Homeopathy is touted as a panacea, we all know that. It is thus hardly surprising that it is also claimed to be an effective detox option. Here is a German article on the subject that I translated for you:

It was published on the independent health portal Lifeline. It claims that it “offers comprehensive, high-quality and understandably written information on health topics, diseases, nutrition, and fitness. Our editorial team is supported by doctors and freelance medical authors in the continuous creation and quality assurance of our content. Much of our information is multimedia-based with videos and informative image galleries. Numerous self-tests encourage interaction. In our expert advice and forums on various topics, Lifeline users can discuss topics with experts or exchange information with other users. Our information is in no way intended to be a substitute for a visit to the doctor. Rather, our aim is to qualitatively improve and support the relationship between doctor and patient through the information provided. Therefore, our contents do not serve the purpose of arbitrary diagnosis or treatment.”

And here is the article in question:

Environmental toxins, medications, nicotine, alcohol, unhealthy food – the human body is burdened daily by many substances, waste products and toxins. It is therefore sensible and beneficial to detoxify the liver regularly – preferably naturally. With these homeopathic remedies, this can be done gently.

To stay healthy or to prevent acute diseases from becoming chronic: The reasons to regularly rid the body of accumulated toxins are many. Toxins and waste products weaken the organism or can even cause illness themselves. Especially after drug treatments with antibiotics or cortisone, with frequently recurring colds and flu-like infections, it can be useful to detoxify the body naturally – with homeopathy.

In the body, the liver is the central organ where toxins are broken down. The kidneys, as organs of elimination, also play an important role in detoxification. To support the liver and kidneys in natural detoxification, various medicines are available. In homeopathy, detoxification is also called elimination.

Homeopathic medicines particularly suitable for the detoxification cure:

Sulfur: This classic homeopathic medicine has a strong detoxifying effect on connective tissue and mucous membranes, as well as a cleansing effect on the entire organism. In homeopathy, sulfur is mainly used for natural detoxification after drug treatments with antibiotics and cortisone. If the body is so heavily burdened with waste products that other homeopathic medicines have no effect, Sulfur can be used for natural detoxification.

Nux vomica: A very versatile homeopathic medicine is Nux vomica. It is particularly suitable for detoxifying the body naturally when one has consumed too many stimulants such as coffee or alcohol. It can also be used to eliminate harmful substances caused by medication. Nux vomica has proven particularly useful for the accompanying treatment of side effects after chemotherapy.

Pulsatilla: In homeopathy, Pulsatilla is considered an important natural remedy for detoxification, acting primarily on the mucous membranes and the stomach and intestines. Pulsatilla helps alleviate physical discomfort caused by eating too fatty, unhealthy foods, drinks that irritate the stomach such as coffee and alcohol, and taking medications. Pulsatilla works similarly to the detoxification classic sulfur, only the natural detoxification of liver and kidneys as well as connective tissue proceeds even more gently.

Arsenicum album: Within homeopathy, the remedy Arsenicum album is considered a universal remedy for poisoning, for example by heavy metals. It is mainly used for physical signs of exhaustion and weakness and can compensate for negative consequences of unhealthy nutrition. In addition, Arsenicum album is also said to have an anxiety-relieving effect.

Okoubaka: Okoubaba is also considered a medicine with a strong detoxifying effect, acting mainly on the gastrointestinal tract and used for abdominal cramps, flatulence, constipation, as well as acute diarrhea. Especially after a treatment with antibiotics or after having gone through an illness with norovirus, rotavirus or salmonella, Okoubaba can help to detoxify naturally and restore the intestinal flora.

Magnesium fluoratum: When cold symptoms such as cough and cold flare up again and again after administration of fever-reducing medications and other cold preparations, recovery is protracted and the body is weakened, natural detoxification with magnesium fluoratum can help.

Echinacea: Echinacea is known to increase the body’s defenses. As a homeopathic medicine, it can also help to naturally detoxify underlying conditions that have not been cured.

