I don’t know why, but it was only recently that I came across RESEARCH.COM!

In case you don’t know what it is: essentially, it is a platform that offers rankings of:

  • Universities,
  • Journals,
  • Conferences,
  • Scientists “really cares about the quality and visibility of research and our mission is to offer leading researchers better exposure of their achievements. Our rankings of scientists are based on transparent procedures based on well-established metrics gathered from trusted sources of data.

Our best scholars ranking is a credible list of leading scientists from the discipline of Medicine, established by means of a thorough analysis of 166,880 researchers determined from various bibliometric data sources. For the field of Medicine, as many as 68936 scientists were investigated.”

Like Oscar Wilde, I can resist everything except temptation. So, I typed in my name and found this:

World ranking: 938

National ranking: 103

D-Index: 140

Citations: 71,715

Publications: 1,520

Obviously, I was pleased but also have to admit that I am unsure of what a ‘D-Index’ is and how it is derived (something that can be looked up, I’m sure).

Still tempted, I ventured to find the rankings of other researchers of so-called alternative medicine (SCAM). So, I spent quite some time searching the more well-known names in this field.

And the result? ZERO!

As far as I was able to determine, none of my fellow SCAM researchers have a ranking at all.

Does that mean that I am the only ‘leading’ scientist in my field?

Emboldened by this thought, I tried to find out whether any Exeter researcher is ranked higher than I am. The answer is YES: Andrew Hattersley is on rank 41. I know Andrew; he is a great scientist and person and deserves to be very high up on the list.

[I should add perhaps that I found the site rather difficult to navigate. If I made errors, could someone more gifted than I please put me right?]


In what way is any of this relevant?

In no way!

Yesterday, somone commented on this blog: “What have any of you so called scientists done for humans, on this site, besides throw your credentials around? Nothing, you are lifelong college students too scared to join real world.”

Now the author of these lines can be happy in the belief that he is correct.

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