Some used to think that Deepak Chopra is amongst the biggest charlatans on the planet. Well, they were wrong! And his new venture proves it beyond doubt.

The Lovetuner is a revolutionary approach to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and arrive in the present moment, connecting your exhale with the power of the 528hz frequency. That’s what the ad says, and Dr. Deepak Chopra agrees!

The website contains a short video which is a ‘MUST WATCH’. Please do have a look at it. Deepak will show you how to use the ‘LOVETUNER’. I promise you, it is impressive! In the video, Deepak also states that he is enthusiastic about the LOVETUNER and promises that:

  • the LOVETUNER creates the frequency of love;
  • the LOVETUNER can replace meditation;
  • the LOVETUNER is inviting love into your life;
  • the LOVETUNER increases your lung capacity;
  • the LOVETUNER increases the coherence of your biofield;
  • the LOVETUNER changes the biofield of the surroundings.

I am sure all these claims are based on the most solid of evidence. The fact that none of it has been published should not disturb us; on the contrary, it means that the evidence is so important that BIG PHARMA does not allow it to be published through the usual peer-reviewed channels – hence the video.

For those who are still not convinced, Deepak adds a written text:

“We want the world to be a more loving, peaceful, harmonious, happier and healthier place, right? First, we need to start with ourselves and be the change we want to see in this world. With the Lovetuner this is an easy and fun way to connect with ourselves and the world around us. The Lovetuner is more than just a meditation device – it is a mindset and a global peace and love movement. The Lovetuner teaches you the breath that spiritual gurus across the globe are going to recommend to you. It’s what you’ll find at your yoga retreat, sound bath, and guided meditation, but with the Lovetuner you can be your own guru.”

So, how does the LOVETUNER work? The website provides a most plausible explanation:

The Lovetuner is a revolutionary mindfulness tool that aligns you with the 528hz frequency, the vibration of love. In music, tuning means adjusting the pitch of a tone. In humans, it means adjusting your emotional and physical state to align with your environment – literally “tuning in” and harmonizing with yourself and what is around you. The Lovetuner has a profound effect on the body, mind and spirit.

Our entire universe is comprised of light and sound, frequency and vibration. The connections between music, cosmos and nature have been known since ancient times. In 1978 Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist, compared the frequencies in planetary orbits, in architectural works, in old and modern measuring systems, in the human body, in music and in medicine and “discovered” their connection. John Lennon used the 528hz frequency for his song “Imagine.” In music, the 528Hz frequency refers to the note “Mi” and is traced back to the expression “Mi-ra gestorum” on the scale, which in Latin means “miracle”.

The 528hz frequency has a healing and health-promoting effect on our body, mind, and soul. Our cells and organs resonate with this frequency. The vibration is transferred to our entire organism where it can unfold its positive effect. It activates and strengthens our natural self-healing powers.

The 528hz frequency has a very special physical and biological importance.

The medical pioneer Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, who researched at the beginning of the 20th century, used many frequencies in his practice of radionics or electromagnetic therapy, but he specifically referred to 528 because of its ability to repair DNA. Dr. Rife used this frequency among hundreds of others for use with his Rife Machine – “Radionics.” He referred to 528 as “DNA repair.”

Molecular genetic investigations have shown that this frequency can be used to repair defective DNA strands or to restore human DNA to its original state. Scientific studies further showed that it increases the UV light absorption in DNA and can cure DNA by removing impurities that cause disease.

Today, the use of non-pharmacological and non-invasive agents is quite common. Sound waves, which are classified as non-invasive means for stimulating auditory cells, also affect non-auditory cells. Since the frequency of 528hz is related to the musical note Mi, effects such as an increase in the ability to repair DNA are observed.


I know, you are dying to know how much the LOVETUNER costs. For just $ 62, it can be yours! I do think that this is a bargain and am deeply thankful to Deepak for alerting me to this life-changing device. Yes, some used to think that Deepak Chopra is amongst the biggest charlatans on the planet. I am sure that his support for the LOVETUNER will make these people change their minds.

49 Responses to The ‘LOVETUNER’: Have a look at this, and you will never again think that Deepak Chopra is a charlatan

  • That’s a spectacular piece of writing! I can’t wait to rush home and watch the video. He is not filled with QUITE enough love yet, mind you, to be giving them away for free…..

    • Lovetuner has also created a Foundation to help children in schools as well as war veterans
      with valuable programs. If someone recognizes the value of the Lovetuner for themselves, their
      purchase will help support this Foundation and not only heal themselves but also help many
      people around the world with their contribution.

