We are living in difficult times, and few things are more difficult than spending the holidays in confinement alone or (possibly worse) with close family. If you do, you need all the help you can get. Here are a few homeopathic remedies (all available from Her Majesty’s homeopathic pharmacy) which, according to the ‘like cures like’ (LCL) axiom of homeopathy, might come in handy:

So, do take good care of yourselves, stay healthy, don’t over-dose the brandy butter, port, or anything else, and



7 Responses to Homeopathic solutions for problems arising during holidays in confinement

  • HM The Queen helps market Ainsworth’s remedies by giving them her Warrant.
    Or is that the alternative monarch as seen on TV…?

  • Well I for one do NOT want to get pregnant, so I will give this proper consideration. And I have to spend this and every holiday without my mother. She and my father are both deceased; I am an orphan, cast alone upon an unforgiving world…. sob…..

  • Insula Bouvetum should be the perfect remedy for those feeling lonely and cold. Slight drawback: no base material from this utterly remote place appears to be available(*), so the only way to obtain this remedy is by travelling there, collecting a few samples oneself and subsequently potentize those. I can almost guarantee positive results for anyone taking this course of action.

    *: And don’t fall for the SCAM scam of some unscrupulous vendors who try selling you a few drops of ordinary sea water as “potentized Insula Bouvetum”, because that would still contain millions of molecules from the island and is therefore way too concentrated.

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