Guest post by Ken McLeod

Readers will have no trouble recalling that crank ‘naturopath’ Barbara O’Neill has graced these pages several times. She is subject to a Permanent Prohibition Order by the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission. It goes like this:

“The Commission is satisfied that Mrs O’Neill poses a risk to the health and safety of members of the public and therefore makes the following prohibition order:

“Mrs O’Neill is permanently prohibited from providing any health services, as defined in s4 Of the Health Care Complaints Act 1993, whether in a paid or voluntary capacity.’ 1

Evidently Ms O’Neill has scrambled her chakras or muddled her meridians because she continues to forget the Order. For example;

O’Neill did a video interview concerning the Prohibition Order and that has been posted online at YouTube.2 The video was posted ‘1 year ago,’ has had 323,000 views and had 1,598 comments. She goes into great detail what she regards as the appalling treatment at the hands of the HCCC.

In the video she admits that she has continued to travel the world spreading her lies and misrepresentations. Some of the lies are that she is a naturopath, and was a nurse, and ‘I used to work in the Operating Theatre as a psychiatric nurse….’

In the video at 53:20 in the video she refers to an aboriginal man ‘Dan’ who works at her Misty Mountain Lifestyle Retreat, (note the present tense), who is in his 50s was obese and recently had a heart attack, ‘was on a lot of medications,’ ‘was a bit scared of coming off medications,’ ‘I said Dan, I think it’s time to stop your blood pressure medications, you’re going too low, you’re a 100 over 60,’ ‘three days later his blood pressure was 100 over 75,….’ 3

Call me a cynic, but that strikes me as rather dangerous advice, worthy of an investigation by the HCCC. Meanwhile, there is no sign of ‘Dan ‘ in Misty Mountain’s ‘About page.’ Dan’s brother Dave appears, but no Dan.4 Could it be that O’Neill’s advice led to some incapacity? Tips are welcome.

Meanwhile, readers could learn much more about Barbara O’Neill at Wikipedia.5


This article first appeared in the June issue of the Australian Skeptic Magazine,6 reprinted with kind permission.




3 This was dangerous and reckless advice. The full transcript is here




159 Responses to BARBARA O’NEILL – an update

  • I’ve tried to watch some of her videos. They are such a muddle of nonsense. She seems to think that water is an element, that psoriasis is the adult version of childhood eczema, and that sodium chloride contains unequal numbers of sodium and chlorine ions…..

    • Earth, water, air and fire

      The 4 elements

      • None of those four is an element.

        Gold is an element. Carbon is an element. Oxygen is an element. Lead is an element. Sulphur is an element. Chlorine is an element. And so on (see the Periodic Table of Elements).

        I don’t think I would be entrusting my health to an alchemist any time soon. Or, going further back, to Empedocles.

        • Karen’s gone quiet.

          • Don’t show your compartmentality, Genius. Karen is correct, there are other schools
            Of thought and practice than you precious chart of elements. Philosophy, tradition, and spirituality. Greek philosophy supposed the Universe to comprise four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.
            Don’t play semantics.

          • “there are other schools of thought”? What are you on about? I have already referred twice in this Thread to the fact that the “earth, air, fire and water” notion goes back to the 5th century BCE Greek philosopher Empedocles.

            The way you’ve put it, you seem to be suggesting that his ideas of two thousand five hundred years ago, are just as accurate as the scientific knowledge of today. Objectively, it’s simply not so. Human knowledge is cumulative. That’s why Empedocles didn’t have a cellphone or car, or fly in an aeroplane, and we do.

            Are you really suggesting that if your child complained of headaches, tiredness, blurred vision, and had seizures and vomiting, and weakness down one side of the body, you’d prefer to have the child diagnosed and treated only with the knowledge and ideas of Empedocles? That would be a tragedy, for those symptoms could suggest to a modern doctor that there may be a brain tumour, and modern diagnostic methods would enable this to be identified, and modern surgical and medical methods could enable it to be successfully treated. Not in all cases of all tumours, sadly, of course. But in Empedocles’ time, no diagnosis and no treatment, so no success. And what about dentistry? Do you adhere only to the dental methods of the Ancient Greeks?

            A few years ago I tripped and fell while carrying something, and broke my left little finger. In the hospital, I was very glad of x-rays and modern local anaesthetics, so that the break could be seen, and the bone re-set without pain.

            Mrs Barbara O’Neill is seen in a photo posing beside a modern microscope, and in her presentations, she bandies around modern medical terms. So she represents herself as knowledgeable on modern science, not just the “other school of thought” of Empedocles.

          • Nice demonstration of wilful ignorance, Ron, and a spectacular display of false equivalence.

            Science is set of empirical facts and not a belief system. How do you imagine the device that you used to post your bit of haughty bumwash works? Ideological belief operating system? A battery that you charge via philosophical debate?

            Run away you stupid man.

          • Ron, you mention my “precious chart of elements”. I don’t have a personal precious chart! I was referring to The Periodic Table of the Elements. .

            Did you not attend a high school, that you are unfamiliar with the Periodic Table? It’s taught in every high school.

            The development of the Periodic Table from the pioneering work of Russian chemist Mendeleev in the 1860s. is an interesting story in its own right.

        • yes, I know; and the moon is made of cheddar cheese.

        • Yes every element that makes up water is on the periodic table so it’s safe to say water is an element. Speaking for Karen to shut you down big bad davidb. wisdom comes with time my friend.

          • I’m puzzled, BrakeeurjawBrock, about why you’d say it’s safe to call water an element because it’s made up of elements.

            When two or more elements combine chemically to form a new substance, the new substance is called a compound.

            As you know, water is made up of molecules comprising two Hydrogen and one Oxygen atom each. Water has completely different properties from the two elements that make it up – both combustible gasses.

            The idea of “Earth, Air, Fire and Water” (mentioned earlier in this Thread) goes back to Empedocles, some two and a half thousand years ago. I don’t I could today recommend that a person with a health condition should treat it using only the knowledge of 2,500 years ago. Could you?

          • Every element that makes up me is on the periodic table so it’s safe to say I am an element.

            It’s also safe to say you’re a scientifically-ignorant idiot, BrakeurjawBrock.

            You see how this works now?

          • You’re an elemental force, Lenny!

