enshrinement in law of the powers of MIVILUDES (Interministerial Mission of Vigilance and Combat against Sectarian Aberrations);
  • The reinforcement of the penal response with the creation of the offence of placing or maintaining in a state of psychological or physical subjection;
  • The creation of an offence of incitement to abandon or refrain from treatment, or to adopt practices which clearly expose the person concerned to a serious health risk;
  • Support for victims, with the extension of the categories of associations that can bring civil action;
  • Information for the judiciary, with the introduction of an “amicus curiae” role for certain government departments in legal cases relating to cults.

Despite sometimes heated debates, particularly around article 4, fuelled by the opinion of the Conseil d’Etat, the adoption of this law by the National Assembly bears witness to a shared desire to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals while providing better protection for our fellow citizens against sectarian aberrations.

This bill is part of a multi-annual national strategy for 2023-2027 resulting from the conference on sectarian aberrations held in spring 2023. It is a major step towards strengthening the penal arsenal and protecting victims.


Sabrina Agresti-Roubache, Secretary of State for Citizenship and Urban Affairs, commented:

“Long-awaited by victim support associations, this text aims to strengthen our legal arsenal in the fight against sectarian aberrations. I’m delighted that all the articles have been adopted, particularly Article 4, which creates an offence of incitement to abandon or abstain from treatment. There have been some passionate debates in the Chamber, but I’d like to reiterate the basis of this bill: the State is not fighting against beliefs, opinions or religions, but against all forms of sectarian aberrations, these dangerous behaviors which represent a threat to our social cohesion and put lives at risk.”


Obviously, we shall have to see how the new law will be applied. But, in any case, it is an important step into the right direction and could put an end to much of so-called alternative medicine that endangers the health of French consumers.

Other nations should consicer following the Franch example.

2 Responses to France outlaws practices which expose patients to a serious health risk

  • Indirectly, this can be a blow against homeopathy.

    Homeopathy poses 2 threats:

    1. Poisoning the patients with low dilutions
    2. Neglect by giving them non-working stuff (high dilutions) AND by even withholding them the treatment with scientific medication.

    The second part, concerning withholding the treatment with scientific medication, must not be underestimated. It plays a crucial role in many cases. When a high-ranking function in the homeopathy-mafia claims, that cancer can SUCCESSFULLY be treated with homeopathy alone, we can see how deep and how widespread this danger is rooted in the homeopathy scene.

    “Patrick Hünerfeld hat die Homöopathie gekillt”

    Look for “Dr. Karl-Heinz Gebhardt” . He was the “Ehrenvorsitzender DZVhÄ” (honorary president of the German central association of homeopathic doctors) and more than 45 years one of the BIG wire-pullers of the German homeopathy scene.

    The big problem, again, and as always, is the prosecution of the crimes. When the legal system does nothing, nothing will happen. Warm air, again. Making laws is not enough. They must be enforced.

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