It has been reported that the New York State Department of Health has issued a $300,000 penalty as part of a Stipulation and Order signed by a Nassau County midwife who created false immunization records. Roughly 1,500 school-aged children from throughout the State are affected by the vaccine scheme, which has resulted in their immunization records being voided. All affected children must be fully up to date with all age-appropriate immunizations, or be in the process of receiving their missing vaccinations, before they can return to school.

“Misrepresenting or falsifying vaccine records puts lives in jeopardy and undermines the system that exists to protect public health,” State Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald said. “Let it be clear, the New York State Department of Health takes this issue seriously and will investigate and use all enforcement tools at its disposal against those who have been found to have committed such violations.” State Education Commissioner Betty A. Rosa said: “By intentionally falsifying immunization records for students, this licensed health care professional not only endangered the health and safety of our school communities but also undermined public trust. We are pleased to have worked with our partners in government to bring this wrongdoer to justice. We remain committed to upholding the highest standards of health and well-being within our educational institutions.”

The vaccination scheme began at the start of the 2019-2020 school year, just three months after the June 2019 elimination of non-medical exemptions for required school immunizations. Breen supplied patients with the “Real Immunity Homeoprophylaxis Program,” a series of oral pellets marketed by an out-of-state homeopath as an alternative to vaccination. The homeopathic pellets are not authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nor approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the Department as an immunizing agent against any disease.

Breen was found to have administered 12,449 fake ‘homeopathic’ immunizations to roughly 1,500 school-aged patients as pretext for submitting false information to the New York State Immunization Information System (NYSIIS). The agreed-upon settlement reached between the Department and Breen is the first of its kind addressing a scheme to create false immunization records. It includes a $300,000 monetary penalty and requires that Breen never again administer a vaccination that must be reported to NYSIIS. In addition, Breen is permanently excluded from accessing NYSIIS under any circumstances.


We have discussed the absurd and dangerous idea of homeoparophylaxis several times before, e.g.:

Suffice to stress just this:

Homeoprophylaxis is a criminally stupid way to endanger lives!

3 Responses to Unprecedented Penalty for Midwife Falsifying Vaccine Records and Using ‘Homeopathic Vaccinations’

  • And the best of all: Homeopathy CAN NOT be used for prophylaxis! Why so? Answer: Because homeopathy is based on EXISTING symptoms.

    How can a homeopath administer a homeopathic remedy for an illness he does not know that this patient will have?

    Answer: By clairvoyance!

    Now, don’t look so astonished! Homeopaths can do that. Guaranteed. Did you know they can even travel through time?

    A homeopathica manufacturer sells a homeopathic remedy made of something, which at the time of the proving did not exist:

    Anti Matter
    The Homœopathic Proving of
    A Remedy prepared from the
    Annihilation Radiation of Positronium
    an atomic structure consisting of an electron and a positron
    Misha Norland
    TG 15
    At the School of Homœopathy

    Copyright The School of Homoeopathy 2000.
    All rights reserved.

    Thanks to all who participated in the Proving and to all who were affected by it.

    The whole story:

    “Da freut sich der Staatsanwalt”

    Homeopaths as time travellers. Yes, homeopathy is pure magic. I wait for the day when they, clad in long capes, hover above the ground. Yes, the Jedi are real. “Star Wars” is just a simple pirate copy.

    Except for one thing the homeopaths did not ever achieved, not even a single time: prove that homeopathy works.

    But they work on that. Honestly! *

    * crossed fingers… 🙂

  • I am not quite sure what positronium has to do with this blog post. However, I will point out that Positronium was predicted by Dirac in the 1930s and discovered by Deutsch in 1951. Therefore no homeopath was time travelling in 1998.
    Strange remedy though that I had never heard of. Thank you for letting me know.

  • Sadly, this “unprecedented” penalty is a slap on the wrist. This midwife should have lost her license to practice. Also, she basically promised not to give vaccines, not to access the New York State vaccine database, and in essence never to do it again. If she does that, half the fine is rescinded.

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