      • @“Karen”

        This is what americans call “polishing a turd”. A disgusting attempt to glorify a scam.

      • Karen, the school where I am currently working, last week held an event to raise money for a cancer support charity.

        If you find my FREE 528Hz tone on YouTube helpful, then if you’d like to send me $1000, I promise to give half of it to the school for the cancer charity……

  • I’m just having a look at the website. I;ve watchced the illuminating video. WHen the banner came up “This website uses cookies”, I thought wryly to myself “You ain’t kidding”. Any one who buys into this has got to be cookie, and maybe deserves to be used……..

    • Almost all websites use cookies. This one as well – by the way – They are used to recognize
      users and make it easier for them to browse a website. It is your free will to decide if you
      agree to this BEFORE you go further into the website. Browsing it and then complaining
      about it makes no sense at all.

      • I think David was being tongue in cheek.
        It’s been pointed out here before that lack of a sense of humor and/or inability to perceive nuance and context in a discussion seems to be a hallmark of alt-med enthusiasts.

      • I’m sorry, Karen, I forget that English is not the first langauge of everyone posting here (nor, indeed, of our genial host!), and idiomatic usages which I think are plain English, may get ‘lost in translation’.

        “Cookie” can refer not only to slightly raised cakes and to small internet files, but also to “a person of a specifed kind” – “he’s a tough cookie”, “she’s a smart cookie”, a parent affectionately calling a child “silly cookie”. There is also the pejorative meaning in which “cook” or “cookie” means a wildly eccentric or insane person – “stay away from them, they’re a bunch of cooks” or “they’re positively cookie”.

        The verb “to use” can have the meaning “to exploit or abuse”. Eg. “I came out of that relationship – I just felt so used”. Or “You’re just a user”.

        Thus, I meant to imply that the phrase “This site uses cookies” could have the meaning “This site exploits nut-cases”.

        Or as W.C. Fields put it, “Never give a sucker an even break”.

  • Interestingly, I have measured the frequency of the note emitted by Dr. Chopra’s ‘LoveTuner’ in the video, and it is 522.69Hz, not 528Hz (give or take a very slight oscillation as his breath wavers).

    All his love could be turned to hate by this wrong, evil frequency!

    • The C above middle C (in equal temperament with A=440) comes out as about 523.25 so maybe they just repurposed a bad batch of tuning pipes. It probably would sound evilly discordant if heard against a piece of in-tune music.

      • Well, the pitch that modern orchestras tune to, varies somewhat. Some tune to A442Hz. Bosendorfer pianos leave the factory tuned to A443, designed to accommodate a pitch range of 440-444.

        There is a ‘movement’ claiming that A432 has magical qualities, but that doesn’t correspond to C528.

        C528Hz corresponds to A444, which would mean the A notes on a piano would be 27.75, 55.5, 111, 222, 444, 888, 1776, 3552. Perhaps someone decided that is something ‘loving’ about the geometric progression 111, 222, 444, 888. Either side of that, things are messier!

        There is of course also the question of defining a second – it hasn’t always had the definition it’s got now.

        There is a nice discussion of the 432Hz nonsense here:

        Most countries have consumer law demanding that products must be “as described”. I guess one could demand a refund, if a pitch pipe advertised as 528Hz, is actually 522.69Hz.

        • Well! I have just tried, several times, to post a Comment in YouTube in response to Dr Chopra’s video. I was trying to point out the difference from the claimed frequency. I have treied severl times, and I am definitely logged in to YouTube OK, but I keep getting “Comment failed to post”.

          All the positive comments there, one concludes, are simple made up, fabricated, and REAL comments are not allowed. So much love!

          • I am shocked – IT SEEMED TO BE SUCH A SERIOUS COMPANY!

          • I am sure the company is serious in all the most remunerative ways…. I am sure they put serious money in a serious bank, and, being filled with love, count it lovingly from time to time.

          • in this case, all is fine – and Deepak can meditate peacefully

          • I have now been able to comment on the YouTube video – I wronged them! I think maybe my VPN was on or something, before.

            There is another YouTube video with a guy blowing the Lovetuner for a longer breath. That one is very near 529Hz, not 528Hz.

        • “Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love” Is in D-flat, which would be around 550-560Hz. And, in my opinion, it’s much better than Deepak Chopra’s.

    • Interestingly, I have measured the frequency of the note emitted by Dr. Chopra’s ‘LoveTuner’ in the video, and it is 522.69Hz, not 528Hz…

      Don’t worry, it will work just as well as one tuned to 528Hz.

