Yesterday, it was announced that Prince Charles, a long-time advocate of so-called alternative medicine (SCAM), has been taken ill with the corona virus. Since then, I have been inundated with messages about this fact. Many thought that, because Charles and I have a bit of history (details here), I might now ‘have a cup of tea and a malicious smile on [my] face thinking about it’, as someone put it on Twitter. Others made sarcastic comments suggesting that he will be fine because of all the help of the homeopathic cult.

I cannot join these sentiments. On the contrary, I sincerely wish him well – not because he is royalty, but because I wish everyone well who has been infected with this virus.

And I honestly do not think that Charles will be popping homeopathic placebos to save his life. Whenever a member of his (usually pro-homeopathy) family had fallen seriously ill in the past, they very quickly sought the help of the very best evidence-based medicine could offer. Charles’ present illness will be no exception, I am sure. If his infection becomes serious, he will have the benefit of everything modern scientific healthcare has to offer.

When he recovers – and I do hope he does – he will have plenty of time to think. Chances are that he never before had been afflicted with a killer disease. This should make him see things from an entirely new perspective. He must realise that so-called alternative medicine (SCAM) is an option only as long as one is healthy. Once the battle for saving a life is on, real medicine must save the day.

I am a born optimist, and therefore I hope that Charles on his sick-bed might even think a little further. He might realise that a health crisis, like the current corona pandemic, regularly brings out the charlatans who are trying to flog their wares or services to the unsuspecting public. On my blog, I have discussed some of these irresponsible rogues:

With a bit of luck, Charles might even reflect that his past endorsement of these quacks has been less than helpful; in the present crisis, it might even cost lives. Charles, I hope, will thus reconsider his attitude towards medicine, heaven knows, he might even become an outspoken advocate fro EBM!

So yes, I am an incurable optimist. Yet, I realise, of course, that Charles might not have any of these insights. That would be regrettable, but it does not deter me from wishing him a speedy recovery:


16 Responses to A ‘GET WELL SOON’ message for Prince Charles

  • Excellent.
    I wish HRH was reading your blog.
    Maybe he is, but I suspect not. Human nature (and even Royals are human) dictates that it’s very painful to read arguments & evidence that threaten one’s beliefs. Classic myside bias.
    Hope I’m wrong though, and HRH will read and heed your advice!

    • kind words indeed!
      stay healthy man!!!

    • Maybe someone could forward it on?

    • @Kevin Smith

      Human nature (and even Royals are human) dictates that it’s very painful to read arguments & evidence that threaten one’s beliefs. Classic myside bias.

      And it is that very reason—that he is human—that his mind will likely not change. He is too deeply invested in woo.

      When was the last time a true believer changed his or her mind? (You don’t count, Edzard!) The chances of him turning around on this issue are unlikely, I’m afraid. I hope I’m wrong.

      But, from a guy who thought you’d rely only on your woo friends—I do wish you the very best, Charles.

  • Sorry to say, Dr Ernst, but homeopathy is a cult and Prince Charles is a member.
    It’s possible he change his mind, but unlikely.
    By the way, starting on the beginning of this year, I found myself dealing with homeopathy on agriculture here in South Brazil.
    And all tracks back to Rudolph Steiner and his Anthroposophy.
    I even lost friends while fighting this fraudsters on our agriculture WhatsApp groups.
    Just remembering Rudolph Steiner was a medium who wrote his doctrines from the teachings of “elevated spirits”.
    I would like to ask you how much of Steinerism and mediumistic are on the roots of the homeopathy you fight over there on Europe and if you could indicate some sources about the issue, as well.
    I’m planning to write about it and your help would be really appreciated.

  • The issue for Charles Windsor is not that he believes in homeopathy (and other faiths), but that he uses his exalted position to promote the cult – to take advantage of the gullible and vulnerable. That is to be deprecated.

    If his fragile emotional milieu finds comfort and consolation in illusion, I am pleased for him – but he did not have to accept an invitation to be Patron of the Society of Homeopaths and endorse their beliefs in the public domain.
    He can, and should, keep his views on non-evidence based beliefs to himself.

    It has been suggested that SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19 is transmitted to humans by close association with an old bat.

    • Splutter… surely you can’t mean… I mean surely not? Not Her Majesty herself – a majestic old bat!

      Batty family, tis true. Namaste yer Royal ‘ighness. Get well soon.

      Blind faiths be damned.

  • I am happy on HRH speedy recovery. There is definitely a Homeopathy hand in this. My friend who attended a Homeopathic Workshop said that if we take a good course of homeopathy, it’s effect remains in the body long after stopping it. We need not take it again & again. Prince Charles, I am sure, has taken a lot of homeopathic medicines. Wishing him all the best. He should take care and not mingle too much bcoz the virus is spreading so fast in UK.

    • so good of you to be sure!

    • @Pamela

      . . .if we take a good course of homeopathy, it’s effect remains in the body long after stopping it.

      Pamela, I am just curious. Do you believe this? Nuance it if you’d like but a straight yes or no would be sufficient.

      • @Ron,
        I am saying from experience at home. My friend too said that it has not to be continued like conventional medicines (maintenance dose) We realized the benefits of homeopathy only after leaving it. I don’t know the mechanism of action but it does not matter as long as the patient enjoys good health parameters.

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