Helmut Pilhar died in Paraguay on 31. August 2022. He was a prominent proponent of the ‘Germanische Heilkunde’, New German Medicine, a mixture of dangerous quackery and anti-semitism. The website of the ‘Germanische Heilkunde’ announced Pilhar’s death as follows:

In light of this dramatic news, we would like to express our gratitude to Helmut Pilhar for his many years of work in spreading Germanic medicine.

Although our relationship with Helmut has been turbulent and unhappy in the time following Dr. Hamer’s departure, we will cherish the good times; and may the energy of warm appreciation from us reach him wherever he is.
A hug, Helmut.

Bona Hamer
We were saddened to learn that Helmut Pilhar passed from this life on August 31, 2022. For a long time he rendered valuable services to Germanic medicine and brought Dr. Hamer’s discovery to many people despite enormous opposition. For this he deserves our respect.

We regret his early death very much, our sympathy goes to his family.

Working Group of Germanic Medicine

Pilhar had no medical qualifications. The Wiesbadener Tagblatt dealt with Pilhar on November 5, 2013, calling him “the loudspeaker of madness”. The electrical engineer from Austria marketed the New German Medicine (NGM) full-time. He gave lectures and organized seminars in the whole German-speaking area and beyond.

Pilhar drew attention to himself in 1995 when he brought his five-year-old daughter Olivia, who had cancer, to the NGM inventor, Hamer, thus depriving her of effective therapy. The child was eventually operated on against her parents’ wishes and is now living in good health. While the media took great interest in the “Olivia case” and an unbearable hype arose around the child’s suffering, Helmut Pilhar sold photos of his daughter to newspapers and tried to influence the reporting. The couple received 500,000 shillings for the granting of broadcasting rights. The parents were sentenced to eight months probation. For Hamer, the unsuccessful NGM therapy attempt had no criminal consequences, as he was meanwhile working from Spain outside of Austria and Germany.

The last known places of residence of Helmut Pilhar were in Paraguay in the German-speaking “private colony El Paraíso Verde” near Cáazapa in Paraguay. According to his own statements, there he would not have to witness chemtrail.

26 Responses to Helmut Pilhar (1965 – 2022)

  • Not a pilhar of the medcal community then, I guess……

  • Thank you Mr. Pilhar for everything you have done for the people!! This post is one big lie, Pilhar was educated all the time and very medically trained by dr. Hammer. Classic medicine is not the problem, the problem is the pharmaceutical industry, WHICH DOESN’T WANT PEOPLE TO BE TREATED ON THE BASIS OF NEW MEDICINE, because they don’t earn anything there. Just look at what this famous pharmacy is doing to us now with this COVID19- PLANDEMIA

  • “The [El Paraíso Verde] community bills itself as a refuge from socialism, 5G, chemtrails, fluoridated water, and mandatory vaccinations.”

    From their Wikipedia entry:

    I’d forgotten that the Guardian had done a feature on them last year.

    • @Dr Aust

      I had no idea such a place existed. I’m in bordering Bolivia, so perhaps I’ll check it out. Bolivia is already free from mandatory vaccines, 5G, chemtrails and fluoridated water. However, the government is definitely socialistic, with strong ties to communist governments. I do have an interest in living in a place free of tyrannical woke politicians.
      Thanks for the tip,

      • perfect trolling, RG!

      • What kind of dumb-ass chooses to live in a country named after Simon Bolivar and whines about socialism? 😂

        You should move to Texas, USA. It is full of anti-woke, gun-totting, right-wing nut job folks like The Nuge, Ted Cruz etc. I hear they shoot chemtrails with AR-15 in Texas, you’d fit right in there. They may even secede from US soon and you don’t have to worry about wokeness anymore.

        • @Talker

          I choose to live in Bolivia because I married a Bolivian eighteen years ago (with lots of family here). For that reason alone I am living in Bolivia. Believe me, Bolivia is not my first choice. I’d choose somewhere with beaches that have warm water. The politics can be authoritarian, but I only see small differences from leftist California…. at least for now. For some reasons II prefer the live here to Cali.

          One thing I prefer in Bolivia is the beautiful clean blue skies and clouds. This in spite of very few pollution controls. The skies are clear, clouds are everchanging and fantastic, and blue every day (except when raining).

