It has been reported that a well-known conservative activist, Kelly Canon, from Arlington, Texas, USA, has tragically died. She was famous for peddling COVID-19 vaccine misinformation. The complications caused by the virus—just a few weeks after attending a “symposium” against the vaccines – have killed her.

“Another tragedy and loss for our Republican family. Our dear friend Kelly Canon lost her battle with pneumonia today. Kelly will be forever in our hearts as a loyal and beloved friend and Patriot. Gone way too soon We will keep her family in our prayers,” the Arlington Republican Club said in a statement.

Her death was said to be “from COVID-related pneumonia.” Canon had announced on Facebook in November that her employer had granted her a religious exemption for the COVID-19 vaccine. “No jabby-jabby for me! Praise GOD!” she wrote at the time.

Canon had been an outspoken critic of COVID-19 vaccine mandates and pandemic-related restrictions. In one of her final Facebook posts, Canon shared several links to speeches she attended at a “COVID symposium” in Burleson in early December devoted to dissuading people from getting the COVID-19 vaccines that are currently available. The event was organized by God Save Our Children, which bills itself as “a conservative group that is fighting against the use of experimental vaccines on our children.”

Canon had shared similar content on Twitter, where her most recent post was a YouTube video featuring claims that the coronavirus pandemic was “planned” in advance and part of a global conspiracy.

As news of her death spread Tuesday, pro-vaccine commentators flooded her Facebook page with cruel comments and mocking memes, while her supporters unironically praised her for being a “warrior for liberty” to the very end.


A religious exemption?

What for heaven’s sake is that?

I feel sad for every death caused by COVID and its complications. If the death is caused by ignorance, it renders the sadness all the more profound.

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  • A religious exemption?

    What for heaven’s sake is that?

    An example.

    Some religions don’t believed in abortion. Since fetal cells are used in the development of the CoVid vaccines, persons can object to have said product injected into their bodies due to a religious belief.

    Although not applicable to the CoVid vaccines, some also use the religious exemption if the product contains pork or any other product that they abstain from within their religion.

    • She used religious exemptions for her advantage for sure. Too sad it didn’t turn out well for her. At least she died a free woman, free from the tyranny of government and science. My thoughts and prayers.

      • In some states it’s easy to get a religious exemption, in other states it is not.

        What we don’t know in this case is if she would have been fully vaccinated would she still have died?

        • sorry, but I find this an intensely stupid comment.

          • Why do you think that?

          • mostly because it IS intensely stupid.

          • So you do not have a reason, only an opinion.

          • I have several reasons but you are not in a position to comprehend them – judging from your track record of not understanding what you don’t want to understand.

          • People who are fully vaccinated still die from CoVid and/or it’s complications.

          • yes!
            in medicine, we can often only use probabilities.
            but that does not mean that we should not give patients the best chance.

          • “People who are fully vaccinated still die from CoVid and/or it’s [sic] complications.”

            People who wear seat belts still die from car accidents and/or their complications.

            However, in both cases, the protection, while incomplete, results in considerably fewer people dying.

            In descriptive statistics, summary statistics apply to groups (epistemic), not individual members of that group (ontic). Similarly with probability: there is epistemic probability, but there is no such thing as ontic probability.

      • @Talker: not sure if your comment that Kelly Canon died a free woman is serious or not.
        For me, SARS-CoV2-infected, terminally ill people do not seem to be very free at all.
        If you would like to get an impression how dying from Covid looks like and how great this “freedom” really is, I recommend this documentary, filmed back in 2020/2021 in the Charite in Berlin.

        • @Jashak

          I have seen similar videos and I understand where you are coming from. I don’t wish that kind of suffering on anyone. That said, I am not referring to the suffering she faced before she died of covid related complications. To grasp the real meaning of what I wrote, you must take into consideration the entire sentence:

          At least she died a free woman, free from the tyranny of government and science.

          I must also admit that cultural and political undertones of my statement may be lost on someone who are not too familiar with the politics and culture of USA. Let me briefly explain what I meant. In US politics there are a group of people mostly on the right side of the political spectrum who blindly believe that individual rights trump everything else (society, government, science etc.), I refer to them as “Individual Freedumb Warriors”. As such they don’t believe in government authority, taxation, sensible rules, and regulations etc. that are fundamentally necessary for a democratic nation to succeed. Anti-vaxxers such as Kelly Canon fall into this category, and they often equate government rules (in this case vaccine mandates, safety measures etc.) to tyranny. She is an ardent opponent of safety measures like vaccines, red light cameras and died because of her own misguided views. Hence my comment about her dying a free woman opposing tyranny of govt and science.

