Prof. Shailendra Ramchandra Vishampayan is the 1st author of the paper we discussed yesterday. He was kind enough to repeatedly join us in the comments section, and I was therefore keen to learn more about him. On his website, he says about himself that he is a renowned academician and famous homeopath, enriched with decades of ideal experiences and quality services. He is registered medical practitioner (M.D), performs all the duties of registered medical practitioner following the law of land in India. Globally he is considered as homeopath and known as “Dr.V”. He is a registered member of Society of Homeopaths (overseas).

Dr. V, is a practicing homeopath with clinical experience of over 20 years. In course of his years of practice he had successfully helped more than 250 happy families globally, with various kinds of cases like thyroid, immune compromised, epilepsy, endocrine disorders, paediatric, gynaecological disorders addictions, psychiatric disorder, children with special needs, pets and plants.

He is famous for his path breaking concept and novel idea of creating an organization called ‘Folk Homeopathy ‘, which is dedicated to professional enrichment of homeopathic practitioners helping them to improve their clinical acumen with spot on prescription.

His practical approach in solving cases has earned him accolades and fame throughout the globe.

Dr. V is the author of ‘Kinder Garten Materia Medica’ a reference book for beginners widely used by homeopathic students in India. It is a book with unique combination of pictorial and pneumonic.

He is a Professor (PG) at D.Y.Patil Homeopathy Medical College (Pune). He has a teaching experience of over 16 years in teaching UG and PG. He has drawn large number of followers through webinars which is accessible throughout the globe. He has given more than 50 international seminar ,workshops and webinars in countries like USA, Ireland, Malaysia, with presentations on Homeopathic approach to female hormonal imbalance cases at OMICS Conference of Alternative Medicine, presentation on Psychiatric cases at Asian Homeopathic League. And various presentation at University of Cyberjaya, Malaysia, California Homeopathic Medical society, San Diego and also at Corte Madera, 98th FOH Congress, Liverpool and Kinvara Co Galway, Ireland.

And on the same site, we also learn that ‘Dr V’ is particularly adept at treating diabetes:

India is now considered as the diabetes capital of the world. Approximately 8.7 percent of Indians between the age of 20 to 70 years are diabetic. This translates to approximately 62.5 million diabetics living in India, according to estimates by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) The economic burden of managing this disease is also substantial since this is a combination of cost of treatment and loss of productivity in such a high number of diabetics. Diabetes can affect multiple organ systems resulting in a wide range of serious issues in patients. Many of these complications in a diabetic do not have any specific treatment with conventional medicines. However, an indication of the popularity of homeopathy amongst diabetics is that the doctors at our clinic treat approximately two hundred cases of diabetes or diabetes related issues every day. We have, in fact, developed specific diabetes management protocols for patients based on the experience of thousands of cases we have seen over four decades.

This is interesting, I thought, and conducted a few Medline searches to see whether there is any evidence to show that homeopathy is an effective therapy for diabetes. I am afraid, I found no papers of ‘Dr V’ to suggest such an effect. But what I did find was certainly fascinating.

Last year, Italian diabetologists published an review entitled ‘Alternative treatment or alternative to treatment? A systematic review of randomized trials on homeopathic preparations for diabetes and obesity‘. Here is what they reported:

The searches failed to retrieve any trial comparing homeopathic remedies with placebo or any active drug for the treatment of either diabetes or obesity.

These authors commented that

… if homeopathy is used as an alternative to available and effective treatments, the consequences can be catastrophic, particularly in some conditions such as insulin-requiring diabetes. In conclusion, there is no scientific evidence on efficacy and no demonstration of safety of homeopathy in diabetes and obesity…

I agree with my Italian colleagues and I have previously expressed this view bluntly; I even entitled one of my posts ‘This is how homeopathy could kill millions‘.

‘Dr V’ will probably point out that he is a fully qualified doctor and uses homeopathy merely as an adjunct to conventional anti-diabetic treatments; thus he kills nobody.

I certainly hope this is so! But, even in this case, I must still ask: WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE THAT HOMEOPATHY IS AN EFFECTIVE ADJUNCT TO CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE?

64 Responses to ‘Dr V’, diabetes, homeopathy and the ‘catastrophic’ consequences of homeopathy

  • It’s a bit worrying that he seems to confuse billion and million.
    Maybe for a homeopath that doesn’t matter as a 100C dilution will have the same effect as 100M.
    But if he’s a proper doctor I hope someone checks his prescriptions.

  • On this website there is a set of scrolling photos at the top. One is of a lady’s neck considerably swollen with “goitre”, due one presumes to thyroid problems (Dr Vaishampayan mentions treating thyroid problems). The next photo is another pic of a lady’s neck, with a considerably smaller swelling if any at all. The visual suggestion is obviousy of successfull treatment of a thyroid problem.

