“There is a battle raging for humanity”, claims Dr Carrie Madej, a US osteopathic doctor (in the US, osteopaths are [almost] conventional physicians). She thinks she has discovered how Big Tech collaborates with Big Pharma introduced new technologies in the coming vaccines, that will alter our DNA and turn us into hybrids. This, she submits, will end humanity as we know it, and start the process of transhumanism: HUMAN 2.0 They use vaccines to inject nanotechnology into our bodies and connect us to the Cloud and artificial intelligence. This will enable corrupt governments and tech giants to control us, without us being aware of it.Image

Dr. Carrie Madej is from Dearborn, Michigan, and received her medical degree from Kansas City University of Medical Biosciences in 2001. She then completed her traditional internship at The Medical Center in Columbus, Georgia, and internal medicine residency at Mercer University in Macon Georgia. Dr. Madej served as a private clinician and medical director of clinics in Georgia until 2015. Dr. Madej also served as an attending physician for the Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medicine. She has served as a public speaker and was featured in the documentary, “The Marketing of Madness” about the overuse of prescription psychotropic medicines. Dr. Madej now dedicates her time educating others on vaccines, nanotechnology, and human rights via multiple platforms and speaking engagements.

IN HER NEWEST SCORCHED EARTH DISCUSSION, Dr. Carrie Madej simply Can NOT stay silent about the ABSOLUTE DANGERS of the Covid-19 “vaccines” any longer! In fact, in this SCATHING PRESENTATION, she literally describes the ‘Killer Concoctions’ as ‘THE FRANKENSTEIN CODE” and HAMMERS the ‘Purveyors of the Poison Jab’ as ‘Murdering Psychopath Witch Doctors’ who are HELL BENT on the TOTAL DESTRUCTION & ANNIHILATION of the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE, as we know it today.

The ‘Kung Flu’ (as it’s been referred to by none other than POTUS Trump), is only ‘KILLING PEOPLE who are already suffering from cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a plethora of other autoimmune problems’ – so now WHY IN THE WORLD IS EVERYBODY being told to get the ‘Killer Jab’ when the risk of DIRE & GROTESQUE INJURY FAR OUTWEIGHS the risk of dying from Covid-19 or the fake Delta Variant, or Beta, or Gamma or WHATEVER ELSE THE DEMONIC FAUCI & GATES CONCOCT NEXT?! Get ready for a BEATING unlike you’ve seen in recent days, as Dr. Madej RIPS THE THROATS straight out of these Deep State Demons in this ‘DO NOT MISS’ Epic Video! Grab the popcorn, and get ready for a trip down the Rabbit Hole and a takedown of Satan’s Army!

This was published by the ‘REPUBLIC BROADCASTING NETWORK’ (RBN) who also published articles such as ‘Who are the Jews behind the coronavirus vaccines?

Dr. Carrie Madej is certainly no fan of COVID vaccines: Doctor Carrie Madej says she personally examined multiple vials of the vaccines that are being forced into people’s arms, and she was horrified by what she saw. She says she cried harder than she ever has before. Elsewhere she explained in detail:

“First it looked just translucent. And then as time went on, over two hours, colors appeared. I had never seen anything like this. There wasn’t a chemical reaction happening. It was a brilliant blue, and royal purple, yellow, and sometimes green,” she said.

She later shared that when she asked nanotech engineers what the emerging brilliant colors might come from, the engineers said the “only thing they knew that could do that” was a white light, over time, causing a reaction on “a super-conducting material.” In this case, Madej noted, white light came from the microscope itself.

She pointed out that an example of a super-conducting substance would be “an injectable computing system.”

Madej went on, “These fibers were appearing more and more. Some of the fibers had a little cube structure on them, I’m not sure what that was. And also metallic fragments were in there. They were not metallic fragments I’m used to seeing. They were exotic. They were very opaque.”

In time, Madej said, “all the particulates, all these colors started moving to the edge” of the cover slide. “There was self-assembling going on, things were growing. They looked synthetic.”

