I have tried!


But at present, it is simply not possible to escape the revelations and accusations by Harry Windsor.

So, eventually, I gave in and had a look at the therapy he often refers to. He claims that he is deeply traumatized by what he had to go through and, to help him survive the ordeal, Harry has been reported to use EMDR.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a fringe psychotherapy that was developed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories. It is supposed to facilitate the accessing and processing of traumatic memories and other adverse life experiences with a view of bringing these to an adaptive resolution. The claim is that, after successful treatment with EMDR therapy, affective distress is relieved, negative beliefs are reformulated, and physiological arousal is reduced.

During EMDR therapy the patient must attend to emotionally disturbing material in brief sequential doses while simultaneously focusing on an external stimulus. Therapist-directed lateral eye movements are commonly used as external stimulus but a variety of other stimuli including hand-tapping and audio stimulation can also be employed.

Francine Shapiro, the psychologist who invented EMDR claims to have serendipitously discovered this technique by experiencing spontaneous saccadic eye movements in response to disturbing thoughts during a walk in the woods. Yet, as GM Rosen explains, this explanation is difficult to accept because normal saccadic eye movements appear to be physiologically undetectable and are typically triggered by external stimuli.

Shapiro hypothesizes that EMDR therapy facilitates the access to the traumatic memory network, so that information processing is enhanced, with new associations forged between the traumatic memory and more adaptive memories or information. These new associations are alleged to result in complete information processing, new learning, elimination of emotional distress, and development of cognitive insights.

EMDR therapy uses a three-pronged protocol:

  • (1) the past events that have laid the groundwork for dysfunction are processed, forging new associative links with adaptive information;
  • (2) the current circumstances that elicit distress are targeted, and internal and external triggers are desensitized;
  • (3) imaginal templates of future events are incorporated, to assist the client in acquiring the skills needed for adaptive functioning.

The question I ask myself is, of course: Does EMDR work?

The evidence is mixed and generally flimsy. A systematic review showed that “limitations to the current evidence exist, and much current evidence relies on small sample sizes and provides limited follow-up data”.

What might be particularly interesting in relation to Harry Windsor is that EMDR techniques have been associated with memory-undermining effects and may undermine the accuracy of memory, which can be risky if patients, later on, serve as witnesses in legal proceedings.

Personally, I think that Harry’s outbursts lend support to the hypothesis that EMDR is not effective. In the interest of the royal family, we should perhaps see whether so-called alternative medicine (SCAM) does offer an effective treatment against navel gazing?

20 Responses to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), the treatment Harry Windsor uses

  • Yet another theatrical placebo.
    Probably of benefit in the short term to help some folks over a particular emotional hump – as any ‘caring therapy’ will do for a while – but of no established lasting value.

    Congratulations on using the title ‘Harry Windsor’.
    I am at a loss to understand why so many media outlets constantly refer to Mr Windsor as ‘The Duke of Sussex’ (and his wife as ‘the Duchess’), granting him/them unearned/unmerited status – when there is no law or other requirement for them to be so sycophantic.

    For some reason he was known as ‘Harry Wales’ in the Army, not ‘Windsor’.
    Is he ashamed of his mixed heritage as represented by the adoption of the ‘Windsor’ name for the Royal house?
    Noting his family’s original (German) name was a bit convoluted.
    And The Family downgraded general convention that children take their father’s name.
    It’s all PR – which is where many folks think Mr Windsor should shove his book!

  • EMDR: Yet another theatrical placebo.
    Probably of benefit in the short term to help some folks over a particular emotional hump – as any ‘caring therapy’ will do for a while – but of no established lasting value.

    Congratulations on using the title ‘Harry Windsor’.
    I am at a loss to understand why so many media outlets constantly refer to Mr Windsor as ‘The Duke of Sussex’ (and his wife as ‘the Duchess’), granting him/them unearned/unmerited status – when there is no law or other requirement for them to be so sycophantic.

    For some reason he was known as ‘Harry Wales’ in the Army, not ‘Windsor’.
    Is he ashamed of his mixed heritage as represented by the adoption of the ‘Windsor’ name for the Royal House?
    Noting his family’s original (German) name was a bit convoluted – and The Family downgraded general convention that children take their father’s name.