    • since the revelation of this finding, further experimental work has generated disturbing results: the frequency 522.69Hz seems to have nothing at all to do with love. preliminary results suggest that it is the precise frequency for inducing an irresistible urge of bullshitting and money-grabbing in the whistleblower.
      my advice, therefore, is this: BE EXTREMELY WARY OF ANYONE OWNING A LOVETUNER!!!

  • I have used the Contact Us facility on the Lovetuner website, to ask about the 522 pitch in Dr. Chopra’s video.

    Dr Chopra says that 528Hz “is understood to be the frequency of love”. I wondered, in a sleazy kind of way, if he is referring to ‘lovemaking’, in which case 528 would be quite impressive, if referring to number of times per year.

    But it can’t be times per year, as he says Hertz, which is cycles per second. That would be REALLY impressive. And could, I fear, lead to some damage…. I have had a quick furtive look, still feeling a little ‘off’, to see what the frequency of vibrating ‘love aids’ might be, but can’t find it out.

    I am sorry, I fear I am dragging this august Forum into some strange territory…….

  • This clip of a question by an audience member to Chopra is never not funny…–VV-_t_U

  • I have felt increasingly concerned, and have now taken steps to address my concerns.

    What about people with asthma who are not well able to blow the little Lovetuner pitch pipe? What about the inaccurate pitch with which Lovetuner seem to have been supplied? What about the vagaries of temperature and its effect on the pitch of the pipe (tuning forks are calibrated to be at the stated pitch at 20 Celsius). And, especially, what about persons who are economically challenged, in these difficult times, who would struggle to afford $62, but who still need love?

    Moved by an excess of fellow-feeling – call it pure love – I have made it possible to access the 528Hz Love Tone for free!

    Now anyone with a smartphone can listen to 64 seconds of tone at exactly 528Hz, without having to worry about running out of puff, or about the effect on the wallet. Now, love is available not only to comfortably-off self-obsessed narcissists, but to most of humanity! Just think of the effect this will have.

    To strengthen the effect, hold the phone against the head, to listen by conduction through the skull bones….

    I know that those promoting the Lovetuner, will be very glad of this new facility. It is of course appreciated that they have had substantial costs in arranging production of the pitch pipe Lovetuner, and they cannot possibly afford to give them away for free. Now, this will not be necessary. Great news for all!

    • David,

      I’m not sure that the pitch of the Lovetuner will be as susceptible to changes in temperature as a tuning fork is. The pitch of a vibrating column of air rises with increasing temperature as this also increases the speed of sound. However, the temperature of exhaled air is going to be fairly consistent as it is close to body temperature rather than ambient temperature.

      The pitch of a tuning fork, by contrast, would be expected to fall with rising temperature as the prongs lengthen due to thermal expansion.

      Something similar happens with pipe organs – the flue pipes (diapasons and flutes etc.) go sharp as the temperature rises whereas the reeds go flat (reed pipes have a vibrating tongue of metal and the pipe itself is just a resonator to amplify the sound). Unfortunately not many churches can afford to have their organ retuned every time the weather changes.

      • I had assumed that the Lovetuner is a reed pitch pipe, with a little metal tine inside it. It may indeed be less susceptible than a tuning fork to temperature variations, but I am disinclined to buy one to experiment with! (THough I guess fora fraction of the price, I could buy a Pitch Pipe guitar tuner, made the same way, and see what happens with it in the freidge etc….)

        At any rate, since I uploaded a 528Hz tone to YouTube for use on smartphones, there is no need to worry – just sit back and watch the world become more loving. For free!

  • I am delirious with joy to report that the Lovetuner people have replied to my enquiry regarding the discrepancy in pitch.

    They have kindly explained that “There is no accurate way to measure frequency through technology. The sound produced in real-time without any obstructions is the 528hz.”

    I have emailed back, as follows:


    Thank you so much for getting back to me! I am not exactly sure what you mean by “There is no accurate way to measure frequency through technology”. How do you establish that “The sound produced in real-time without any obstructions is the 528hz” if in fact “There is no accurate way to measure frequency through technology”?

    Do you mean that recording the sound of the Lovetuner and uploading the recording to YouTube somehow alters the frequency? I’m not quite sure how that could happen, with digital technology.

    I wondered, too, at what temperature the Lovetuner is calibrated for 528Hz? As you will know, musicians’ tuning forks are calibrated to move at the specified frequency, at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. I feel sure that if you put one Lovetuner in the fridge, and another out in the hot sun, they will sound at different frequencies.

