When I first heard about it, I thought it was a hoax – nobody can be that daft, I felt. Then I did a bit of research and found that I had been wrong: some people evidently can be that daft and are trying to promote a new SCAM.

Yes, I am speaking of SPERM SMOOTHIES.

And it’s not even a new thing. One sperm smoothie fan boasted 2 years ago: “My immune system is far stronger than it’s ever been. I no longer catch colds or the flu — even when my children get sick from school! I have such high energy levels, feel positive and enthusiastic and have focus and clarity throughout my day whilst most parents feel tired, crave junk food and struggle with forgetfulness.”

In 2021, THE SUN reported this :

Tracy Kiss, 33, from Buckinghamshire, previously told how she put a spoonful of her best friend’s donated semen into her drink every morning in a bid to boost her immunity.

The personal trainer, who is mum to Millie and Gabrille,  has previously advocated using sperm as a facial ointment.

She spoke as celebrity facialist Chelsee Lewis claimed it actually worked to reduce wrinkles.

On her bizarre beverage concoction, Tracy said: “I’d been feeling run down and had no energy, but now I’m full of beans and my mood has improved.

“It can taste really good – depending on what my friend has been eating. My other mates think I’m strange, but I don’t give a toss.”

Tracy, who is a vegan, roped her single pal into giving her his semen. She previously told how he pops round with a fresh tub three times a week.

“I know he’s healthy, doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs and I made him have an STI check,” she said.

“When I first approached him, he was concerned I’d use it to impregnate myself.

“But once I’d convinced him it was for my beauty regime he agreed – after all, he has a regular supply at hand!”

Tracy, a qualified nutritional adviser and personal trainer, told how she kept it in her fridge.

She mixes the semen with fruit, seeds, coconut or almond milk – but is also happy to drink it on its own.

“Every batch tastes different, depending on what he’s been eating,” she said.

“If he’s been drinking alcohol or eaten something particularly pungent like asparagus, I ask him to give me a heads up so I know not to drink it neat.

“Things like pineapple and peppermint make it taste better, but I’ll happily take it straight off a spoon usually.”

Tracy has filmed a YouTube video where she talks through her unusual remedy and explains what it tastes like.

“We look at its smoothness and texture, discuss its benefits and then I show people who I use a teaspoon to eat the sperm,” she said.

“Sperm is an awesome product and we should stop being so ridiculous about it – the health benefits have been well researched and more women and men should take advantage of it particularly as its made by our own bodies and doesn’t contain e-numbers and chemicals.”


The question I ask myself is this: are sperm smoothies really a new SCAM or are they just a way for some strange people to get their 5 minutes of fame? I sincerely hope it is the latter.

35 Responses to A so-called alternative medicine I did not know about: sperm smoothies

  • “particularly as its made by our own bodies and doesn’t contain e-numbers and chemicals.”

    Doesn’t contain chemicals? Tell us any matter that exists, that isn’t MADE of chemicals. And I imagine this woman doesn’t put salt on her fish & chips, since sodium chloride is an E-number….

    I suppose the same ‘made-by-our-own-bodies’ guff could be said of nail clippings, hair trimmings and excrement – are they next on the menu? Anyway, she can’t say that semen is made by HER own body.

    If it’s not a hoax as such, it’s been cynically shoved in the paper as a ‘story’ that will sell, I guess…..

    It seems noteworthy that the article, from a publication no doubt noted as a bastion of research reporting, does not cite any study in support of the woman’s anecdote. It’s prurient gutter journalism.

    I once featured, some twenty-odd years ago, in that fine cultural publication The Sunday Post (Scottish Sunday paper from publisher D.C. Thomson) in a story entitled “The Man Who’s Allergic to Cash”. I was heavily involved with the National Eczema Society at the time, and the paper was doing a feature on nickel sensitivity, which is of course a real thing (and chemically/immunologically complex).

  • There was once, in the Scottish Edition of The Sun newspaper, the wonderful front page headline “Killer Knickers!”

    I kept it on the wall of our teaching room for many months. A nurse had had a severe reaction to some chemical used in the fabric of underwear she bought in the local brnach of a clothing chain. You have to admit, it was a good headline!