Detoxify naturally: Typical potencies and their dosage
Low potencies from D3 to D12 are commonly used for self-treatment in natural detoxification. However, choosing the right homeopathic remedy is not always easy. If there are uncertainties, an experienced homeopath should be asked for advice, if possible, in order to determine the drug, potency and dosage on the basis of a detailed anamnesis.




But I am – though not in a positive sense.

The article contains far too many unsubstantiated statements to mention. In fact, they are not just unsubstantiated, they are false! As the author does not even attempt to provide evidence for them, one cannot even dispute it. Suffice to say that ‘detox’ is BS and homeopathy too. And in healthcare ‘minus X minus’ does sadly not give ‘plus’.

What renders this otherwise trivial article rather important, in my view, is this: such web-based information is not the exception; quite the opposite: German consumers are bombarded with BS of this type.

Ever wondered why Germany is such a huge market for health fraud?

Now you know the answer!




8 Responses to Homeopathy as a detox option?

  • “Detox” still seems to be the fake health fad ‘de nos jours’. Surely Hahnemann never spoke of Detox!

    • You are so right…and he never even mentioned the words “computer” or “cell phone.” Gad. How stupid was he?

      You guys are so much fun to read!

      • @Dana Ullman

        he [Hahnemann] never even mentioned the words “computer” or “cell phone.”

        Nor “lead mine”or “mercury poisoning” or “foundry slag” or any other industrial or occupational hazard of the day.
        And do you really believe that electromagnetic fields from cell phones are harmful? Tsk tsk …

        How stupid was he?

        Very stupid by modern-day standards, moderately stupid by contemporary standards. He was right that regular medicine of the day was often more harmful than the conditions it pretended to treat. He was also right that not doing anything at all (a.k.a. homeopathy) was often the best approach. However, he was wrong about pretty much everything else, and never acknowledged let alone refuted any legitimate criticism. He just stubbornly held on to his Beliefs with a capital B.

        Nowadays, the Really Stupid people are those who still believe in homeopathy, detox and al those other fringe beliefs.

      • MYERS DETOX PODCAST #235 How to Detox the Body with Homeopathy with Dana Ullman

        Dana Ullman talks to us this week about how to detox the body using homeopathy and the evidence that homeopathic medicine works for detox.

        What You’ll Learn:
        • The best homeopathic remedy for detox
        • How homeopathy detoxes the cells
        • How the FDA is attempting to regulate homeopathy

        Dana Ullman: You’ve mentioned something very important. I personally believe that we need more detox from the conventional drugs that we are being given than detox from the heavy metals, because, on average, every man, woman, and child is prescribed 13 prescription drugs every year. If you did not get your 13 and somebody got yours for you, and that’s even more scary.

        Wendy Myers: Yeah. I know a lot of these medications, they damage your liver and they damage your body’s ability to detox and the …

        Dana Ullman: Make you crazy, suppress the immune system, create autoimmune diseases, create cancers, create delusional states and Alzheimer’s syndromes, create illness. What they do is they push disease deeper and deeper into our immune system, into our cardiovascular system, into our hormonal system, and into our brain.


        Dr Wendy Myers, ND is a detox expert, functional diagnostic nutritionist, NES Bioenergetic Practitioner.

      • And you never mention which lab can tell the difference between a homeopathic preparation and water. This despite claiming it can easily be done, and being asked on multiple occasions to present your evidence. Could you please do so?

        I am not sure what your point is, the concept of detoxification dates back in many cultures over thousands of years. If you are trying to say he wouldn’t have know about it, you would be wrong.

      • Dana

        Your repeated ability to grab hold of the wrong end of the rhetorical stick, beat yourself over the head with it and then claim that you’ve won the argument whilst showing the self-inflicted bruises as evidence is an ongoing source of wonder.

      • Mr Ullman, please name a laboratory that can distinguish between homeopathic water and other water, which you said in this Blog “only fools or liars” doubted could be done.

        Fifty-ninth time of asking.

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