          To call chem-trails conspiracy is easy if you don’t know better. You can read all you want about chem-trails, that won’t make you an expert. Observing the skies for years as I have will make you expert.
          I grew up in Cali from age five (in the early 1960’s). So I know of the smog filled skies of the 60s 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Once the smog subsided, due to Cali forcing out much of the manufacturing (among other controls). California had cleaner skies for a decade or so. Until about fifteen years ago, when the planes traveling across the southern California skies began leaving trails that did not dissipate. These trails would spread out and eventually turn a beautiful blue sky to grey by the afternoon. It was simple to observe since they planes would not fly 365 days per year. The days without jet trails, were days with the good-ol beautiful blue sky. Now, commercial jets traveling with passengers do travel every day. So how is it that chemtrails are from passenger planes if they are not present every day ?

          I’ve lived here in Bolivia for two years, and never observed a chem-trail yet. Nor have I observed a sky obscured by a phony grey haze due to jets leaving trail after trial.
          Sorry, nobody will ever convince me I’m wrong about this.

          As for 5G, I’m not certain of the hazards, the verdict still seems to be out there. What I do know is that I don’t currently need 5G for anything. That said, 5G is coming to a globe near to me like it or not. Elon Musk’s Starlink will soon cover the globe, so I’m not sure how avoidable it will be.

          • “Observing the skies for years as I have will make you expert.”
            In what?

          • @RG

            You should write a book titled “Whinings of a Mail-order Husband”.

          • @RG
            Chemtrails are nonsense; what you see are simply contrails. The reason why these contrails sometimes dissipate faster than at other times has to do with atmospheric conditions at high altitude, such as relative humidity, temperature, and the presence of condensation nuclei.

            In very cold, moisture-laden air, contrails can form ice clouds that may persist for hours, and even spread out into sheet clouds. In clean, dry air they can dissipate within seconds or minutes. And at temperatures above freezing, they don’t form in the first place – that’s why you won’t see contrails when planes are taking off or landing (unless it’s very cold). Contrails in fact behave much like natural, high-altitude clouds, simply because they basically are clouds.

            But there’s another, far simpler reason why chemtrails are nonsense: if you want to surreptitiously poison people, delivering your chemicals at an altitude of 25,000 feet is both the single most ineffective as well as most ostentatious way – in other words: it’s the stupidest thinkable way. It’s far easier and more effective to pollute e.g. drinking water or basic food sources (and no, that isn’t happening either – at least not deliberately).

            If you really believe in stuff such as chemtrails and harmful effects of fifth-generation wireless services, then I feel genuinely sorry for you – because it must be very exhausting to believe that you’re being poisoned and irradiated all the time, and need to constantly be wary and protect yourself.

          • @Talker

            If that’s how you view it, you’re a pathetic ninny…. and deadly wrong, again.

          • “dead wrong”…not “deadly wrong” 🤣

          • @Richard Rasker

            Sir Richard
            You also are wrong… again.

            First of all, I’ve never seen a chemtrail in S.A., and only have seen an occasional contrail in South America. The contrails I see always dissipate within three minutes or so. I’ve been in many places in S.A. besides Bolivia, and don’t see chemtrails here. So the “atmospheric conditions” that are supposed to be responsible for chemtrails (lasting hours) don’t exist in South America? … hmmm. I think at 30K feet elevation, atmospheric conditions will be similar anywhere around the globe over the years’ time.

            Beyond that, for years I observed the jets over Los Angeles streaming across the sky, usually beginning in the mornings. Heading usually from north to south, and then returning from south to north. The prevailing winds would carry the mist east, from the coast towards the inland empire. However, never would the trails go from east to west, or west to east…. no flights in that direction?
            Beyond that, I would observe the trails seldom went to the horizon line of the globe. The trails would stop, and then I would see the plane coming back the other direction after it make a 180 degree turn around. Why would planes continually turn around and retrace the same ground ? And make parallel lines in the sky by doing so.

            Sorry Richard, you haven’t witnessed what I have for years, and you’re wrong.

            One more thing. I never accused anybody of attempting to poison anybody. The former CIA head John Brennon let the cat outta the bag and admitted to geo-engineering for altering climate change.

          • @RG
            Oh dear … Yes, I really feel sorry for you – living with serious delusions is never easy.

            Now I could of course point you to Web sites such as Flightradar24, which shows you the location and direction of aircraft in real time (and how air traffic follows certain predefined routes, especially over densely populated areas), or to any other sources about aviation and meteorology – but you would most likely reject any information contradicting your delusions as part of the ‘chemtrail’ conspiracy.
            Anyway, I’ll leave it at his, as it is completely off-topic here.

          • @Richard Rasker

            You have NO rebuttal for my observations…. sir.

            You give me flightrader24 ?
            flightradar24 reinforces my argument, because in two years I’ve never witnessed a chemtrail over Bolivia. How is that Richard ? Those “atmospheric conditions” required to leave a trail don’t ever exist here ?

