Indian homeopaths published a remarkable article in the journal ‘HOMEOPATHY’ proposing Mercurius solubilis as genus epidemicus for the current pandemic. Here it is:

From mid-June to mid-July 2020, our team of homeopathic doctors treated 104 patients in two COVID treatment centers—Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Hospital and Sheth P.V. Doshi Hospital—on the outskirts of Mumbai, India, with adjuvant homeopathy. It was observed by the patients, hospital staff, and the management that those patients on adjuvant homeopathy were discharged 3 to 7 days earlier than other comparable patients in the same wards, allowing us gradually to accommodate more severely ill patients who required oxygen, continuous positive airway pressure, or a ventilator.

Twenty-five different homeopathic medicines in total were prescribed to the patients, each receiving individualized treatment according to his or her symptoms. After collecting 143 clinical and individualizing (homeopathic) symptoms of 104 patients and converting those symptoms into rubrics, we repertorized the combined data with the help of the software Hompath, with an aim to arrive at a genus epidemicus. We observed that the medicine Merc Sol was at the top of the combined repertorization chart. After reviewing repertory sheets of all 104 patients, we discovered that Merc Sol was at the fourth or fifth place of all individual repertorization charts as well.

To substantiate our deduction, we studied the Materia Medica of Merc Sol from the original provings of Hahnemann[1] and other sourcebooks.[2] [3] [4] We also searched research articles and case studies about toxicological effects of mercury.[5] [6] [7] [8] These showed that acute exposure to mercury produces an acute respiratory distress syndrome-like presentation, a picture similar to the COVID symptomatology. Moreover, anosmia, aphthae, gastrointestinal and ocular manifestations that are seen in patients with COVID-19 were produced also by mercury the toxin and mercury the homeopathy-proved medicine. This finding is in accordance with the homeopathic Law of Similars: a substance producing a symptom in a healthy person is able to cure a similar symptom in a sick person.

To confirm our hypothesis, we identified 13 common symptoms of Merc Sol, such as indented tongue, salivation, perspiration, and night aggravation, which were present in various intensities in the previously treated 104 patients. We created a 13-point questionnaire and, after obtaining suitable Ethics Committee approval and individual informed consent from the patients, we evaluated 68 further patients in the above-mentioned COVID hospitals. People with at least eight confirmed symptoms from the questionnaire were prescribed Merc Sol 200c thrice a day for a week. In our 2-week study at both the locations, we observed a speedy recovery and a hospital stay reduction by 5 to 7 days in all the 68 patients when Merc Sol was used along with the standard Indian Council of Medical Research clinical protocol. Many of them were not newly admitted patients but were those who exceeded the mandatory minimum hospital stay. We are now using Merc Sol as a preventive medicine for over 1,000 people in a COVID hot-spot area in Powai, Mumbai, with the expressed permission of local authorities.

Following the Hahnemannian method of arriving at a genus epidemicus [9] (§ 99–103), and deducing it from the combined data of symptoms of more than 100 patients, we arrived at the conclusion that Merc Sol, “the deceitful malefic mercury” known for various symptomatic presentations and tissue destruction, is genus epidemicus of this pandemic. Our efforts are in accordance with the logic of homeopathy proffered by Dr. Stuart Close[10]: exact observation, correct interpretation, rational explanation, and scientific construction.

We now appeal to the global homeopathy community to test our findings in their respective areas, designing specific research projects to explore the utility of Mercurius solubilis in the COVID-19 pandemic as genus epidemicus.

If it were not such a serious matter, I might joke that everyone with a dental amalgam filling must be protected from COVID-19. But it is rather too serious to make fun, I am afraid. Therefore, I will just point out to all those homeopaths across the globe who follow their Indian colleagues’ appeal something rather basic: it is bad science to confirm their hypothesis. Science works by falsifying hypotheses. And a proper hypothesis needs, of course, more that the implausible hunches of some evangelic believers in the homeopathic cult.

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  • I thought homeopathy was gonna PREVENT Covid-19 in India? In Kerala, anyway?