      • I can only speak for myself. I didn’t know all this was going on with Barbra, but I had followed many of her suggestions. And my health is very good compared to a year ago. I didn’t understand why I was so dehydrated even though I drank water all day. Or why I kept the having to adjust levothyroxine prescriptions to get my thyroid back on track. By the way, per her advice I now have a healthy Thyroid and no longer take level thyroxine. I just learned how to eat and use regular products around the kitchen that I have incorporated into my routine and my thyroid is all good. I still go every three months for my blood work, I still feel that’s an important part and monitoring things. Since as I age, my body is going through some changes so I’m just monitoring.
        Also, I’ve been able to get rid of bone spurs in my feet. That were very painful.
        I used to go to a neurologist every three months to have Botox injected because my migraines were debilitating. I would miss work and time with family due to migraines. I no longer have migraines.
        A few other improvements such as softer and even skin, but that was just a bonus. I wasn’t trying for that, it just happened.
        I’m still working on constipation periodically. And I know that has to do with eating some of the foods she specifically said not to. But we’re not perfect. I can see BARBARA probably should not have told somebody to get off of their medicine. But her advice for using natural remedies Instead of pharmaceuticals truly has improved my life. Especially getting my thyroid and headaches under control. I forgot to mention the biggest bonus is how much money I save. All the remedies you need so very little to make such a big impact and much of what I buy. I only need to buy roughly in a yearly basis since a little goes a long way. I use all my ingredients daily.
        I’m truly thankful for BARBARA because without her I would still be miserable. My pain was unbearable and now I can do things I wasn’t able to do before.
        I’m so sorry that maybe somebody could’ve been hurt by her advice. But truly, it’s up to the individual to use common sense. And I’ve have received horrible advice over the years from doctors. Taking osteoporosis medicine for years because they failed to notice I had a thyroid condition and not osteoporosis. And that was just through simple blood test. I have been taking blood test regularly and they felt to notice. I believed my doctors. And it’s not the first time I had horrible advice and took medication I didn’t need to. But that was probably the worst because if anybody out there has a thyroid problem that is debilitating. Everything shuts down and you just can’t get anything done. You never know what your day is going to be like and you can’t plan anything. I’m happy to say for the first time I have planned a trip to Portugal this summer after years of struggle.
        I will honestly say I did not do a ton of research on this situation with BARBARA or what happened in the courts. I just bumped into a couple articles and this was one of them. I can only speak for my own experience.

        • That’s interesting, Sam. Thank you for sharing this information.

          You mention “I now have a healthy Thyroid and no longer take level thyroxine”. I’m not quite sure what you’re saying there; it seems unclear. Are you saying you no longer take thyroxine at all? Or did you mean to say that you no longer take the same LEVEL of thyroxine? If eliminated, for how long have you been going without it?

          You state that you have been able to get rid of bone spurs in your feet – that’s remarkable! When, and by whom, and how, was it diagnosed that you had bone spurs in your feet? Where in your feet were the bone spurs? And have they been officially diagnosed as having gone? What prescription of Mrs O’Neill relates to eliminating bone spurs?

          Any additional information you can give on these matters will be most helpful (bearing in mind the red banner at the top).

          • Hi Sam, I would like to know what link, advice, steps or treatment did you take for your Thyroid condition from Barbara?

          • Well David she was obviously seeing an MD cause she was prescribed medication, one could assume that the bone spurs were diagnosed by that MD or a Pediatrist/ a foot doctor. Barbara Oniell doesn’t really care about your small 88 comment blog as she has already withstood the rigors of big pharma, plus she’s 93 years old and has been practicing HEALTH not peddling medicine since long before you were born. No matter there’s too many mouths to silence at this stage with the most peer reviewed cardiologist in the world going before every state legislative body to expose the truth about the Corona jab to Gary Breka filling stadiums to tell the truth about the bodies ability to heal itself……rather than give your health over to the MD in town have enough common sense to live a lifestyle that doesn’t promote sickness, which leads to a healthy dose of daily medications that will never cure anything. It’s not likely that I will ever return to this site, I just wanted to throw in a bit of common sense with my comment

          • It looks to me like a concerted effort by Barbara’s fans up to come up with a bunch of otraged defenses.

          • George Webber, I don’t think you and I an be talking about the same person. I am talking about Mrs Barbara O’Neill, not Barbara Oniell. The Barbara O’Neill of this thread is 70, not 93, which makes her four years older than I.

            I don’t really understand what you mean by “Barbara Oniell doesn’t really care about your small 88 comment blog”. What Blog are you talking about? This one? This is the Blog of Professor Ernst, who has carried out, and published, more research into ‘alternative/complementary’ treatments than anyone else in the world.

            You say “one could assume that the bone spurs were diagnosed by that” Yes, one could ASSUME many different things. When Sam can spare the time to respond to my polite request for information, then we will know. How fascinating it will be, to discover that Mrs Barbara O’Neill, a lay person with no qualifications in anything, has discovered a non-invasive treatment that can remove bone spurs!

            The Mrs Barbara O’Neill that this Thread of Professor Ernst’s blog is about, is not a health practitioner, and is a snake-oil peddler.

          • You are on here harassing EVERY commenter. You are an internet bully/gangster. Your comments need taken down.

          • I’m hurt, BreakurjawBrock, that you accuse me of harassment.

            Making a polite RESPONSE to people, asking them for more information when they have said extraordinary things, is not harassment. It’s simply a request for more information.

            If you can point out instances where, in asking for information, I’ve been rude or harassing, then I will apologise to the victim/s concerned.

          • Simple spell check error. The medication she was on was – levothyroxine spell check made it into – level thyroxine

          • Ah, thanks you, Natural Al! Silly me, that should have occurred to me.

            We will await Sam’s clarification now, on how Mrs O’Neill’s treatment recommendations enabled Sam to no longer require that medication, and what it was that eliminated bone spurs in the feet. These are significant health improvements, and surely Sam will be eager to share further information about them.

          • Thank you for your clarity, David. It is much needed these days and I value it.

          • Why thank you kind sir! (Blushes fetchingly, shuffles feet, looks shyly up from eyes modestly downcast).

            It’s interesting how many rude people have come in here once, maybe twice, made extraordinary medical claims, and not answered any sincere and polite questions about their claims. They don’t care about anyone else, evidently.

        • What specifically did you do regarding migraines?

        • Hi Sam I’m intrigued what you used and did to help your thyroid? I have under active. I have listed to her and find it all fascinating. I use a lot of natural.products like caster oil….so I’m interested in what you have used. Thank you

          • Sam, will you PLEASE take the time to provide details, with evidence, of how you cured your thyroid problem, and how you eliminated bone spurs without surgery.

            Don’t you care about other people?

          • I hope you been looking into the worlds Cancer associations to where Hundreds of millions of dollars have been donated or received from taxation and why they haven’t concurred this disease. I mean with their resources as compared to Barbra’s you’d think we’d be winning…. Right?

          • “this disease” – thanks for demonstrating your profound ignorance; cancer is not ONE disease but many.

          • WOW !! You must not have a life, to be on here questioning what you think is not working for them and demanding answers! GET A LIFE AND LET OTHERS KEEP GOING WITH THIER BELIEF.

          • @mirna mendoza


            Well, there you put the finger on the problem: people who believe in Barbara O’Neill’s harmful quackery generally do not ‘keep going’ as much as people who put their trust in real doctors. They tend to recover less often and also die sooner, especially when suffering from serious conditions.

            Or are you saying that we should treat O’Neill’s nonsense as religious revelations? Because religion is about belief, while (good) medicine is about objectively proven efficacy.

          • @Richard Rasker

            Evidently the rub is that Barbera told her patients not to follow MD orders. I do understand where that may invite unwanted problems. But doesn’t everybody have a responsibility to think and choose for themselves ? I suppose not, some need a nanny, and others want to be that nanny.

            Now I’m hearing some MDs tell patients in the USA say… just don’t go to any MD unless it’s in an emergency room. Adding, it’s not in the best interest of your health. Why ? … because they see too many patients to spend enough time with the patient. Don’t have much interest in the outcome of patients. Subscribe too many medications that don’t do much other than cause other problems. And don’t give remedies or advice that actually leads towards the healing of chronic disease.

            LOL, that’ll give those that want to police our lives something to think about.
            They learned NOTHING from the plandemic fiasco.