    It’s all PR – which is where many folks think Mr Windsor should shove his book!

    Since 31st December we have been treated to a Netflix documentary for which Harry Windsor is an executive producer.
    It is titled: ‘Live to Lead’.
    Mr Windsor would have come across an analogous title when he attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst – motto: ‘Serve to Lead’.
    It is telling that he now identifies ‘leadership’ with ‘living’ (by his ‘truth’ no doubt), but let us hope he soon returns to leading by serving as he was taught.

  • My understanding is this;

    EMDR consists of two main ingredients

    The first is exposure therapy, which is well evidenced in terms of the treatment of PTSD.

    Exposure therapy involves the person who is traumatised revisiting the trauma by talking about the traumatic event/s with a therapist or a group of other traumatised people supported by a therapist.

    Of course talking about traumatic events can be distressing and often makes people feel worse in the short term, however bottling up feelings is unhelpful and sharing and feeling understood does help people to feel better. It doesn’t make everything fine and dandy but it can be massively helpful in terms of helping people to feel understood, less isolated, and more resilient.

    The second ingredient in EMDR is the “bilateral stimulation” aspect which consists of the therapist moving a finger or light in a horizontal movement with the patient invited to follow the movement with their eyes. Some therapists use “tapping” or auditory stimulii but basically the idea is that the distracting stimulation somehow detoxifies the traumatic memories and makes them easier to cope with.

    In EMDR the patient talks about their trauma while making the eye movements or paying attention to the other sensory stimulation. This is where the detox of memory is meant to occur.

    It seems to me that the “bilateral stimulation” element of the treatment bears a significant similarty to the “confusion techniques” used in hypnosis to induce a trance like, highly suggestible state.

    I am reminded of the children’s story of the nail soup. For those unfamiliar with the story there is a charming video here

    With EMDR the exposure therapy element is the meat and vegetables and the bilateral stimulation is the nail.

    I believe this is a helpful comparison as the nail, is accidentally swallowed, could be hazardous.

    EMDR carries significant risks of false memories that can be generated by accident or by malicious therapists, of whom there are plenty.

    Edzard I was interested to check out the first paper you linked to in your post as I recognise one of the authors.

    Paper here

    The author is Ian Barron, who was a co-author of the following paper
    Participatory Action Research on Help-Seeking Behaviors of Self-Defined Ritual Abuse Survivors: A Brief Report
    Laurie Matthew 1 , Ian G Barron

    His co-author Laurie Matthew OBE is a notorious promoter of the satanic panic
    evidential video here
    Ritual Abuse in the UK – Dr Laurie Matthew OBE

    I feel very sorry for the royal family as they are very likely to be enduring a battering of false allegations due to Harry’s beliefs in a variety of non-evidence based, new age therapies including Emotional Freedom Technique and psychedelic and entheogenic drugs, all of which carry significant risks of false memories.

    I have never been a royalist but had great respect for the Queen as she sat on her own mourning the death of her husband, doing her duty and setting a good example in sharp contrast to the disgusting activities of many MPs who should have known better.

    I am hoping that one good thing to come out of this mess with Harry is that the authorities here will become aware of the dangers of recovered memory therapies. The hurt and distress that the royal family are enduring having lost a loved one to dangerous therapies is mirrored by the experiences of countless families all over the UK and the world who are left baffled, hurt and confused by false accusations arising from bad therapy.

    Of course the really bizarre thing is that the British royal family are the target of many false accusations from people who have experienced dangerous therapies.

    I do not believe that the royal family are, as some vulnerable, disturbed people have claimed, Illuminati, lizards or satanists. I do not believe that they are perfect but neither do I believe that they torture children in secret tunnels, participate in human hunting parties or eat babies for breakfast, all of which are false allegations made recently about them by disturbed persons.

    I have started to become concerned about the welfare of the royal family because, as someone who studies cults, undue influence and quackery it seems evident to me that anti-Western and anti-UK networks are attempting to destroy the royal family.