  • I don’t think there are any reasons to avoid mentioning criteria they used to establish which patient is comparable (or why they had chosen those 104). Except that they had not paid any attention to e.g. comorbidities and chronically used medications. However patients and their relatives usually had no idea about the importance of these criteria, so they are not able to smell bullshit.

  • Dear All, no claims about any cure in this. Homoeopathy was used as an adjuvant to allopathic protocol under the guidance and along with the ICMR protocol with ICE clearance. A properly designed protocol with a control trial and then a double blind RCT is on it’s way. We have many allopathic physicians/ pulmonologists ,medical institutions helping us in the process ,a symbiotic association is shaping up in india with modern medicine and AYUSH( Aller Anfang ist schwer) let’s try to be together and help mankind in our little capasity .

    • I thought Hahnemann was vehemently opposed to using homeopathy in conjunction with anything else?

      • yes, Hahnemann would have called him a TRAITOR!

        • That’s exactly what he would call him. Listening to some of the replies on this thread shows some have no clue about the strength of homeopathy

          • Kim, can you give us a clue aboout the strength of homeopathy? The clues I’ve gleaned so far show that it doesn’t have any strength greater than placebo….

      • Dear David, as a registered doctor we have to follow the legal norms and work in our little capacity. We have done our best in the limited resources available to us. We are not yet allowed to treat standalone covid patients on India soil yes we have a huge data of hundreds of patients of covidlike illnesses . Please try to read in between reserch with allopathic colleagues is happening soon an RCT. Hahnemann would have appreciated our efforts and we are converting non believers in to believers of homoeopathic medicine.

    • Taking all the credit while real medicine does all the work? Classy. What’s an effective homeopathy for getting rid of parasites?

      • No one is taking any credits all the Alchemist like you and me are trying to find out the formula for elixir of life that could save lives in this global situation. we are all trying and want people across the globe to come together and work with holistic approach. No idea my dear friend it is better to consult a local person about parasites , what i know for sure that ICMR is advocating medicines against worms as mentioned in their protocol in September

        • I think he was speaking metaphorically about parasites…..

          • Ok David , thanks for the metaphorically designed response but a Think tank in India is also considering use of anti parasitic medicine to reduce viral load . Good to know there are some philosophers too amongst our allopathic friends. after all saving lives matters the most for all

        • Dumb as a stump as well as delusions of grandeur? Color me unsurprised.

          I am not your friend and you are not a doctor. Don’t kid yourself that you’re helping anyone but the fool in the mirror.

  • Dear leva, in the initial phase we had different permissions at different facilities depending upon the requirements and legal framework of each institution and state. We just studied the patients in the initial stages of mild to moderate symptoms we have no permission to treat comatose yet. India is an example of how allopathic medicine could use homoeopathic medicine smartly and we all did rather very well together

  • I bet they haven’t though of a mode of action to explain their results!

    • It’s a beginning and we have all the supporting documents with concent and approvals at various levels so please guide us what do you expect in the next phase Your opinion will be very much appreciated

  • homeopaths are all certifiable delusional.
    they are not fit to be treating anyone.
    why hasn’t this nonsense been stopped?

    • Dear Mark, you and I are on the same page here but around 130 Billion Indian people completely disagree. please write them an email to the government bodies and allopathic doctors too who are supporting us and using everything together.
      god bless you

      • Shailendra Vaishampayan, if you believe that homeopathy works better than placebo, do you favour any particular theory as to how a 200C homeopathic remedy might exert physiological effects on human tissues, since at 200C there is none of the original remedy present?

        • Dear David, it is not a question about what I believe in…. billions of people across the world use homoeopathic remedies and there are officially trained doctors, MDs who practice it . In my opinion one should not have compartments and homoeopathic medicine are better tools in the hand of trained physicians . It’s a once in lifetime situation let’s not fight I have many good things to say about allopathic medicine its saving lives we are not speaking about woodu and Shamanism we are speaking about a medicinal system that existed from the time of Hipocrates reframed by Dr Hahnemann no doubt he had some harsh comments about Allpathy as it was about divine punishments, starvation, blood letting and leeches he never had any idea about what is known as modern medicine. Why can’t we work together and use each others help to get rid of this global situation.willing to learn more

          • There is no reliable evidence that homeopathy works better than placebo to alter the course of any health condition.