    To circumvent some of these difficulties, I have made it possible for anyone with a smartphone to enjoy just over one minute of sine wave tone at exactly 528Hz. It’s at

    Spread the love!

    Kind regards,


    • BRAVO!
      well done and most interesting

      • I’ve had a second reply from the Lovetuner people, in response to my second enquiry (see above).

        They kindly explain that I am “measuring a frequency from Youtube. Which makes it impossible to measure the accurate frequency, especially if it was recorded in a non studio setting”.

        They say that “The Lovetuner is perfectly calibrated to 528hz”. They recommend that I “give the Lovetuner a try and continue spreading the love”.

        You would think that in view of my humanitarian efforts to spread love for free via a 528Hz tone on YouTube, they might, as a gesture of recognistion, have sent me a Lovetuner pitch pipe!

        I don’t know why “measuring a frequency from Youtube….. makes it impossible to measure the accurate frequency, especially if it was recorded in a non-studio setting”. I have just re-measured the 528Hz tone I uploaded to YouTube, from the non-studio setting of my spare bedroom, and it still reads bang-on 528Hz.

        They did not answer my question about what temperature the Lovetuner is calibrated for. They did not answer my question about how they measure the frequency if, as they said, “there is no accurate way to measure frequency through technology”.

        I could almost begin to suspect that there is something unscientific and non evidence-based, about the whole Lovetuner venture. But one doesn’t like to be cynical.

    • I put the 528Hz love enhancing frequency to the test in an N=2 double blind (both subjects were blinded to their participation) controlled, cross over pilot study involving my wife and daughter. The control was an equal period of no emitted sound. The main outcome measure was the global expressions of love during and immediately after one minute exposure to the therapeutic intervention. The therapeutic agent was the Youtube version of the 528 Hz love-frequency developed by DavidB (all rights honoured) controlled for narrow band – low harmonics quality using a freeware sound spectrum analysis app and emitted via an iPad ( Apple Inc.). The secondary outcome measure was the desire for repeat exposure. The result was resoundingly[sic] in favour of the alternative (placebo) intervention, i.e. me keeping quiet. Furthermore, the verum phase of the experiment had to be terminated prematurely because of threats of my immediate expulsion from the living room along with the experimental apparatus. One comment was to the effect that the tone was not in correct musical pitch and sounded exceedingly annoying.
      After accumulating and analysing the evidence from this pilot study I have decided not to purchase the Lovetuner instrument as my pilot study does not indicate that further well powered trials will be safe or friendly to my immediate environment.

      • Thank you for carrying out, and publishing the results of, this controlled study. It is surely very useful to build up the evidence base in this scientific manner!

        • Yes DavidB
          There is no limit to the perils we scientists put our life (in this case love-life?) in the pursuit of positive p-values.
          I wonder if I may draw your attention to a similarly interesting (or not?) electric instrument, also using the concept of frequencies?
          In my litterature search this morning I stumbled upon the apparatus produced by an old acquaintance that I did not know was still in the Raymond Rife business. Apparently he is motoring on in fantasy-land like never before. Here is his web, where you can purchase his invention and find the accompanying free smartphone-app, which controls the frequency-sequences that the box with a battery will emit into the connected body in elaborate seqences of various frequncies.
          According to the inventor, this apparatus will even treat conditions that don’t exist and apparently cannot be found (at least not by me?) outside the listing in the app.

          The web:
          iOS app:
          Android version:

      • I have tested the effect of the 528hz frequency with the Lovetuner directly and live with over
        100 students in several studies. A period of almost two years was set.
        Here, too, an equal period of time was tested in which no frequency was generated. In these
        studies the same clear result was produced every single time. The test subjects felt much better and more
        relaxed after tuning and used the scheduled time after tuning to let the pleasant result of
        tuning linger.

        • and where did you publish your findings?

        • Thank you for sharing the information about your experiment, Karen.

          In view of the fact that the results are so strikingly different from those obtained by Dr. Geir, it seems prudent to consider some questions, as the efficacy of the 528Hz frequency comes into question.

          1) When using the Lovetuner with a group of students, was there only ONE Lovetuner, blown by the person conducting the class (or some other nominated person) or did learners have one EACH, blown simultaneously?
          2) Was the output frequency of the Lovetuner/s measured for accuracy, and if so, how?

          I have noted that on listening to YouTube videos of the Lovetuner, none of them is actually at 528Hz, whereas the 64 second tone that I uploaded to YouTube is dead-on 528Hz. Dr Geir found the 528Hz frequency ineffective, but you have found the frequency/frequencies of the Lovetuner/s you used, to be effective, and they seem generally not to be at 528Hz. This suggests that the effective frequency is NOT 528Hz, but some other frequency/frequencies.