    If I could speak to Charles and William directly I would plead with them to adopt a far more sceptical and rational perspective with regards to wellness and mental health interventions. Things are really very bad at the moment and it is important that they don’t make things worse for themselves by supporting quackery and charlatanry.

    I have a lot more to share when I have time

    • We already know about Charles’ views on Homeopathy and Alternative ‘therapy’!!

      • burdle

        You may find this video of interest, it details the royal family’s enthusiasm for SCAM – definitely worth a watch, as are the other Strange Days videos

        SCAMmers have always targetted the wealthy and influential and getting close to royalty is the aspiration of every aspiring grifter.

        SCAMmers and mental health professionals often work together and a fascinating depiction of this can be found in the book Nightmare Alley and the film interpretations of the book.

        Both films are wonderful and the original is available to view for free on youtube here

        The author of the book William Lindsay Gresham was an deeply troubled alcoholic with connections to the carnvival / grifter community (including psychic mediums aka the “Spook Game”). He also was in therapy and studied psychoanalysis, Freudian concepts featuring in his book which includes autobiographical elements and his knowledge of various cons and grifts.

        I would recommend the original film (and the Del Torro version – not a remake a reinterpretation of the book) to anyone interested in how grifters and SCAMmers worm their way into influential circles.

  • My wife (a clinical psychologist, now retired) once attended an EMDR course. She didn’t think much of it, but from her description I think the eye movements used were tracking, not saccadic.

    The revelations in the press from pre-publication copies of the book are rather unedifying. Just when it seems that Harry has run out of people to alienate or upset he is able to find still more.

    • “My wife… once attended an EMDR course… from her description I think the eye movements used were tracking, not saccadic.”

      Yes, tracking not saccadic, as implied in the article on which you are commenting [my emphasis]:

      During EMDR therapy the patient must attend to emotionally disturbing material in brief sequential doses while simultaneously focusing on an external stimulus. Therapist-directed lateral eye movements are commonly used as external stimulus…

      EMDR is listed in topical index: junk science & pseudoscience, The Skeptic’s Dictionary

      I hope your wife never treated patients using EMDR.

  • I dont think we really know anything reliable about anyone’s private medical history (even if they tell us something about their perception of it). PTSD is serious, found in veterans, & overlaps with alcohol abuse. There are 6 reviews if you search for EMDR in Cochrane. This is what Cochrane says about the treatments of chronic PTSD. EMDR is up there with the ‘best available evidence’. As we don’t really know enough (excepting that dragging matters out is very good for the media #follow the money), I think its overdoing the scepticism to dismiss a soldier’s distress, or characterise this intervention as ‘fringe’.

  • Below is a fascinating video that is an opening to a horrendous rabbit hole of quackery

    It is a presentation from a Vrtual Wellbeing Festival run by an organisation that should be subjected to thorough scrutiny, Integrated Care Northamptonshire, which works in partnerhip with the Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership to unleash various forms of dangerous charlatanry on vulnerable patients.

    In the video the presenter Satish Chadha waxes lyrical about meditation, “body scanning” (a form of self-hypnosis), chakras, “grounding” (walking barefoot outside / tree hugging etc. because of universal invisible energies in the earth and the human body yada yada), and “tapping”.

    Harry has been reported in photos and videos to be an anthusiast of ‘grounding” and “tapping'”.

    It is my impression that, for all his immense privileges, Harry is a vulnerable person who has become drawn into a world of potentially abusive and dangerous quackery that typically alienates victims from their famiiles and encourages them to burn bridges to reconciliatiion. This is often facilitated by various “therapeutic” interventions to “cut ties with narcissists’ and “clear blockages” to allow energies to “flow”. Intimate, loving ties to friends and families are a threat to quacks and those relationships are destroyed as collateral damage in the battle to secure complience and obedience from the victim.

    This is what happened with the Yugoslavian royal family when India Oxenberg got drawn into the horrors of NXIVM with her mother’s well meaning encouragement. Of course Catherine Oxenberg has been a long time supporter of SCAM (her website is fascinating, if disturbing) and this likely left Inida more vulnerable to exploitation by cults and charlatans. Catherine fought hard to rescue her daughter but the damage done to the Yugoslavian royal family has been significant.