          • Ok, I see. I follow the US politics to some degree, so I know that unfortunately, there are far too many people that seriously believe that being an anti-vaxxer is the same a being a freedom warrior.

          • @Jashak

            …or it is quite possible that people think they understand US politics, but in fact have no idea what they are talking about.

          • She died free from the tyranny of Truth, I guess…..

          • Jeese folks … let it go. She made the decision she was comfortable with. Why it effects anybody else other than her family I don’t understand. A bunch of armchair quarterbacks here judging her death because she was in poor health and already compromised. If she were to get jabbed, she could have also had a bad reaction to the vaccine, lots of deaths from the jabs …. ya know.
            How many cancer patients die in spite of conventional cancer treatments ? … they happen. How many cancer patients die from cancer surgery infections alone ? Ohhh, but nobody talks about that. Could that be part of the reason so many patients don’t want conventional treatments. Conventional medical treatments have unintended consequences also.

          • medicine often has to rely on probabilities.

          • RG,

            Conventional medical treatments have unintended consequences also

            It didn’t stop you from investing in big pharma and bragging about it. Jeez, when you will finally get around to wrapping your head around the concept of hypocrisy.

          • @Talker

            “It didn’t stop you from investing in big pharma”

            Exactly! I can’t help it if I’m smarter than the average bear.
            Collect the dough and stay away from the pills, a recipe for success. Actually, I DID take the toxic meds as a younger man. That is how I learned how toxic the medication was to me…. and others. (fool me once)

          • “I can’t help it if I’m smarter than the average bear.”
            but not smarter than the average moron.

          • @EE

            You always say the nicest things to me.

          • don’t mention it – you well deserve them.

  • The reaction of the vaccination opponents and corona deniers? Thoughts and prayers.

    • But how terrible to flood her Facebook page with cruel comments and mock her. She was a misguided person and appears to have now paid the ultimate price for her errors of judgment and reasoning. It benefits no one to behave like this.

  • 4 shots for covid (all the boosters), probably caught between them. I have felt sick siince, get winded doing simple chores. I am starting to think I messed up. Hopefully this is a short term result. I will not take another due to this, really nervous if this doesn’t go away soon.

    • Than again, maybe I would have died not getting shots, just want to be normal again. I have every vaccine government mandates or recommends due to military service.

  • Ahhh, it seems some folks are desperate to expose the so called anti-vaxxers, and sure enough, here is one – Kelly Canon (RIP). But wait …
    was she already suffering from a weakened immune system … when did she last get tested for serum 25(OH)D and what was the result? What existing medical conditions did Kelly Canon suffer from that may have been significant contributors to her demise?
    What we do know, is that numerous fatalities have been confirmed by a Coroner’s report stating that the so called Covid vaccine was the main cause of death for these ‘fully-jabbed’ patients. Where is the evidence I hear you ask – if you don’t look for it you won’t find it.
    Concerned about your first line of defence? Time to get real!

    • what a lot of tosh you manage to put into just a few sentences!

      • Tosh? Analysis of the deaths at the height of the early Italian epidemic showed that only 1% didnt have serious comorbidities. Its always a valid question (that isnt asked) did they die OF Covid or WITH Covid. Almost no autopsies were performed to answer this question. If they had a (valid or invalid) positive PCR test it was presumed they died OF Covid whether true or not. Analysis of the people that died showed they mostly died in the near range of their life expectancy, i.e. they were aged. Half of the deaths in the USA occurred in nursing homes which were notoriously mismanaged during Covid.

        Now what isnt being answered is why we are having an epidemic of excess mortality unrelated to Covid, that started in 2021 after the Covid shots were rolled out, which should have been saving lives. Why are we suddenly hearing about Sudden Adult Death? Why are young people who should be at the peak of health, dying in large numbers on sports fields?

        Read the book, Cause Unknown by Dowd.
        Read anything by Dr Peter McCullough, cardiologist and epidemiologist, one of the most published researchers in the world.
        Both censored by Big Tech in collusion with the USA govt, so you may not have heard of them.

