Am I the only one who suspects that China is using the current pandemic for promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine? I see many signs for that being so. To me, this seems not better than pushing homeopathy for that purpose. The fact is, I fear, that there is no robust evidence that TCM works for corona or any other viral infection. In case you think I am wrong, please show me the studies.

Anyway, in this context, it seems relevant to ask to what extend TCM has been used so far in the battle against the current pandemic. I came across this website which gives us some clues. I have no idea how reliable the data are, so perhaps one needs to take them with a pinch of salt. Here they are (% figures depict the usage of TCM):

US – 1%

Europe – 2%

Italy – 3%

Spain – 2%

UK – 0%

France – 6%

Germany – o%

China – 67%

Korea/Taiwan/Japan – 10%

Rest of the world – 3%

And what do these figures tell us?

Probably not a lot!

But they are nevertheless interesting, I think, in that they suggest that China’s promotion of TCM has had some moderate successes at least in some countries; notably France and Asian regions seem to have succumbed to the Chinese sales techniques to some degree . Remarkable, in my view, is also the German’s absolute resistance to use TCM. Considering that Germany has an enviably low death rate, this fact seems to somewhat dispel the notion that TCM offers an effective way out of the current health crisis.

16 Responses to The use of Traditional Chinese Medicine against the corona-virus in different countries and regions

  • Squirm, squirm, squirm…deny, deny, deny.

    Isn’t it obvious that China did “something” right to sharply reduce the complication rate and death rate from Covid-19?

    Isn’t it obvious that the Chinese used what they’ve been using for millenia to treat themselves, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture AND botanical medicines)?

    Then, to actually say (with a straight face) that 0% (!) of Germans use acupuncture and botanical medicines is a REAL LAUGHER! In actual fact, German integrate a f*ck-lot of botanical medicines and a significant amount of acupunture. I don’t know the # either…but this reference to SCIENCE mag notes that 70% of Germans are supportive of CAM!!! We all can even wonder if the sharply reduced rate of infection in Germany is due, in part, to the widespread usage of CAM which provides benefit to “host resistence”). (It is interesting to note that you and the media ignore the equation of infectious disease, that is, you and the media focus only on the pathogen and totally ignore the importance of the body’s immune and defense system.)

    “How convenient” it is to deny facts and to make stuff up.

    • yet again you produce nothing but wrong info, fallacies, misunderstandings, assumptions and outdated data.

      • Oh yeah, China did NOT report something like 1,200 more deaths…and yet, in New York alone, there were 4,500 deaths YESTERDAY alone. False equivalencies…a bit?

        Do you REALLY think that just writing random words is a real response?

        Squirm, squirm, squirm, deny, deny, deny.

        And thanx for not disputing ANYTHING I wrote above.

        • False equivalencies…a bit? YOU MADE SUCH A COMPARISON, NOT I!
          The Germans do NOT use TCM for corona treatment; if you know otherwise, show me the data
          None of the German ICU employ SCAM; if you know otherwise, show me the data
          [I dare say I know more than you about the German situation]

          • Well, it looks like somebody’s panties are in a tiff.

            And well, it looks like somebody doesn’t like it when they create false equivalancies themselves (heck, we all make mistakes).

            And well, it looks like your “data” is a tad WRONG. Your post says that 0% of German MDs use Traditional Chinese Medicine, while the LINK you provided says that it is 10%. Ahhhh…when will you EVER admit you’ve made a mistake? We are all waiting for that FIRST TIME!

          • oh Dana, you almost got me excited
            … and then I checked … and then I found that you are mistaken
            LIKE SO OFTEN!

          • last resort of a bluff, or just cheating as usual, Dana?

          • Ha! Thanx for PROVING that you CANNOT admit error even when it is RIGHT in front of you!

            My most sincerely sympathies (NOT)!

            You do realize that the world is watching you here…

          • YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE GRAPH ENTITLED ‘Medications physicians have used to treat COVID-19 patients’
            this is not by region; go to the one below and you have to agree with me that you are an IDIOT!
            thanks, that was fun – now go and play somewhere else.

          • My error. You see…admitting error is not a problem (for me).

            And yet, you have yet to respond to my initial comment…and instead, prefer to squirm, deny, and spew.

            Thanx for the link to this website that CONFIRMS the high usage of TCM in China where the results of treatment seem to be the best in the world.

          • “My error. You see…admitting error is not a problem (for me)”

  • Dana? Getting things wrong? Being unable to properly read things, jumping to unwarranted conclusions and being completely and demonstrably wrong? Surely not!

    Bye, Dana. Mind the door doesn’t hit you on the arse on your way out.

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