While researching my previous post, I came across this website. It is so wonderful that I just have to show you some excerpts:


…there really are people who spend a lot of time and energy attacking homeopathy from the sidelines of the Internet and in print. They call themselves “skeptics”. Who are they and how did they originate?

…The skeptical movement is an offshoot of the Communist Party. (Really: see the top two links below.) Its top organizers were hired by pharmaceutical company and medical industry representatives to recruit malcontents in bars to spread hate propaganda against non-conventional medical systems. One of the first such skeptic groups referred to itself as “Skeptics in the Pub”. Not surprisingly, their rants against homeopathy sound like the drunken cacophony of soccer hooligans.

A “who’s who” tour would not be complete if we neglected to mention Sense about Science. This group features a prominent spokesperson who is an advertising “consultant” to pharmaceutical and oil companies. It’s been scrubbed from their website as of this writing, but they get large donations from Big Pharma.

It’s impossible not to encounter ties to the prevailing medical industry among any of the individuals or groups who currently identify themselves with the skeptic moniker. The mainstream media, which depend on advertising revenues from pharmaceutical companies and are always in search of a scandal are often co-opted by business interests that have little regard for the welfare of the average individual…

Media skeptics frequently and fraudulently make claims that there are “no studies” that support homeopathy (or any other non-conventional treatment) and therefore no evidence to support its efficacy. This is, to put it plain, a lie. As well as 200 years and roughly 25,000 volumes of clinical literature, there are almost 200 random controlled trials that indicate a positive outcome for Homeopathy, even though this form of investigation is not compatible with homeopathic methodology, which individualizes treatments, and many more studies of other types showing positive outcomes. (See Homeopathy’s Best Research.)…

Since media skeptics are not researchers, scientists or people with any solid knowledge of any body of medical endeavour, it’s a foregone conclusion that this virtual Popcorn Gallery of respondents is completely insensible to any form of rational dialogue. As much as they would like to think that they have a mission in upholding the tenets of “science”, their propaganda tactics do not make them a party to the dialogue between holistic medical systems such as homeopathy and sincere scientific investigation.

To quote Josef Stalin, they are “useful idiots” for the propaganda machine, but are not bona fide participants.


As though this is not funny enough, the site also lists several ‘Supporting Organizations’:

6 Responses to Did you know? “The skeptical movement is an offshoot of the Communist Party” !!!

  • Ok, I confess. I joined the Communist Party after the funding from Big Pharma for writing anti-homeopathy blogposts dried up. they identified me as vulnerable, and they were right. I should have stuck with the Nazis and the Royal Family, but I was too young and foolish….

  • Oliver Wendell Holmes (Homeopathy and its Kindred Delusions, 1842) and Dan King (Quackery Unmasked) were, of course, well-known members of the Communist Party and took many payments from Big Pharma (which emerged around 1870).

  • I had a quick look round that site. It looks pretty ancient. Most of the links are dead, much like the arguments it presents. The standard self-deluding nonsense we’ve all read many times before.

  • Skepticism is just the idea that one should critically analyze a claim in as unbiased a way as possible before making a personal judgement, and then use good reasoning to make said judgement… This means putting facts before your beliefs, preferences, and predispositions in the interest of keeping your personal narrative of the world as accurate to reality as possible… This is the fundamental aspect of science, and why it produces real results, like the ability for you to communicate this misinformed diatribe to the world.

    And sorry/not sorry, sometimes this puts you at odds with things you really want to be true… You can either latch onto those things like they are a child’s safety blanket, or you can have enough courage to know that you can be wrong… The third option is to use gullibility to sell something to people…

    One doesn’t have to believe the claims of “big pharma” at heart, to recognize how shit a concept homeopathy is. The claim of most these shill “Major skeptics” is NOT that there aren’t any studies, but is often the case, the contrary…

    Most of the major media skeptics, take these studies and walk step by step through the methodologies, show the flaws and manipulations made by snake oil salesman like yourself, and in most cases, with any common sense, people can see the logical fallacies that you would otherwise ignore for your own profit… THAT is why skeptics tend to agree on the flawed nature of your dubious claims. You’re a predator and you feed on the gullibility and intellectual laziness of the average soccer mom, and your best line of defense is to try and discredit medical science, knowing full well that the average person will fall for your buzz words, and techno babble,

    The Skeptical Movement, is the expression of a community who embrace that idea and seek to further educate on that premise, and it expands far beyond the realm of medical claims. It deals with everything, and any dubious claims that we as a culture tend to be prone to without good reasoning, and often times, these “big media” skeptics end up calling out the big guys when they get shit wrong as well. It’s come about because some of us are tired of watching our friends, family, and loved ones get duped into giving people like you money and time, when in many cases they need real help, and people like you have a very avoidable death toll purely ingrained in the need for you to profit.

    Science and skepticism walk you through the process of reasoning, so that you can determine for yourself… The expression of such things is called education…

    Propaganda is the spin, and corruption of information to create bias…

    Science based medicine, is medicine that has been put through these trials, rigorously, and the results are a society that despite its problems, is astronomically more healthy than it has been for a couple hundred thousand years…

    Homeopathy is the idea that medicines diluted past the point of there even being a probability for molecules of said medicine to exist, in water somehow retain an “essence” of their effectiveness. There is some other added nonsense that goes with this that is equally as absurd and unfounded, but I don’t need to write a second article… You’re the snake oil salesman, you know the scheme you are playing, I don’t need to explain it to you. There have been many fair and unbiased studies, and even studies from your own proponents that in every event demonstrate no efficacy whatsoever, and you take basic things that the average person do not understand and spin and play them to make it look like there was some positive result… THAT is what “Big media skeptics” not only claim, but it is exactly what they demonstrate.

    Scientific medicine actually works. It produces results… Homeopathy is doomed to remain a fringe for gullible people, and to such a degree that it is almost Darwinist. One will promote intelligent people to survive, while the other will make sick gullible people die… Scientific medicine isn’t at all afraid of losing profits, because in the end it works, and it will keep its customers alive… The movement has no need to protect profits… people who don’t turn to real medicine die… Think about that for a second… Could it just be, that skeptics have family and friends, and want them to be educated enough to not die?

    I doubt your claims of origin, but honestly who fucking cares where it came from? The methodologies of skepticism speak for themselves… You either agree with the process of skepticism or you don’t, and if you don’t why? What part about it do you disagree with? You either like pizza or you don’t. Would you hate pizza if Hitler had enjoyed a slice? Are you that petty to dismiss a concept based on associations rather than merit?

    “Big Pharma” is an exaggerated concept created by hucksters to discredit something, for the purposes of making profit on your alternative. That being said there absolutely ARE problems with the politics and business models of the medical industry, and they need serious addressing, but YOU aren’t helping that cause… Ironically it is skeptics who have to fight the politics on one side, and the fucking con artists on the other. If you want honestly and truly want to help, set aside the nonsense, learn the process, and help.

    Either you’re a fraud, or you’re an idiot, and you should stop talking until you correct that.

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