The above advertisement, apparently from the German woman’s magazine ‘Brigitte’, came to me via Twitter. Naturally, I thought someone had made a joke. Just to be sure, I quickly conducted a simple search for ‘astro-homeopathy’ and found numerous articles which collectively made my theory most unlikely.

Yes, there are people out there who advocate astro-homeopathy. This website, for instance informs us that:

Astro homeopathy is based on a very unique idea of relating homeopathy with astrology. Many people follow the astrohomeopathy principles and lead a healthy life. You can also try astro homeopathy healing methods so that you can lead a life free from health hazards and fitness problems.

Astrology and homeopathy are bridged in astro homeopathy. An astrohomeopathy reading for you finds out your sun sign and the body parts related to your sign of the zodiac, and tells you the health problems you have the possibility to suffer from (if, of course, there is any). In addition, you also come to know the homeopathic remedies for the health problems.

Being aware of the possible health problems is an advantage. If you want to know your astrohomeopathy profile, you can get an astrology homeopathy test. You can plan your diet, habits and lifestyle according to your astro homeopathy report. You can also use the astro homeopathy remedies, if anything is suggested in your astrology homeopathy test…

Another website is even more revealing:

… In Astrohomoeopathy, which is a beautiful blend of Astrology and Homoeopathy, the horoscope serves as an invaluable diagnostic tool to provide a unique insight into the patient’s mental, emotional and physical makeup, which is indicated by the placement of planets in various signs and houses at the time of birth.

Each planet and its sign have certain characteristics, which may be weak or strong, depending on their placement in the horoscope. By matching these characteristics of the planets and their signs with the symptoms of Homoeopathic remedies, it is possible to connect them in order to select the right medicine.

By knowing the characteristic of houses and planets in ones horoscope, one can determine the key features and disposition of patient, the most important characteristics/features in the chart and the remedies to be covered.

After a complete case study, the physician comes to a group of remedies with the Horoscope which helps to distinguish these medicines by considering the key points.

From a Horoscope one can also understand how strong is the constitution by knowing the condition of his Ascendant and its Lord which will explained further with examples.The main keys to health are the state of Ascendant, its Lord and strength of malefic in the chart. I wouldn’t go in detail with regard to Astrology basics as one can learn the basic principals from a range of Astrology books available.

My outlook would be as to how to correlate Homoeopathy and Astrology and use it as a important diagnostic tool to differentiate various remedies when indicated in a patient so to come close to constitutional similitude to cure the patient in shortest possible time…

A third article concluded: Homeopathy, astrology and psychology are two of the most fascinating humanistic disciplines. They can be an invaluable combination. For finding the simillimum, astrology is not needed every time, yet it remains in our toolbox for when needed and as a constant support.

It seems that Einstein (as reported by my late friend Gustav Born) was wrong when he stated that: “If one were to lock up 10 very clever people in a room and told them they were only allowed out once they had come up with the most stupid idea conceivable, they would soon come up with homeopathy.”

The 10 very clever people would have had to come up with astro-homeopathy!

37 Responses to Astro-homeopathy: “a beautiful blend of Astrology and Homoeopathy”

  • I came across this book description once where they described the ‘integration’ of Homeopathy with TCM. Although somewhat lengthy it is quite funny especially when they say that it would solve the rhino poaching problem (it actually might).

    “It is with great joy that I welcome the arrival of this groundbreaking book about one of the world’s premier healing traditions, Practical Homeopathy by my colleague Prof. Steve An Xue and his assistants.

    The comparative introduction of homeopathy to China via the lens of classical Chinese medicine is a natural one, for the following compelling reasons:

    1. Chinese medicine and homeopathy share similar philosophies, such as the belief in the healing power of nature, and the resonance between macrocosm and microcosm (tian ren heyi)
    2. Both systems employ sophisticated methods of pattern differentiation (bianzheng); centering them around the individual and the signs and symptoms s/he presents, in contrast to the modern focus on diagnosing disease (bianbing)
    3. Both are centered around the concept of energy medicine, rather than the more matter oriented concepts of modern medicine such as anatomy and biochemistry
    4. Both are highly practical, and reflect the four principles that the Qing dynasty physician Wang Qingren once proposed as the hallmark of true medicine for the Chinese people: it must be easily available, affordable, and effective at the same time.
    5. Both abide by the guiding principle of safety: “first, do no harm” (as the beginning of a naturopathic medicine physician oath goes). Many progressive European and American mothers have a homeopathy first aid kit at home, often supplemented with Chinese herbal cold/flu remedies (i.e., Yin Qiao San) and herbs for external injuries (i.e., Yunnan Baiyao).