    Cult leaders and quacks always work on alienating victims from their friends and families so as to make them easier to manipulate so what has happened with Harry unremarkable as well as very sad for all involved. It has happened to many other families and in some ways it connects the royal family to some of their most vulnerable and oppressed subjects in a very sad way.

    anyway here’s the video and of course what makes it really sad is that King Charles has been promoting this kind of bullshit for decades and now it has come back to bite him on the behind in a most horrid manner. I do not think it is his entirely fault because royals, aristocrats and other people of influence are targetted relentlessly by quacks in ways that others are not. The targetting is relentless and is often presented in charming and even seductive packaging.

    more to say, no time now, here’s the video – there is a transcription to the right of hte video which is helpful

    • In addition to all of that, about a year ago Meghan got a guest essay published in the NYT that began with (when describing her new life in California), “…I got up this morning and took my vitamins…”. I’m pretty sure that is just the tip of the woo iceberg in MeghanWorld.

  • transcript to the above video for those with little time

    00:00 good morning and welcome to the last day of our
    00:05 integrated care northamptonshire virtual wellbeing festival day five and this morning session is golden sun
    00:13 and grounding and it’s so fitting that we’ve actually got some sunshine today as we go into this session so if you
    00:19 have next slide please satish excuse me and the next one please
    00:25 thank you so my name is anne and i’m supported behind the scenes by robert
    00:31 and colleagues just to ensure that the session runs smoothly and everything does what it should be
    00:37 should do on teams which is always a bonus next slide please
    00:42 so just reminder your cameras um are enabled but if you could kindly switch
    00:47 your mics off just to stop any background noise um you can use the chat at the end of
    00:53 the session to share your thoughts and um appreciation
    00:58 for satish we are actually also recording this session so that colleagues that aren’t
    01:03 able to join live um can watch it on demand and also for us as well if we
    01:08 want to go back and watch it um we can do um to suit so um there’s
    01:14 always we always know that there’s a little bit of um calm that we can access and finally a reminder that for anybody
    01:21 that’s hard of hearing you can’t can turn on live transcripts on your own teams you just click on the three dots
    01:27 at the top um to enable you for that to come up for you only
    01:32 next slide please so it gives me immense pleasure to welcome to lee today’s session
    01:41 no no no i have got a tease but i’m just trying to mute it sorry love hang on
    01:51 over to you satish thank you very much and welcome to all those who have joined
    01:59 and i i’m indeed grateful to all of you because i know you are all very very busy professionals
    02:06 and to spend this half an hour with me i’m indeed grateful to all of
    02:11 you i hope you will enjoy this session so
    02:17 before i go further just to remind you all what are the essentials remember these
    02:24 seven steps the first is the posture whenever you are thinking of meditation
    02:32 always remember the posture and as i mentioned last time sitting posture is better
    02:39 because that makes you keep you alert then position of the eyes
    02:44 either you can keep it closed or you can keep it open with a relaxed steady case
    02:51 the third important thing is you need to withdraw your mind from external disturbances
    02:57 and whenever we start any meditation you start with observing the breath
    03:03 and use some meditation technique we have done the honsa technique in session one we have done the body scan
    03:11 in session two so whatever technique you feel comfortable you start with that
    03:17 technique and imagination is really important and today’s session we will be using a
    03:23 little bit of imagination and as always i say regularity is more
    03:29 important even five minutes twice daily is much better than one hour every week
    03:37 so just to recap session one we talked about stress response and we
    03:42 know that it is sympathetic system derived relaxation response is a parasympathetic
    03:48 system derived and now we know from various studies that meditation
    03:53 triggers relaxation response so in session 1 we focused on breath and
    04:00 mantra honks are meditation and the first point was the observe the breath the
    04:07 second was gazing at the spiritual eye spiritualize a point between the eyebrows also called the third eye
    04:14 chakra and mentally repeating the mantra hong with the incoming breath and saw with
    04:21 the outgoing breath so coming to session two we talked about