          • Dear David, many reserch published in five years by nuclear physicist and scientists say something different. Many people in the western world believe that India is a country of snake charmers and elephants which is untrue the ignorance is because of not getting updated. same is true about indian homoeopathic doctors. That’s the reason we have a separate ministery for homoeopathic medicine in india . Please give your valuable advice as sooner placebo control trial is happening officially…….. homoeopathic medicine was not founded by homoeopathic doctors but by allopathic physicians and surgeons . Let’s try to work together and learn from each other .not many indian homoeopathic doctors are against allopathic medicine we respect and refer many people and also get some referral cases from allopathic doctor friends as well. Looking forward for your suggestions

          • “Dear David, it is not a question about what I believe in….”

            No, it’s about what you’ve got robust evidence for. You’ve got no viable mechanism of operation (quantum flapdoodle doesn’t count), and high-quality randomized double-blinded trials in the field return consistently negative results. Which is entirely in keeping with everything else we know about how the universe works.

            For homeopathy to be correct, huge tracts of established scientific knowledge, which it contradicts, would have to be wrong. And whereas that science has already given us the microwave oven, cures for plagues, atomic bombs, and so on, all you lot can provide is grandiose delusions, religious handwavium, and the utter, utter unwillingness to consider even the possibility that you could ever be wrong.

            In other words, one of these has proved itself, the other has proved itself pablum for fools. Guess which is which.

            “billions of people across the world use homoeopathic remedies”



            Customer satisfaction surveys don’t count either. Evidence, or GTFO.

            “Why can’t we work together”

            Because you are a fraud with delusions of competence. You would be laughable, were you not also a danger to life and limb. The only place you should be working is in a prison yard.

        • So-called Skeptics are so hung up on having a mechanism for homeopathy. Tell me the mechanism of Consciousness or Life, itself, please. Are you not going to believe in consciousness or life because you dont know the mechanism? We know about these phenomena and homeopathy by their effects.

          • No effects beyond placebo have been reliably demonstrated.

          • No one is selling bottles of “Consciousness” for $50 and claiming that it will cure viral infection.
            No one has ever demonstrated that so-called homeopathy has an effect beyond placebo so those that believe it does are delusional.

          • I cannot speak for so-called skeptics, as I am not a so-called skeptic (or sceptic, if one prefers to use the UK spelling).

            However, I do not believe that so-called skeptics are hung up on having a mechanism for homeopathy. I am certainly not hung up on that (as I understand the term ‘hung up’ anyway).

            But Roger, surely you can see that your comparison is not valid. There is ample EVIDENCE for the existence of consciousness and life. We can even to some extent control consciousness inasmuch as it can be supressed enough to perform lengthy and complex surgery on a body without the patient being aware. As Dr Ben Goldacre points out, even though scientists may not know quite HOW general anaesthesia works, there is no doubt THAT it works.

            The same is not true of homeopathy. Not only does no-one know HOW it could work, there is no credible evidence THAT it works better than placebo.

          • @David B

            But Roger, surely you can see that your comparison is not valid.

            David, there is no chance of Roger seeing any such thing. Ever. Unless you are doing it for entertainment purposes, talking to him is an exercise is futility.

          • Roger is ONLY tolerable for comic relief!

          • Tell me the mechanism of Consciousness

            The prevailing and plausible theory is that consciousness is an emergent phenomenon in neural networks that are sufficiently complex to not just interact with the environment, but also lump these interactions into symbols that can be treated by the organism as self-contained entities, leading to the creation of at least one symbol representing the ‘self’, perceived by the organism as the central hub of its own existence. Also note that consciousness is not an all-or-nothing phenomenon, and that it is not limited to mammals either.