          • @john

            Evidently the rub is that Barbera told her patients not to follow MD orders.

            That is just one of the problems, but yes, it’s an important one.

            But doesn’t everybody have a responsibility to think and choose for themselves ?

            Yes. But when it comes to medicine, the vast majority of people possess insufficient knowledge to make a properly informed decision merely through ‘thinking for themselves’. Their choices boil down to choosing whom to trust, and many people make their choice based on how convincing and friendly a practitioner comes across.

            Like most quacks and charlatans, O’Neill presents herself as trustworthy and knowledgeable in matters of health and medicine. In reality, she is utterly incompetent in this field, having no relevant education whatsoever, and most of what she says and claims is demonstrably wrong – she couldn’t tell her elbow from her arse.
            This incompetence and stupidity however is not self-evident when listening to her. She comes across quite self-assured and even charismatic, which is why people fall for her nonsense.

            This is why people must be warned about her, and this is why we have blogs like this one. This has nothing to do with ‘nannying’ people.

          • @Richard

            So be it for the outcome of Barbara, I’m not here to lobby on her behalf.

            However, the idea that only those educated in medical school are qualified to make decisions about their own health decisions is preposterous, in fact potentially dangerous. I for one have been the recipient of bad scienced based medicine.
            Bill Gates never received a bachelor’s degree period, much less in medicine or science, yet he promotes himself as a qualified spokesman for experimental vaccines and GMO foods. What makes Bill Gates more qualified than Barbera ? At least she has worked as a practitioner.

            Do you really think every MD has their patient’s best interest as the key driver to giving advice ? Baah Their number one motive is to cover their arses…. at least it’s so in the USA. And second to that comes profiteering. So, if I see an MD, I bring my skepticism with me.
            When MD’s are warning the public at large about subjecting themselves to a MD for chronic disease… something is happening in the world of SBM. Think about that, the medically educated have their own skepticism about their own profession. That doesn’t give me allot of confidence.

            You bring this poor argument that the uneducated are not qualified to decide what is best for them medically. Yet, the woke “leaders” in the world want to usurp control to make other life decisions for the uneducated. Decisions about cancer therapy, political votes, child rearing, food consumption, vaccines, guns, social justice…. etc. Your attitudes are summed up in concluding that the uneducated just don’t know anything about life… or what is best for them and their families. So, they shouldn’t be able to make life decisions for themselves. Disgusting.

          • @John
            Kudos to you for flaunting your spectacular stupidity. I couldn’t stop laughing because I am reminded of the follow quote by a famous crook/conman:
            I never thought I’d quote trumpy dumpty but the gist of your argument with Richard is aptly captured in the above quote.

          • @John
            I could of course dismiss your inane comments, your misrepresentations, your strawmen and endless fallacies in a few sentences, and save myself some precious time. But just so you can’t claim that I don’t listen to what you say I’ll address most of your points here.

            … the idea that only those educated in medical school are qualified to make decisions about their own health decisions is preposterous, in fact potentially dangerous.

            What a curious comment. It’s like saying that only allowing trained pilots to fly airliners is preposterous, nay, positively dangerous. Well-trained doctors are ABSOLUTELY the best qualified people to judge what is wrong with patients and how to deal with those problems. Of course patients themselves always have the last word when it comes to making decisions about their treatment – but those decisions should be well-informed, and trained professionals are by far the best source of said information.

            I for one have been the recipient of bad scienced based medicine.

            So have I. Medicine is very difficult (which is why you should leave it to trained professionals in the first place), and mistakes do happen. And hey, doctors are only people too, and thus fallible (and yes, they too can be arrogant a-holes). But overall, well-educated doctors make far less mistakes than any other practitioners. Many SCAM practitioners make nothing but mistakes, as in: both their diagnoses and their treatments are almost always completely wrong. This latter certainly applies to O’Neill.

            Bill Gates never received a bachelor’s degree period, much less in medicine or science, yet he promotes himself as a qualified spokesman for experimental vaccines and GMO foods.

            What a curious comment – what is it with quackery adherents and Bill Gates? Gates promotes basic healthcare, education and better nutrition to make life better for poor people on this planet. He doesn’t pretend to be knowledgeable in the field of medicine.

            What makes Bill Gates more qualified than Barbera ?

            Gates listens to qualified, well-educated professionals, not to quacks. Also, as said, Gates does not pretend to be competent in diagnosing and treating patients. He just promotes and finances programs for preventing disease and malnutrition. Those programs are designed and carried out by well-trained, competent healthcare professionals, NOT by Gates.

            At least she has worked as a practitioner.

            Yup, and while doing so, she demonstrated that she was one of the most incompetent, stupidest and most dangerous quacks on the face of the earth. The only medical education she ever received was nursing class, but she even managed to flunk that miserably.

            Do you really think every MD has their patient’s best interest as the key driver to giving advice ?

            Well, they should – and I believe that many doctors at least promise to uphold the Hippocratic oath when graduating.
            [skipping whataboutism]

            You bring this poor argument that the uneducated are not qualified to decide what is best for them medically.

            Please explain why you think that uneducated people are qualified to make proper medical judgements. Making good judgements about health and sickness usually requires knowledge, otherwise it’s no better than just flipping a coin or making things up as you go along (which is in fact how quacks like O’Neill work).

            Yet, the woke “leaders” in the world want to usurp control to make other life decisions for the uneducated.

            What a dumb comment – and ‘woke’? What does that word even mean?

            Decisions about cancer therapy

            NO. Educated professionals ADVISE their patients about the best cancer therapy. The DECISION to follow that advice or not lies solely with the patient. They can also decide not to follow that advice, and instead listen to arrogant imbeciles like O’Neill, who claim that cancer is a fungus (it isn’t), and can be treated with just plain old baking soda (it can’t). Those cancer patients will suffer more and die sooner than cancer patients who listen to real doctors. THIS is why we warn people about O’Neill and her ilk.

            political votes, child rearing, food consumption, vaccines, guns, social justice…. etc. Your attitudes are summed up in concluding that the uneducated just don’t know anything about life… or what is best for them and their families. So, they shouldn’t be able to make life decisions for themselves. Disgusting.

            No. What is disgusting is your inanity, attributing nefarious behaviours and motives to people like Edzard and me – not to mention those millions of doctors who do their stinking best for their patients every day – that do not apply at all. Apart from medical topics, none of the things that you mention are discussed here. Edzard simply warns people not to trust dangerous quacks like Barbara O’Neill, and rightly so. So you can put those strawmen away.

          • RG/John

            You’ve been trotting out the same ill-informed guff on here for years and get taken to the cleaners time after time.

            Have you thought about possibly doing a little bit of self-reflection?

          • @richard

            No way I’m reading all your woke BS. Face it richard… your wrong.

          • @John
            There’s that word again … ‘woke’ – what does it mean?

            And interesting how you can magically tell I’m wrong without reading my comments. Then again, it does fit in with your equally curious assertion that patients magically know what treatment is best for them without listening to actual doctors.

            Anyway, I’ll leave it at this. Hope you get better soon!

          • @Richard

            There’s that word again … ‘woke’ – what does it mean?

            John can barely think for himself and resorts to parroting right-wing talking points. I doubt he can explain what it means. Therefore, allow me to bring some context to the word ‘woke’ within the context of American sociopolitical environment of the past decade or so.