    As a type of “energy” medicine, the field of homeopathy is not without controversy in the context of Western medical discussions. However, similar to the process wherein Chinese medicine was able to stand the test of modern science, the clinical efficacy of homeopathic medicine has been validated by a host of clinical research during the last 30 years. Furthermore, just like educated Chinese felt drawn to the profession of traditional scholar-physician, it were especially the brighter minds among Western doctors who were captivated by the theory and practice of homeopathy. It appears that the endeavor of discerning the laws of nature by way of cohesive pattern differentiation has been found to be both aesthetically pleasing and intellectually stimulating by illuminated minds in East and West.

    As a much younger medical science that does not have the same extensive theoretical underpinning as classical Chinese medicine, homeopathy can surely benefit from a comparison with the traditional knowledge systems of China. On the other hand, the clinical practice of homeopathy reflects the core principles of Chinese medicine in the most radical way—a way that is progressively being forgotten in China itself—and thus can potentially reinvigorate the future path of Chinese medicine. By witnessing the often astonishing clinical results of homeopathy and understanding that the power of this modality is intimately connected to the same principles that Chinese medicine was once founded upon, Chinese medicine practitioners in the age of East-West Integration Medicine (zhongxiyi jiehe) can hopefully be inspired to take a fresh look at the most ancient and most fundamental theoretical principles of their own profession.

    As Prof. Xue will explain in detail in this concise volume, it is one of the prime characteristics of homeopathy that its remedies are most powerful when administered in high potencies, when an herbal remedy has been diluted to the point that no trace of matter can be detected in the tincture or pellet anymore. This is a most dramatic manifestation of the traditional Chinese concept that consciousness governs energy, and energy governs matter. Homeopathy, in essence, administers the energetic and spiritual essence of a plant or mineral or animal substance to affect a patient’s physical and emotional health. Furthermore, it is a typical feature of homeopathy that it will only work when the remedy and the individual patterns of the patient are a complete match. This trait realizes the core belief of Chinese and other ancient medical systems that nature and the body express itself in a consistent pattern language. If that pattern language can be correctly deciphered—an art that is progressively eroding—every disease pattern can be neutralized by a corresponding pattern in the natural world.

    In addition, the integration of homeopathy into the deep spectrum of natural healing modalities in China holds the following promises:

    1. The power of strong acting natural compounds can be harnessed safely. Few traditional physicians have the knowledge and confidence anymore to prescribe toxic ingredients such as arsenic (peishuang), realgar (xionghuang), aconite (fuzi), (badou) and (qiyeyizhihua). Homeopathy can deliver the energetic pattern of these ingredients without the toxicity that resides in the chemistry of these substances.
    2. Chinese herbs tend to be prescribed at ever increasing dosages, causing extinction and availability problems. Through the dilution method of homeopathy, rare or valuable ingredients such as rhino horn (xijiao) or bear gallbladder (xiongdan) can be used inexpensively without threatening natural resources. America’s largest laboratory for the production of homeopathic remedies, Hahnemann Labs, for instance, recently made an exceedingly rare fungus that grows only on 1% of 1,000 year old coffins and is used successfully in Southern Chinese folk medicine for the easing of pain from bone metastases into a homeopathic remedy—making it available for generations of practitioners to use.
    3. The marriage of Chinese cosmology and homeopathic prescribing has unlimited potential. To give an example: On the organ clock of Chinese medicine, the shaoyang gallbladder system is located in the position of midnight and the 11th lunar month of the year, a point that traditional Chinese science has marked with the earthly branch Zi, or the corresponding animal symbol of the Rat. Based on this uniquely Chinese insight, an accomplished American homeopath I know often uses the homeopathic remedy Rat’s Blood for certain manifestations of shaoyang disorder, and achieves excellent results.
    4.While the materia medica of Chinese medicine represents a science that features unprecedented detail in comparison to other natural healing systems, homeopathy can further enhance this knowledge base by its unique descriptions of how a substance’s therapeutic effect changes at different potencies–what happens when a mother tincture of an herb is diluted 6 times, versus 30 times, versus 200 times, versus 1000 times.
    5. The recent development of electronic homeopathy, utilizing digitized vibrations of human tissues, pathogens, and pollutants, has made it possible to diagnose and treat certain diseases in a quick and minimally invasive manner. This method can help to treat most specifically while a simultaneous Chinese medicine treatment can treat the more general and systemic reasons for disease, for instance by neutralizing a certain virus directly while Chinese herbs address the “toxicity” of the body’s terrain.

