I have previously reported about the ‘Havelhöhe Community Hospital’ in Berlin and its medical director, Prof Harald Matthes. He made headlines two years ago when he claimed that anthroposophical remedies were effective for treating COVID. More recently, Matthes made headlines again when he went on TV claiming that serious adverse effects of COVID vaccinations were 40 times more frequent than generally accepted.

Now a German newspaper reports more about the ‘Havelhöhe Community Hospital’ and its medical director. Here are a few (translated) passages from this remarkable article:

At the Havelhöhe Community Hospital in Berlin, there are considerable shortcomings in the handling of the Corona pandemic … basic protective measures are in part neither adhered to nor monitored. In addition, employees of the anthroposophical clinic are recommended a vaccination regimen for which there is no approval, i.e. the option of “dose splitting with frequency increase,” in which the vaccine usually administered at one time is to be divided among several injections.

However, there is no official basis for this vaccination scheme. “There is no vaccine approved for it, and it does not correspond in any way to the Stiko recommendation,” said Gudrun Widders, the public health officer responsible. “My hair stands on end when I hear that,” says the head of the Berlin-Spandau health department, who is also a member of the Standing Commission on Vaccination.

Visitors of the hospital Havelhöhe can enter buildings and wards without control of the inoculation status or a daily updated test result which is against current regulations in Germany. While other Berlin hospitals such as the Charité imposed bans on visitors, a public concert took place at Havelhöhe Hospital, where the audience did not wear a mask, contrary to the valid Corona protection regulation. Employees of the hospital also report to the taz that many of the hospital staff are lax about wearing masks, even when on duty.

“I can only say something when I see someone,” said hospital director Harald Matthes. “And I don’t see anyone with me in the hospital who walks around without a mask.” Matthes had publicly criticized corona measures as excessive on several occasions.


I have said it before and I say it again: in my view, Matthes’ behavior amounts to serious professional misconduct. I, therefore, suggest that his professional body, the Aerztekammer, look into it with a view of preventing further harm.




25 Responses to Anthroposophical hospital defies COVID-19 regulations

  • The original article linked in the taz from February 2022 “Alternative handling of Corona” shows even much worse conditions in the Havelhöhe Community Hospital, which took place there under the management of Harald Matthes (with his tacit dildoing possibly?).!5830435/

    I am speechless that such behavior, which borders on negligent or even willful bodily harm, was tolerated in a hospital by the Berlin authorities and no one intervened, staff shortage in the authorities or not.

    • I’m afraid that this is a more general problem, and that authorities are far too tolerant with regard to healthcare providers spreading Covid nonsense, from actual doctors gone rogue to lowlife SCAM artists. Here in the Netherlands, we have a couple of Covid-denying antivaccine misfits with a real medical education and regular hospital jobs(*). I filed complaints against these people with the Health Inspectorate, complete with some of the most egregious lies and disinformation that these people spout, yet the only response I got was that the Inspectorate “was monitoring the situation”. I believe that up until this day, none of them has even been reprimanded in any way, except that one of them was kindly asked not to mention her affiliation with a regular hospital in her antivaccine lies.

      *: Although each of these people also dabbles in quackery such as homeopathy and orthomolecular nonsense. So no surprise there … And of course they capitalize on their medical titles to gain trust and credibility, even though they no longer deserve those titles in my opinion.

  • What is the German for “Caveat emptor”?

    Except that of course, in dealing with public health, we are all emptors and need to caveat.

    (A 30C potentisation of ‘sigh’ cures all ills.)
    Question: Do anthroposophical doctors have no gnome to go to?

    • Likewise:

      caveat lector: let the reader beware.

      caveat auditor: let the listener beware, especially of spoken advertising/promotional messages.

    • you are right on the ball!! i used Aconite for spike protein ‘sickness’ and thuja for breathing problems. all gone within 6-12 hours apart from a little body lethargy which also disappeared within 24 hours. i actually fast for all my problems. now 66, never been to a doctor for dis-ease since my mother took me for hayfever (lack of breastfeeding?) as a kid. only woman at 60 to have surfed one of the most dangerous waves in margaret river, western australia. no doubt due to my diet, health protocol (no drugs or ‘doctors’ thank you!) and yoga habits. i’ve used homeopathy amazingly for broken bones after i developed osteoporosis from those white ceramic aluminium oxide fillings everyone seems to think are healthier than the silver (mercury) fillings. in fact aluminium is far more deadlier than mercury at very low doses. my dad died at 95 with mercury fillings. he certainly had nothing wrong with his ‘head’! use to put up a good political argument any day. on the other hand, i had to have extracted all the white ceramic ‘healthy’ fillings along with my teeth after ten years. so sad for the future kids of the world who will be without teeth by the time they are 20 years if they continue to use these glue-in fillings (the glue is toxic and it disintegrates after five years). teeth can only be drilled a couple of times before they too come out.

    • According to an earlier article in taz, they use warm ginger or mustard poultices on Covid patients. For the really sick ones, they bring out the heavy artillery: injections of a homeopathic preparation derived from meteoric iron, iron phosphate, and cow lungs. Or something like that.
      It’s pretty strange of them, but at least it’s in addition to the standard care for Covid, not replacing it. And it would be good for people who are a lot into alt-med, for whom mainstream medical care is frightening. It would be reassuring to them to have herbal poultices and a dash of homeopathic weirdness when they’re in the hospital.
      That would be the real function of this place: to give freaked-out alt-med fans a place to go when they have to be hospitalized. There are no such hospitals in the USA so far as I know; the freaked-out alt-med fans just have to grit their teeth and subject themselves to the evils of a regular hospital – or avoid it and risk really hurting themselves.

