A friend recently sent me the link to a video about ‘FUNCTIONAL CRANIAL RELEASE’ (well-worth watching, particularly, if you need cheering up) and when I heard a patient after the treatment exclaim: “kind’a like an orgasm”, I needed no further convincing; I just had to look into this extraordinary and little-known jewel of an alternative therapy.

If you watched the video, you might think FCR is simply pumping some air up your nostrils, but you are wrong: it is much more, and it is very scientific!

Functional Cranial Release (FCR) is the art and science of restoring normal brain and nervous system function by using Functional Neurology along with NeuroCranial Restructuring to improve the brain’s ability to function better. FCR was created by Dr. John Lieurance who currently practices in Sarasota, Florida. Dr Timothy Lim was personally trained by Dr John Lieurance and now offers FCR or Functional Cranial Release in Singapore. We have clients who fly in from all over the South East Asia and Oceania regions just to receive FCR treatment.

Functional Cranial Release‘s (FCR) unique system improves the body’s function in the following ways:

  1. Restores the brain’s ability to oxygenate itself through both improving air flow through the nasal passage and also the normal pumping action inherent in cranial rhythm that moves nutrients such as oxygen and neurotransmitters that bath the central nervous system keeping it healthy.
  2. Utilizes neurological testing to determine which pathways and brain centers are either firing too much or too little by testing the following; Examination of your eye’s movements and reflexes, your muscles or motor system, the autonomic nervous system, your circulation, your sensory system, the vestibular system (or) your ability to balance [repeatedly using a computerized balance platform]. Adjusting those pathways through the specific use of various modalities including one or more of the following; Very Specific Chiropractic Adjustments of the spine, extremities, and cranium, Soft Tissue or Massage, Eye Pattern & Eye Exercises,  Canalith Repositioning (or) Eply’s, Vestibular Rehabilitative Modalities or VRT, and many others too numerous to list. The modalities used depend on the specific needs of each patient.
  3. A series of Cranial Releases are performed where the connective tissues that surround your brain and spinal cord called the Dura Mater are specifically released using endonasal balloon inflations. This is done in combination with the above mentioned functional neurologic modalities to provide the therapeutic effect to balance and normalize brain function. This normalization results in healing.

I bet you now wonder who this fabulous doctor Lieurance is. Wonder no more; he describes himself very well here:

Dr. John Lieurance, is a Naturopathic & Chiropractic Physician who has been in private practice in Sarasota for 20 years. He works at Advanced Rejuvenation, a multi-disciplinary clinic, with a focus on Chiropractic Functional Neurology, Functional Cranial Release (FCR), and musculoskeletal ultrasound.

It is easy to see that he is a real doctor, just look at his white coat and stethoscope!

And this website provides more valuable information about FCR:

Is FCR a Chiropractic adjustment ? Yes,  FCR falls under the scope of Chiropractic care and is billed as a Chiropractic adjustment.  If you are covered for Chiropractic care under your health insurance plan, then your FCR procedure will also be covered.

But what makes FCR so very attractive is that the list of conditions for which it is recommended is impressive and long; it even includes serious diseases such as Parkinson’s and stroke …

and don’t forget: ORGASM!!!

22 Responses to ‘Functional Cranial Release’ is “kind’a like an orgasm”

  • Recently, items called ‘Headlights’ were on sale.
    It had been decided by persons that what the brain needed for it to function much better was access to more light, this being something which of necessity was denied to it by the pesky existence of what is often referred to as a ‘skull’ ( very much thicker in some people than in others).
    Thus, the use of the aforesaid ‘headlights’, which resembled small earphones and, instead of outdated things like music and chat, transmitted light via the ear-y channels to the brain, thus increasing its functionality.
    The wonders of modern science!!

  • These scum bag, wanna-be doctors, with their spray on tans, planet-fitness physiques and pretend-credibility are like raccoons at a trailer park. While they disparage real-doctors and reputable medicine to sell their pointless tripe they’re desperate to be seen AS a real doctor. I’m sure his “resume” says: “I had been accepted into medical school but was severely injured having sex with my mother and was cured by a Chiropractic neurologist…it was then I decided I could do much more good as a Quack…er’ Chiropractic-neurologist”.
    Ahh the sweet smell of revelation and selfless concern for the public’s health. Makes one proud such highly trained and erudite servants are available…
    For those with Chiropractic services covered by their insurance of course….
    Another Ed Carrick DC devotee….. The L.Ron Hubbard of Chiropractic-neurologists

  • This sounded familiar.
    Here is a recent take-down of this fake “therapy”:
    Dr Crislip found among other embarrasing facts, that the only credible litterature deals with the risks of fracture and hemorrhage.

    It is clear that many or most chiropractors are bone-headed, gullible fools.

    • Björn is wrong: “many or most chiropractors are bone-headed, gullible fools.”
      They are extremely astute businessmen who have spotted a niche in the health care market place whereby they can exploit the gullibility and vulnerability of desperate sufferers.