    04:28 mindfulness what is mindfulness and we practice body scan meditation
    04:34 we practiced three minute breathing space meditation this is if you don’t have much time if you just have five
    04:40 minutes available you can do this three minute breathing space meditation
    04:46 and body scan meditation we start from feet and paying attention to different
    04:51 parts of the body you be aware of sensations and internal experiences
    04:58 and these internal experiences and sensations can be neutral can be pleasant or it can be unpleasant
    05:05 the whole idea is let it come whatever is coming let it be
    05:10 and let it go important thing is non judgmental so this technique tells us
    05:17 uh is with this technique we practice to be in the being mode rather than in the
    05:23 thinking mode so today’s theme is grounding and golden
    05:29 sun meditation what is grounding grounding is a practice that can help
    05:35 you pull away from the flashbacks unwanted memories
    05:41 and negative or challenging emotions grounding also called earthing
    05:48 is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that ground or
    05:54 electrically reconnect you to the earth
    05:59 centering when we talk of centering we usually refer to our mental and physical
    06:05 state of mind when we say grounding this is a term used in conjunction with the energy
    06:12 fields around us one of the simple some of the simplest
    06:18 ways of grounding is walking barefoot on grass on sand or even mud
    06:25 the whole idea is allowing your skin to touch the natural ground this can provide you with a grounding
    06:32 energy connect with nature make contact with a tree or a living
    06:39 organism from earth even just lying on the ground
    06:45 or submersing in a water and these days you can find on google
    06:51 quite a lot of grounding equipments they are also available just to give you a
    06:56 glimpse of what grounding is everyone can benefit from taking a
    07:02 moment to focus on their connection with the earth
    07:09 grounded meditation allows you to focus your mind to feel more balanced
    07:17 and aware earthing or grounding is the process of
    07:23 transferring the immediate discharge of electricity directly to the earth plate
    07:28 by means of low resistance electrical cables or wires
    07:33 earthing really is one of the most important aspects of electric networks
    07:40 since it makes the most readily available and dangerous source of power
    07:46 much safer to use in case of a short circuit due to leakages arising from weak insulation or
    07:53 damage the grounding wire safely removes excess electricity and
    07:59 passes it onto the ground where it lies dormant
    08:05 so when we talk of earthing what are the benefits of earthing or grounding in an electrical system
    08:11 basically it is overload protection and voltage stabilization
    08:18 so the grounding of human body when we talk of it is the the healing benefits of
    08:24 earthing the earth is like a giant battery that contains a natural
    08:30 subtle electrical charge a special kind of energy present in the ground
    08:36 for safety and stability everything in the electrical world is connected to it
    08:41 whether it is an electric power plant or your refrigerator in the
    08:46 home that’s what the term grounded means
    08:52 there are healing benefits of earthing being grounded also applies to people not just the
    08:59 electrical equipments when you are electrically grounded you
    09:04 feel centered solid strong balanced less dense
    09:11 and less stressed you see how important this is for
    09:18 people to get this grounding now one of the simple technique where we
    09:24 come to the present moment is a five four three two one method
    09:29 now it starts with you sitting comfortably so let us just practice this please
    09:36 close your eyes take a couple of deep breaths to the
    09:42 count of three in through your nose and out through your mouth
    09:49 let us do three times in through your nose
    09:54 out through your mouth again into your nose out through your mouth
    10:01 last time in through your nose out through your mouth
    10:06 now please open your eyes and look around you
    10:12 name out loud five things you can see i can see you can see the screen you can
    10:17 see the table chair around just five things you can see
    10:23 now four things which you can hear you can hear my voice you can hear other
    10:29 sounds so just name out those four things you can hear three things which you can feel or touch
    10:37 you can feel the clothing on yourself you can feel the earth you can feel
    10:42 whatever those three things and two things you can smell
    10:49 and one thing you can taste maybe you can taste the saliva
    10:55 so the whole idea is that it gets you to use all your five senses
    11:01 to help you get back to the present moment