        • “Tosh?”

        • @stan


          Well, let’s count the lies:

          Analysis of the deaths at the height of the early Italian epidemic showed that only 1% didnt have serious comorbidities …

          This is a lie.

          Almost no autopsies were performed to answer this question.

          This is a lie.

          If they had a (valid or invalid) positive PCR test it was presumed they died OF Covid whether true or not.

          This is a lie.

          Now what isnt being answered is why we are having an epidemic of excess mortality unrelated to Covid…,

          This is a lie. It is most probably related to Covid, but in an indirect way, e.g. by postponed healthcare. It most certainly is NOT related to Covid vaccines (except in a negative sense – vaccinated people tend to die LESS often).

          Why are we suddenly hearing about Sudden Adult Death

          Because unintelligent people like you spread the lie that any and every sudden death is caused by Covid vaccines. People sometimes die all of a sudden, and this is no evidence that this is happening in larger numbers than usual.

          Why are young people who should be at the peak of health, dying in large numbers on sports fields?

          This is a lie.

          Read the book, Cause Unknown by Dowd.

          Dowd is a person without any relevant education who spreads lies.

          Read anything by Dr Peter McCullough …

          Mc Cullough is a right-wing extremist who betrayed his profession and education by spreading unfounded lies and misinformation.

          Both censored by Big Tech …

          This is yet another lie from you. These people were free to spread their lies – after which they were criticized, not censored. And no, the fact that certain media channels chose not to spread their lies isn’t censorship either.

          So in all, we have 9 blatant lies in about the same number of sentences coming from you. Which means we can answer your opening question with a resounding ‘yes’.

        • Read anything by Dr Peter McCullough, cardiologist and epidemiologist, one of the most published researchers in the world.
          Both censored by Big Tech in collusion with the USA govt, so you may not have heard of them.

          How can someone be simultaneously widely-published and censored, Stan?

          It is a strange world of self-delusion that you inhabit. And it might be worth checking beyond Natural News and when you’re reading about stuff.

          And you might want to read up on Aseem Malhotra. He’s another vaccine critic who, like McCullough, also calls himself a cardiologist. He’s regarded as an idiot as well.

          • in the parallel universe of Stan, all is possible!

          • @Lenny

            It’s really pretty easy Lenny.
            McCullough WAS widely published until he came out against the mRNA vaccines. Then they turned on him and censored his views with regard to the pandemic.
            Understand now ?

          • I see, that’s why he had ~ 100 Medline-listed papers in the last 2 years!

          • Professor,

            In addition to those ~100 papers, McCullough published two books in the last two years. You on the other hand published at least four books. Therefore, by RGs math, you are more censored than McCullough. Do you feel censored, Sir?

          • yes, a lot!

          • @EE

            It’s not about that … professor. Nobody said he was no longer published. There are other means of censoring a person.

            It’s about social media, as in FB, twitter, Youtube and other social media. Those that censor make claims of misinformation to detract from the claims offered by Peter McCullough. Youtube pulled the interview of Joe Rogan & Peter McCullough as did many other social media. Spotify was pressed to pull the video by the woke artist that threatened to leave Spotify if they did not…. Spotify held to their principals and allowed the decision to pull the interview by Joe Rogan. The interview between Rogan and McCullough continues till today. It’s up to the public to decide after hearing the conversation as to what misinformation is and what is not, anything less is censorship. Other search engines and websites also removed links to the interview, as well as medical opinions from many frontline pandemic MD’s. This is only one example of how Dr McCullough ( Dr. Malone), and many others have been censored in social media, and in fact news media.

            I give you Wikipedia as an example of social media proclaiming themselves the judge.

          • “Wikipedia as an example of social media proclaiming themselves the judge.”
            and where pray is wiki wrong about this guy?

          • In most developed communities it is normal to limit or even remove public safety hazards. Youtube and many other social media are trying their best to remove idiots who present a hazardous influence to other gullible idiots.

        • and oh, I seem to have missed a lie – and a particularly egregious one, at that:

          Analysis of the people that died showed they mostly died in the near range of their life expectancy, i.e. they were aged.

          (emphasis added)
          The lie here is of course that most of the elderly people who died were in their sixties and seventies, and on average had between 10 and 30 years of remaining life expectancy (much like Kelly Canon, in fact).