      This is evidenced by their propensity to style them selves as ‘Dr’ (instead as ‘Ch’ for chiropractor, or ‘Np’ for naturopath, which is what they are), their love of cervical stethoscope draping (I have also seen this with podiatrists) and other accoutrements of the regular medical profession.

      I also note a number of folk who like to dress up in combat kit – some engage in honest role play (historical or modern), some are fantasists, and may have personality defects – they may need help.

      In healthcare, people who act as wannabe doctors and make false claims are quacks. If they make money at it, they are frauds. But fools they are not.

  • It might be of some interest that a chiropractor was the first who started to ‘treat’ the sutures long before the osteopaths started Cranial under the guidance of W.G. Sutherland D.O.. But the chiros considered this old chiropractor as a little maniac and after W.G. Sutherland had published his iatromechanistic and vitalistic ideas on this using the hypothesis about an inherent ‘involuntary mechanism’ of the brain and skull the chiropractors had nothing similar to offer. Now the chiropractors try to regain the Cranial market again from the osteopaths both are offering different and similar explanations. Both are more and more involved into ‘quantum healing’.

  • The idea to treat the brain and skull by a manual approach has different roots. The main root is coming from a guy who was born next to where I am living. He is the father of the idea that the form of a skull expresses the potential and character of a person. He became a professor and a few decades later most of the 1848 revolutionary leaders in Germany followed his new ‘scientific’ ideas as a new paradigm of the 1848 revolution. His ideas were banned by the Austran Kaiser and he himself had to leave Austria and he joined Napoleon. Later the 1848 revolutionary leaders had to leave Europe and they went to America some became members of the US government. Therefore this movement now called ‘Phrenology’ grew and had a big influence on the US society. It was later that therefore the idea was created to treat babies and children for to help them to get a symmetric skull by manual treatment to support their symmetric character and potential. Sometimes 3 to 4 osteopaths were working on a skull the same time. They were working with hard pressure on the skull. Regarding the new ‘soft touch’ which came up in rhe 1980ties the old osteopath R. Fulford D.O. said in an interview “Surherland NEVER did it like this”. But soft touch and quantum healing is the standard todays. Phrenology was considerd as non scientific since 1900.

  • Cranial is the manual approach for Phrenology. The Cranial osteopaths took over the idea from the chiros that a disorder of the cranial base is disturbing the digestion vis vagus nerve. The chiros in Germany call this a part of a KISS syndrome (which doesn’t exist in teality).
    So the babies in Cranio hsve to visit a Cranial osteopath minimum once a week until a baby’s colics have passed away and the asymmetric skull becomes mire symmetrically by its own. That’s a good income for bogus therapy for 3 to 6 months isn’t it?

    • Well yes, ‘FCR’ is “Kind’a like an orgasm.”
      All the CAMs, fake therapies, SCAMS, pseudo-medicine and quack treatments are.
      That’s how they ‘work’ – that is, have the effects which patients laud as being ‘of benefit’ or ‘pleasurable’.

      The camees feelings and emotions are mediated via the more than 50 neurotransmitters (dopamine particularly), which are stimulated by the pins, pillule provision, pummeling and preternatural powers provided by the camist.
      And which also provide the pleasurable feelings most folk experience during sexual encounters (and even, thoughts). That’s why they are called ‘placebo responses’.


  • Clowns learning this nonsense from the clown trainer. Too stupid.

    Gawd, chiros are thick, with apologies to thick people.

  • Ugh, I just looked at some pictures of this lunatic practice. I’ll stick to my CPAP machine, thank you very much, even if there’s absolutely nothing orgasmic about it.

  • This chiropractor is completely bogus. He also tells people he can cure hearing loss and tinnitus – if that worked, everyone would be doing it! He’s such a tool!

    • AJ Why would everyone be doing it? It’s not very well known…yet. What a foolish comment.

    • He also tells people he can cure hearing loss and tinnitus – if that worked, everyone would be doing it

      It is not very surprising that treatment based on altering intranasal pressure could have an effect on hearing since the nose is connected to the middle ear via the eustachian tube. I would imagine that any hearing problem where middle ear pressure was a factor could be affected by this, for better or for worse. I can also envisage situations where the results could be disastrous (e.g. in the presence of a perforated eardrum, grommets or almost any middle or inner ear pathology, or with a CSF leak).

  • If this is same as or similar to NCR, this is an extremely effective treatment for severe pain. Many years ago I was working office catering in Coral Springs and from pushing a heavy cart my arm and shoulder hurt like hell. I was introduced to NCR by my voice teacher, to unblock the canals for voice vibration for singers, heard it worked well for pain and decided to go for the 4 sessions. By the completion of the first session the pain in my should and arm were gone, like it never was there. After almost 30 years and a couple falls later, I’m looking for someone practicing NCR, so I can have those adjustments done again.

  • The pain never was “in (my) shoulder”.

    Pain is felt/experienced in the brain – where all those lovely neurotransmitters conjure up the orgasm amongst other things.
    (Notably dopamine – a couple of dopes stuck on an amine.)

    Check out the writings of de Sade.

    The vast majority of shoulder pains settle over time irrespective of treatment.
    As I know from my own experience and that of my patients.

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