Madej noticed something else quite strange: “There was one particular object or organism, I’m not sure what to call it, that had tentacles coming from it. It was able to lift itself up off of the glass slide. It appeared to be self-aware, or to be able to grow or move in space.”

She found it disturbing but said she thought, “Maybe that was a fluke in a way, maybe that was just that one vial.”

Some time later, the same lab obtained more vials from a different batch of Moderna shots, as well as a J&J vial. Madej was concerned to see the same things she had observed in the first vial.

“Another one of those tentacle-like structures appeared,” she said. “This was now completely under the cover slip, so there was no movement because it wasn’t on the edge, but I just couldn’t believe I saw another one. Same thing.” Madej also saw the “same colors” appear over time, as well as the fibers.

In the J&J vial, Madej said, there was “definitely a substance that looked like graphene. They all had graphene-like structures in there. Whether or not they were, I don’t have the capability of testing them in order to know at this lab, but that’s what they appeared to be.”

The vial’s contents also had “fatty substances, a sticky glue-like substance that would be considered a hydrogel in those, both of them.”

The J&J vial “also had colors appear.” “Their colors were different, like a fluorescent pastel kind of color. Again, a lot of synthetic structures in there as well.” Madej also noticed many “spherical ring structures” in the J&J contents.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. They’re not supposed to be in these injections. What are they going to do to somebody? What are they going to do to a child? I started crying when I saw these the second time under a microscope, because it was confirmation of everything I saw the first time,” Madej said.

Madej again appeared on the Stew Peters show on October 20 to discuss her findings from a Pfizer jab vial as well as another J&J vial. “What I’m seeing in all of these manufacturers are synthetic substances, graphene-like, also these nano-carbon tubes,” Madej said.

“In this particular J&J” vial, Madej saw “round spheres, which were not air bubbles.” She continued, “There’s many of these rings, and as time went on they would get thinner and thinner and expand out and then finally extrude out some gelatinous material — I’m not sure what it was, but different kinds of things were inside these spheres. So they’re almost like a delivery structure, that’s what they were doing.”

On one of these rings, Madej saw what “looked like a translucent organism that went around, and back and forth.” Madej first “thought it was another water parasite,” but after continuing to observe its movements, “thought perhaps it was moving in a more robotic way.”

Madej saw the “same kind of synthetic things” in the Pfizer jab, as well as “something that looks similar to teslaphoresis. That’s when these little graphite-like black, metallic particles start to coalesce into strings, like a spider web. They do that through any external force — it could be light, it could be a magnetic force, it could be an impulse, like a frequency. Anyhow, all these little particles would then coalesce and form their own neural network, or their own fibers, or wires.”

After listening to Madej’s findings and seeing the photo and video documentation she provided, Peters commented, “It’s like I’m watching a seriously bad B-movie, a horror thriller.”

Madej believes the tentacled entity she found in the Moderna jabs has a connection with the organism hydra vulgaris. “It is one of the model organisms that the transhumanists like to study and look at. They feel that this is an amazing organism for humanity,” said Madej, in part because “it’s immortal in the lab setting” and “continuously produces its own stem cells.”

“It never stops. You can chop it up into little bits, put it in a petri dish and it forms itself again and again,” she continued. “They’re thinking, wouldn’t this be great if we could put this inside of a human body’s genome, and then if your hand was chopped off by a trauma, you could grow a new hand.”

My friend Joe Schwarcz recently wrote a brilliant article about Dr. Madej. He concluded by asking:  Is Dr. Madej a maddeningly malicious malfeasant, or does she just have a few loose marbles? I fear that it might be both.

46 Responses to Carrie Madej: an osteopathic doctor’s “battle for humanity”

  • It is as well, one reflects, that this lady “no longer practices”. The idea of her messing with people’s health is scary.

    • very scary indeed; the pandemic seems to have generated a pandemic of stupidity, gullibility, and madness.

      • With all that talk of tentacled creatures rising up off the microscope slide, or words to that effect, we are reminded (OK, I am reminded) of the Star Trek Voyager episode with the tentacled macro viruses roaming the ship…..