          So what you say is that the elderly (a full 17% of the US population) and weak shouldn’t complain, and can be simply sacrificed when that means the rest of the population won’t have to comply with anti-Covid measures and vaccine guidelines and mandates. And oh, when these people do die in droves, it is of course blamed on ‘mismanagement’, and never on pro-death people like you who use lies and misinformation to dissuade them from getting vaccinated (much like what happened to Kelly Canon, in fact).

        • You keep using the word “censored”…Fill in the rest of the obligatory Princess Bride quotation.

        • Cause Unknown is now, apparently, available as a free download, until 29th March – from here. It worked for me:

          And scanned through it via the free web browser, no probs.

          This is the last link in the book: “More than 1,000 peer reviewed covid vaccine injuries”:

        • Oops. Once the FLCCC protocol was mentioned to me as help for LC and FYI you can still find his works. You just need to do research deeply. I researched the man. Ouch. Now in any profession where you have a duty to do no harm, this man did just that. IVERMECTIN IS NOT A NOBLE WINNING DRUG. HUGE MISCONCEPTION. A punted by Peter M.

          “William C. Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura
          for their discoveries concerning a novel therapy against infections caused by roundworm parasites” That was what the Nobel price was given for. I am a bit tired having a bad LC day but here is the link

          Your man Peter was proven by medical communities to have exaggerated study results. He spread information that caused harm. That led to his licence being revoked. It was not the US government and which ever company you want to blame. His actions caused his work to be discredited.

      • Tell that to Maddie de Garay.

      • Edzard, yet again you dismiss my comments with meaningless statements such as “what a lot of tosh.” Instead, why not counter with sensible opinions that might be of value to your readers.
        Changing the subject, here is the latest shocking report relating to conventional medical practitioners who are just as capable of scamming their patients as So Called Alternative Medicine practitioners (SCAM).
        For your interest:

  • I still believe that everyone should have a choice. I also know of someone who was not vaccinated, got covid, and due to other health issues went to the hospital. This hospital was very strict about vaccines. They made this patient stay in a different area and the patient was not treated with the same care as patients that had the vaccine. They basically shook their head at the patient and it made them feel like they were not offering treatment options. Of course, it may have just been this patient’s opinion, but I can see that happen. I have seen a couple yell at someone at my eye doctors just because their mask wasn’t on properly (hanging down on her nose, but still covering). We should respect people’s decisions. Pneumonia is serious in it’s own right. I have all vaccines and boosted, have had covid twice. The first time was a horrible experience lasting almost 2 months and longer to be fully recovered. The 2nd time was much easier. My unvaccinated friends either have not had Covid or had it and bounced back easily. It just doesn’t seem to have rhyme or reason, so if someone feels strongly about it, they should do what they can to avoid being sick and do what they feel is best. Also, shaming others for their choices is evil, in my opinion. I don’t understand how that helps besides making you feel better about your own choice.

    • I wouldn’t have yelled at a patient in the waiting room for not wearing the mask properly: I would have escorted them out the door and showed them how to wear the mask….and if it turns out to be about playing games, they just can go home.That is their choice.

      Playing mask theater is another thing the antivaxxers do, and so I see them as more likely to be infected and able to infect others.

      Why put the other patients at risk? Those wearing cheap surgical masks (about 40% effective) properly? They typically haven’t got the money for N95 or KN95s that make a good seal, but are at least wearing surgical masks in a way to minimize their breath going out unfiltered onto everyone else.

      • My industrial mask prevents e.g. the smell of paint or cigarettes etc. (Evidently it does not prevent anything going out – the output is direct through a one-way valve at the bottom)

        But those cloth masks are useless, you can smell everything through them.

      • I work in healthcare. I understand it’s my responsibility to be careful in health settings and everywhere but I just feel that everyone is so hardline with their opinions and almost bully people on both sides. You don’t always know the person’s history, state of mind, or religious beliefs. I don’t think shaming is the way to show people the way (your way). I expect others opinions and do my best to research and learn on my own.

  • NB how the honorable members walk out, at the start of the speech, rather than refute it…:

    …because they cannot.

    • Andrew Bridgen spreads conspiracy theories about Corona and vaccination. It is not surprising that other members of parliament do not want to listen to his b*llshit and leave the room. This person should not be given an audience.

