Every now and then, I come across a SCAM paper that is so ‘far out’ that, when reading it, my mind wants to boggle. This one (recently published in ‘Medical Acupuncture’) is about ‘paediatric scupuncture’ – no, not acupuncture performed by kids – it’s acupuncture for kids. The temptation to show you the full, unaltered abstract is too strong to resist:

Background: Approaching pediatric acupuncture from a spiritual perspective is the most effective means for providing a valuable holistic relatively noninvasive approach to pediatric acupuncture, as well as preventive treatments for the repulsion of disease and the correction of Qi (i.e., vital energy) imbalances.

Objectives: Parents may be taught to apply acupressure to their children with an excellent response, especially when given with loving kindness.

Materials and Methods: Methods include the use of acupressure, laser techniques, and acupuncture for children who do not display fear toward the shallow insertion of needles.

Results: Owing to the young age of the patients, children will display fast and effective positive responses to therapy, just as they are susceptible to negative effects in similar timeframes. Children will respond faster than adults to such treatments, which can also increase immune system functionality and bolster resistance to invasive forms of Qi imbalances and disease. Such treatments will also relieve pain and distress and improve concentration and mental attitudes in children. Difficult conditions such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD) can also be effectively treated through a spiritual approach to pediatric acupuncture.

Conclusions: Pediatric acupuncture from a spiritual perspective provides a specific, safe, and effective therapy for a wide variety of painful and nonpainful conditions through Qi balancing in children. Moreover, parents may be taught to apply acupressure to their children with an excellent response, especially when given with loving kindness. Such techniques not only resolve acute symptoms but also provide preventive measures and enable parent–child relationships to thrive. Overall, medical acupuncture from a spiritual perspective is one of the best complementary therapies in pediatrics.

Of course, you now wonder who is the genius able to produce such deep wisdom. It is Dr. Steven K.H. Aung. He says of himself that he is a pioneer in the integration of western, traditional Chinese and complementary medicine. His efforts have helped to make Alberta and Canada an active centre in the field of integrated and complementary medicine. His unique approach to medicine, combined with the remarkable compassion he brings to all that he does, has made him a highly respected teacher, researcher and physician.

Doctor Aung’s affiliations are impressive:

  • Clinical Professor, Departments of Medicine & Family Medicine Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Chief instructor, examiner and curriculum consultant for the Medical Acupuncture Program (MAP), Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Continous Professional Learning, University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

In addition, he holds visiting professor appointments at:

  • Beijing University of TCM and Research Institute,
  • Capital University of Medical Sciences (Beijing),
  • Heilongjiang University of TCM (Harbin, China),
  • Showa University School of Medicine (Tokyo),
  • California Institute for Human Science (Encinitas, California),
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Melbourne, Australia).

And now my mind truly boggles!

6 Responses to Paediatric acupuncture?!? ‘One of the best complementary therapies in paediatrics’?!? The mind boggles

  • I would not expect anything better from a Mary Ann Liebert journal.

  • This is neither research nor evidence, these are unsubstantiated delusional ramblings – or just devious snake-oil marketing.

  • On THIS one, I’m with you. I stopped pediatric acupuncture in my town. But, dude, it’s so sad to see you completely devolve into this crazy it’s all bull shit stance. It doesn’t matter anything, you just say it’s bull shit. You and your readers are swimming in bias and a weird lack of scientific knowledge about anything that has to do with light. Your body MAKES LIGHT. The light travels along the Primo Vascular Channels to the brain. Docs at Auburn University already proved it’s not placebo. I sent you the evidence. You printed a mild, maybe acupuncture isn’t placebo after all, after reading the research, and then went back to it’s all bull shit. The vast majority of the research you REVIEW, not DO, (btw) is not based on light. The old research is based on the body as a machine. It’s not. Your body MAKES LIGHT. Your body MAKES LIGHT. Your body MAKES LIGHT. With all the letters after you name, why is THAT scientific fact so hard for you to understand? Or are you just an old dinosaur and we’re going to have to wait until you die off, so we can move forward into the future of LIGHT MEDICINE without your old fogey ass sqwaking from the SIDELINES “it’s all bull shit!!! It’s all bull shit!!” ………… you never heard of a laser or anything. So annoying. Billions of people, thousands of years…….It’s all bull shit…….It’s all bull shit……Maybe just all along, you NEVER comprehended – YOUR BODY MAKES LIGHT. Or maybe you just were never able to forgive that alternative medicine person who broke your heart, or pissed you off. A lifetime of revenge blogging…….saying nothing but I”m an old dinosaur who doesn’t know that DNA cells produce light that travels to the brain. I’m an old geezer that can’t comprehend that a spherical bio-photon containing a hexagon carries INFORMATION to the brain……..You’re an old geezer left BEHIND by science. You haven’t been in it hardly ever and got kicked out for ethical violoations when you were. All you’ve ever done was pick apart someone ELSE’s research…..Never have done ANY OF YOUR OWN, nor did you treat people with acupuncture in a clinic……….so easy to pick apart from the, I’ll say it again, SIDELINES. You’re in the sidelines for a reason…………for all your calling bull shit -Medicare and Aetna are picking acupuncture up. Since the future of everything is LIGHT, you’re nay saying days are fast ending…………..You just an old fool. This website is like the Parler for old science……………Requirement – just say it’s all bull shit…………forget anything new.

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