The ‘Corona-Virus Quackery Club’ (CVQC) is enjoying a fast-growing membership. As mentioned in previous posts, it consists of:


colloidal silver crooks,

TCM practitioners,

orthomolecular quacks,


Chiropractors have been keen to join since weeks. They have a long tradition of claiming that their ‘adjustments’ boost the immune system, and therefore it was to be expected that they also jump on the corona-bandwagon.

Some chiropractors seem to believe that the corona-virus pandemic is a fine business opportunity or, as one put it, the perfect opportunity to have a heart to heart with patients about their immune and nervous systems! Remember, if germs automatically caused disease, the human race wouldn’t be around to debate the issue. Many forget that Louis Pasteur, the father of the germ theory recanted his belief. On his deathbed he observed, “It’s the soil, not the seed.” In other words, without the right environment, germs can do little harm.

Chiropractors and other health care workers are at greater risk due to patient or client interactions and are encouraged to take extra precautions when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and skin or close contact.

“Every chiropractic practice has been touched by coronavirus [fears],” says Bill Esteb, DC, who has created and is circulating a coronavirus and chiropractic guide on how to avoid contracting the virus.

“We wanted to create a tool that chiropractors could use as a conversation springboard. Chiropractors need to remind their patients that germs don’t automatically cause disease. And that ‘catching’ the coronavirus, or anything else, requires a hospitable environment.”

The only way to catch anything, says Esteb, is to become a hospitable host. Flipping the message, Esteb in his coronavirus and chiropractic guide says here is “How to Catch the Coronavirus”:

  • Eat a Poor Diet — Make sure your body lacks the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients needed to keep itself in good repair.
  • Avoid Adequate Rest — Stay up late and use sugar, tobacco, coffee and energy drinks as needed.
  • Become Dehydrated — Reduce the effectiveness of your natural defense mechanisms by shunning adequate water.
  • Stop Exercising — Reduce the efficiency of your lymphatic system, which requires movement to circulate this important germ-fighting fluid.
  • Think Negative Thoughts — Worry that you’ll be a victim. Closely monitor news reports about outbreaks, fearing the advancing pandemic.
  • Rarely Wash Your Hands — Use your dirty hands and fingers to rub your eyes, pick your nose or wipe your lips.
  • Skip Your Chiropractic Adjustments — Handicap your nervous system, the master system that controls your entire body. Wait until symptoms are clearly present.

“Following these suggestions is the way to become a suitable host for any number of germs or microbes,” Esteb says. “The tongue-in-check approach keeps the subject light. It stimulates more instructive patient conversations. It helps reduce appointment cancellations.

“Most people have an inappropriate fear of germs. And while this poster and patient handout won’t eliminate it, use it to explore the value of ongoing chiropractic care as a preventive strategy.”


The Internet is full with messages of this type. Here is just one example: The best defense for the Corona Virus is to be healthy when you are exposed to the virus. Get adjusted to boost your immune system. Check out this video blog on what you can do to be healthy and prepare your body to fight off the corona virus.


Perhaps the worst excesses can be found on Twitter:

James Langford 

Did you know that a properly aligned body supports and activates our immune system. During this time of concern from the corona virus, making sure your body is healthy is the best way to combat this illness. #health #immunesystem
Oxford Chiropractic

Scared of the corona virus? Practice a little preventative care like mama always used to tell you and get your spine adjusted!!! It’s boosts your immune by 200%!!!!! Why aren’t we talking…
So, considering this concerted effort, I am happy to announce that, from today, my friends the chiros are official members of the CVQC.
Whether Boris Johnson will be allowed in, depends on future announcements; so far, his chances are not bad.

16 Responses to Chiropractors join the prestigious ‘Corona-Virus Quackery Club’


  • I wonder what percentage of chiropractors are making such claims? Is it mainly the 20% who adhere to traditional chiropractic beliefs?

    • more likely, it’s the 70% who find vertebral subluxation to be an important practice consideration

      • unlikely. One survey was specific re definition, the other not. Those who understand the topic would know how to properly interpret such findings.

        • don’t i know it: only chiros can twist the data such that it is not devastatingly bad for them

          • Its called proper interpretation of findings.

            Try it sometime.

          • oh, you are hilarious!
            you think that the more conflict of interest you have the less biased you are?

          • That 70% comes from a survey where…

            “We did not define nor specifically operationalize, a priori, the term “subluxation”, but instead allowed each individual doctor of chiropractic to self-define the concept “subluxation” in their survey responses.”

            Journal of Chiropractic Humanities. Volume 15, 2008, Pages 19-26

            Compared to many surveys which were more specific to a definition which found that around 20% of chiropractors hold to a more traditional view of subluxation.

            The later group would be more inclined to see a subluxation/adjustment having an influence on the immune system.

            There is no conflict of interest, it is a matter of understanding and proper interpretation of the findings. This is something you seem to struggle with.

          • yes, yes, go ahead, carry on insulting me, if it gives you pleasure [].
            meanwhile look up this study:
            Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice
            Volume 39, May 2020, 101105

          • I have that study which is how i know which survey they pulled the 70%….where they didnt define subluxation.

            Prior to that they went thru the studies that found around 20% hold to traditional chiropractic. Studies where they defined subluxation.

  • If I let them adjust my wallet as well will my stock market portfolio also increase by 200%?

  • DC wrote on 17 ‎March ‎2020, ‏‎20:19:57: “I have that study which is how i know which survey they pulled the 70%….where they didnt define subluxation”

    @ DC

    Ref the study:

    After all this time, why hasn’t the chiropractic subluxation been properly defined? The confusion is appalling. See:

    Indeed, it doesn’t look like there’s been any progress on this data…

    Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of the World Federation of Chiropractic, Richard Brown, has stated:

    “The WFC has unity as one of its core pillars. While it would seem very simple to cut adrift a section of the chiropractic community with whom we disagree, the reality is that this is neither possible nor desirable…The richness of the chiropractic profession lies in its diversity of approaches…Education is delivered differently. The philosophy of chiropractic care takes many forms, some aligned with other health professions, others quite distinct…The WFC values evidence-informed care and promotes research as a means of developing the chiropractic profession.”

    Ref: (pp 5-6)

    What a mess.

    • regardless, when one looks at research that uses the word, one must look carefully how it is defined, if at all. This allows proper interpretation of the results. Failure to do so leads to making silly comments like Ernst did above.

  • this review [] was just published by the WCF; it concluded:
    No credible, scientific evidence that spinal adjustment / manipulation has any clinically relevant effect on the
    immune system was found. Available studies have small sample sizes and a lack of symptomatic subjects.
    At the time of writing, there exists no credible, scientific evidence that would permit claims of effectiveness for
    conferring or enhancing immunity through spinal adjustment / manipulation to be made in communications by
    In the event that new scientific evidence emerges, it will be critically appraised using scientific methods of

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