I am not in the habit of publishing emails that I receive – even though I did occasionally post and discuss some of the most spectacular insults that came my way, e.g.:

Today, however, I feel like being a trifle indiscrete. The reason is an email I received yesterday from a German homeopath who calls him/herself ‘M. Magic’. After reading an article about homeopathy (I am not sure which one), he/she felt compelled to write to me. Here is (my translation of) the second half of this email which I find simply too funny to keep it to myself:

… I can explain WHY homeopathy works and can even tell you your personal so-called constitutional remedy.
I don’t do that. But I can tell you who you are based on the fact that I know your remedy:

You have no self-confidence. You may be competent in your field … even the best, but deep down you have been moulded in a counterproductive way. A parent has always made you feel like you can’t do anything right or well! This has undermined your self-confidence forever or most of your life, no matter how capable you may be!
You tend to despise women and/or think you are weak and incapable. A projection of your unconscious self-belief.
A typical symptom of your personality type is digestive problems! The background to this is that you do not allow and process feelings. This is reflected in a digestive weakness.

This in a nutshell … the correctly chosen remedy would give you a healthy self-confidence, which may have stabilised to some extent in the meantime. I could also explain to you why this is the case … I am analytically inclined and can determine any background. You are probably also ANALYTICAL … absolute head person and proud of it, right? There’s no reason for that, but fine … It shows how little idea you have of how humans really work and what they could use to cure themselves of everything … and what effect that has …
You clueless people … all of you!

Greetings, M. Magic


I replied thanking the author, mainly because I had not laughed so heartily for a long time. My response was followed by an instant secone email:

… a SO typical response for your constitutiona type.
You want to show me that you’re above it and ridicule me … (you’re not, of course; either).
Apparently I hit the nail on the head. (no, I’m not surprised; I know my trade)
And YOU are really a professor?
But nothing surprises me anymore! The blind leading the blind …


I did not send a further reply.


13 Responses to Yesterday, I received a ‘Magic’ letter

  • Hilarious and tragic.

  • This is not funny at all. AU CONTRAIRE!!! It shows the brutality of the psychological warfare of the homeopathy mafiosi.

    Imagine ordinary people, who are absolutely clueless about the frauds an the rhetorical tricks of the homeopaths. How can they defend themselves against this bomb-throwing aggressor? Imagine pregnant or children being attacked that way. They are helpless.

    And, if the environment is full of supporters of homeopathy, like when you have to deal with children daycare centers or senior daycare centers or in a hospital, or even in a medical doctor’s office with the helpers pushing homeopathy – how can one defend himself against this warfare? It is terrorism. It is stalking of the worst kind. It is a crime.

    This “Magic” aggressor is a criminal. And I am sure he knows what he does. And he even feels so comfortable with it, that he dares to attack Edzard Ernst.

    Homeopathy is a serious crime. I must be exterminated for once and for all time.

  • Gutes Feature zum Thema
    German broadcast DLF

    Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst
    Von Beate Lehner · 08.01.2010

  • No, you do not have a strange sense of humour. You simply are able to beat off that warfare, because you know that all that homeopathy stuff is shit and the homeopaths are ridiculous.

    But there are two sides: people, who can defend themselves, and people, who are helpless. We, who know to defend ourselves, overlook so easily, how defenseless the unknowing are, how they are tortured, brainwashed, some even wiped out by the esotters. It is a war, and there are dead.

    • I agree – at all costs we must defend the weak and vulnerable. It is the duty of any decent society.

      I can see how ridiculous and funny tis is amongst true scientists but there is always the underlying evil

  • This almost sounds like it could be from our endearing little troll Sunbead …

  • I always find it remarkable how people make a fool of oneself. M. Magic is a very special example. 😀

  • Hanlon’s razor comes to mind:

    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

  • And they walk amongst us…

  • “..digestive weakness.” 😀

    I know several good remedies for that!. My favourite is Calvados.

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