          • You wont see chemtrails in Bolivia because they are invisible in that part of the world. Based on observations by non-scientists, it has been concluded that wearing a mask and getting an mRNA jab is the only way to protect yourself from chemtrails, 5G, Starlink and any future tech that you numpties think might cause cancer or make you impotent. Since you made it clear that mRNA jabs and masks are evil, you have no protection against invisible chemtrails and Starlink. Sucks to be you, RG.

          • ‘RG’, I have a similar problem.

            Since moving to my current location, I’ve never seen a chemtrail, nor a Bigfoot, nor a ghost, nor gone through an alien abduction (I really miss those). And, very sadly, unlike my previous garage, my current garage does not contain a fire-breathing dragon (the delightful creature who taught me so many useful things about chemtrails, Bigfoot, ghosts, etc.).

            Like you, ‘RG’, I encounter, at best, dismissal. Where on earth does one go for a damned good rebuttal of our observations when the desire strikes.

          • @RG
            [As this is off-topic, this will really be my last comment here.]

            in two years I’ve never witnessed a chemtrail over Bolivia.

            You never witnessed a chemtrail period. Chemtrails don’t exist. What you observed were all contrails.

            Those “atmospheric conditions” required to leave a trail don’t ever exist here ?

            That is correct. Prevailing winds cause the air to lose most of its moisture when rising over the Andes, causing contrails to be nonexistent or short-lived at best. Also, there is way less air pollution (condensation nuclei) in that region compared to California, and there is also way less air travel over the Andes mountains (I can see only 6 planes over all of Bolivia).
            So yes, there are perfectly normal reasons why you hardly see any contrails over Bolivia.

            Flightradar24 shows that what you think are planes going back and forth are usually different planes following the same air corridor. Sometimes, planes do actually fly back and forth, but those are mostly smaller planes that don’t produce contrails to begin with, see e.g.
            Then there are of course also airport holding patterns, but those are at lower altitudes and don’t produce contrails either.

            But hey, if you’re happy in Bolivia for whatever reason, good for you.

          • @Richard Rasker

            This will be my last on this subject also.

            lol, you are laughable sir.
            You have nothing to refute why John Brennon (former US CIA director) refers to STRATOSPHERIC AEROSOL INJECTION to combat climate change. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

            First of all, if you believe the winds only blow in one direction, you are an idiot. I lived near the coast in Cali, in So Cal even the Pacific Ocean would experience offshore winds up to 50 days per year. Winds do change direction in most locations of the globe. Your prevailing winds argument holds no water.

            Richard, the airport at el Alto (La Paz) Bolivia is at an elevation of 4,061.5 meters (13,325 ft above sea level). it is the highest international airport in the world. Do you really think atmospheric conditions for jets flying at 33K to 42K ft. are influencing the lack of visible trails ?
            BTW- many jets do fly over Bolivia, it’s almost in the center of S.A., it would be difficult not to.
            I’m here for two years now, and visited here for weeks every year since 2005.
            Pure BS Richard.

          • @Talker

            No, It doesn’t suck to be me. I’m not sure how you would assume such a gross lie.
            I’m happy, healthy, retired from working and more than comfortably satisfied with what I need.
            I don’t concern myself with 5G … yet anyway. I choose to use the 4G technology, it functions just fine. Bolivia will not have 5G towers for years….woo-hoo!

            I come to this site to challenge thinking, not to attack people, you should do the same. Your do SUCK, because you choose to attempt to bully and belittle posters here. Get a life !

          • @RG

            Sure, keep looking at the skies and count jets and chemtrails. Hell of a way to spend one’s retirement but that is your prerogative I suppose.

            Challenge thinking not attack people

            Whose thinking are you challenging? Not yours for sure. If think you are challenging rest of ours, you are beyond delusional. All you do is whine, troll, and post misinformation, just like you did in previous off-topic and wildly paranoid posts of yours (about chemtrails). But you have every right to be delusional and I have every right to point that out about you and laugh at you.

          • @Talker

            I plan to continue observing and enjoying the beautiful sky, that is when it’s not full of artificial trails. I don’t plan to stop now. The skies over S.A. give me much joy after being trapped in So. California for most of my life. I’m living the Bolivian dream.

          • @ RG

            Do not bother to continue offering your time to idiots. All they do is “whine, troll, and post misinformation”, projecting their garbaaaage onto you. They can’t stand your happiness.

      • Bolivia is already free from mandatory vaccines, 5G, chemtrails and fluoridated water. However, the government is definitely socialistic, with strong ties to communist governments. I do have an interest in living in a place free of tyrannical woke politicians.

        Pure gullible gold 😂

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