            [the mechanism of] Life

            This one is even easier: the mechanism of life is literally a mechanism: it consists of (highly complex) interactions between (also highly complex) chemicals that automatically result in the formation of an organism – an organism that is ultimately capable of creating both the environment and the chemicals necessary to repeat this cycle.

            Both mechanisms are the result of simple, blind evolutionary processes favouring organisms (and chemical structures!) that best succeed in replicating themselves.

            However, there is NOT a plausible mechanism AT ALL whereby
            – The effects of a particular chemical or biological substance on an organism can be either evoked OR counteracted at will, by administering water from which said substance has been explicitly removed (i.e. homeopathic ‘proving’ is nonsense);
            – The effects of a particular disease or condition can be consistently counteracted by administering the above water (i.e. the generalisation of homeopathic ‘proving’ is even more nonsensical);
            – A childishly simple, one-size-fits-all process (diluting and shaking) consistently produces water that interacts in a highly specific and intricate way with an organism;
            – Said water without any active substances becomes even MORE effective if the water is diluted even further – with more water that is 100% identical to the dilute itself;
            – etcetera etcetera …

            In short: NOT ONE of homeopathy’s premises is even remotely plausible, and NOT ONE of those premises is supported by scientific evidence.
            And quite contrary to all your foolish blabbing about ‘provings’ there is literally no-one who can distinguish plain water from homeopathy ‘remedies’.

            The only thing that homeopaths can truly claim is that the majority of sick people get better when treated with homeopathy – but they invariably neglect to say that the exact same thing happens when people are NOT treated with homeopathy, thus lying by omission.
            Homeopathy is a religion, a system of belief, and NOT a field of medicine, no matter how fervently homeopaths fool themselves and their gullible audience that it is.

      • @Shailendra Vaishampayan

        Yes, lots of Indians believe in this nonsense (although I doubt it is 130 billion). But, neither mass endorsement nor a long history prove that a treatment is effective. That’s for science to determine. Unfortunately, science has nothing good to say about homeopathy.

        Your bio says you are an MD so, you should know that—unless MD means something different in India.

        I’m guessing you do know that but there is more money is selling this nonsense. Your So-Called Alternative Medicine (SCAM) is just that, a scam. I say that not to convince you—that would likely never happen—but so that others who are on the fence and are reading this might reconsider and, instead, seek real medical assistance.

        (OK, Roger, RG, DC, Sandra, etc. Let ‘er rip! I’ll be sitting here shaking my head in bewilderment about how you came to believe in this rubbish in the first place.)

        • Let’s agree to disagree and work in our little capacity. Godbless

          • Homeopathy has not been demonstrated to have any capacty to improve health conditions to an extent greater than placebo.

          • @Shailendra

            No, it’s not a matter of disagreeing to disagree. That’s what you do when you are discussing two football clubs. We are talking about the lives of people in pain or experiencing sickness who want real relief, not hocus pocus.

            Your magic tricks and fairy stardust are keeping people from getting real medical help. You need to just stop it. Of course, backtracking would mean you have to admit you are wrong. I doubt that would ever happen.

            Science. It’s a thing.

          • Dear Ron, Government of India is allowing these medicine to be distributed legally. I have no control over your words but it has saved many lives I do not have any magic cure for covid I am sure no one in the world has . We will stop if the government of India askes us to do so. Many ayurveda treatments are also helpful and we are not denying any modern medicine intervention as they are equally important . Please write an email to our governess to stop use of ayush medicine as adjuvant. Homeopathy is a fact today and there is no point in denying her existence the sun of alternative medicine is already rising globally and we require no social media to promote it . I agree with you that no magic can be used for treatment but its already there one cannot close eyes and complain about darkness. Let there be light of science

          • Yes, they are legal. That means nothing. And how long they have been around means nothing, as well. How many people believe in it is equally devoid of meaning.

            You say you will stop if the government asks you to stop? Why wait for the government to say that? What about just doing the right thing? If you believe in science (I think you claim that), you will know that homeopathy has never been shown to be better than placebo.