      • he is utterly bonkers [and pompous as well]

      • But how do you know that if you don’t listen to him?

      • Name one conspiracy theory he has spread.

        • Name the most active troll on this blog.

        • @Old Bob

          You’re correct Bob

          They hold their hands over their ears or leave the room to avoid hearing the truth. Then later when the truth become so evident that they can’t hide it, they can claim that they were just “following the science”…. as we’ve already witnessed.
          Thanks for posting the link of Bridgen speaking to and empty parliament. If you didn’t post it, I would have.

          • You are welcome.
            It’s the way they stampede outta there as a deliberate statement – *that* is their argument.

          • According to the evaluation of “Old Bob”: Shall we debate about the flat earth soon? Or Intelligent Design? That Trump won the 2022 election? Perhaps we should also talk whether homeopathy works?

            *wink wink*

          • @Old Bob

            You must be really desperate to dig up so many Corona”experts” with no experience on the subject and present them as key witnesses to your delusion. An investment manager wants to lecture the world about Corona and vaccinations. Or is he more interested in promoting his book? 😀


          • On the contrary, his book contains only data, with each coloured image supported by a QR code to its source – prove that for yourself with the “Look inside” feature on Amazon:

          • @Old Bob

            You did not answer my question but dodged it. But this is fine. I did not expect any different behavior or an honest answer.

            By the way.
            1) You have to pay £9.99 (11.40 €) for the entire book.
            2) What are sensationalist newspaper headlines and news articles supposed to prove to me? I will answer it for you: Nothing. The Kindle book is good for the electronic trash can.
            3) Thank you for Amazon link. Because take a look: Who wrote the foreword? Robert Kennedy Jr., certified anti-vaccinationist, corona denier and propagator of conspiracy theories.

          • Death generally makes newspaper headlines.

            See Robert F Kennedy’s book here on Amazon e.g. the 19,773 ratings of:
            91% – 5 star
            5% – 4 star
            On Amazon published 2021:

            It is also:
            1 in Microbiology (Books)
            1 in Medical Ethics & Legal Issues
            4 in Medicine & Health Care Industry

          • OB,

            Let’s see what else has great reviews on Amazon.

            The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster: has 2.5k reviews and 4.6 stars

            Even better, The Satanic Bible has over 10K reviews and 4.6 stars.

            Therefore, you and RG can choose if you all want to kneel before the Dark Lord or stuff your faces with pasta.

          • @Old Bob

            Well, Robert F Kennedy’s book received far more recommendations than all of the professor books sold by Amazon combined…. hmmm

            Just sayin

          • perhaps, but Kennedy’s recommendations are wrong.

          • @Old Bob
            “See Robert F Kennedy’s book here on Amazon e.g. the 19,773 ratings of:
            91% – 5 star
            5% – 4 star”

            Seedy scam networks are using social media to organize campaigns that influence product ratings. They’re a headache for shoppers—and tough to crack down on.



            Btw, trash remains trash, whether it is rated with one or five stars. And Kennedy (who is neither a physician nor a scientist) has been talking trash for many years.

          • According to a letter sent by Sen. Warren to Amazon last September, Amazon’s search and “Best Seller” algorithms consistently returned “highly-ranked and favorably tagged books based on falsehoods about COVID-19 vaccines and cures” when her staff performed searches for terms like “COVID-19” and “vaccine”. Mercola’s windbag-titled book, The Truth About COVID: Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal, which Cummins co-authored and for which Kennedy wrote the introduction, topped the list. Amazon had also tagged the book as a Best Seller and the #1 Best Seller in the “Political Freedom” category.


            Different book than what OB is promoting. Regardless, the issue remains the same i.e. Amazon book reviews are bullshit. Besides, scientific method doesn’t stand a chance against quack popularity contests.

          • @RPGNo1

            “Seedy scam networks are using social media to organize campaigns that influence product ratings. They’re a headache for shoppers—and tough to crack down on.”

            To combat that, Amazon uses something known as “verified purchases”. So only those that bought the product can write a review that indicates the product was in fact purchased by the reviewer.

          • @RG
            So you think that buyer reviews are a good measure of a book’s value with regard to scientific rigour and factual truth?