            You are probably already aware of the original meaning of the word ‘woke’ as explained below:

            Woke is a political slang adjective derived from African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) originally meaning alertness to racial prejudice and discrimination.[1] Beginning in the 2010s, it came to encompass a broader awareness of social inequalities such as racial injustice, sexism, and denial of LGBT rights.


            Among American conservatives and some centrists, woke has come to be used primarily as an insult. Members of the Republican Party have been increasingly using the term to criticize members of the Democratic Party, while more centrist Democrats use it against more left-leaning members of their own party; such critics accuse those on their left of using cancel culture to damage the employment prospects of those who are not considered sufficiently woke.


            Recently that word has been misappropriated by American right-wingers (followed by the same in other countries), as a slur to refer to anyone or anything they disagree with. Be it vaccines, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, science etc. The word ‘woke’ as used by right-wingers boils down their opposition to several complex topics into a single word. In a way, this is very much Orwellian.

            Sorry about the off-topic rant.

          • No way I’m reading all your woke BS. Face it richard… your wrong.

            Nice one, RG/John

            Because you have a problem with reading and comprehension and plainly struggle to count above ten without taking your socks off, I’ll tell you what Richard’s post is all about.

            It is a point-by-point refutation of each and every one of your bits of fatuous bullshit. An intelligent person would read it and learn from it but not you. Because you’re an idiot. This is not an ad hom. This is an evidenced statement of fact.

          • @Lenny

            Richard’s response is likely the same as always… lying crying sniveling drivel.

            Are you his attorney ?

          • @Lenny & Richard

            You must forgive John/RG for his temper tantrums and stupendously idiotic comments. He and his fellow right-wing nutters are going through a lot right now because his homeboy got convicted on all 34 counts of his criminal trial:

          • @richard

            Congratulations sir, another attorney has come to your defense….lol

          • The causes of attention seeking behavior are varied. Risk factors leading to attention seeking behavior include loneliness, jealousy, low self-esteem, narcissism, rejection, and self-pity.


          • Many helmets in this chat by the looks of it.

            I’ve only come across this blog due to my research into Barbera’s treatment by the government and don’t plan on staying long but I had to say this is ridiculous.

            First of all the article seems so angry, about what exactly? That a woman is recommending people eat vegetables instead of pills? Do certain vegetables and herbs not carry powerful natural compounds which are proven to benefit our health?

            Second; David you seem unnecessarily bellicose in your defense of the article, yet you don’t seem to have “looked from the other side” so to speak. Instead of learning your information about Barbera’s treatments from anecdotes in a comment section why don’t you try them first before bashing them?

            Sure it might not be the best idea to tell someone to quit all their medications, as Barb has allegedly done, however it’s a fact that doctors are human, doctors make mistakes and in many cases pills lead to side effects which lead to more pills and so on.

            Nothing I’ve heard Barb say seems so inflammatory to me that she should be banned from sharing her message, and I doubt that would have happened were the Austrailian government not so notoriously overzealous in their control over the population.

            Finally, perhaps it’s your bellicosity and smarmy attitude which keeps people from replying a 2nd or 3rd time? It’s okay to ask questions but there will be no guarantee of an answer if the question-asker states his position like an adult to a child. We’re all grown ups here and as grown ups we should understand that it’s important to be equal parts humble and inquisitive.

          • Karmalarm wrote:

            I’ve only come across this blog due to my research into Barbera‘s…

            The only other occurrences of this misspelling, on the entire website, are by commentator ‘John’, in this very subthread:
            ● John on Wednesday 29 May 2024 at 12:51

            ● John on Thursday 30 May 2024 at 12:10

          • @RG John “Karmalarm”

            First of all the article seems so angry, about what exactly? That a woman is recommending people eat vegetables instead of pills?

            You clearly haven’t a clue what kind of horrible, potentially deadly crap this O’Neill woman is promoting.
            She is
            – an antivaxxer, harming and potentially killing children by telling worried parents that all vaccines are harmful and should not be used.
            – a cancer quack, killing cancer patients by advising them to forego chemotherapy. She is also promoting the idea that cancer is ‘just a fungus’, and can be cured by injecting baking soda. At least one confirmed death has resulted from this extremely dangerous advice,
            – a nutrition quack, advising women to feed their infants raw goat’s milk, which is very unsafe. Quite likely, children have died because of this.
            – now under strict prohibition to treat or advise people with regard to their health because she is a clear danger to patients and children.
            – very, very stupid, as she refuses to see the error of her ways, and simply keeps on pretending to be knowledgeable in the field of medicine and nutrition. She most definitely is not.

            Do certain vegetables and herbs not carry powerful natural compounds which are proven to benefit our health?

            Oh yes, sure. These vegetables and herbs have been identified, purified and optimized for treating sick people, and are called ‘medicines’. But that is not what O’Neill is promoting. She is promoting quackery of the worst kind, with advice and treatments that are proven to be ineffective and often harmful, sometimes even lethal.

        • I believe in Barbara and not the pharmaceutical mafia that are only treating the simtons and making you purchase their dangerous drugs.

          • It appears the Barbara treats the simpletons, not the “simtoms”.

          • I believe in Barbara and not the pharmaceutical mafia

            Seems reasonable. Barbara exists and “the pharmaceutical mafia” doesn’t.

          • If there was a possibility that the likes of O’Neill could come up with something which would solve (note that word, as cure is not possible) my various cardiac issues I might listen to them, but they can’t so I don’t. The drugs, on the other hand, keep me alive with some class of quality of life.

            And note the bit in the red box at the top of your screen: I can cite NICE guidleines and the supporting research. Can you?

    • Nonsense is your ignorant mind..

      • Yet another example of a supporter of Mrs O’Neill just being terribly rude instead of addressing politely expressed concerns. That makes 100% of her ‘supporters’ being rude, in this Blog.

        Do you think, then, Mr Medeiros, that 1) H2O is an element, 2) Psoriasis is the adult version of childhood eczema and 3) NaCl contains unequal numbers of Na and Cl ions?

        • Here is an example of politeness. Chemo and radiation killed my mother faster than cancer would have. The side effects of pharmaceuticals are often worse than the problems they are meant to treat. Western medicine doesn’t have a leg to stand on when calling holistic treatments dangerous. You know full well someone will die in 6 months because the treatment will kill them. My mother died of a fungal infection she contracted in the hospital after her lung collapsed from radiation and her immune system was destroyed from chemotherapy. If someone decides they would rather take their chances with holistic approaches it’s their life and their right to do what they wish with their bodies. I saw first hand what western medicine did to AIDS patients doctors not only do not know everything they can be dangerously uninformed and ill equipped but have the arrogance to think they should be in charge of other peoples choices. So many deaths from contraindication and careless prescriptions nobody could be responsible for as many accidental deaths as the American medical institutions are the highest infant and maternal mortality rate in the world but vilify natural remedies. The opioid crisis entirely manufactured by our medical system. Zero accountability for devastating consequences. Instruments left inside bodies after surgeries, infections and amputation of the wrong limbs. Stack up the injuries and deaths that even one hospital is responsible for against holistic healers. Look at the facts you are so fond of the track record is abysmal and you wonder why there is so little faith left in the medical profession. This profession is about money not healing and how much money can be made off of people before they die.