            And as for ayurveda, I quote Professor Ernst (

            “Science-based medicine refers to it as pseudoscientific and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) characterises it as quackery.”*

            Just stop it.


          • “but it has saved many lives”. No, homeopathic medicines have not saved any lives.

        • >> about how you came to believe in this rubbish in the first place
          I’ve often wondered about that. Surely there is a point in the training of homeopaths where they are told that dilution increases the potency, and they must surely think “hang on a moment, this can’t be right”.
          But maybe that is the point, it functions like a test of hypnotic susceptibility to filter out the sensible so only the gullible and credulous remain.

        • “although I doubt it is 130 billion”

          I think someone is diluting his numbers a bit.

      • Correction: 130 million Indians ‘ignorantly’ disagree.

        • Good invitations for all to see the reality now India has allowed mec sol to be used as an adjuvant with allopathic medicine Willing to share the documents. Around 40 homeopathic remedies proved beneficial.

    • Homeopathy has been here for 200+ years with long-term cures of people with serious chronic and acute diseases around the world, and will be here long after you are gone. Maybe you are willfully ignorant of homeopathy. Give it a try.

      • “Give it a try” is not evidence of efficacy, only evidence that you are a shill.

        What you have there is religion, not medicine. Please try not to get them confused.

        • Ok let the truth prevail. If a non believers of homeopathy call it a fraud it’s ok as one must know that one can never know all the secrets of nature and rather than assuming a respected citizen a fraud accept my invitation to visit and see the truth. It’s a time to.make not break and accused each other.i have personally respected modern medicine and never ever say bad words about it as it has saved many lives in comparison with other systems but there are many different ways to reach a destination

          • “Ok let the truth prevail.”
            great- then answer my question

          • Dear Doctor Edzard, Guten Tag. I know that I am speaking with one of the greatest researcher of the last century and a great doctor and I have gone through your books published and I am one of the rarest homeopathic doctors who liked your work and it’s an honor for a small time doctor from third world country to exchange thoughts All lovers of homoeopathic medicine must read your literature it makes us introspective but I can’t deny the truth that I can experience for myself and others it will be of great help for us if we understand your feelings and try to do better in our lives. You are the greatest I agree but we do have a small piece of truth that we can not deny. I am aware of the fact, that…Kinder und Betrunkene sagen immer die Wahrheit. So considee us as your own children ( not drunkerd) and help us out in helping the humanity auf wiedersehen

          • thank you for studying me so thoroughly that you do not even know which is my first and which is my last name.

          • @Shailendra

            Ok let the truth prevail. If a non believers of homeopathy. . .

            Non-believers? I don’t recall who said it but it seems they were right. This is not a medical treatment. It is a cult. A religion. Do you have secret ceremonies in large buildings with stained-glass windows? Do you wear silly hats and/or capes?

            You say one can never know the secrets of nature yet what you say is the truth? Let me ask—as so many before me have done: Where is the evidence?

            You think you are a “respected citizen.” You offer false promises and bogus treatments to people who are suffering. I’m struggling to respect that.

          • Dear Ron, things are different in your country. We have ragistered medical pracritioners who practice and no one is going to do anything illegal in india I am sharing the findings not claiming cure of anything. Godbless

          • No-one is going to do anything illegal in India? So all those scam call centres in New Delhi and Kolkata who phone vulnerble elderly people pretending to be from Microsoft or Amazon to con them out of money, are doing it LEGALLY?

            Dr Shailenrda, can you please give us information about the patient in the swollen-neck (goitre) photos, as requested? As a physician with a deep interest in the welfare of your patients, I am sure you must vividly remember so striking a case. On what dates were thw two photos taken, and was there really no other treatment, perhaps one involving iodine supplementation? Or surgery? Or thyroid hormone?