  • in sweden, which was used as a test group during the ‘korona V’, and Kyletshya (sp?) in cape town where natives wore no masks, were scantily jabbed, where 50 natives use the same loo and the shanties are less than a couple of metres apart (obviously no social distancing there!) both of these countries had a transmission rate of 100:1,000,000. in australia and other strictly mandated countries the transmission rate was 1000:1,000,000. What does that tell us? This is all confirmed in a video made by an irish doctor who lives in cape town and may well be in ireland now but was part of the Doctors for Transparency group who got legislation passed under the freedom of information act to produce all Pfz trial/experimental vaccine documents and CDC “real” death statistics. have you checked those out? when people happily follow what governments and instrumentalities force (illegally in most cases) on to a population, we need those who are analytical, question, see there’s something wrong and make change to protocols that are NOT working. Anyway, i’ve no doubt this whole scamdemic will be left like a little blot on the landscape with MSM continuing to hide the clamities and mistakes those powers have made (purposefully or not). i’m just glad it was mainly the non-analytical folk who got the jab. they are the ones that didn’t question and are labelled ‘hopeless and useless’. the ones the elitists want to remove first from society! If this all hurts you?? it means you don’t like the TRUTH.

    • martina

      You are a breath of fresh air to this blog.
      Please continue posting

    • Ah, the ill-informed tinfoil-hatted rantings of another wilfully-ignorant loon who has come here to tell the scientists and medical professionals that they’re all wrong. We won’t bother deconstructing your rambling tripe because you are plainly impervious to such concepts as “evidence” and “objective fact”.

      • And those things by the true believers are often very standardized and stereotyped, too. They could be generated by AI.
        It’s surprising that people think these ideas that float around in the popular culture represent some hidden truth, a kind of truthful nonconformism, when actually they are generally a lot MORE prone to bias than science and the “official angle” – not less.
        People’s perceptions do have a chance of representing something heretofore unknown, and scientists investigate them.
        The connections that people make between A and B are sometimes correct. For example, many people have said for many years that they have various kinds of food reactions that are not the standard known ones – not the immediate IgE-mediated food allergies that everyone knows about, not celiac disease, not lactose intolerance, etc. … And scientists have found out more about these food reactions. People were able to sometimes accurately connect eating food A with reaction B.
        But the theories that people develop about things are almost always wrong. For example, Bigfoot / sasquatch / yeti.
        In 2013, the geneticist Bryan Sykes decided to take the talk seriously. He went around the world gathering samples from yeti-like animals, including the best that the Bigfoot enthusiasts in North America could offer him. He tested their DNA.
        He did find what he thought might be a new subspecies of bear, although even that was later called into question.
        But no previously unknown great apes 🙁 So people’s dramatic interpretation of their sasquatch observations turned out to be completely wrong. It turned out to be about human psychology – our human tendency to anthropomorphize, to see humans everywhere – and not about zoology.

  • Thanks again for another great post. It appears to me that the weaponisation of stupidity continues at a pace. The ability of human beings to fool themselves is interesting in its own right I think. Unfortunately it normally comes with the trio of doom namely arrogance, anger and self rightousness. Keep up the great work.

    ps Anecdotally I eat cheese and have never had a hamsting injury. I think i’m onto something.

  • Apparently, Germany, a developed country, which bequeathed so many scientific benefits to humanity, has become a hotbed of pseudoscientific medical activities and so lightly tolerated by government health regulatory services! It seems certain that education is indispensable to a people, but it does not work miracles.

  • good on that hospital for seeing the Light. if only others could do the same. six people i know alone in my small community have had heart attacks since the jabs came along. two died almost instantaneously. two are on fibrilators or the likes and don’t have a profession any more. one can’t lift his arm and therefore cannot continue his job as a mechanic and the other is in and out of hospital every week (being used as a stat for covid!) having had an inflamed heart and after the first three weeks got released and told he was all good only to return three times since. now he has an inflamed face and some other unknown medical condition. can’t people see there are added extras in these vax (graphene hydroxide – the only guy to have written a thesis on this subject was killed ‘accidentally’, and conveniently, by austrian guards after he posted his findings on graphene hydroxide on u-tu-be. this all happened in front of his wife. my close friends, worldwide in countries such as japan, indonesia, uk, south africa and usa all revolted against the drug called a vax. they are all healthy and have not had any serious effects like korona and kovid. in fact all the jabbed have now turned sick. my friends sons who surf with me have all landed up in hospital or continued to get sicknesses they’ve never had. same as my foreign friends friends and neighbours. mareks disease in chickens has similar RNA technology in the agricultural vaccine. it does the same thing eg passes the disease on to others around them (vaxt or not). i’ve had a chicken rescue for 25 years and see the horrid effects of rescuing a vaxt chicken and how it killed 25 other hens within 2 years. it was devastating. the local farm vet (ex german olympian) was the one that introduced the idea that it might be this vax. i didn’t know anything about mRNA at the time. i did when the vax came along and that is why i was suspcious. one’s body is their castle. don’t give it away to drugs and chems. we are of Nature. we should die of Nature. Naturally that is. not caked up with toxic manmade chemicals like aluminium that causes anger (why so many crimes, car accidents and the like has increased after the scamdemic); osteoporosis, cancer, insomnia etc,. you’re a loser if you take the ‘easy’ path. remember what the good Lord taught us about choices. listen to them. the bible is a book about how to live life. not to go to church and worship some heavenly body which isn’t our own soul.

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