    11:08 you might have heard of chakras in the body i’m not going to explain all the details but just to
    11:14 mention that there are seven chakras in the body the crown chakra
    11:20 the third eye chakra the throat chakra heart chakra
    11:25 solar plexus sacral plexus and root chakra so these are the seven chakras when we talk of
    11:32 energy fields or when we are working on energy
    11:37 these are the seven chakras which are really important and these chakras are inside our body
    11:45 but what i want to talk a little is about the other chakra which is outside the
    11:51 body so one is the earth star which connects you to the planet that is
    11:57 below the root chakra and the most important is the golden chakra or eighth chakra
    12:05 so what are the characteristics of golden sun or eighth chakra it is gold or white
    12:12 the location anywhere from one inch to few inches above your crown
    12:18 the element is sold the themes are timelessness transcendence
    12:24 and heightened perception and this golden sun or eighth chakra
    12:30 connect you with your higher self this disengage from mind
    12:36 this is open to divine love and uncover your purpose in life
    12:42 so just to picture represent pictorially now remember this is not that normal sun
    12:48 this is your own sun so every one of us we have a different
    12:54 golden sun which is just few inches above our crown chakra that is called the
    13:02 eighth chakra or golden sun another important aspect is
    13:09 thymus thump you know the thymus gland which is just above
    13:14 the heart center and this is really important for activating your life energy so what
    13:21 we call we call its thymus tapping so with the fingers you just tap gentle tap
    13:27 and this gentle tapping on the thymus will activate your life energy
    13:33 very practical and very important technique very simple time stepping
    13:41 so now let us practice this grounding and golden sun meditation so first is
    13:46 prepare yourself you remember the steps of the meditation essentials
    13:53 and we will prepare yourself we will prepare ourselves then time is stepping
    13:59 and as usual start on focusing on your breath now here we will start beginning with the
    14:06 visualization you visualize that there is a big grounding fold
    14:11 which connects your tailbone down to the earth and you visualize your golden sun
    14:19 and once we finish this practice then we will come back to stillness
    14:26 so what we will do is we’ll just be silent for maybe
    14:31 two or three minutes until you hear the sounds of the bells
    14:37 so once you hear the sounds of the bells that will indicate that the meditation
    14:43 is over so let us now practice this
    14:49 grounding and golden sun meditation so just prepare yourself
    14:57 grounding and golden sun meditation
    15:02 let us begin by centering and grounding ourselves
    15:09 sit in an easy sitting position with the spine tall and free
    15:17 feet flat on the floor and chin parallel
    15:24 to the floor your eyes may be open with a wide
    15:29 relaxed case or you may close your eyes if you choose to do so
    15:38 start by tapping on the thumbs to bring your awareness into your body
    15:45 tap all the fingers directly on the timers located
    15:52 at the sternum right above the heart center
    15:58 it’s a gentle tapping sensation using the weight of fingertips
    16:04 to stimulate and open the thymus time stepping
    16:10 boosts immune system lowers stress and energizes the whole
    16:17 body if you feel stressed
    16:23 or overwhelmed in your day you can practice this for a minute at a
    16:29 time [Music] you will notice it brings you out of
    16:35 your mind and into your body
    16:41 it also helps to become more heart centered
    16:49 now release the tapping and bring the back of
    16:54 the hands to the upper thighs into an easy sitting position
    17:01 let us ground our energies now into the earth
    17:07 sit with your spine tall and flee relaxing everything
    17:14 around your midline the shoulders
    17:20 neck and back take a deep breath
    17:25 inhale and exhale
    17:31 let it go bring your attention to your tailbone
    17:41 envision a big grounding cold
    17:46 from your tailbone that extends deep into the center of the earth
    17:53 you can imagine a large tree trunk going down deep
    17:59 into the earth’s center with the roots wrapping around the core
    18:05 of the earth notice what it feels like to be
    18:10 completely grounded and centered to the center of the earth
    18:19 through your grounding cord begin to release all energy
    18:25 you have been holding on to all stress
    18:32 thoughts worry feel all resistance and tension move
    18:39 down through your grounding cord
    18:45 you can imagine this is a dark water that moves down
    18:51 through the grounding cord moving easily and effortlessly
    19:00 fully let go of the past and let go of the future