          • Yes David, please come and visit my clinic I remember every one vividly and even willing to share it with a ragistered medical doctor of any country The designing is not my part it was a web designers job.i have a written concent of all the photos used with proper documentation and also audi audio visual concent too. But I won’t share everything here as my parents provacy is the most important thing. I don’t expect any racist comments on a reserch platform like this Yes there are good people and bad people everywhere it’s our wisedom and common sense that helps us I have many thyroid cases treated by me although my MD was on opium addiction + 91 9224874427 is my office number please visit the are many so called allopathic physicians who visit me in india to experience the kind of patients that we see with very limited resources. May be i could get some clinical tip from your clinical acumen god bless

          • I have already explained that I am not a Doctor. I am not involved in any medical field. I have a reasonably educated llayman’s interest in some medical matters, and served for some years on the Board of a medical charity.

            Naturally I would not expect you to identify a patient by name and give her street address! You could however do as is done in case reports in reputable medical journals, e.g. “A 43 year old patient presented with symptoms of x, measured as xxx. She was prescribed y and seen again after two weeks on (date). Her symptoms on second visit were measured as yyy, showing significant improvement etc etc etc”.

            I am not in a position to visit India, however interested I might be. However, you appear to be in a position to become world famous and to help millions of suffering humanity, if you can cure goitre using only homeopathic medicines and no other treatment. I know of course that as a humble physician working quietly for the betterment of mankind, you are not seeking fame. But by having your astounding, reliably repeated results published in a high-impact reputable medical journal, you will bring this cure modality to the notice of the medical establishment, and much suffering will be eliminated at minimal cost. You will also be the person having the distinction of causing physics to be re-written, having shown that molecules that aren’t there have phsyiological effects on human tissue. And while you are at it, you will be able to claim the Million Dollars from the James Randi Educational Foundation.

            Of course, to do all this, you will have to establish the truth of your claims. But you will; we would not like to think of you making claims that are not true and verifiable. Would we?

          • Dear David, I have no desire to be a world famous physician or a trickster neither I want to be a Hollywood star .I am a small town physician who was doing reasonabely well without corona, I have presented papers on thyroid patients on many international platforms sharing a link here for your kind perusal I could share with you my work on request to my office as a lay person I could only share the literature and not the confidential data.india is a beautiful place you must visit otherwise too you won’t regret it.

          • Thank you for posting the link to the video. I am watching it and am up to 23:05.

            I understand from it that you subscribe to the idea of Vital Force (Vitalism) and Miasms, that you generally prescribe 200C or 30C potencies, and that Phases of the Moon affect optimal dosing times in thryroid cases. Have I understood correctly?

            In view of the fact that 200C and 30C contain no molecules of the remedy, do you subscribe to any particular theory as to how the medicine produces any effect? The three main ideas, as I understand it, are: 1) Spiritual Essence, 2) Nanoparticles and 3) Memory of Water. Do you prefer any of these theories, or something else?

          • Dear Davis, There are some interesting developments some research work on the Standardization of homoeopathic medicine and in vitro and vivo action of homoeopathic medicine in India. I know a resent research about use of Sulphur 30, 200 on modifying the circulation in DVT using color Doppler. These researches were conducted by many scientists , non medicos , BARC, TIFR are two institutes dedicated to research are conducting these researches as i am no authority on them and I cant comment upon the mode of action although i have my own understanding. a Research about bactericidal properties of Echinacea 30is also happening in animal models . I can get you connected with the people doing so. I know it would be difficult for you to come to India but as i Have a British business visa of 5 years may be we could meet and then you could criticize me in person. I have visited England and Ireland on many occasions but our planned holiday in Scotland is under suspension due to covid , but i still have the tickets ,, one never know what lies in future.

          • David B,

            I think you should go to India if you get the chance. Apart from being a remarkable experience in its own right (it is a riot of colour, sound and flavours, and everywhere you look you will see something completely baffling going on), it will give you some insight into a culture where widely different world views are accepted as normal and are even held simultaneously by the same people.

            During my first visit in 1985 I stayed with a friend from college whose mother was a devout Hindu. She was very intelligent and well-educated, to the point where she prepared for a trip to England by reading the Bible from cover to cover in order to understand the country she was visiting better. But she believed that the electric lights were powered by some kind of daemons living in the wire, and indeed that all phenomena were due to the action of various spiritual entities.