    I have atopic skin, and am always careful to wash new socks, underwear and shirts before first wearing, as I have had reactions in the past to something used in processing the fabric. (Sensitvity to wool next to the skin is a different thing and is mechanical, due to the shape of the fibres, rather than to added chemicals).

    Sorry, I’ve strayed off-topic.

  • The swallows are migrating.

  • Tracy Kiss touts herself as a fitness coach and “vegan bodybuilder”. She appears to be a relentless publicity hound, but her championing of “natural and chemical free” does not seem to extend to her extensive tattoo work and her recent trip to Turkey for “six pack surgery” on her abdomen (I am presuming some sort of prosthetic implant?).
    I think you can safely file this under fake news, the titillating details may merely be some sort of advertisement for the services she provides via “Only Fans”. Source Twitter: ATmisstracykiss ATkisscoaching

    • @ Richard Goth

      Thanks for the useful post

      for readers interested in this woman’s life coaching business the following archived links are illuminating

      This link is especially interesting as it demonstates her diplomas from an organisation called Centre of Excellence [whenever I read the words “centre of excellence my heart sinks, so many grifters use the term to describe their businesses, anyway, as you were] and the diplomas in Meditation, Law of Attraction and Psychology are signed by someone called Sara Jones. I will post some links about Sara Jones and the Centre of Excellence at the end of this post

      also see (typical life coach MLM grift IMO)

      Ms Kiss has an Etsy shop selling the standard chakra candles, essential oils and crystals which she claims are fair trade and environmentally friendly. Most semi-precious stones are mined in a way that causes catastrophic damage to the environment and very often in conditions of slavery and even child labour. I would be interested to see evidence of the claims of these stones being fair trade and environmentally friendly.

      Back to Sara Jones and Centre of Excellence, now this is very interesting indeed

      the diploma courses are in pretty much what you might expect, reiki, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, life coaching etc.

      a lucrative business it seems

      The depressing thing about this is that a person can gain 3 diplomas in various quack subjects and go on to appear in the mainstream press advocating semen smoothies. The other depressing things is that this organisation is marketing training courses in dangerous, false memory inducing therapies, Inner Child therapy and EMDR

      This organisation is one of many pseudo-educational organisations that has been established since the advent of the Internet that is spewing out pseudo-experts in “healing”, counselling, psychology etc. that pose serious risks to vulnerable people.

      This is part of a sinister and scary movement to undermine science, academia and rational thought and to replace it with a cornocopia of rainbows, unicorns and crystal healing. The main problem being that the vulnerable people who have been manipulated by these networks pose a safeguaring risk to themselves and to others. Doctors and scientists are hate figures for these movements. I am reminded on the genocide in Cambodia where the hatred of scientists and doctors reached such a fever pitch that anyone wearing glasses was considered an enemy deserving of torture and death.

      This kind of nonsense need to be stopped before things get even more out of hand than they are now.

  • Not really a vegan if she consumes an animal derived product.

  • “My mates think I’m strange but I don’t give a toss”.

    Well clearly not, she has someone to do it for her.

  • It is important to understand the demographic / “tribe” of new age hippies who promote this kind of thing and, for context, to understand their associated beliefs.

    I have posted a link to a video below that I think is illuminating in this respect. At 00:07:30 Beverley Drumm aka Shakti Sundari aka various other pseudonmys, promotes the consumption of semen as a health tonic.

    She also disapproves of children wearing face masks as she believes that wearing protective face masks damages the human immune system.
    evidential video here

    This video provides insights into this person’s beliefs and lifestyle

    Like many women with such beliefs, women who believe they are energy healers / sacred sexual healers / priestesses of love etc., Ms Drumm is a teacher of tantric / kundalini yoga and of “awakening the inner goddess”.

    Ms Drumm is involved in controversial yoga schools engulfed in scandals around financial and sexual abuses, she also has multiple network connections to Russian new age cults including the Anastasia / Ringing Cedars of Russia cult, which is highly active in the UK.

    Many people involved in the Anastasia cult are involved in various ecological activist groups and movements. They are a significant presence in XR and related activist groups and also in various charities, CICs and community projects working with vulnerable people.

    This network has strong connections to the sovereign citizen and freemen on the land movements and to anti-vaxx movements.

