I have been informed by the publisher, that my book has been published yesterday. This is about two months earlier than it was announced on Amazon. It is in German – yes, I have started writing in German again. But not to worry, I translated the preface for you:

Anyone who falls ill in Germany and therefore needs professional assistance has the choice, either to consult a doctor or a non-medical practitioner (Heilpraktiker).

– The doctor has studied and is licensed to practice medicine; the Heilpraktiker is state-recognized and has passed an official medical examination.
– The doctor is usually in a hurry, while the Heilpraktiker takes his time and empathizes with his patient.
– The doctor usually prescribes a drug burdened with side effects, while the Heilpraktiker prefers the gentle methods of alternative medicine.

So who should the sick person turn to? Heilpraktiker or doctor? Many people are confused by the existence of these parallel medical worlds. Quite a few finally decide in favor of the supposedly natural, empathetic, time-tested medicine of the Heilpraktiker. The state recognition gives them the necessary confidence to be in good hands there. The far-reaching freedoms the Heilpraktiker has by law, as well as the coverage of costs by many health insurances, are conducive to further strengthening this trust. “We Heilpraktiker are recognized and respected in politics and society,” writes Elvira Bierbach self-confidently, the publisher of a standard textbook for Heilpraktiker.

The first consultation of our model patient with the Heilpraktiker of his choice is promising. The Heilpraktiker responds to the patient with understanding, usually takes a whole hour for the initial consultation, gives explanations that seem plausible, is determined to get to the root of the problem, promises to stimulate the patient’s self-healing powers naturally, and invokes a colossal body of experience. It almost seems as if our patient’s decision to consult a Heilpraktiker was correct.

However, I have quite significant reservations about this. Heilpraktiker are perhaps recognized in politics and society, but from a medical, scientific, or ethical perspective, they are highly problematic. In this book, I will show in detail and with facts why.

The claim of government recognition undoubtedly gives the appearance that Heilpraktiker are adequately trained and medically competent. In reality, there is no regulated training, and the competence is not high. The official medical examination, which all Heilpraktiker must pass is nothing more than a test to ensure that there is no danger to the general public. The ideas of many Heilpraktiker regarding the function of the human body are often in stark contradiction with the known facts. The majority of Heilpraktiker-typical diagnostics is pure nonsense. The conditions that they diagnose are often based on little more than naive wishful thinking. The treatments that Heilpraktiker use are either disproven or not proven to be effective.

There is no question in my mind that Heilpraktiker are a danger to anyone who is seriously ill. And even if Heilpraktiker do not cause obvious harm, they almost never offer what is optimally possible. In my opinion, patients have the right to receive the most effective treatment for their condition. Consumers should not be misled about health-related issues. Only those who are well-informed will make the right decisions about their health.

My book provides this information in plain language and without mincing words. It is intended to save you from a dangerous misconception of the Heilpraktiker profession. Medical parallel worlds with the radically divergent quality standard – doctor/Heilpraktiker – are not in the interest of the patient and are simply unacceptable for an enlightened society.

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  • Congrats on your latest work! I shall order a copy with my local book store forthwith.

    This general incompetence in diagnosing and treating medical problems is of course a fundamental problem with all alternative practitioners, but the fact that Heilpraktiker are state-sanctioned lends them an (undeserved) additional level of authority and credibility.

    There is no question in my mind that Heilpraktiker are a danger to anyone who is seriously ill.

    One major problem here is that it is very hard to gauge the damage that is done by Heilpraktiker and other alternative practitioners: anyone with serious health problems will sooner or later end up in a real doctor’s office, who then has to deal with what their predecessor left behind – and if the patient dies or suffers serious damage (e.g. as a result of delaying proper care), then this is no longer attributed to the alternative practitioner’s ineffective actions, but becomes part of regular healthcare statistics.

  • First off my congrats for this new accomplishment – with a little envy for your ongoing energy to publish book after book.

    >> but becomes part of regular healthcare statistics.

    That is one of the major problems: A heilpraktiker just never loses a patient! And brag about it in their advertisements

  • Congrats Professor.

    What does one need to study to become a Heilpraktiker? Are they akin to a Naturopath?

  • Great, congrats!

  • Does Germany have similar parallel certification schemes for other professions? Plumbers, electricians, architects, airline pilots?

    No, I thought not. I can only assume that the human body must be a much simpler system than a domestic central heating system.

  • I sent one of your other books (in German) to my friend in Düsseldorf and she seemed very pleased. Then a year later she took her child to someone similar to a Heilpraktiker in Austria. Maybe I will try again with this new book.

    • We do not have Heilpraktiker in Austria. To treat patients you have to be a certified physician.

      But there are some physicians like Homeopaths and others who violate Evidence based Medicine. Some of them state that viruses do not exist ( !), or claim that vaccines do not work. And medical chambers offer certificates for bullshit.

  • @EE

    Congratulations on the newest book. I hope it sells well. I hope also you are able to save many unsuspecting patients from damaging their own health via subjecting themselves to unscrupulous practitioners…. including MD’s and Pharma Corps.

    BTW – I do admire your book covers and titles.

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