        • I am reminded of the first time I looked down a microscope and saw all sorts of things
          this woman does not know how to do it, sees all sorts of artifacts, and the panicked and uneducated uncritical thinkers follow her

          • I still have the little “Merit” microscope I was given as a child, around 1966. A great educational “toy”!

            I mourn the passing of the Chemistry Set, complete with bunsen burner and poisonous chemicals….


            As is essential workplace hygiene. She wouldn’t be the first by far to unintentionally contaminate her slides with whatever is present on her hands or workbench, or even in the air. Although I must admit that it seems rather unlikely that specimens of Hydra ended up on a microscope slide unnoticed.
            Then again, maybe she used pond water to ‘clean’ her slides or hydrate her samples … After all, that is far more ‘natural’ than that highly processed, completely sterile H2O rubbish from the municipal water company.

          • If she received a medical education equivalent to a standard medicine degree, and can enter into the same residencies, she must surely have spent much time staring down microscopes? My own UK veterinary medical training certainly had me doing far more of this than I’d have liked, but I can handle a microscope! It terrifies me that this isn’t the case for everyone training to practice medicine everywhere in the world.

          • This “woman” is a professional health care provider. She most certainly DOES know exactly what she’s doing. If she didn’t, those pics wouldn’t be visible to you or anyone at 400x. So, she knows how to focus expertly. . Where is YOUR common sense! So, here’s the deal. It is all REAL! Now, your turn, do your homework. I have 3 months days and all through the night. In a n nutshell? You’re getting B*ll G@tes monster juice injections …. some 85% placebo and good luck to the other 15 % Monster juice AKA they are trying to inject artificial intelligence into your body! Remember what happened in Nazi Germany? They’ll all get theirs trust me. In the meantime, do NOT NOT allow anyone to inject you with anything or your kids GN

          • are you trying to convince us that the pandemic is also a pandemic of stupidity where conspiracy theories thrive?

          • Hardly anyone is attempting to convince anyone that the pandemic is not real…. perhaps planed, yes. Hence the term plan-demic.

            That said, it’s not the pandemic that we now live that is the problem. i’t’s the absurd response of quarantining healthy people, shutting down businesses, restricting gatherings, and mandating vaccines for a virus that 99.5 % of population under 70 years of age will survive.

            That’s where the conspiracy theories come in.

          • planned?
            you ought to do something against your paranoia

          • No, “planed”. I expect it’s something to do with chemtrails.

          • @EE

            Well, it just happens to be that the pharma industry makes pills for paranoia… imagine that. They sell pills for almost everything.

          • you should try those!

          • @Ruthy

            You know what else they manufacture, ivermectin and vaccines. Imagine that! You already know that everything they manufacture is toxic, but that didn’t stop you from getting jabbed and promoting ivermectin on this very blog.

          • @Ruthy

            i’t’s the absurd response of quarantining healthy people, shutting down businesses, restricting gatherings, and mandating vaccines for a virus that 99.5 % of population under 70 years of age will survive.

            So you think it’s OK to let approximately 50 million elderly people basically suffocate to death, just because you feel a bit limited in your freedom by measures to prevent this mass slaughter?

            And oh, even if ‘only’ 0.5% of people under 70 would die, then that would still be another 36 million deaths. Then there’s long-covid, which causes long-term health problems in as many as 30% of people who survive the disease. We’re talking about BILLIONS of people whose health will suffer if we let the disease simply run rampant through the world population without doing anything, as you apparently propose.

            What kind of horrible person are you?

          • But wait Richard

            The folks that have chosen to be vaccinated are immune to the viral disease… no ? How do the unvaccinated put them at risk ?

            I’m for safe vaccines, that’s why personally if I were to take another jab, I hope it’s the Novavax vaccine …Covavax. Hopefully it will emerge as the safe and effective alternative.