            Next thing you’ll be claiming that elected politicians are by definition trustworthy, haha …

          • @Talker said:
            “…scientific method doesn’t stand a chance against quack popularity contests.”

            Maybe that’s because the meanings of “scientific method” and “quack” are (subconsciously) switched?

            Because, by definition, “scientific method” just is. It is not in competition with anything else because there is no “anything-else” for it to be in competition with.

          • OB,
            I see. Perhaps looking at how many reviews a book got on Amazon is considered scientific-method in your delusional mind?

          • @Richard Rasker said:
            “So you think that buyer reviews are a good measure of a book’s value with regard to scientific rigour and factual truth?”

            Sure, it’s not difficult to assess the reviewer by their own words, e.g. folks will decide which of the above posts to believe by their style (firstly).

          • @Richard Rasker

            No, I don’t think it’s a great measure of a good book, what people like or think is good is subjective. That said, the higher the numbers of five-star ratings, the more apt I am to be intrigued to buy the book. Yes, a couple thousand verified reviews are legitimate evidence in my view that the author might have something worth hearing…. agreeing with it or not is up to the individual reader.

          • I believe MEIN KAMPF was also a bestseller once.

          • RG,

            As usual, you are 24 carat gullible gold. Sorry to burst your bubble, by the way.


            This means that even an Amazon Verified Purchase review can be fake. Some reviewers really are buying products with their own money in order to score that trust-building “Verified Purchase” label, only to be reimbursed or compensated further for writing a positive review after.

            It’s worth remembering that getting a product for free doesn’t necessarily mean a review is fake. Someone could be sent a product to review and genuinely think it deserves five stars. Still, soliciting or writing reviews without disclosing compensation expressly violates Amazon’s community guidelines as well as FTC guidelines regarding endorsements within advertising.


            Fake reviews that appear on the Amazon site today often appear as “verified purchases”, just like real reviews, with no indication of a connection between the buyer and the seller. This means that the reviewer actually bought the product from Amazon, which is a big indicator of authenticity in Amazon’s eyes. In reality, the purchase was funded by the seller using PayPal, an Amazon gift voucher, or other means.

            To support these fake reviews, black hat service providers use automated buyer accounts (or “bots”) to upvote positive reviews for their seller clients, and downvote positive reviews for their competitors. Both buyers and Amazon appear unaware that this goes on.

          • Going a little off-topic with this, but I’d like to mention that a good illustration of the fact the five-star reviews on Amazon don’t constitute a reliable guide, are the five-star reviews of the 2011 ‘popular science’ book by Cox and Forshaw entitled “The Quantum Universe: Everything that Can Happen Does Happen”.

            This book was (in my opinion) cynically marketed at a lay readership, with a very attractive cover, and of course Professor Brian Cox is ‘that nice scientist off the television who used to be in a rock band’.

            Plenty of people gave it five stars on Amazon. As a popular science book, however, it is in my view a dismal and disastrous failure.

            I believe that if only Forshaw’s name had been on the cover, and the title had, more appropriately, been “A Quantum Primer Incorporating and Extending the Horological Metaphor of Feynmann”, none of the five-star Amazon reviews would have existed, because none of the five-star reviewers would have bought the book.

            Serious reviewers, with a real science background, including a reviewer for The Independent with a Doctorate in theoretical physics and maths, wrote about how bad the book was as a popular science text, and how abstruse and difficult to understand it is, even for those with advanced science qualifications.

            There are other, better books for lay readers of this difficult and fascinating topic, like Coleman’s “Relativity for the Layman” or Paul Davies’s “God and the new Physics”, or the collection of BBC Radio 4 discussions in book form called “The Ghost in the Atom”.

            People gave Cox & Forshaw’s book five stars, not because they understood any of it, but because Cox was that cute rock-musician-turned-physicist off the telly.

          • DavidB,

            I haven’t read this particular book by Cox and Forshaw. However, I read “Why does E=mc2, and why does it matter?” a few years ago, and found it the clearest explanation of general relativity that I have come across. However, although I was able to follow it, I still don’t understand it well enough to explain it to somebody else; I am intending to reread it one day.

            I think I probably have a stronger background in science and maths than many readers of popular science, so I expect not all readers would have got as much out of it.

            My experience of Amazon reviews is that they need to be taken with a very large dose of salt, and when it comes to books they seldom give me a realistic idea of what to expect.