    Finally, I would like to repeat my strong conviction in the creative genius of the Chinese people, which I have already mentioned in the preface to Prof. Xue’s previous book.

    Due to the symbol-oriented nature of homeopathy—originally a key feature of Eastern thinking—many of the world’s best homeopaths are already of Eastern descent. Greece, and especially India has boasted a vital homeopathic tradition for years, featuring many master practitioners and specialty hospitals. For a variety of complex reasons, possibly including the presence of a native healing tradition of sheer inexhaustible depth, the clinical master science of homeopathy has not yet made inroads into China. I trust, however, that the time is ripe to see the combination of China’s human resources and the clinical genius of the Chinese mind thrive to give birth to some of the worlds greatest homeopaths, benefiting both the health of the Chinese people and the world.”

    • Frank van der Kooy sorry to say but what you and your companion are writing seems to be utter nonsense from a historical sciences point of view. And there is no need to open the doors for homeopathy that way.

      Homeopathy has NOTHING to do with the old Chinese’s health systems at all and there is not a single term like “energy” in old preindustrial Chinese’s medical textbooks. And the old Chinese health systems are a little different from TCM which mostly is an artificial mixture of Western and Eastern explanations.

      The paradigmata of the different !!! old Chinese medical systems abd procedures are based on qualities that might be perceived by observation and palpation and the medical models and explanations therefore are based on the social experiences with farming and with the rules of good cultural interactions and the old philosophical systems which also don’t use a term like “energy”. (see the work of Prof. Unschuld Munich and of Prof. M. Porkert Munich)

      Astronomical observations were essentially necessary for farming in all preindustrial cultures based on agriculture and foreseeing therefore became a main subject in all preindustrial societies not only for farming but for all medical health systems in India China and in Europe too. As in heaven so on earth.

      To me it seems that there was always a problem of medical systems being social institutions in following the main social models and paradigmata even nowadays.

      ‪In CAM nowadays there are always much more combinations like this mentioned here. I knew a dentist who applies injections with homeopathic remedies into acupuncture points for “efficacy”. 🙂

    • “Hahnemann Labs, for instance, recently made an exceedingly rare fungus that grows only on 1% of 1,000 year old coffins and is used successfully in Southern Chinese folk medicine…”

      How does is it specialized to coffins and not any other sort of wood?
      How can it propagate to other coffins? Seems like it would only be found in a pile of coffins, and only one pile of coffins at that.

      How can it grow on human remains but not other sorts of remains? Why can’t it grow on a squirrel who expired in a hollow log?

  • I’ve said on a previous occasion that language and the construction of basic arguments and thought processes are very important, medical knowledge or otherwise( the late Logos-Bios disagreed with me, and regularly became abusive. I don’t care).
    I immediately lose interest as soon as someone uses the phrase ‘very unique’, or whenever anyone argues ‘millions of people use this process without harm'( and therefore the process, by illogical implication, must be doing them good).

  • Don’t tell Tredinnick – he’d love it!

  • Sorry, but I think that we need the help of a real expert here!
    Mr. Ullman, would you please be so kind to comment if combining homeopathy with astrology makes the former more or less likely to help patients? Please also explain the reasoning, because for an inherently sceptic person like me, both, astrology and homeopathy, are equally unlikely to work and I do not understand why one would prefer one of the two.

  • We need Steve Scrutton. Surely his homeopathic light of Venus is called for here.

  • Astrology and Homeopathy: Quest for the Least Common Denominator
    Practical astro homeopathy. How to find constitutional remedy using the birth chart

    Today, advancement of open astro-homeopathic diagnostics faces two major problems, to say nothing of sponsorship.