          • Ms Vann, I am sorry to learn of the death of your mother. I am interested in your assertion that chemo and radiation killed her faster than her cancer would. How long would she have lasted without the chemo and radiation? What is the evidence for your statement (see the red banner at the top).

            Your post seems mainly to be concerned with deficiencies in the medical system. No doubt there have been many occasions where things have gone sadly wrong in medical treatment, However, this Blog is about “Complementary” and “Alternative” approaches. So maybe you could express your concerns about the medical establishment to the appropriate regulatory agencies, and/or in Blogs that exist for such discussions.

            In my experience, all qualified medical personnel whom I’ve death with in life, have been holistic, unlike most alternative and complementary “therapists”. My mother too died of cancer. At 84 and with metastases, heroic interventions such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy were not deemed appropriate, and she was given excellent palliative care until the end. My friend’s wife died of cancer at 54. She received excellent, holistic care from the local hospital while she underwent chemotherapy treatment. The treatment sadly did not eliminate the cancer, but it shrunk the tumours to a degree and extended her life, especially when metastases started to affect her brain, and she received excellent holistic end-of-life care.

            The fact that there are, sadly, occasional aviation disasters, is not a reason to opt for travel by flying carpet. True, there has never been a flying carpet disaster that killed two hundred people. But that is because there has never been a flying carpet.

            The above analogy does not quite hold good, for complementary and alternative “therapies” are often harmful in two ways; either because they do nothing and the disease condition progresses unchecked (Jessica Ainscough is one example) or because they actively do harm (John Lawler is an example).

            Do not fall for the myth that alternative practitioners are somehow “holistic” – they are not, while medically trained professionals ARE trained to be holistic. Nothing about Mrs Barbara O’Neill suggests that she is in any way holistic. She is simply a completely unqualified person (she was unable to demonstrate to the Australian Health Care Commission that she had ANY qualifications in ANY field) who takes people’s money for attending lectures she gives that are hogwash.

          • Well, well, well,…

            Medical doctors are far from being perfect, and many of them are far from being good. But there is something they have: They have an education in medicine.

            Okay, the universities TRIED to educate them. How much the MDs really did learn, we do not know. We can only hope.

            BUT on the other side, the “holistic treatment” industry is nothing but shit. Not bullshit. Shit. ALL the “holistic treatment” are a worthless mess. IF a treatment works, it is used by the REAL medical world. But the “holistic treatments” do not work. They are fakes. They are forgeries. They are cheats.

            Would you cheat your mother with something which does not work? Would you?

            The problem of medicine, THE PROBLEM, is, that we can not heal everything. We have terrible limits. We can only try to fight them. And we have no guarantees at all. We only can hope that this or that will work. We choose the best possible way. We are on a dangerous path, every step can lead to death. Even doing nothing is an active deed. And ANY step – or standing still – can and/or will take us to death.

            Okay, sure, we can shorten the whole crap and shoot ourselves. But that is not what people really want. Because the want to live. They want to survive. So we look at which method has the best results. Even when the chances are bad, it still is better than to die for sure. So we have to look at how well a method did in studies. And, you know what? The “holistic treatments” do not work. So, why get “holistic treatments”, when it is absolutely clear, that they do not work? Get them only to cheat oneself?

          • Oh dear you said more than a mouthful. Good for you.

          • nicole vann has gone quiet…..

    • I don’t think you are anyone else should have the right to choose how or where an adult goes to seek medical attention. A fully cognitive adult can decide even if you presume to think otherwise. The problem being you think your opinion is that people like myself just an average Jane doesnt have enough sense to decide whats the best for my own body, huh? So you take the option you think not to your liking out of the choices. Thanks but no thanks

      • … but perhaps some experts are allowed to inform the public responsibly based on the best available evidence?

      • Alice

        your opinion is that people like myself just an average Jane doesnt have enough sense to decide whats the best for my own body, huh?

        Have you heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect?

        Here’s a link which explains it simply but thanks for offering such an excellent example of it.

      • Ms Hazel, surely the consumer has a right to be protected from consumer fraud?

        It would be easy to fool people by selling a product with a false label. That’s why there are consumer laws to protect us from charlatans selling falsely-described stuff.

        Could I ask, Ms Hazel, what is it that convincces you that Mrs Barbara O’Neill knows anything at all about health and medicine? Is it just her videos? Or something else?

      • Alice Hazel has gone quiet….

    • Medical treatment is the third leading cause of death in the United States… no wonder we all are looking for a different way.

    • Question ❓ has anyone tried some of what she tells us. Maybe, that’s the reason we don’t know about Dan. So, how can you say anything else about something you don’t know if it worked.

  • Ah I see you are shooting the messenger. What are you afraid of the TRUTH?!

  • You are bunch of out dated old dinosaurs. Part of the corrupt white coat mafia. Totally driven by the big pharmaceutical companies & so narrow minded & arrogant that you feel the entire Indian subcontinent and 1.1 billion crackpots!
    As laughable as the flat earth society and climate deniers.

    • why do you insist on making a fool of yourself?

    • I can’t readily find out what age Barbara O’Neill is, but I suspect she is older than I. She and I have exactly the same medical qualifications – none whatever.

      But I don’t run a ‘health retreat’ and take loads of money from people for attending. And I don’t tell people that water is an element and that sodium chloride has unequal numbers of sodium and chlorine ions.

      Lisa, don’t you feel that you might be outrageously generalising, and aren’t you concerned that you sound arrogant and patronising?

      I have no connection with any health profession or pharmaceutical company. The only times I wore a white coat were when I sold fish in the early 1980s, and when I taught photographic processing in the 1990s.

      You have made some strong claims, Lisa. Might I respectfully remind you of the red banner at the top of the blog, and ask you to support your claims with evidence?

      Or apologise and withdraw your claims.

      You cannot, surely, imagine that the terms in which you have expressed yourself here can add any credence whatever to Barbara O’Neill. Quite the reverse. Quite the reverse.

    • What do you mean by “white coat mafia” [sic]? Are you denying that the pharmaceutical industry has contributed to a doubling of the average life expectancy over (approximately) the last 200 years?

      • I am afraid that Amanda and Lisa are the Blog equivalent of the naughty child who shouts something rude into a room full of people and runs away.

    • Yes..

  • You have an alphabet after your name
    But you referenced Wikipedia?? Instantly lost any credibility. My teenager knows better than to believe anything on shitopedia.

    • rather than making a stupid comment, you should point out where the referenced Wiki page is incorrect.

    • Aj, how very rude! And absurd.

    • If you do not trust Wikipedia, maybe you trust the references linked in the article? I count 14. But that would require additional research, which would certainly be too much for you.

      • Based on the tiny sample in here, of Amanda, Lisa and Aj, we see that supporters of Barbara O’Neill seem to be terribly bad-mannered.

        They do not address the concerns others have expressed about Barbara O’Neill’s activities. They prefer instead to simply write brief insults.

        They do not seem to see that this does not assuage anyone’s concerns in the slightest, and in fact only adds to them.