            I spent a few weeks attached to a hospital in Kerala when I was a medical student, and there I learnt about the karma theory of driving – road traffic accidents were widely believed to be due to sins committed in the current or previous lives, and had very little to do with skill, attention or sobriety at the wheel. Everywhere I went there were burnt-out vehicles by the side of the road, crashed buses etc. This attitude extended to other activities – shinning up coconut trees, drinking home-distilled liquor, cooking on a primus stove wearing a saree, using power tools without guards, and the hospital was full of people with fractures sustain by falling out of trees, blindness from methanol in the home brew, severe burns from the saree catching fire, hands mangled by machinery…

            Much more recently (2016) I went on holiday to Rajasthan with my wife, though we also stopped off for a few days in Varanasi, which is not a place for the faint-hearted. Varanasi is on the Ganges river, which is not simply a river to those who live there, but also the Goddess Ganga. The city is sacred to the Hindus, and those dying within its confines are guaranteed an end to the cycle of death and rebirth and can finally attain paradise. Not only does it attract many terminally ill people, therefore, but it is also a site of pilgrimage which all Hindus are supposed to make, the highlight of which is total immersion in the river. A colleague of mine once explained that the filthy water, polluted by raw sewage and industrial waste (not to mention human remains left over from the many open-air cremations that take place there every day), was nevertheless able to cleanse the soul, though she admitted holding her nose and dunking herself only very briefly as she was nervous of the possible effects on her mortal body.

            India is a place where people believe anything and everything, and live their lives accordingly, and yet somehow the system works, I suppose because its people are on the whole very pragmatic, and tend to take the attitude that nothing is impossible.

            I don’t think you would get very far, however, arguing against homeopathy while you were over there.

          • Dr Julian , I agree with you India is a strange country but very beautiful and next time you intend to visit Varanasi please inform me that’s my second home i could share with you something about medicine BHU university is worth visiting for medical research.. Mumbai is completely cosmopolitan and like London city X10 X population . So i agree there are many things that we find strange but homoeopathy is not Indian its German but still people like it and use it. Our Prime Minister is also advocating its use . Dr Julian , india has everything , an oceans , and two seas, beautiful desert, snow claded mountain peaks and Rivers , but one good thing about Indian is that they respect your belief system and accept the things and stay happily.

          • Indeed I’m not averse to the idea of visiting India – thank you for taking the time to write about your experiences and impressions there. I’m a believer in the value and interest of experiencing other cultures and landscapes. I spent all of 2015 working (as a teacher of English) in the middle of Saudi Arabia, in a rural and very conservative area, where the people are mostly of Bedouin origin (and hospitable and friendly). It was a very interesting experience.

            One thing I quickly noticed there, was the prevalence of skin depigmentation. I asked a student who had a pale spot on his face if it was vitiligo (using Google Translate!) and he confirmed it. It seems that, having a genetic component, it is due to ‘consanguinous marriage’ – there are not THAT many surnames there….

            There is, too, a certain prevalent perception or interpretation of the concept of “inshAllah” – God willing. It sounds pious to say “I’ll see you tomorrow, God willing”, but what it comes down to somehow is “If I don’t bother to turn up tomorrow, it’s God’s fault because he obviously didn’t will it”! This also tanslates into something similar to what you describe with car accidents, and attitudes to road safety. A collegue with a lot of expereince there, related an experience with some students. They had expressed this view that whatevr happened on the roads was God’s will, so safety precuations didn’t matter. He got them to do a language project on road traffic accidents and deaths. This revealed that there were TEN TIMES as many traffic fatalities per head of population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as in the UK. “Why”, he asked them “do you think God wills ten times as many people to die in the home of Islam as in the UK?” They did not offer an answer. (Lack of regard for road safety is not, of course a tenet of Islam, just a cultural attitude to be found among many young men there).

