Yes, it is hot! Very hot. Where I live – Cambridge, UK – we expect records to be broken today and tomorrow, and we are predicted to reach as much as 40 degrees Celsius.

But do not despair – there is help!

As so often, homeopathy comes to our rescue.

I found this source giving us advice about “BEST HOMEOPATHY MEDICINE FOR SUMMER HEAT“:

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic and a safe way to help the body to replenish its store of the cell salts and nutrients it needs in warmer periods and help to relieve cramps, aches, and fatigue. Some of the most common homeopathic medicines to deal with summer heat are:

    1. Calendula: This is an all-purpose medicine for many kinds of skin damage that many of us face during the summer season. When the skin gets damaged due to wounds, infection, prolonged sun exposure, and even excessive pollution and dirt, one can try using calendula.
    2. Arnica: All that running around on the beach can easily give you sore muscles, while the heat can sap up your energy and leave you fatigued. In such cases, Arnica is the perfect homeopathic answer to your maladies. This homeopathic remedy can be used for topical application if bought in its cream or gel form.
    3. Belladonna: Sun strokes, dehydration, and over-exposure to the sun, in general, can give you a host of problems and conditions including heat headaches. In order to treat such conditions, one can use homeopathic medicine Belladonna used for sun-stroke related ailments and symptoms.
    4. Rhus Toxicodendron: This Homeopathy remedy used for Hot Weather Symptom is also known as Rhus Tox. It is made from poison ivy extracts and is an effective drug when it comes to dealing with itchy rashes. These rashes may be caused because of exposure to oak, sumac, and even poison ivy.
    5. Ledum: Ledum or Ledum Palustre is one of the best homeopathic drugs when it comes to treating insect bites during summers.
    6. Euphrasia Officinalis: This homeopathic medicine is most commonly used for eye-related problems that may come about due to sun exposure or excessive sweating in prickly heat and other heat-related factors.


So, now we know. All you need to do is go to a homeopathic pharmacy and buy the remedies (please do not run, this might aggravate your symptoms!).

Which potency?

Good question!

The author of the advice – Dr. Bela Chaudhry, BHMS, MD – Homeopathy, Homeopathy Doctor, Delhi, India – does not disclose this important information. As some of these ingredients are toxic, I would urge you to buy an ultra-molecular dilution – a C30, for instance – this way, you are sure that not a single molecule of what is printed on the package is contained in the actual remedy.

Alternatively, you could save quite a bit of money by staying where you are, taking a cool drink of water (put a pinch of salt in it, if you think you are getting dehydrated), and considering the evidence. It clearly shows that homeopathic remedies are pure placebos. They do not work against the symptoms of overheating nor against anything else.



I suspect, there will be some who disagree with me. To them, I say: please show me the evidence that any of the above-listed homeopathic remedies are effective against the named conditions. If you do that, I promise that I will change my post accordingly. Thank you.


  • Prevention is better than cure and certainly so in the context of exposure to sun leading to skin cancers. So it is just irresponsible for Homeopaths to promote skin healing cures, as if their sugar pulls can put right UV damaged cells.
    Presumably the homeopathic version of a sun hat is to throw a panama into the Atlantic and then pour a litre of said ocean over the head.

  • Indian-style lemonade which has a bit of salt added? Not strictly homeopathic but should help hydration and is enjoyable.

  • What dilution are you going for with the pinch of salt edzard:)

  • Drinking large amounts of the homeopathic remedy might help maintain hydration status?

  • More understanding is needed for all those homeopaths who would be out of work if the advice on this blog were followed.
    And it needs to be understood that in the absence of evidence, they are scamists (and they know that).
    Caveat emptor – as always.

    I’m off for a lie down in the shade, but I’ll avoid shady characters!

  • It’s a pity that the good doctor didn’t give a potency recommendation, because that’s not quite without its problems! I have my doubts as to whether 30C could already trigger hypothermia …

  • I see that Dr Chaudhry’s “MD” is not a Doctorate in Medicine from a reputable medical school, but a “postgraduate” qualification in homeopathy. From Sri Sai Nath Post Graduate Institute of Homoeopathy, Allahabad.

    One wonders what the course curricula are or were for her courses – does she actually know much of what a properly qualified medical doctor would know, and could she actually diagnose heatstroke (or any other medical condition) if she saw it?

    Oh wait, I found a description of the MD course content:

    Course : MD(HOM)- MD in 6 Subjects

    Materia Medica
    Organon Of Medicine
    Practice of Medicine
    Duration of MD : 3 years

    So, basically homeopathic then – the Organon, Repertory…..

    I doubt if this lady would be able to properly diagnose any real medical condition.

  • I just found a new and very effective homeopathic heat remedy that you can make yourself, at a fraction of the cost that homeopaths charge:
    – Boil up 0.5 litre of water in a saucepan; this high-temperature water is the mother tincture.
    – Take a 50 litre tub with cold water; this is the diluent.
    – Tip the boiling water in the tub with cold water and splash it around succuss it. You now have Aqua Ferventis 1C.
    – Sit in the water. You will immediately experience the cooling effect of homeopathy!

    Now of course this 1C preparation is a low potency remedy, so its beneficial effects will abate in a relatively short time. The solution is simple: step up by one potency:
    – Save 0.5 litres of the tub’s contents in a saucepan (do NOT boil it again!).
    – Discard the rest of the water (use it e.g. for your lawn or your flowers – although you have to be careful not to cause boiling water symptoms, so spread it around really good).
    – Fill the tub up with fresh water, add the 0.5 litres from the saucepan, and don’t forget to succuss(*).
    Now you have Aqua Ferventis 2C, which should give you even better relief from the heat. And the wonderful thing is that you can repeat this day after day, increasing the potency until it is high enough. Usually, heat complaints will have subsided once you reach 30C; only in more persistent cases you may need to go higher, but eventually, all heat symptoms will disappear. How much more proof does one need that homeopathy really works?

    *: Children will perform this succussion action almost instinctively, which tells us that we have an innate capability for using homeopathy.

    • very good – but too cheap, I’m afraid (the more you pay, the more it’s worth!)

    • Thank you for posting this valuable information, along with the detailed methodology. Now no-one need suffer!

    • My mum always told my sister and me off for succussing the water out of the bath and onto the floor.

      Apparently the ceiling under the floor didn’t like succussed water…Wicked stuff!

    • My grandmother would get ice cream out of the freezer and top it with “Liebesperlen” (love beads/nonpareils). That worked, so it couldn’t have been simple sugar balls, but it must have been globules.

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