        • I have to admit I’ve been intrigued by her videos, she kept coming up into my instagram feed and the solutions she mentioned seemed miraculous and definitely not mainstream.
          A few days ago I saw her yet again with her name this time, I Googled her and saw she was not qualified whatsoever and considered and dangerous and a scam. I repeated that in a comment for people to know on instagram. Oh the hate I got in reply… comments keep flowing, similar to what you’re getting here… good luck David

  • The point of the matter is to reference how many did not benefit from her treatments. It’s a common knowledge that big pharma exploits people and situations in the name of few good that they may have done. They are definitely not saints.

  • Rose, I am afraid it is impossible to do that.

    Mrs O’Neill apparently keeps no records of treatments and/or clinical outcomes, so it is impossible to say whose health condition has been helped or harmed by her.

    And with respect, I do not think that what you say is “the point of the matter” really is.

    The point of the matter is that a woman with no health or medical qualifications whatever sets herself up to give medical advice that is manifestly absurd and sometimes dangerous. Further, she is closely associated (by marriage) with a ‘health retreat’ that takes goodly sums of money from people seeking health treatments, and no records are kept of treatments or clinical outcomes.

    • Rose has gone quiet.

    • Smart. You a doctor?

      • Am I a doctor? No. Like Mrs Barbara O’Neill, I have no medical qualifications whatever. Unlike Mrs O’Neill, I don’t take people’s money for giving talks and seminars on medical themes and running a ‘health retreat’.

      • @Kathy Fortner

        You a doctor?

        Prof. Dr. Edzard Ernst is. As are many others who have criticized Barbara O’Neill.

        But why do you ask this question? If DavidB were in fact a doctor, you would most likely still disregard his answers and comments, and only accept answers from people (doctors or not) who support O’Neill’s quackery.

  • If anyone has an incredible abuse of non record keeping, it would be the current medical establishment concerning the COVID “vaccines” this should be the outrage of the century. Follow the money on that one.

    • does TLC stand for ‘totally lunatic comment’?

    • TLC this Blog is about ‘alternative’ and/or ‘complementary’ treatments. If you have concerns about any orthodox medical treatment (though what you say about COVID vaccines sounds like nonsense to me) there are other channels through which your concerns can be reported.

      The fact remains that Mrs O’Neill has no health/medical qualifications, yet makes money out of giving lectures on medicine and health (which appear to make little sense and to contain much falsehood) and that the Misty Mountain ‘health retreat’ with which she is closely associated takes goodly sums of money from people and apparently keeps no medical records.

      Incidentally, I can go online and look up, and print out, the National Health Service record of my COVID, Winter Flu, and other vaccinations.

  • I trust her more then I trust any oncologist trying to force people into chemo and destroying their bodies through big pharma drugs. They discredit her because they do not want to lose any money lost due to the death of patients. Evidence is provided by the patience’s death and the fat pocket books of the doctors and Big Pharma.

    • @DS

      I trust her more then I trust any oncologist trying to force people into chemo and destroying their bodies through big pharma drugs.

      Then I really hope that you will never develop cancer, because those big pharma drugs are actually what significantly increased overall cancer survival rates in the past half-century, NOT the useless quackery peddled by Mrs. O’Niell.
      For instance childhood leukaemia was an almost certain death sentence around 1970. Nowadays, over 90% of patients survive.
      Also, oncologists don’t ‘force’ people into chemotherapy. They advise it when it can help patients survive, or at least live longer. Oncologists could be considered criminally negligent when they would not offer this increased chance of survival to their patients – something that you appear to suggest.

      Evidence is provided by the patience’s [patients’] death …

      Well, there you are: as you can see above, people nowadays have a greatly increased chance to survive cancer – that is, when they trust their oncologists, not some uneducated SCAM artists such as Mrs. O’Neill.

    • DS, are you certain that your comments are quite rational?

      Are you really saying that if you are unwell, you would sooner go to Barbara O’Neill for diagnosis and treatment than to a qualified doctor?

      How does she diagnose glioblastoma?

      • “Are you really saying that if you are unwell, you would sooner go to Barbara O’Neill for diagnosis and treatment than to a qualified doctor? ”

        for some, it might depend on the type of cancer, and the stage of the cancer.

        • Yes but if I am understanding correctly, DS would be looking to get that initial diagnosis, including type and stage, from Barbara O’Neill and not from a doctor? That seems to be what DS is recommending.

          I don’t see how Barbara O’Neill would be able to make a diagnosis of cancer, including type and stage…..

      • DS has gone quiet.

  • So far, all of those in here who posted apparently in support of Barbara O’Neill, have been rude, and have presented no evidence nor responded to polite concerns.

    Amanda, Lisa, Aj, TLC and DS (and perhaps Karen Ferreira with a strange comment about elements?) you are certainly giving a clear impression of what supporters of Mrs O’Neill are like.

  • I’ve researched health and wellness with great tenacity for almost 15 years now. And it is a subject no different than any other with respect to the amount of subjectivity despite the overwhelming objectivity. Far too many people nitpick, infer, convolute facts and opinions to the point of detriment for the honest person seeking true knowledge. The disappointment of this is that you all, and I mean ALL spend too much of your valuable time arguing and bickering over who’s correct and what method should be used for ‘cures’. Complete nonsense. There is an abundance of hard and fast evidence glaring at each and every one of us, each and every day. I’m taken aback by the fact that not a single person in any forum that I’ve explored for years now has mentioned what I am about to mention. Probably the greatest medical advice ever given was done so by someone with very limited formal education. Self taught. Certainly never came close to attaining a degree in Medicine, nor Chemistry or Biology. Has anyone guessed yet? He is best known as a founding father. Inventor. Scientist. Yes folks. Benjamin Franklin. And surrounded by the multitude of his accomplishments lies the greatest worlds he ever coined. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Now when is the last time ANY of you visited a formally educated physician, surgeon of ANY capacity that told you that?! I’m not saying not one single physician nowadays does. But I am confident it is barely even a minority. When is the last time you felt that your doctor was honoring the legacy of Hippocrates and not Big Pharma? Yeah. Right. Back to the point. You can all argue until you are blue. Or dead. You can all support the mindless and hopeless pouring of billions of dollars into “curing’ cancer and other diseases. The exploitation and blatant misuse of synthetic drugs and penicillin. But none of you can deny the fact that if true effort was directed toward “prevention” than “treatment”, we would all be healthier, happier and richer. Now I cannot end this post without offering up “proof” as the forum rules state. So here it is. Drs Caldwell Esselstyn and T Colin Campbell. That’s enough. Oh there’s plenty more! But there is more than enough peer reviewed, certified and written/filed research and hard scientific evidence from them both that should have changed the world as we Americans know it for forever. And for some of us it has. They spent their lives proving the Meat and Dairy wrong wrong wrong. And the USDA has been complicit in brainwashing and outright criminally misleading the American Public about it all. Campbell and his team/s proved beyond a a shadow of a doubt that animal protein and the lack of can turn on/off certain cancer. That dairy actually CAUSES osteoporosis, not prevents. Esselstyn has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that heart disease is preventable AND reversible! Don’t ask for anything further from me. You can do your own damn research into them and find their studies. After all, they only spent their lives at Cornell, Cleveland Clinic, Yale, U of G and Oxford. Esselsttn is an Olympic gold medalist. The evidence is there. But the key is actually living and eating like they recommend. Not like the suggestion of USDA, AHA, AMA, WHO or McDonalds, Wendy’s and Chil-Fil-A And thats the root of the problem. People have been lied to. Misled. Manipulated. And many are too lazy to even care. Preparing a wholesome meal for the family has become a “burden” and “unappealing” for so many. It’s a choice. And all choices have consequences. There will never be a magic pill or cure
    For poor decision making. It’s far better to make the correct choice the first time.

