Jay Kennedy is an experienced chiropractor of some standing.

In “2018, ‘The American Chiropractor’ wrote this about Jay Kennedy:

Jay Kennedy, DC, is a 1987 graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College and maintains afull time practice in western Pennsylvania. He is the principal developer of the Kennedy Decompression Technique. Dr. Kennedy teaches his non-machine specific technique to practitioners who want to learn clinical expertise required to apply this increasingly mainstream therapy. Kennedy Decompression Technique Seminars are approved for CE through various Chiropractic Colleges.

‘The Dynamic Chiropractor’ published plenty of articles authored by Jay Kennedy.

I am telling you this because Jay Kennedy recently posted a comment which is far too important to be burried in the many other comments on this blog. I think it deserves full recognition and loud applause. I have therefore decided to take the unusual step and re-post it here as an entirely seperate post.

Here we go:

I was a DC for 30+ years and a notable one for the last 20 years. I taught 200+ seminars, wrote innumerable articles and taught at many chiropractic colleges. I had (3) private practices and was a technique “guru”: “Kennedy decompression technique” or KDT. We “certified” nearly 5000 DCs to be “decompression experts”!

Kdt still sells farcical traction-tables I developed and designed (labeled as “decompression systems”) as well as useless lasers, ultrasonic vibrators and other scam modalities to confound the DCs and milk the public. (I have been out of it for several years now).

I am not proud of the fact I made a lot of money both in practice and as a lying cultist-entrepreneur.

I have read your blog for several years and many of your books, especially related to Chiropractic. You are not mistaken and I do NOT believe you are biased, the fact that you define the practice as SCAM and a cult is absolutely the case. As has been said before it is “the world’s largest non-scientific healthcare delivery system”. I was fortunate many years ago to meet Stuart McGill PhD. It changed my practice considerably. I opened a gym and focused dramatically on exercise. I also had other income steams from selling bullshit equipment. The regrettable feature is chiropractors sell “treatments”…. Some of which superficially alter pain signals temporarily like many OTHER less expensive and less mendacious things. This “traps” many patients into an erroneous paradigm….one a DC is ready, willing and able to exploit. “Chiropractic treatments” NEVER get to the root of a problem, alter any disease-process or substantially improve a patient. Regrettably selling exercise simply WILL NOT garner the income that selling (and coercing) subluxation-elimination treatments will (and virtually NO DC has the experience or expertise a PT PhD has in that arena).

Interestingly when you do seminars as a chiropractor, most states make you sign a waiver stating that you will not disparage Chiropractic or discuss information that minimize the value of Chiropractic. Can you imagine medical seminars or a scientific seminar having such a waiver? Chiropractic is and has always been a moneymaking scheme. That doesn’t exclude the fact there are many chiropractors who buy into it as a supreme truth….just like Muslims who murder with the thought of getting directly to Heaven to start porking some virgins.

I have discovered most DCs are on the low IQ scale, have poor critical thinking skills and rarely question their golden-goose (or perhaps more sympathetically; never venture outside the bounds of the profession and its rhetoric and hyperbole. They have been effectively able to compartmentalize Chiropractic from rightful and accurate criticism). Most of the successful ones are of course entrepreneurs with ravenous appetites for money, prestige and approval (and have little or no interest in the “truth”…..oops I described myself I guess).

The majority however struggle to get by and are constantly seeking SOMETHING that might actually work. Thus 70%+ use and advertise “decompression”, Activators (and other ridiculous “adjusting guns”), drop-tables, energy-techniques, orthotics and whatever other nonsense some company advertises in Chiropractic Economics with a testimonial of how much money can be made. It always fascinated me that if “subluxation-reduction or elimination” was the solution for disease and pain WHY did the profession embrace all of these other nonsensical modalities? If your guess is: “chiropractic doesn’t really work”…give yourself a beer.

When you graduate as a DC you CAN ONLY be in private SCAM practice….no other opportunities exist. Is it really any wonder that lying is the only avenue available to support a practice and an income stream? Nope.