          • @Ruthy

            I’m for safe vaccines, that’s why personally if I were to take another jab, I hope it’s the Novavax vaccine …Covavax. Hopefully it will emerge as the safe and effective alternative

            Shame on your for promoting vaccines manufactured by big pharma. You have made it clear on several occasion that you hate big pharma and I happen to hate them too. I always admired your guts for sticking to your convictions. Now you are telling me that you already got one jab and wanting to get another one from a different company? What difference does it make if the vaccine is manufactured by a different company? They are all products of big pharm and are full of toxins, we should hate them all equally and reject them from our lives unequivocally. You are a hypocrite and fraud for getting vaccinated and putting money in big pharma pockets, Ruthy!

          • @Ruthy

            The folks that have chosen to be vaccinated are immune to the viral disease… no ? How do the unvaccinated put them at risk ?

            Nope, not all vaccinated people are immune, simply because
            1) vaccines are never 100% perfect. Immediately after vaccination, some 5% of people are still susceptible to infection – although they will generally suffer far less serious symptoms;
            2) especially the elderly have a less effective immune system, increasing the chances of being infected after vaccination, and
            3) immunity appears to wane by 10-20% in the course of a year.
            This means that vaccinated elderly people run an increasing risk from unvaccinated people, until they can get a booster jab, that is.

            Anyway, experts are unanimous that a lot of the measures being taken to fight the spread of Covid-19 could be abolished or scaled down if only 95% or more of the population would get vaccinated. This would also relieve the huge burden of all those sick people (half of whom are unvaccinated) on our healthcare.
            I see it a matter of social responsibility: I don’t just get vaccinated to protect myself, but I also do it to help society as a whole.
            No, even 100% vaccination rates will probably not completely eliminate the virus, but it will absolutely help to transition to a situation where group immunity (either through vaccination and/or infection) makes the virus a more bearable nuisance, much like the flu virus. But at the moment, there are still too many susceptible people, and letting the virus roam free will take a huge toll in suffering and death, resulting in a huge healthcare burden, and also economic damage, if only because most infected people can’t work for about a week or two. Even with all those measures, far more people are sick with Covid-19 than normally with the flu.

            I’m for safe vaccines, …

            This is a standard (and pretty lame) talking point of antivaccine people: “I’m for safe vaccines” – with the unspoken premise “… but I don’t think that our current vaccines are safe”.

            The currently available Covid-19 vaccines have a similar safety and efficacy profile as the vast majority of other vaccines in use today. And should you bring up ‘possible long-term side effects’, here is an excellent explanation why this is hugely unlikely:

            I usually put it like this: those Covid-19 vaccines don’t do anything that the virus itself doesn’t do as well – and conversely, the virus itself is at least four or five orders of magnitude more harmful than the vaccine.

          • Well
            If I’m promoting anything here, it’s a vaccine that is anything OTHER than an mRNA vaccine. As I said previously, I was jabbed with Janssen.
            I never claimed that I NEVER use ANY CONmed methods, in fact, I’m pretty sure I clearly stated I have used them and do continue to use some form time to time. I pick and choose what I accept to tolerate. You peoples problem here is you want to put people in a label on folks, and then cancel them forever.

            Look, I hate jets, airports and crowded planes also. But I still travel because it’s all a necessary evil that gets me to where I want to go. Hating the travel part doesn’t prevent me from getting to where I want to be. So if I choose to hate pharma, but I choose to accept the meds I want, that’s my prerogative. If I have a headache that won’t stop, I just might take pharma med, but it’s not my first choice, an it may or may not be effective. i’m laughing at you, you can’t put me in a box, sorry to disappoint you dear.

            So to be clear, I’m promoting a vaccine that is easier to transport due to less stringent temperature demands. Has equal efficacy, and ihas less side effects than mRNA vaccines, so it’s safer. The Covavax vaccine should also treat more variants then the mRNA counterparts. And finally it should last longer.
            Hence, as I’ve said previously, I’m for safe vaccines. Is Covavax (produced by Novavax) completely safe ? I doubt it, but at least there’s a hope for now that it’s a better option then the mRNA jabs… that are clearly not working… ACCORDING TO BILL GATES.

            The same goes for me promoting Ivermectin. Actually, it’s a very safe drug when taken as directed.