    • why hasn’t this nonsense been stopped?

      Something something cold hard allopathic cash?

  • Which one ? I am willing to answer all if you want to see the truth come and visit us . In India we have mutual respect for all the systems and one article for or against us doesn’t make it a gospel truth . I know one thing that one must never disrespect anything in creation any science we must have serious questions against it but we must agree that there are different kinds of people the truth is evidence and denying it due to our ignorance is funny.

    • preferably all

    • “we have mutual respect for all the systems”

      Why? I mean, if two systems are mutually contradictory then at least one of them must be wrong. Saying you have mutual respect for them both is just a polite way of lying.

      What do you hope to achieve, other than rotting the brains out of honesty and critical thinking?

      • Allopathy at Hahnemann’s time was completely different than todays time it is safe and more focus oriented and now in the era of nano and energy medicine one find day many will bring us closer. Indian homoeopaths refer and respect modern medicine

        • Absolute flaming drivel of a non-sequiteur.

          Evidence matters. Critical thinking matters. Ability to accept and admit you are wrong matters. You bring us none of these, just obsequious ass-kissing and a permanent stream of bullsh-t. Normally we’d tell you to bring your best evidence and we’d consider it, but in homeopathy’s case we already know there’s—literally—nothing to it. It is fundamentally incapable of inducing a physiological effect in any universe that does not run openly on magic. Hahnemann’s “Law of Infinitesimals” guarantees this. It cannot work as a medicine, or anything else beyond a psychological crutch for the emotionally needy and rationally feeble.

          The only reason homeopathy’s non-action was ever confused for efficacy was that the standard “treatment” in Hahnemann’s day—Galenic purging and bloodletting—was downright harmful to patients or, to paraphrase Voltaire: the art of homeopathy consists of distracting the dangerous quack while nature cures the disease. In a just and rational world, homeopathy would have gone the same way as Galen’s garbage. That it failed to do so is testament only to humanity’s greed for ego and profit, not to its efficacy as a medical treatment.

          Oh, and on the topic of corrections: “allopathy” is Hahnemann’s made-up term for everything that isn’t homeopathy. Thus along with Galen’s nonsense, accupuncture, chiropractic, reiki, ayurveda, TCM, naturopathy, etc are also classed as “allopathy”; in addition to today’s science-based medicine which has, through rigorous testing, shown itself to work. So if you cannot see the error in your “allopathy” classification, it’s no surprise that you cannot see how you endanger other people’s health and lives with your willful self-deception.

          TL;DR: Your pathetic pandering and desperate cloying need for approval impresses no-one here, and neither do your atrocious reading skills and idiot evasions. Either respond to the arguments we’ve actually made—not the fantasy ones you hear in your head—or do everyone here a great big favour and go sput your endless drivel some place else.

          • One detects a hint of impatience…..

          • Fantastic .wow. I never get affected by any good or bad remarks Thanks a lot for knowing everything in advance I am neither trying to defend or prove anything. The remarks about me being fraud amuses me. I am ready to accept all the criticism but it changes nothing. God bless. Keep writing interesting remarks about me without knowing anything about .godbless

          • in view of the fact that you stated you read my books but do not even know my correct name, this seems very funny indeed.

          • Edzard Earnst are you the same person who wrote Trick or Treatment ??? i am so sorry if I made a mistake! , Tut Mir Leid 1[ you are a world-famous critic of homeopathy and acupressure]

          • no worries – but in your place, I would not state “Keep writing interesting remarks about me without knowing anything about.”

          • I think I replied to someone called Has. I value your writings and your opinions and often tell my students to read . In my culture we always love critics so , next time i will keep in mind not to offend you

          • you did not offend me, for heaven sake. you merely gave a poor reflection on what you were stating

          • @has: wow, that deserves 5?????

          • @has

            Wonderful writing.

            Brutal, angry, excoriating stuff.

            It cannot work as a medicine, or anything else beyond a psychological crutch for the emotionally needy and rationally feeble.

            I’m nicking that for future use.

            Keep it up.

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