    • I’ve found the following to be extraordinarily useful:

    • There are many good reasons to visit a PP, and there are plenty good ones oit there. However there also proven alternatives to many ailments/health issues. Me at 20yo, a cancer “spot”. The team of Dr’s had plans to remove all my privates, which woild have left me mutilated talked to the head surgeon and chewed them all oit. In the 3wk meantime i began a daily regimen of VIt C, took 1000 u every 4 hours (should have taken more) anyway in 3 was when I went for surgery the “spot” was GONE.
      HAD 78 yo friend diagnosed with cancer I 3 internal areas, did his own vit c drip at home for a year with NO SIDE AFFECTS. Oncologist visit showed absolutely NO cancer lefts. He died aboit 7 years later at the age of 85 of heart attack.there have many documented cases of cancer cures, safe cures using alternative treatments but just like Barbara have been silenced. We know and you know that chemo and radiation is a killer. Yes.. it has cured many but more none than some.
      We know and you know that if the those in control of regulating were to approve a cancer cure of say vit c drip the hospitals and pharmaceutical companies would gonout of business. Compare the cost of one treatment of chemo to a year of vit c drip. It’s a money making scheme. Just recently my step daughters cousin had throat cancer. The chemo and radiation caused a devastating damage to her throat to the point she could hardly drink water, had to be tube fed thru stomach. The chemicals caused other issues … she died about a year later and live a miserable life from the moment of radiation. My husband .. in ICU ..copd…doc told name to call the family because he wasn’t coming out of ICU. He was in there on Thursday. I began 3 bottles of water with 18 drops of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide on Tuesday. He wqs on 27/7 bi pap with 18 lt of ox. By Thursday he was getting better. His oxy woild drop into 70s if mask wqs removed. Thur night week later he was sen to a long term facility. I continued the HP there.
      He went in with 18 liters of oxygen but the next day he was able to sit up on te side if the bed with only a cannula of 7 liters. Mine experiences with alternative meds are a drop in the pond compared to all that’s out there. Insurence companies will cover millions for treatments that are unnatural and toxic but not one dime toward a proven methods that are harmless. There are alternatives to HBP… but conventional doctors are all taught by the same books…and all prescribe the same meds. I take sotolal for RSV. So I’m not totally against conventional Dr’s and some meds. But the shutting up or down of someone who doesn’t want to follow the same traditional path is the same as communism, nothing more than CONTROL. If the FDA and whomever were so concerned about alternative methods hurting people they would give certain neds for free.. but yheure NOT interested in truly helping they’re only concerned about $s. Most people in the medical fields all follow the same procedure and processes and NEVER reach out beyond their learning. I’m aaisnt abortion but ppl fight everyday for that the woman is in control her own body and ahoild have the right to qith it as she pleses… why can’t anyone else have that right.. its my body… if I choose to use something as simple as vitamin C for cancer and decide to take that chance then shouldn’t I have that right? Because it’s cheap and it’s a natural.product and can’t be patented, chemicals can. Please do more research on natural cures…you may find it very interesting. God bless.

      • Ms Wallace, regarding your request “Please do more research on natural cures”, you will be pleased to reflect that the owner of this Blog, Professor Ernst, has carried out, and published, more research on such treatments than anyone else on the planet. He knows whereof he speaks.

        Thank you for sharing the anecdotes regarding Cancer and Vitamin C. Were the results which you mention, published in any medical literature? You will be aware, of course, that anecdotes do not constitute evidence. However, any additional information you can provide regarding the type/s of cancer cells involved in the anecdotes you cite, would surely be of interest here.

        Since you have an interest in approaches to the treatment of cancer, I would like to recommend Professor Ernst’s book “So-called Alternative Medicine for Cancer” (Springer, 2021), which is an interesting, up-to-date and authoritative survey of such approaches and their results. I would strongly recommend your close attention to the Foreword by Professor Michael Baum.

        In respect of Vitamin C in the treatment and management of cancers, if you haven’t already read it, you might find this ‘narrative review’ of interest:
        and these comments by the charity Cancer Research UK:

        Coming back to the topic of this Thread, it is wise to remember that Mrs Barbara O’Neill was unable to demonstrate to the Australian Health Care Commission that she has any qualifications in anything whatever, let alone any that would enable her to practice in Oncology.

    • I support evrything said and prevention is what pharma does not want. They want us sick and full of meds with side effects, natural medicine was practiced before and that is what I use..we call it bush lemongrass tea, green papaya brings down high blood pressure, knowing how to use it all is the key…and I have tried Barbara’s remedies and had good results..some may and some may not work..she is helping and certainly not milking us like big pharma..

      • It’s logical fallacy bingo.

        None of these socks appear to be very bright, do they?

        • If I was funding such a sock campaign I’d want my money back.
          But maybe they are targeting the demographic that believes things like coherency of thought and punctuation are only used by the deep-state elites.

  • We have here and Alexander Strande in the archive since 2019.

    Banned naturopaths A.Strande and Barbara O’Neill still advertising their service

  • David, you mention that you have carried out tenacious research over a fifteen-year period. Has it been published anywhere?

    • lol. No, I am a layman, not a medical professional. I don’t publish anything. The only reason you would ask me that question is you must have misunderstood what I mean by tenacious. It means I have extensively researched medical journals. Read books. Read Physician and Research Scientist publications. USDA and FDA publications. Read the posts from Many other forums such as this one pertaining to Health and Wellness. So I base my statements on what I have gathered from all that research.

      • I don’t think I misunderstood what you mean by tenacious, unless you intend it to mean something other than the normal English-language meaning, derived from Latin and meaning, essentially, deliberately holding on. Did you mean something different?

        Since this thread is about Barbara O’Neill, perhaps you would share any conclusion specifically about her that has arisen from your research? I’m not aware that she’s had anything published in any reputable medical publication…..

        • No, no I didn’t mean it any other way. Tenacious means “

          : persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired
          a tenacious advocate of civil rights
          tenacious negotiators
          : RETENTIVE
          a tenacious memory

          Thus I simply used it to state I haven’t just periodically browsed some stuff here and there on Google and Wiki and based my opinion on that. Is this clear enough for you???

      • “research”

        You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • David, I am not too sure about the meaning of this sentence: “And it is a subject no different than any other with respect to the amount of subjectivity despite the overwhelming objectivity.”

    Firstly, it should say “different from”, not “different than”. It’s a common error, but that doesn’t make it OK. (See comments by retired oncology consultant Dr. J. Money-Kyrle elsewhere in this Blog).

    Could you clarify what you mean by “the amount of subjectivity”, when you say that objectivity is overwhelming?

    With regard to medically qualified persons explaining and advocating preventive measures, I cannot speak for the USA, where I have never required medical treatment, but I can say that in the UK it’s my experience that qualified health professionals are ALL strongly interested in, and strongly advocate, preventive measures, including diet and lifestyle factors.

    Respecting the proffering of subjective opinions, it is worth repeating, I think, that Mrs Barbara O’Neill apparently possesses no medical, nursing, or other health qualifications whatever.