            I inherited a book from my father by Einstein himself, who explains special relativity very clearly indeed, but unfortunately it doesn’t cover general relativity.

          • A review says more about the reviewer than anything else – that’s how we infer “the truth” – indirectly and “subjectively” in so far as: “Do I like this? Or not” and sometimes the top-lowest-rated-reviews are helpful in choosing or not choosing (because of the reviewer’s slant) as much as the top-highest-rated-reviews.

            Long may we all live, and let our truth be with us and may this house be safe from tigers.

          • JM-K wrote: “However, I read ‘Why does E=mc2, and why does it matter?’ a few years ago”

            I very much doubted that the authors would be so corny with the title of their book. They weren’t:
            Why Does E=mc²? (And Why Should We Care?) by Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw.

            JM-K wrote: “and found it the clearest explanation of general relativity that I have come across.”
            Really? As I have mentioned previously[1], and as Einstein himself put it:

            It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.




          • @DavidB
            Feynman (who else) does a pretty good job of why E=MC^2 in Chapter 13 of Vol1 of his Physics Lectures with very little math – in six, engaging pages.

          • Pete Attkins,

            Thank-you for correcting me regarding the title of the book. I misremembered it and I failed to check (mea culpa).

            Although the title references special relativity, the book goes on to explain general relativity as well (i.e. Einstein’s theory of gravity), and in a way that enabled me to make sense of it.

            Old Bob,

            Feynman writes very clearly. I haven’t specifically read what he has to say about relativity, but perhaps I should look out for it.

          • @ Julian,

            I don’t know where Old Bob found “E=MC^2 [sic, see below]” in Chapter 13 of Vol1, which is entitled Work and Potential Energy (A):

            See also:

            The Feynman Lectures on Physics, New Millennium Edition

            @ Old Bob
            E = mc² is the equation of mass–energy equivalence, where:
            E is the symbol for energy
            m is the symbol for mass
            c is the symbol for the speed of light in vacuum.

            Whereas, E=MC² is a:
            1946 poem by Morris Bishop;
            1958 album by Count Basie (aka The Atomic Mr. Basie);
            1961 poem by Rosser Reeves;
            1979 album produced and composed by Giorgio Moroder and Harold Faltermeyer;
            1986 song by Big Audio Dynamite;
            2008 album by American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey;
            2008 song by Ayreon.

          • @Talker

            lol…. I believe CNN reporting as much as I trust the Pharma Corps to produce healthy medicine…. nada.

            The news source (CNN) that once billed itself as the most trusted name in news, has become a laughingstock, and a news source that because an arm of the left wing lost millions of followers for various reasons, but largely because of bias.



            (since 2017, it only got worse)

            You pick and choose what news sources you esteem, so do I.

          • @RG

            You took the bait because you are pathetically predictable. Any mention of CNN brings you out from under the rock you live, next to the edge of flat earth. 🤣

            RG says:

            You pick and choose what news sources you esteem, so do I.

            I am sure you do and conveniently ignore the Fox News (US right-wing media standard bearer) revelations that came out during Dominion Lawsuit:

            During the past few weeks, such texts and e-mails from Fox News hosts have been made public in Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation lawsuit against Fox, which claims that the network knowingly aired false allegations that the election was stolen from Trump, at least in part, with the help of Dominion’s products. “I hate him passionately,” Carlson said of Trump in one text message. According to Laura Ingraham, another of the network’s prime-time hosts, Trump’s attorney Sidney Powell, who peddled election lies on the network, was “a bit nuts.” Fox News’ lawyers have argued that Dominion has taken the communications out of context and “has not even identified any defamatory statement of fact . . . attributable to Fox News.” Much of the non-Fox News media, meanwhile, has crowed at tangible evidence of the network’s duplicitous coverage and speculated about whether any of it will force Fox News to reform. “The documents lay bare that the channel’s business model is not based on informing its audience, but rather on feeding them content—even dangerous conspiracy theories—that keeps viewers happy and watching,” CNN’s Oliver Darcy wrote.

            None of this is surprising to anyone but I doubt any of this bad publicity will have a dent in Fox’s viewership, as you said you and your fellow conspiracy-theories-loving cult members pick and choose what news sources you all subscribe to.