    Lack of database
    The number one problem is non-availability…

  • “A physician without the knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician” Hippocrates
    The female cycle is ruled by the moon cycle. 28 days. (1)
    Many other planet cycles affect human body. Just because you are ignorant on other areas doesn’t make it intelligible to other people. › …
    The lunar cycle: effects on human and animal behavior and physiology
    by M Zimecki · 2006 · Cited by 161 — Animal studies revealed that the lunar cycle may affect hormonal changes early in phylogenesis ( insects). In fish the lunar clock influences …

    • … and that, you think, is evidence for astro-homeopathy?
      or were you just trying to make a joke?

      • Let me repeat in case you didn’t read properly. “Lunar cycle: effects on human and animal behaviour and physiology” is that a joke to you? Fools tend to laugh/poke when they don’t understand something. Be free to continue your cult. Ignorance is a choice.

        • yes, it is a joke to me, if used in an attempt to show that astro-homeopathy is not idiotic.

        • Hey. Aaron.

          Zimecki’s paper is from 2006. Plenty of time for others to have duplicated his findings.

          Hasn’t happened.

          The evidence of any lunar effects on humans is flimsy. There’s a stack of references at the bottom of the Wikipedia entry.

          Seeing that physicians are supposed to know about astronomy, let’s see what the astronomers say:

          They say it’s a load of bollocks.

          You, Aaron, are the cultist. Continue in your happy little bubble of wilful ignorance. The moon affects us in the same way as homeopathy does i.e. not at all.

          • Ahahah so u don’t consider the moon affect human physiology and behaviour? Wikipedia way to go! That’s the best source specially after someone put you a pubmed. Can’t argue with a fool you win ;D

          • if you are such an enthusiastic astro-homeopath, show us some evidence that it works, please.

          • Hey, Aaron

            You’ve shown you can’t read or understand much and clearly have no understanding of what Pubmed is so let’s spell it out again. My Wikipedia link was there because it had references at the bottom. Lots of them. To published papers. Which show your assertions to be nonsense.

            Loons don’t like Wikipedia because it always contradicts their position. Shame, that.

            I also note you conveniently ignored what the astronomers say as well. Quelle surprise.

            You, Aaron are a witless and inconsequential little troll who is incapable of reading or appraising evidence. Run away, now.

    • The female cycle is ruled by the moon cycle. 28 days.

      The lunar cycle is not 28 days, but 29.5 days.
      The human menstrual cycle is 28 days on average, but can vary considerably, from 21 days to 40 days. Other species of apes have cycles that on average are somewhat longer, up to 37 days.

      Also, if the moon’s phase would have any anything to do with these hormonal cycles, one would expect a noticeable degree of synchronization, just like the circadian rhythms of people at the same global location are synchronized by the daily light and dark periods. However, there is no synchronization at all in menstrual cycles(*). Every fertile female has her own and sometimes quite variable cycle, with no detectable connection to the moon’s phases.

      So no, the female menstrual cycle does not appear to be linked to the 28-day moon cycle in any way, and the fact that it is somewhat close to the lunar cycle is probably coincidence.

      If some animals such as fish appear to show specific behaviour correlating to the moon’s cycle, this usually has quite mundane explanations – e.g. full (and new) moons typically cause greater tide changes in the sea than half-moons, enabling more fish to come closer to shore. Other animals may be simply attracted to light, which of course is strongest at full moon. Astrology plays no role in this.

      Many other planet cycles affect human body.

      Well, they do appear to have somewhat detrimental effects on your brain … Yes, ‘the planets’ sometimes can affect life on earth – by pushing great big lumps of rock out of their peaceful solar orbit and sending them on a collision course with our little blue planet. In a remote way, you could argue that the dinosaurs were killed by astrology …

      Just because you are ignorant on other areas doesn’t make it intelligible to other people.

      This sounds like an insult from an astrologer if ever I heard one: vague, applicable to almost any person, and ultimately meaningless.

      *: And I recall that even the old myth that females living in close proximity of each other have synchronous cycles due to subtle hormonal signals (e.g. pheromones) has been proven wrong.

      • If you go to the woman pills box they have 28 slots cause that’s the average. U might not even look into one of those before. Your hand is your beast friend pall

        • try not to disclose your vulgarity too openly, please!