    It would be interesting to know: 1) Are these two photos of the same person, 2) On what dates were the photos taken 3) If it’s the same person and the second photo was later than the first, did she have ONLY homeopathic treatment, or homeopathy along with conventional treatment?

    • in my experience, only 18 carat charlatans promote such photographic evidence for boosting their business.

      • Pure gold is 24 carat. Does a 24c charlatan differ from an 18c charlatan? Or does the “c” have a dual meaning?

      • And of course with photo editing software it is possible to make photos look like anything you want.

      • Thanks for the honor designing website is not my department seeing patient is. Let’s not drift from my aticles. I am doing everything legally on India soil. But loved the adjective Charlton…nobody every called me that thanks these things keep your ego at bay god bless

        • are you going to clarify whether you are an imposter?
          [we already suspect that you are a quack by treating diabetes with homeopathy]

          • Wow one more feather in my cap no photo shop used Please verify downloading the photos please come and visit my small establishment in india. Let’s focus on covid only

          • allow me to decide what I focus on

          • in the ‘HOMEOPATHY’ paper, you state that you are affiliated to the ‘Department of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, D. Y. Patil Homoeopathic Medical College and Research Centre and PG Institute, Maharashtra, India’. I cannot find any evidence of this; could you please show me some?

    • My Dear David it is true ,seeing is believing please contact the number on website I am inviting all ragistered medical practitioners to my clinic in Mumbai they could examine the patients and confirm.

      • I am not a medical practitioner, just an interested lay person. SInce you have kindly taken the time to participate here, I know you will be eager to provide the information I have asked for, in this forum.

      • “Seeing is believing”
        Is that what you were taught at medical school? For the sake of your patients I sincerely hope not.

    • Download the photos and there are many ways to find out morph photos. Only homoeopathic medicine is used and no claim of diabetes cure on the website , management yes. I am living all your thinking please visit my place after covid is over. Godbless

      • Can you tell us more about the photos with the goitre? Is it the same lady in the two photos, before treatment and after? On what dates were they taken? Did she receive ONLY homeopathic treatment – no iodine supplementation, for example?

  • I thought it might be useful to point out the difference between type I and type II diabetes.

    Type II diabetes (which used to be known as non-insulin-dependent diabetes) is more common and is characterised by “insulin resistance” i.e. the body’s cells become relatively resistance to the sugar-lowering effects of insulin. As a result, the pancreas produces more and more insulin in order to try to keep the blood glucose under control, and the other effects of insulin (such as weight gain) are exaggerated. Treatment is diet, weight loss, exercise (even brief strenuous exercise changes the way that muscles metabolise glucose) and if that isn’t enough, drugs. One important drug is metformin, which doesn’t reduce the blood glucose as much as some of the others but has been clearly shown to reduce the risk of strokes, heart disease and premature death. Sometimes insulin is necessary in addition to other measures.

    The other form of diabetes, type I diabetes, used to be called insulin-dependent diabetes (to distinguish it from insulin-treated type II diabetes). The key word here is “dependent” because insulin needs to be given all the time (no matter how low the blood sugar) in order to prevent acute illness and death. Usually this disease results from an auto-immune attack on the pancreas, destroying the insulin-secreting beta-cells in the islets of Langerhans (it can also result from pancreatitis). Once they are gone, the person cannot make their own insulin, which is essential in order to maintain metabolism. In the absence of insulin a state known as ketoacidosis results, which is a medical emergency and quite complicated to treat.

    Although these two types of diabetes are completely different diseases, they have in common the fact that poor control over the years results in damage to nerves, kidneys, blood vessel, blindness, amputations, strokes, heart disease and many other problems.

    There is also a completely unrelated condition called diabetes insipidus, where damage to the posterior pituitary gland results in failure to secrete ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) resulting in the inability to concentrate urine. People with this condition produce up to 20 litres of dilute urine daily and are at risk of severe dehydration, but their blood sugar is normal.

    Modern medical treatment (of which diet and weight control are essential components) can control both types of diabetes and mitigate their effects, but neither type can be cured, with the possible exception of mild type II diabetes, which can sometimes resolve with weight loss, and pancreas transplant for type I diabetes.

    Anybody promising to cure diabetes with any other therapy is lying, and if they also advise people to stop their conventional treatment, be aware that this is extremely dangerous, and in the case of type I diabetes likely to be rapidly fatal.