    And please, if you are able to take time to respond, may I appeal to you to pay heed to (or ‘tak tent o’, as we say in Scots) the Wikipedia article linked by Pete Attkins above.

    • Jesus H man. Are you serious? Are you really that scrutinizing that you need clarification to that level? How can you not understand overwhelming objectivity and amount of subjectivity? It means there are a lot of people being subjective i.e. using personal feelings/opinion about topics that have a lot of objectivity, i.e. factual data to support a clear definition/result, not opinion. And “different from vs than?” Really? Anyone with half a brain knows exactly what this means even if it is not grammatically correct. This kind of scrutiny is mindless and only serves to bog down the overall message.

      • Profanity is surely unnecessary. It degrades your writing.

        “Different than” is a common error, as I mentioned, and its use detracts from your credibility.

        You appear to be saying that there is too much subjectivity even though objectivity is overwhelming, and I don’t understand what point you want to make.

        In this thread about Barbara O’Neill, what have your researches uncovered specific to her, that you’d like to share here?

  • Seriously. This forum is a joke. I had no idea it was moderated by such an idiot. Post that up your ass you fucking numbskull.

  • ‘Dan’ didn’t work at the retreat, he stayed there though and went back home much healthier and fitter, and full of gratitude for the support given to regain his health.

    • How do you know what happened to Dan?

    • ‘ “Truth’ says ‘Dan did not work at the retreat….’

      If ‘Truth’ had watched the video or read the transcript he or she would have heard or seen O’Neill say ‘ But we have, uh, Aboriginal twins working at our retreat. These guys, Dan and Dave, are in their mid fifties….’

  • An update, again. Fact checkers confirm that Barbara O’Neill does not know what she is talking about.

    • No doubt Karen, Marcelo, Amanda, Lisa, Aj, Rose, TLC, DS, John, David and Truth, who have all been so generous in this Thread with copious well-considered evidence-based explanations, will be eager to clarify this matter here.

      Their bounteous giving of their time to that end will be much appreciated.

  • My observations: It’s disappointing to witness people here failing to find harmony and instead engaging in ego-driven clashes. Some remarks, like ‘Diane has gone quiet,’ are said with a hint of triumph, as if claiming victory in a debate. But it appears to be nothing more than an attempt to dominate the narrative and shape the reader’s perception. Perhaps some individuals simply choose not to return to this website due to the presence of toxic individuals trying to exert control.

    • Not triumph, but sadness, Trader E9.

      I hope I at all times express myself politely in this Blog, as elsewhere in life. But several people have come in here and said very rude, insulting hurtful things, without presenting any evidence, which the red banner clearly requests. Nor have they subsequently engaged with any of the concerns expressed in response. If they consider themselves supporters of Mrs O’Neill, then they are a very bad advertisement for her.

      As I have suggested, it seems akin to a naughty child shouting something rude into a room full of people, and running away.

  • Where can the youtube video be seen ? Do you have the link ?? Is it still posted ??

    • If you do a search on YouTube for “Barbara O’Neill” you will find loads of videos and short reels. On X (formerly Twitter) she styles herself “Dr”, with the username @DrBarbaraONeill – “Explore and share health, natural, beauty, and food tips from the renowned Dr. Barbara O’Neill”

      Individuals can form their own views on the ethics of someone with no medical qualifications whatever styling herself “Dr” in a context where she is commenting on health matters. It costs a fair bit to attend the Misty Mountain retreat run by her husband, where apparently no clinical records are kept.

      Are these the marks of renowned medical practice, or of arrant irresponsible charlatanry?

  • Imagine that medical doctors trying to turn you against what they aren’t included in! I have used many many of her remedies and every one of them done and cured exactly what she “lied” saying it would do! Of course doctors don’t want you to believe her there wouldn’t be fancy cars and mansions for them then! You would think if your patients best interest was your number one then you would be putting their best interest first not your big lifestyle! Hope that big lifestyle and material things suckers your way into heaven because it sure won’t be because of your integrity and love for others!!

    • Ooh look another pathetic sockpuppet to add to the list. Or did Barbara send you?

      Amanda, Melissa, Lisa, Aj, TLC, DS and now Stephanie. Have I missed anyone?

    • Ms Biggs, can you provide further information, please, regarding anything you purchased from Barbara O’Neill? In what country do you reside? Was your consultation with and/or purchase from Barbara O’Neill before or after she was banned by the Australian Health Care Commission?

      I think you are being extremely unfair to the medical profession, and making altogether too vertiginous an ascent from the particular to the general. Yes, there may be some greedy, money-grubbing Doctors, but you ought not to tar the entire medical profession with the same brush. Here in the UK, Doctors, when they get to Consultant level, receive a handsome salary, but it’s handsome, not massive. GPs have a decent salary, but by no means vast. And junior hospital Doctors are really quite poorly paid, considering the years and financial resources they have had to invest in their medical education.

      Barbara O’Neill appears to be a money-grubbing charlatan. She has no qualifications in anything, yet presumes to take people’s money in return for medical “advice” and nonsense lectures. A mountebank if ever there was one.

      Ms Biggs, if you could elaborate on exactly what medial conditions you consulted Barbara O’Neill about, and when and where, and what treatments she prescribed and/or sold, that would be extremely helpful to this discussion.

  • Those that hold on to Science Based Medicine love to throw stones at Babara O’Neill.

    However, it appears their own house is bigly out of order. So much for putting our trust in our highly valued public institutions.
    More reasons NOT to trust or three letter organizations.

    • are you a fan of Trump, or just as stupid as he using language like this?

      • Well… Professor you are onto something. Maybe that is what happens if one follows the medical advice of the big orange ogre on TV and inject bleach into one’s brain. But I am willing to give Occam the benefit of doubt and blame it on the worm that ate part of Johnny’s brain.

      • @Edzard

        I might have guessed you would ignore the condemnation of the industry by the PM rather than focus on my choice of adjectives. It’s a pattern here that indicates the status quo would rather deflect than admit the failures of the NHS.
        Deflect deflect deflect…
        You are clearly much better at throwing stones at other therapies than admitting the failures of SBM.
        Keep up the good work.

  • OK, well, like Mrs Barbara O’Neill, I have no medical qualifications whatsoever.

    The one small area however, where I do happen to have a tiny amount of knowledge, is in dermatology, having served two terms on the Board of what was then the world’s largest skin patient support charity, and having met a lot of dermatologists and read dermatology texts, and managed my own atopic eczema.

    I have just watched and can say with some confidence that it is drivel upon drivel upon drivel.

  • Can I just that I haven’t been this intrigued about an intellectual debate/argument in a very long time and I thank you all for this lol

  • I wish I had seen this article first. I did fall for this sales pitch she presented and I should have known better. I only wanted ONE bottle of the Glyco Opotimizer and when I saw my bill, they charged me over $300.00!! I immediately sent an email cancelling the order but was told I could not get my money back. I then went to my credit card company and they also went to bat for me. The seller said I was charged and that my account was now closed. Mind you, I had not even received the order yet!! It finally came and I thought, okay, I will try it. Now on the third week and nothing, absolutely nothing has changed!! My A1C is still high and no weight loss at all!! This is such a farce and I cannot believe that very famous celebrities are backing her!!

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