It has been reported that a UK Conservative candidate for the next general election reportedly claimed she healed a man’s hearing through the power of prayer. Kristy Adams has been chosen to represent the Conservatives in Mid Sussex at the next general UK election, which is expected to take place in May or the autumn of next year. Mrs Adams previously stood as the Tory candidate in Hove in 2017, placing a distant second behind Labour MP Peter Kyle.

In a recording from 2010, the Conservative hopeful reportedly told the King’s Arms Church in Bedford how she healed a deaf man by placing her hands over his ears and saying: “Be healed in Jesus’s name”. Mrs Adams is reported to have said: “He had hearing aids in both ears and I just thought that wasn’t right. It just annoyed me. I said ‘can I pray for you?’ and his eyes lit up, which is unusual when you offer to pray for someone’s healing.” After removing her hands, she claims the man could hear without his hearing aids. “I don’t know if he was more surprised or me,” she reportedly said.

Speaking to The Argus during her 2017 election campaign, Mrs Adams said she had asked the Daily Mirror to remove a story about the alleged recording but refused to answer whether she believed non-scientific medical miracles can happen. She said: “Millions of Christians around the world pray every day to help people.”

On this blog, we have discussed the alleged healing powers of prayer before, e.g.:

Suffice to say, perhaps, that the evidence for prayer as a therapy is not positive.

One Response to UK politician dabbles in faith healing

  • “Kristy Adams was a local councillor in Bedford where she lived for 17 years.
    She applied to 12 constituencies to fight the 2015 general election, coming second in Hove to Graham Cox who would go on to lose to Peter Kyle.” (Version from the Argus.)

    I worked at Bedford Hospital just along the road from Crayola UK’s former HQ, now repurposed as a business park.
    ‘King’s House Church’ is based there, though how much of the conference facilities are owned by the church I know not.
    They do seem well funded.
    By whom I know not – Bedford parishoners are generally of modest means.

    We could have done with Mrs Adams help at the hospital – but only if she could provide evidence.
    The power of prayer resides in the power of imagination.

    (Chiropractor Palmer claimed to have cured a chap of hearing loss by spinal ‘adjustment’. Just sayin’.)

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