  • I seem to remember a certain Sandra Hermann-Courtney of this parish posting one of her witless Tweets a while back claiming that homeopathy was helpful in the treatment of type 1 (insulin-dependant) diabetes. We asked insulin-dependant homeopath Chris Wilkinson to disabuse Baggie of her notions but he refused to do so or admit that homeopathy was of no use in type 1 diabetes.

    Such is the hypocrisy and stupidity of homeopaths and their acolytes.

    • this is how homeopathy could kill millions!

    • What the homeopathic world really needs is an effective cure for messianic narcissism. Might I suggest a 30C tincture of homeopath? Just hold the dilution, and vigorously succuss.

      (And lest anyone think that unkind, I’m not the one trying to cripple and kill diabetics for my own greater glory here.)

  • According to information on the web, “Dr.V” resides and practices in Thane, which is a city just outside Mumbai, in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. I had a look in the Maharashtra medical council registry of medical practitioners and found no one by the name of Vishampayan. Then I realised that the eminent homeopath has misspelled his own name in the pontifical “about” page, cited in this post.
    A new search for “Vaishampayan”, which seems to be the correct version of his surname and corresponds to the rest of his web, produced six entries, none of which corresponds to his full name as given on the web. So I am unable to verify the statement by our eminent friend, that he is:
    “… registered medical practitioner (M.D)”. His following claim, that he “…performs all the duties of registered medical practitioner following the law of land in India.” is thereby cast in serious doubt as well.

    Of course I may be barking up the wrong tree here, but I do not think so. Mr. Vaishampayan can correct me himself if I am wrong, but he would need to provide more than a verifiable entry in a public registry. I would need his full CV to be able to ascertain that his medical education is verifiable and corresponds to his claims.
    If not, we have to assume that this is a fraudulent claim and misuse of an official title, which should be reported to regulatory authorities.

    By the way, I easily found a dear friend, colleague and mentor in the Maharashtra Medical Council registry, which is readily searchable here:

    • I also did not find his name in the list of professors at ‘his’ university

    • Dear sir, I a practicing homoeopathic doctor must register with MUHS in India my rag number is 30133.i am a registered doctor on indian soil I too have a british and American membership each. Thanks for taking interest in me it is better if all of us explore the possibility of homoeopathic medicine and modern medicine working together godbless

      • When I google MUHS it comes up with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences
        Is that the entity you are registered with?
        And what do you mean by british membership?

        • On British soil I am ragistered under SOH but the faculty of homoeopathic medicine an association of medical homoeopathic doctors is also recognizing our contribution and will soon get a membership when we are allowed to travel . I have conducted a few lectures and webinars and a workshop in the past for medical doctors the record is available on the faculty website. I am here to learn and not to fight and confront. Gdbless

      • Mr. Vaishampayan
        In most developed societies, practicing medicine without a license and even just falsely claiming to be a member of a legally regulated health care profession, is a punishable offense. I am not familiar withthe legal system in India, where homeopathy and many other pseudomedical practices are a matter of cultural and religious importance, but I would think the State of Maharashtra would, despite lenience towards practitioners of so called alternative medicine, not take it lightly if it came to their attention that you seem to falsely claim to be a registered medical doctor practicing medicine within their jurisdiction. Therefore I think you should revise your marketing material accordingly and, to alleviate possible legal consequences, declare on your site that you made a mistake. That is to say if our understanding of your response is correct, that you are unable to corrobarate said claim.

        • Thanks for the concern but I have a registration number under MCH 30133. Please verify. And now the government of maharashtra is officially allowing ayurveda and homoeopathic medicine in the wards I could send you the official report on your personal email id through my staff. I am a Doctor on India soil and have worked within my limits and never claimed about any cure godbless

      • Dear sir, I a practicing homoeopathic doctor must register with MUHS in India my rag number is 30133.i am a registered doctor on indian soil I too have a british and American membership each.

        “rag number” 🙂 One wonders how rags are used to enumerate members? Sounds like something out of a book by JK Rowling.

        Humour aside, I honestly don’t think the man has a blinking idea of what we are talking about, when it comes to titles, medicine (real) and regulations. Homeopaths are schooled within the sect-like confines of homeopathy where they are told homeopathy is an important scientific field, taught to believe blindly in its scriptures and rites. Their perspective to health care never reaches farther than the pompous adornments of the “religion”, that are made to resemble those of academic merits. They are ignorant to and therefore simply do not understand the genuine world of modern health care, which they have been indoctrinated to react instinctively to as the “allopathic” enemy. If it were not for the occasions where they ignorantly endanger and defraud the public, they could be totally discounted.

    • This web page has “MD (Hom)”. It is possible that a Doctor of Medicine degree in Homeopathy might have been awarded by a non-accredited college…….