            To mister Rasker;
            I still don’t know how all the vaccine hype is the end all answer when those that have been jabbed can still transmit the virus, and still be infected with the virus. How is it you blame those not vaccinated with transmission when those that have been jabbed transmit also ?

          • @Ruthy

            You display an inordinate amount of ignorance, bias, and absolute unwillingness to learn.

            Hence, as I’ve said previously, I’m for safe vaccines. Is Covavax (produced by Novavax) completely safe ?

            Like mRNA vaccines, Covavax is a spike protein-based vaccine. Covavax contains the actual spike protein whereas mRNA-based vaccines contain the mRNA of spike protein. Result of both types of vaccines is that you have “toxic little spikeys” coursing thru your veins. Do your “research” Ruthy!

            The same goes for me promoting Ivermectin. Actually, it’s a very safe drug when taken as directed.

            “safe drug” is a misnomer, Ruthy! Ivermectin has lots of side-effects and people died after taking it. Again, you fail to do your “research”.

            i’m laughing at you, you can’t put me in a box, sorry to disappoint you dear.

            I am laughing at you because you contradict yourself so very frequently. You very well know and have made it clear else were on this blog that all CONMed remedies are “toxic” and big pharma is “out to make money” at the expense of gullible people. Yet you say you use big pharma remedies willingly if they appear to help you in some way. What you don’t understand is that there is no room for anything other than binary thinking. Either you love big pharma or hate it all the way thru and I have seen you very eloquently express this kind of binary sentiments before. Now you are trying to make fancy nuanced argument to weasel yourself out of it. It seems like big pharma got you too. SAD!!

            You peoples problem here is you want to put people in a label on folks, and then cancel them forever.

            Honest Ape doesn’t speak for anyone else. As my friend, YOU ARE CANCELLED!

        • little cube structure…
          synthetic …

          “We are the Borg. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”


    • Good luck being controlled. I pray y’all wake up from the spell your 7nder by the elite beings…ommmmmmm

      • Perhaps you could take a few moments to explain?

        It is good to note that the abbreviation of “you are” is “you’re”, not “your”.

  • It’s you that are the gullible. If you think mandates are ok, young fit people dropping dead after the jab is ok, the silencing of doctors and experts is ok, dehumanising the unvaccinated and shifting them to camps is perfectly normal you are either on the payroll of these globalists scum or need to give your head a shake!

  • Do they currently have the technology to do what she claims or believes?

  • I guess those who would want to do such a thing.

  • Disorders of personality and/or mental health involving paranoid delusions are much more commonplace than people generally realise. They often manifest in educated people who sink into a rabbithole of likeminded, fuelled on by the appreciation of the cult and often financed* by wealthy madmen and grifters with vested interests. The spread of delusion and misinformation has been facillitated by the social media revolution in a veritable explosion of what many propose is becoming our biggest threat to public health ever.


    • Well she won’t be getting better anytime soon! I’m certain she’ll not permit “ the overuse of prescription psychotropic medicines” on herself and continue “Marketing Madness”.

    • Thanks for the insight. I’m wondering particularly about the phenomenon of:

      …[m]anifest in educated people who sink into a rabbithole of likeminded, fuelled on by the appreciation of the cult and often financed* by wealthy madmen and grifters with vested interests.

      Perhaps the WAPO article will provide more details–thanks.

  • Regardless of Dr. Madej’s observations, I still went to the Town Hall tonight to be cow-ised, for Flu. And I got cow-ised with the Covid-19 booster too! One in each arm.

    I said to the nurse “If the anti-vaxxers are right, I should drop dead in about five minutes” and he kindly assured me that in that event, he would rush out and revive me. So I felt reassured.

  • Thankfully, Twitter have suspended her account: This is something that needs to happen much more often with people who spread misinformation on social media

  • Super conducting? At room temperature? That’s the energy problem sorted then.

    • A superconducting technology probably developed by the same laboratory that Mr Ullman says (without naming it) can tell homeopathic water from other water…..

  • After you have read this, go and read Bonhoeffers Theory of Stupidity, a psychological theory which is being amply demonstrated in this article.

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