I wish to express my thanks to Jay for his courage and honesty in writing these lines.

15 Responses to Chiropractic: a view from the inside of the cult

  • Edzard wrote: “I wish to express my thanks to Jay for his courage and honesty in writing these lines.”

    As do I.

    Thank you, Jay, greatly appreciated.

    Kindest regards,

  • That was indeed a fascinating read. Little of it was a surprise.

    Thank you for the reposting Ezard.

  • “When you graduate as a DC you CAN ONLY be in private SCAM practice….no other opportunities exist.”

    I’m not sure where this ex-chiropractor is getting his information, or if he has been out of the profession for so long he simply is ignorant to the numerous opportunities available to chiropractors outside of private practice.

    There are, of course, chiropractors employed by hospitals and medical clinics, including the US VA system. Each NFL football team now has a chiropractor on staff as do many other professional and university sports teams. Other chiropractors go on to earn a PhD in a related field alongside their medically trained colleagues. They may go on to teach in public universities.

    These are just a handful of examples. If this last statement is demonstrably false, it leaves one to wonder how accurate the rest of this anecdote can be.

    • transparent strategy of chiros: use a triviality to distract from the main topic

    • Oh geeze another not-too-bright poster!
      Nathan C a couple of points. I would be interested to see your statistics as to what percentage of graduates get hired by professional sports teams and then cease private practice because of the payments they receive? I believe the number is about 1% or less. I worked with several sports teams myself. I did it for the experience and the advertising potential. They did not pay me. This is common.
      Getting a PhD is NOT an opportunity a Chiropractic degree affords. Additionally, you said “in a related field”. By a ‘related field’ you mean another quackery profession that is built on lies, hyperbole and financial protectionism? Which ones are those?
      The vast majority of those teaching at Chiropractic schools are also in private practice and probably make more money in private practice than the college pays them. When I went to Chiropractic college, none of the “professors” could survive with what they were being paid alone.
      The VA has perhaps a handful of DCs. And many of those have real degrees from real colleges in addition to DC. The number of chiropractors on staff at American hospitals is also minuscule at best.
      The university of Bridgeport on their website states there are “numerous opportunities in addition to private practice for a chiropractor”. The website goes on to say they include a Chiropractic neurologist, Chiropractic veterinarian, Chiropractic acupuncturist… and several other utter absurdities. All of these inter-professional “degrees” are available for two reason: selling more fascicle education programs and trying to entice or coerce more patients into your private practice.
      Of course 1-2% of DCs start a mendacious “Chiropractic technique” as I did in order to build an alternative income stream and bolster their egos.
      And of course getting involved in Scientology is an excellent option. The two professions have deep roots. You can become an ‘auditor’ and learn up close how another world-wide scam operates. Like chiropractic it’s a quasi-religion that pretends to be scientific.
      You can be proud of yourself for finding a pointless avenue in which to try to undermine the majority of my commentary. However, like chiropractors who insist exercise and nutrition are core chiropractic principles and one can “remove subluxations” using evidence-based parameters….you are arguing a false premise to a false conclusion.
      Chiropractors are in my experience very gullible. There was a saying in vaudeville: “if you buy the premise you’ll buy the bit”. I suspect you have bought the bit.

      • You’ve lost the plot, Jay.

        You made a claim. Here it is once again:
        “When you graduate as a DC you CAN ONLY be in private SCAM practice….” (Emphasis yours.)

        And: “NO OTHER opportunities exist.” (Emphasis mine.)

        That is a specific, clear, and falsifiable claim. You chose those all-or-nothing words.

        And then you go on to contradict yourself:
        “I opened a gym and focused dramatically on exercise. I also had other income steams from selling bullshit equipment.”
        Those are other options that are not private practice, although I don’t know whether they were a SCAM, in your case.

        I chose to address this claim because you used it to set up your concluding statement that “lying is the only avenue available to support a practice and an income stream.” Whether this is a triviality or pointless avenue is debatable. If that is your assessment, you should feel comfortable that it fits right in with the myriad trivialities and pointless avenues employed on this blog to criticize an entire profession with spurious evidence.