          • @Pete Atkins
            From here:

            Chapter 13 “The Special Theory of Relativity” (15-1 of volume 1)
            Sorry to cause offence, but I am just an amateur dabbler without any feel for the professional symbols – even Feynman cannot correct this 🙂 – but I daresay he would forgive it!

          • five star – 92%
            four star – 5%

          • @ Old Bob

            Your link to Amazon does not seem to support your claims:

            Feynman (who else) does a pretty good job of why E=MC^2 in Chapter 13 of Vol1 of his Physics Lectures with very little math – in six, engaging pages.

            Chapter 13 “The Special Theory of Relativity”

          • @ Old Bob

            Your link to the “IA” clearly refutes your claims.
            • Chapter 13 of Vol. I is entitled Work and Potential Energy (A).
            • You wrote “See pages 148-158 of 1376”, which is not “in six, engaging pages” as you claimed; and these pages are not in Chapter 13 as you claimed.

            Your staggering depth of incompetence, with such a simple task, goes some way to explain the utter nonsense you post on Edzard’s blog.

          • Just click on that link above of the Internet Archive and select page 148 and you will get:

            chapter 15 The Special Theory of Relativity

            15-1 The principle of relativity
            For over 200 years the equations of motion…

            (Ah ha! I do apologize, I put “13” instead of “15” above 🙂 – I sometimes get numbers (and letters) mixed up and once I do it once, then I cannot see the error – it’s weird, by there it is. It is obviously maddening to others, but I have learned to live with it 🙂 – and thank God for modern spelling checkers!!!

          • (I found the error when I searched for your title, in chapter 14, found it, and then thought, ‘how come that’s earlier than my chapter 13? – and then suddenly the “13” became an irrefutable “15” – forevermore I suppose.)

          • This business of miscommunication is fascinating. By refusing to see the other fella’s point of view (we all do it) we lose out e.g. that’s how confidence tricksters win over us – they see what we refuse to see.

            Another example from education: my grand daughter, when she was maybe six, could not read the time properly. So I tried to see it from her point of view and noticed almost immediately that she did not know that clocks went clockwise. She thought that sometimes the clock hands went backwards (because of ten *to* one) and sometimes forwards (because of ten *past* one) and that was because clocks she knew are mainly digital – there is no second-hand, ticking around, day and night, forever…

            The thing about Feynman is that he is *so* straight forward – see the chapter with the paint-mixing in Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman – he does not think that he would look an idiot for check that out, because he is ready to try anything, no matter how ludicrous. Also the chapter on judging a book by its cover: he projected his integrity onto other teachers, never expecting that they would cheat and also, same chapter, that line about energy “making things go” – he flipped with “You might as well say, energy makes them stop!!!!” – all this is why he can teach idiots like me.

  • Homeopathy had meta analysis of the data supporting it and was mostly refuted by researchers. Homeopathic trials get deconstructed. People have data and reviews to go on and make up their own minds.
    With Bridgen he states a lot of simple data much of it from Gov sources and we get no review about this data. Researchers concerned about him spreading lies should deconstruct his data bit by bit and publish it. His data is either right or wrong. Surely this could be done very quickly.
    Instead all we get is silence regarding the data and just personal insults. No wonder his recent video in parliament is being shared to millions.

    • Bridgen’s speeches to the HoC have been taken apart by Full Fact on several occasions (if you want to look that is): his data is not always even data, let alone right.

      I suspect that other MPs left the chamber when Bridgen rose to speak because they’ve met him before: he does have a bit of a reputation and it isn’t good.

  • Yes they have fact checked his comments regarding the vaccines being gene therapy and comments he has made about vaccines.
    Sure comments made without sources and data should be dismissed.
    However, my point is about the MHRA data he has quoted? Is this not data? Please give a link to a fact check on this data and I will be glad to share it.

  • @Talker

    lol, bait… what bait ? You DO actually subscribe to the CNN narrative … no ?

    Many conservatives (like me) became dismayed with Fox a couple years ago and have traded in Fox news for Newsmax, One America News (AON), or even SKY News Australia news… among other conservative news sources. You go ahead and hammer on Fox News all you want; it means little to me. I might view an hour per week of Fox.
    Fox News is a business, the opinion programs are talking heads and there for entertainment…. just like all other media sources that offer opinion. The media moguls learned decades ago that opinions outsell news.

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