    There are also overlapping network connections with Anthroposophical and Theosophical groups, various other Russian cults, sexualised neo-Taoism, cults promoting Carlos Castaneda as an authentic spiritual master, various MLM businesses / grifts mostly pseudo-educational and promising sexual, spiritual and finacial empowerment / freedom but delivering something very different.

    Within these networks science and rational thought are considered to be patriarchal, oppressive, old fashioned and illusory.

    People within these networks consider themselves to be “awake” and superior to others.

    The spread of this movement, with its magical thinking and passion for quackery, is the opposite of the Enlightenment.

    Think of a passion for rural self-sufficiency, decentralisation of power, supernatural beliefs and an enthusiasm for Russian mysticism.

    I think of it as the Great Endarkenment.

  • I just wanted to provide some additional evidential links to support my above post

    In this video Beverley Drumm interviews the former Dragon’s Den dragon Rachel Elnaugh. The video provides insights into how minor celebrities get involved in new age grifter networks. It also demonstrates the belief in body memories and the use of “plant medicines” (psychedelic and entheogenic drugs) that are central to the beliefs and the activities of these networks.

    Elnaugh is a fascinating person whose antics I have observed with astonishment and dismay for many years. Elnaugh was at one time the representative for the late sexually predatory quack Stephen Russell aka The Barefoot Doctor. Elnaugh’s media organisation, Source TV, has multiple fascinating network connections to quacks, disinformation campaigns and to criminal cults as this archive of Source TV’s twitter feed demonstrates

    This link provides anyone interested with the opportunity to peruse the kind of charlatans promoted by Source TV [there may be the occasional naive non-charlatan in the mix, I do not know all of these people, but I know of most of them]

    Rachel Elnaugh has for some time been involved in the purchase of land which she aspires to use as an eco-village which bears a remarkable similarity to the kinds of eco-villiages currently being established all over the world by the Anastasia movement. This is unsurprising given Elnaugh’s network connections to the Anastasia movement and to Russian cults generally.

    Given the pseudo-legalese FoTL/sovereign citizen belief systems held by the Anastasia networks, these eco-villiages often run into legal difficulties over planing permission / zoning and other regulations annd things can get unpleasant and many people lose their life savings via involvement in such schemes.

    The very obvious parallel to this is the bizarre and spectacular occurences at the Big Muddy ranch in Oregon where the Rajneeshes aka orange people [followers of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh aka Osho] attempted to build a city, RajneeshPuram, but fell fould of planning regulations and the entire project descended into a spiral of mass enslavement, the exploitation of homeless peolle in an attempted voting fraud, immigration fraud, unethical medical experiments, attempted mass poisonings (bio terrorism) and at least one attempted murder.

    Interested readers can educate themselves about the Rajneeshee cult’s adventures in Oregon here

    Back to Rachel Elnaugh’s planned eco-village in Cressbrook Dale, there are some very similar issues here as to those faced by the communities in Oregon when the Rajneeshees moved into their community, namely hoardes of hippies claiming to be all about “love and light” while destroying the local environment and threatening the peace, tranqulity and way of life of the local people. With Cressbrook Dale there are additional issues regarding the destrution of delicate ecosystems of special scientific interest with the resulting threats to vulnerable flora and fauna.
    further reading here

    For those with short memories Rachel Elnaugh recently caused controversy by claiming that Chris Whitty “will hang” for recommending covid jabs for children

    All I have time for today, I hope this is helpful

  • It’s weird that none of the resident quackery defenders (RG, Stan & Old Bob) are here to defend the quack featured in this blog post. I wonder why.

  • Louise & Edzard

    From the professor’s blog post I fail to see the harm of SCAM (medical). Is there a marketing scam, probably so, as these scams occur every day with the harm to clients’ wallets. The vendor of the product is touting the “therapy” as nothing more than a vitamin treatment.
    No professor, all vitamin treatments are not harmful.

    Nutrients in semen:

    Likely healthier than most might think. I fail to see the SCAM (harm)

    • perhaps you don’t see because you don’t want to see?

    • Bravo RG. You made me realize that I am sitting on (and often wasting) thousands of dollars worth of product. Would you like to invest in the multivitamin business I am going to launch soon?