      No doubt the good Doctor will be eager to set the record stright in here, about which medical school awarded his Doctorate.

      • It’s academic really, as either way he’s a grifting quack and utterly unfit to call himself a Doctor.

        But people do love their religions, and if he kills off a few with his nonsense then obviously that’s their fault for not believing hard enough.

      • MUHS is the only university that awards any medicine degree in india , allopathy, physiotherapy and homoeopathy we have similar training like allopathic doctors plus homoeopathic subjects. To practice only allopathic medicine we need to do a six month pharmac course that many of us choose not to do as then one can’t practice homoeopathic medicine afterwards. My MD college is YMTHMC which is an accredited college and ranked 5th in India .

        • MUHS is the only university that awards any medicine degree in india

          And what do the rest of India’s 542 medical schools award? Swimming certificates?

          As for MUHS in particular, it looks like a right old soup:

          MUHS offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies including Ph.D. in all branches of health sciences. Undergraduate programmes of five and a half years (such as, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) and Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS)) are conducted by MUHS. Dental and nursing degrees are offered.

          Conventional medical education rubbing shoulders with ayurvedic toxins, homeopathic fantasy, and unani woo. Perhaps they use the real medicine to treat the heavy metal poisoning with a nice back rub to relax while homeopathy takes all the credit for the cure?

          My MD college is YMTHMC which is an accredited college and ranked 5th in India.

          Doesn’t matter if it’s 5th from the top or 5th from the bottom, “accreditation” don’t count for squat if it’s accredited by crooks and loons. But at least you’re not a real MD, which is a small mercy I suppose. Unless you mean “Medically Deluded”, of course.

  • Should not be asking Dr V by what mode of action his homeopathy works. Given the fact that there is none of the original substance in the ‘remedies’ people are simply treated with plain water or a sugar pill – and sugar is great in diabetes!

  • It is a book with unique combination of pictorial and pneumonic.

    Well, I for one am very fond of the aroma of books, both freshly printed and, erm, ‘matured’ – but Dr. V’s ‘pneumonic’ book doesn’t really sound all that healthy to me …

  • So how do you explain the large number of deaths due to Covid in UK and USA: the final frontiers of scientific medicine?

    At 196T infections, UK had over 31000 dead. Kerela in India has 742 with equivalent infection.

    Compare Covid figures of Cuba with Florida. Cuba 122 deaths against Florida over 14000 dead.

    Instead of quoting trials that have no relevance to ground reality, the figures achieved in field, with real patients, should be considered more relevant. You cannot do that. It would show how hollow your claims are. This, of-course, is not the purpose of your blog.

    With trial cleared medication, NHS actually killed 24000 diabetics in a small country like UK alone, every year. Your “‘This is how homeopathy could kill millions‘.” is rather laughable. Because if homeopathy could kill millions, you would have found thousands dead.

    Did you tell your readers, that many times diabetes is actually the result of scientific medication?

  • It’s a war against virus and every one including some footsoldiers like us are contributing but no one must claim till the war is over everything will be available in post war audit its difficult to say what may work what may not . Till that time let’s keep on trying in our little capacity

    • The only thing you’re contributing is disease vectors.

    • But you are not helping – you are harming.
      You are distracting real doctors, who are trying approaches that might actually work, from doing their job.
      I’m sure if you want to help there are things you could do like volunteering as a hospital orderly.

      • I applied for a job of ward boy but they thought otherwise and the MBMC requested me to conduct such study I wrting , I have a letter from the mayor of our area and all legal documents inviting us to help people and the government as a national duty and I don’t think that we were allowed to kill or harm godbless

        • But do you not see where the harm arises? It is maybe a bit subtle.
          If doctors are running a clinical trial to see what improves patient outcome then have to make a choice over what to test. If they test a homeopathic remedy that that means they are not testing something that might actually help. Which means people might die because that information didn’t get to them sooner.

          The fact that a mayor (who i assume is not medically trained) asked you to so such a study does not absolve you of responsibility. If you really were a scientist/doctor of integrity, you would have explained that homeopathy does not work, cannot work, and therefore it would be unethical to conduct such a study.

          • Abused by your knowledge and divine wisedom . Please explain how do you know what actually happened .you are so correct no one has any knowledge except yourself about the situation that you never saw about the mayor and people that you never heard about .your clairvoyance is mesmerizing and magical wow. Please anticipate what could cure covid and the problem is parmanently solved with your love texts its better to get nominated for nobel prize you truly deserve a nobel or a Pulitzer prize. Dear friend it’s not a time to hate and accused people about whom you have no idea it’s time to help Auf wiedersehen

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