          It is intriguing….

  • Exciting news! There is a new YouTube video about the Lovetuner, uploaded today. And this one really is at 528Hz!

    Who can doubt the patent sincerity of the young couple, as they explain how this little device benfits them!

    No mention of my 528Hz uploaded YouTube video tone though……..

  • Surely any true scientist would not comment on something without having thoroughly tested it.
    DavidB seems to want to rubbish this device – but has he used it?

    I used to think meditation was bullsh*t. When I started meditating it helped me make radical changes to my life.

    I was told I needed knee surgery. I started stretching twice a day, the pain went away, and so did the need for surgery.

    I’ve been practising gratitude every day for the past few years. I am happier and more at peace than I ever remember being, and my life seems to flow better. My financial situation grows more secure while I also seem to be working less, and I met a quite wonderful woman last year.

    So I don’t know, but it seems to me you can only find out if some “woo-woo shit” is of any use by actually conducting the experiment for a good amount of time. Then you know if it works for you or not.

    $62 is one night of partying. Doesn’t seem much to invest in the experiment of finding more peace and love! And honestly, the more I see people trying to bad-mouth something/someone that is trying to make the world a better place, the more I’m inclined to try it for myself. Throwing away $62 ain’t a big deal when there’s the chance of a better life.

    • Thank you for those ionteresting observations, Dave. I have such good news for you!

      The 528Hz pure tone is available FREE on your smartphone, or any internet-connected device, as explained earlier in this thread! Simply go to

      Please send the $62 you would have otherwise have spent, as a donation to a charity of your choice. Spread the love!

    • @Dave
      You seem to have misread this thread. Both DaveB and I have tested the concept and found it negatively love-inducing compared to placebo. The only inference to be drawn from our pilot studies is that it is very probably worse than useless and further research is not warranted, due to inherent safety issues.

      • Thank you Björn and DavidB for undertaking the pilot study. I think Dave should donate $62 dollars not to his charity of choosing, but to a science based charity. I took the liberty of picking Science Based Medicine: that both of you would approve.

      • I was going to reference your pilot study, Dr. Geir, but ran out of time earlier. It was a profound bit of science.

        In all honesty in the interests of scientific rigor we should remind readers that the trial was of my PURE frequency, on the YouTube video, not the variable and apparently unpredictable, and harmonics-laden sound of the LoveTuner pitch pipe…..

    • @Dave

      Surely any true scientist would not comment on something without having thoroughly tested it.

      Um, no, not really. Any true scientist would ask the party making the claims to present credible evidence. And only if and when such evidence is forthcoming, would a true scientist start investigating the phenomenon themselves. And note that the more outlandish and unlikely those claims are, the better the evidence has to be.
      In this case, completely crazy claims are made without ANY evidence whatsoever.

      I used to think meditation was bullsh*t. When I started meditating it helped me make radical changes to my life.

      Well, good for you, congrats! But the classic mistake made here is to confuse one personal experience (‘N=1’) with scientific research/evidence.

      I started stretching twice a day, the pain went away, and so did the need for surgery.

      Yes, this is quite common with musculoskeletal problems, and is also why we have physiotherapists. But exercise is not the same as meditation – although I suspect that meditation helps you relax and also serves as a mental anchor or starting point for your daily exercise routines. I think that what you say here is not only plausible, but also laudable: lots of people could be helped with all sorts of health problems if only they managed to make relaxation + exercise into a daily habit. Unfortunately, people are very much creatures of habit, regardless whether it is a good or bad habit. And we’re also naturally lazy – as spending unnecessary(!) energy was not conducive to survival. So many people just pop another painkiller and settle down on the couch to watch another episode of whatever series they fancy.

      Also please note that nothing here (including meditation) involves esoteric or outlandish claims (contrary to the main article). It is just common sense – one could even say ‘common science’ 🙂

  • Edzard, I feel you are misrepresenting the wondrous potential of this incredible product, as are the manufacuters and retailers.

    The main benefit of the Lovetuner is that it identifies the wearer as a gullible person who is likely to spend good money on snake oil and who may be vulnerable to all manner of rapacious violations from assorted grifters.

    The incredible Tachyon pendant, orgone pendants and various EMF protecting pendants all fulfill the same important function.

    You criticise the Lovetuner without giving a moment’s thought to the very real risks of loss of income and access to potential victims that your article poses to grifters in the wellness movment.

    Grifters have to pay the bills too! Have some compassion for godness sake!

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