        • to criticize an entire profession with spurious evidence

          Priceless 🤣

        • I don’t believe I lost the plot. A “chiropractic degree” ONLY affords one the ability to open a practice OF chiropractic. It has no expansion in and of itself. IF you go on to other degreed fields it isn’t a natural and facile aspect of a chiropractic education. IMO virtually NO ONE gets a degree in Chiropractic or attends chiropractic college with the assumption they are NEVER going to practice “it” in a ‘private or group setting’….and simply looking at the opportunities and the history of chiropractic this is borne out. The alternatives have been forced into the profession by its slow but insidious and continuous morphing to try to look like a real science. I did over 300 lectures and involved myself in well over 5000 DCs interests and careers I can say with absolute confidence “subluxation reduction/removal” in private practice (to make AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE) IS the essence of the profession. Those who are not naturally talented in being a salesperson or more accurately a con-man/woman tend to be the outliers.

      • “By a ‘related field’ you mean another quackery profession that is built on lies, hyperbole and financial protectionism?”

        Not at all. I mean an academic, research-focused doctor of philosophy program. It’s a wide range, but I’m aware of chiropractors who have gone on to earn PhDs in neuroscience, rehabilitation science, epidemiology, microbiology, biomechanics, psychology, human nutrition, anthropology, bioengineering, history, cell biology, and others. And from respectable universities, not just some mail order catalog.

        Sure, some of them had a masters degree, or even did the PhD before going into chiropractic. But some of them did get the PhD with no more than their DC as a precursor. Just a sampling of other opportunities that exist for chiropractors outside of private practice.

        • The total number of chiropractors worldwide was 103 469.
          — Stochkendahl et al. (2019). doi:10.1186/s12998-019-0255-x.

          An anonymous chiro-acolyte writes:
          “I’m aware of chiropractors who have gone on to earn PhDs…”.

          Any chance of:
          ● supplying actual numbers
          ● backing the numbers with EVIDENCE

          • > Any chance of:
            > ● supplying actual numbers
            > ● backing the numbers with EVIDENCE


            I didn’t provide any numbers because my argument wasn’t about how many there are, simply that it is an alternative to private practice.

            I haven’t come across any directory of sorts that keeps track of chiropractors with PhDs. As of 2020, there were about 40 DC, PhDs in Australia ( There were 24 in Canada in 2009 ( (certainly, many more today).

            What type of evidence would satisfy your question?

          • Note to the readers: 40+24 DC, PhDs is truly amazing; mind-boggling !

            Yep, a staggering 0.06%.

            As Edzard wrote above: “transparent strategy of chiros: use a triviality to distract from the main topic”.

        • Nathan C….The relationship of these real sciences and Chiropractic is nonexistent. A degree in Chiropractic does not afford one an easy or obvious entrance into any of these fields of study. That there are individuals who get advanced degrees after Chiropractic college has zero to do with Chiropractic. Clearly they are trying to enhance their reputation and knowledge base by attending a real academic program. My guess is they’ve recognized the utter shortcomings of their DC. I know several PhDs and in private conversation this is their commentary. They are not somehow enhancing their Chiropractic education and Chiropractic as a “science”…. Which it never was and never will be but they are looking for an “out”. Irrespective of the fact some become “researchers” for DC colleges.
          I find it so fascinating that craven lunatic DCs continue to bend the rules of logic trying to defend Chiropractic.
          Hematology. Osteology, urology gynecology, physical therapy even massage therapy, ALL denote a body system and a reality within the real world. Chiropractic has none of that. It is a portmanteau whose existence and development (all usurped from primordial sources) came from uneducated con-men. And like most religions somehow grandfathered itself into the modern world. Mainly driven by the adherents’ economic interests. And as is routine from the pilfering, pugilistic chiro-protagonists posting here, pulling a few “research papers” out of the ether and suggesting they somehow validate this nonsense Should not be tolerated and should be scoffed at by rational, educated people. Fortunately, on this blog it usually is.

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