        • Yes, Aaron. 28 days. And the synodic lunar cycle is 29.5 days. As Richard says.

          You do seem to be rather proud of your stupidity.

        • @Aaron
          What a laudable attempt at trolling – I am almost impressed by the sheer number of fallacies and reprehensible utterances you manage to cram in just three short sentences.

          If you go to the woman pills box they have 28 slots cause that’s the average.

          Indeed, well spotted! And this major insight can also be linked to your opening remark:

          The female cycle is ruled by the moon cycle …

          So let’s correct that, shall we? Here we go:

          The female cycle is ruled by her oral contraceptive …

          There, that’s much better, now wouldn’t you say?

          Still, I don’t like to base conclusions on just one piece of evidence, so I did a small review of the indications, side effects and other information for several types of oral contraceptives. The results are quite clear: no mention whatsoever was made of the moon, the planets or anything else even remotely connected to astrology(*) (or homeopathy, for that matter). Now isn’t that strange?
          Still not deterred, I decided to work the other way round and perform an Internet search for horoscopes containing information about reproduction and con(tra)ception. Results: I failed to locate even one horoscope advising their readership about the best time to make babies, or, for that matter to prevent this (e.g. “ARIES – With Mars in the ascendant, today is accident-prone and certainly not a good day for reproduction. Make sure you have plenty of condoms handy, even if you are on the pill. And should things go wrong after all (which of course they will), make certain that you don’t name the result Aaron, otherwise you will get stuck with a strong-headed but not very bright troublemaker.”)

          Your hand is your beast friend pall

          I’m sorry to tell you that my beast friend passed away 6 years ago already – although at the ripe old age of 19, which is quite respectable for a cat.

          *: I did however spot astrological sun and moon symbols on my motion sensor lamp – and with your invaluable information in mind, I promptly wrote a letter of complaint to the manufacturer why there are no settings for the other planets – or why the instructions don’t feature chapters for at least each of the 12 zodiac signs. I’d say it is quite important to adjust this kind of burglary protection measures to the owner’s particular star sign.

  • First things first do you by any chance acknowledge that astrology in terms of planet/Astro cycles affects our health? Like the example I cited.

  • Ahahahah look all the whatchdogs defending each other. How cute, can I take a pic?


    You and your dog master Edzard the great ,whose the tittles in front of his name are directly proportional to his inferiority complex, should retire and dedicate to fishing. The boaster needs to showcase his/her accomplishments. The sense of inferiority at the heart of constant recitation of their elite education, are attempts to convince themselves that they are ok. Are you sure you are not up for an astrology course? You can always boast your tittles even more 😀

    “Coincidence”is a world that ignorants use to describe a phenomena.
    The Wikipedia can have the best references in the world is still Wikipedia. Specially when your great sweet leader can edit it. 😀

    Do I look like a joke to you?

      • Snowflake. Bye 👋
        Ps- make sure u read the pubmed article.
        Cultivate yourself outside your confort zone, for a change. 😀

    • Do I look like a joke to you?

      Yes. Or more precisely: a troll. Which is the personification of a very lame joke.

      Anyway, you had your fun, successfully eliciting comments by saying stupid and insulting things. Now go away.

      • What a bunch of snowflakes I put articles of pubmed and all they care is how deeply hurt they are. Ahahahaha u got the troll prize don’t worry ❄️ 😉

        • I put articles of pubmed

          Apparently, you do not understand what PubMed actually is. Let me explain: PubMed is a sort of Google for articles in the field of (bio)medicine. ANY articles, regardless of quality or even seriousness. You seem to have searched PubMed for articles with the keywords ‘Full Moon’, which you then present here as a ‘evidence’ for astrology (and probably without even reading them). Which is very, very stupid – so stupid, in fact, that I don’t think that you are even seriously trying to prove anything, but instead just want to provoke people. This is also evidenced by your unwillingness to actually enter into a constructive discussion, and your incessant abusive language. Which is why you are almost certainly a troll.

        • Aaron

          You really aren’t very bright, are you? You do realise that all you are doing is demonstrating this further with every post you make.

          Run along, now, foolish boy. You have already demonstrated your stupidity. You have no need to show us any further examples.

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