Anja Zeidler (born 1993) became known in 2012 as the most successful fitness personality in Switzerland. After joining the bodybuilding scene in Los Angeles, a phase of self-discovery followed. Anja published her development and became what one nowadays calls an ‘INFLUENCER’. As Managing Director and Content Director of her own company, Anja Zeidler GmbH, Anja has made a name for herself as a public figure far beyond the fitness market with her activities as a ‘Selflove Influencer’, blogger, book author, motivational speaker, presenter and expert in the food & health sector. Furthermore, she is completing a degree at the Academy of Naturopathy for Holistic Health.

About a year and a half ago, Anja Zeidler had a desmoid tumor removed from under her left breast – and now it was reported to be back. The conventional treatment methods are clear: another surgical procedure or radiation. But Zeidler said she wants to wait with such interventions. For the time being, she has decided to go her own way. She wants to “balance any imbalances” with her naturopathic doctor and wishes to fight the disease on her own and with a “positive mindset.”

“On a spiritual level, they say that tumors can be related to trauma. That’s why I’ve tried breathing exercises and cocoa ceremonies. With these methods, I get into my subconscious and get closer to traumas, which I am not aware of, and try to dissolve them. So far, blatant things have come up that I had long forgotten and repressed,” she says enthusiastically. In addition, Zeidler wants to give up refined sugar with immediate effect, keep better control of her diet in general – even in her stressful everyday life – and drink freshly squeezed celery and beetroot juice every morning. In addition, she relies on “natural capsules with and grape seed OPC.” “I’ve read in studies that certain types of fungi and strong antioxidants like OPC are supposed to fight tumor cells.” There I follow the motto: ‘if it doesn’t help, at least it does not harm.'”

Zeidler’s tumor is a desmoid tumor, an abnormal growth that arises from connective tissues. These tumors are generally not considered malignant because they do not spread to other parts of the body; however, they can aggressively invade the surrounding tissue and can be very difficult to remove surgically. These tumors often recur, even after apparently complete removal.

Zeidler commented: “I am convinced that with a positive mindset you can contribute extremely much to the healing process. If the checks reveal rapid growth, I will of course seek medical treatment. Then I would opt for radiation.”

The trouble with ‘influencers’ is that they are gullible and influence the often gullible public to become more gullible. Thus their influence might cost many lives. Personally, I hope that the young woman does well with her erstwhile refusal of evidence-based treatments. Yet, I fear that the ‘Academy of Naturopathy for Holistic Health’ will teach her a lot of BS about the power of natural cancer cures. The sooner she agrees to have her tumor treated based on evidence, the better her prognosis, I’m sure.

7 Responses to Another ‘influencer’ decides to treat her tumor ‘naturally’

  • It’s horrible to think about. She will become more and more ill and will end up with a large fungating tumour and destruction of the breast. By all means have a positive mindset, and eat and exercise healthily, but in ADDITION to proper medical treatment. One thinks of Jessica Ainscough, “The Wellness Warrior” (and her mother), though I know that was a different type of cancer.

    What is vile, is to think of the charlatans or fools suggesting these ‘treatment’ approaches to this women, and presumably taking her money.

  • Such hubris and narrow-mindedness is what I once expected from doctors. Now, as they see me recover from something they could not diagnose, treat or even provide palliative care, as I offer what I’ve learned through the science of medicine, the conversation begins to change, one MD at a time.

    While I would never treat cancer this way, I’m horrified we’ve forgotten the import of good nutrition. I’m horrified we don’t even try to detect or treat the infections that cause cancer, infections well documented in the medical research literature. My illness predisposes me to cancer and is rare enough that the only way to treat it is a path similar to this. Based on what I’ve learned from the medical research literature, my doctor-guided ‘natural’ treatment is the best thing I can do for cancer prevention. Not watchful waiting but active prevention, learned through the science of medicine.

    I hope she continues to track her cancer conventionally because there ultimately is no way if this treatment will work fast enough and it isn’t worth staking your life on if you have a choice.

  • And she may be right.

    Surprisingly little progress has been made in curing breast cancer. Some cancers will remain localized, some will be fatal even if treated aggressively. Only a few in the middle will respond well to treatment. The problem is it’s hard to tell the difference.

    Cancer decisions are tough, and the doctors frequently aren’t much help. Too often they see aggressive treatment as the only option. It’s not, and nobody has a good way to tell when it is.

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