    • RG

      Various women involved with Russian goddess / divine feminine cults are promoting applying menstrual blood to the face, claiming that menstrual blood is full of vitamins and minerals and is therefore a wonderful rejuvenating magical substance, far superior to ordinary face masks that you can buy in the pharmacy or supermarket.

      If any readers are curious about this they can simply search for “period blood face mask” on youtube and various videos of men and women with menstrual blood smeared over their faces will appear.

      May I ask your opinion of such practices? I do not know whether you are male or female but I would be genuinely fascinated to know whether you find these narratives about period face masks to be convincing.

      Would you be prepared to for example;

      smear menstural blood over your face
      drink semen smoothies
      drink aged urine, use aged urine eye drops or apply aged urine to your skin (if you believe that urine is therapeutic but that “fresh is best” feel free to let us know)

      I am an immensely curious person and am genuinely interested in your views on this matter

      • @Louise

        I’m not personally interested in any of those practices. Coming in contact with blood that is not your own and has not been thoroughly tested is not a sound choice, in my view.

        In general, I don’t promote many homeopathic practices, nor do I forbid them.

        • RG, Great words of wisdom, Sir!

          From what I gather you are okay with other bodily fluids like semen. If I may quote you from an earlier comment of yours in relation to semen smoothies:

          Likely healthier than most might think. I fail to see the SCAM (harm)

          • @Talker

            You are being a little unfair I think

            RG may be unconcerned about the risks associated with sperm and urine (viruses, bacteria, prion disease), but he is likely mostly concerned about the hazards of blood in relation to zombie viruses, which as any rationalist knows, are very difficult to treat.

            When confronted with an army of the undead conventional medicine has little to offer. Reiki, homeopathy and positive thinking are also inefective.

            Fortunately an associate of Rachel Elnaugh, King John Smarty, has created a wonderful device, the Gen S-2, a state-of-the-art advanced healing wand that will deal with any known virus, bacteria or pathogen in the universe. The undead army doesn’t stand a chance.

            special bargain price is $222.00
            Original Price:$8,888.00

            What do you think RG? Got to be worth it for peace of mind surely? I bought one recently and have not been troubled by the undead for several days so it’s looking good!


          • My “healthier than most might think” was a reference to the properties of semen.

            To derive from my statement that I am interest in sperm smoothies is a stretch, keep trying.

          • RG,

            If someone sings praises of something, it goes without saying that they are interested in that thing.

            You can gaslight us as much as you want but your intentions are very clear.

  • @Talker

    You are correct. RG is attempting to gaslight us and his intentions are very clear.

    I would suggest that you watch this video of a lecture by Edzard on how to become a pseudoscientist

    It is an excellent lecture, however of particular relevance to this issue is an image of a penis to the lower left of the screen at 00:03:34

    It illustrates very well one of the reasons why promoting sperm smoothies is dangerous. But then you are either a complete idiot or, as Talker suggests, being disingenous and attempting to gaslight us. I believe it is the latter.

    • I did not know this was available as a video

      • @Edzard

        Probably because you are too busy combatting quackery and conducting actual research to contantly monitor social media for your lectures.

        Your lack of awareness about your work being available on video is in sharp contrast to the quacks and pseudoscientists who outnumber proper scientists and yet who produce a tsunami of online fake news and disinformation and who are obsessed with their social media profiles.

        There are several very good videos of your lectures on youtube. RG won’t be interested in them as he would be in danger of actually learning something.

    • Louise wrote to ‘RG’: “But then you are either a complete idiot or, as Talker suggests, being disingenous and attempting to gaslight us. I believe it is the latter.”

      Hanlon’s razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

    • @Talker

      You are the person gaslighting here.

      I had no comment until you inquired about why you hadn’t heard from me on the topic of sperm smoothies. I replied that I didn’t have an opinion on the practice but noted the nutrient composition of semen was not harmful (science). You responded that you were wasting (valuable) semen and losing out on making money. I replied to Louise that I don’t have any interest in using the therapies that she mentioned, and that in general I don’t practice homeopathy.

      So, I’m gaslighting?

      The video was uninspiring, I couldn’t finish it.
      Please tell, what ARE my intentions here?

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