    19:08 let it go down through your grounding cord
    19:14 into the earth’s center notice what you feel
    19:20 as you consciously empty the body and empty the mind
    19:29 in your mind’s eye and vision and inner parameter
    19:35 moving from 10 to 0 10
    19:40 [Music] 9 8
    19:46 7 [Music] 6 five
    19:52 [Music] four [Music] three
    19:58 two one zero
    20:05 fully releasing all tension be aware
    20:11 of your inner sensation as you release all stress and tension
    20:21 grounding is an ancient tool it is an excellent method for practicing
    20:27 presence when you are grounded it is easier to connect to the present
    20:34 moment now imagine a golden sun above your
    20:42 crown the sun represents all your own energy
    20:48 and assets your joy
    20:53 happiness and peace gather up
    20:59 your own energy into a golden sun
    21:05 above your head energize your golden sun
    21:12 call back your energy from the past the future
    21:18 and many places you may have scattered anticipated your energy
    21:26 you may have given your energy to other people
    21:33 gather it up now above your head
    21:38 and bring it into the present time
    21:44 now allow your hands to float up towards your
    21:50 shoulder into a v-shape
    21:56 see if you can feel your golden sound
    22:04 relax and become receptive
    22:10 gather your golden sun and bring it in
    22:16 through the top of your head allow it
    22:22 to come into your central line your central channel of the spine
    22:31 filling you up from the inside out
    22:38 notice what it feels like
    22:43 to fill yourself up with your own energy
    22:52 let this energy come all the way in and imagine it
    22:58 grounding down back to the center of the earth
    23:07 discover a neutral place within yourself where
    23:13 you feel completely centered and balanced
    23:23 take a few moments to be there
    23:28 be aware of what happens when you intentionally shift your energy
    23:36 from thinking and doing to just
    23:42 being in the being state
    23:49 you receive more energy [Music]
    00:00 at the sound of the meditation will end
    00:07 gently open your eyes and look around
    00:13 [Music]
    00:19 thank you
    00:29 let us just sit in silence for few minutes
    02:16 welcome back
    02:21 belonging welcome back
    02:28 so i hope you had just a glimpse of what
    02:33 is grounding meditation and what is golden sun meditation
    02:42 so if you have enjoyed these sessions please join me for 21 days meditation
    02:49 challenge starting from 1st of august
    02:55 the whole idea is that we need to program our subconscious mind to do this
    03:02 meditation even if it is for just 10 to 15 minutes
    03:08 and the easiest way is
    03:13 to fix a particular time and program
    03:19 yourself for 21 days and you will notice that if you continue for 21 days
    03:27 you would like to continue more and more
    03:37 over to you and
    03:43 thank you satish sorry if i was a little uh a bit slow on responding there that
    03:48 was that was just wonderful and um i loved the i love the sort of the the presence just
    03:55 to be sitting calmly for two minutes at the end and actually not doing you know not doing anything as well i think that
    04:02 was really powerful so thank you satish for this morning session and thank you for um
    04:08 the sessions all through the week and for the 21 day challenge which i know um a few of us are
    04:15 really looking forward to and i know lots of colleagues have signed up for so and i think you can see the love
    04:21 that’s coming through the the chat in terms of it how how perfect it was in terms of starting
    04:27 our day so thank you very much so just a reminder for colleagues that um if
    04:33 you’ve been affected by any of the conversations or any of the sessions across the week then
    04:40 help is available it’s okay not to be okay so you can talk to the ayat team
    04:45 you can talk on the mental health number or you can seek access from stronger together support so please please
    04:52 do reach out if um if you do feel the need so you have next slide please
    04:59 um we would love your feedback on any of the sessions that you’ve taken part in
    05:04 during the week and we’d love to send your feedback on satish’s session um feedback is a real gift and we use your
    05:12 feedback to help shape and design the festival’s content
    05:18 and we are already thinking about next year scarily so you can use the qr code on the screen
    05:25 to hold your phone’s camera up to it and update your state through or you can click on the link that my colleague
    05:30 louise has just posted into the chat and for every entry into every piece of feedback gets an entry into a prize draw
    05:38 to win a gift subscription for the happy news which is something i think we’ll all agree
    05:44 we need more happy news um in this current um time
    05:49 um there are lots more resources on from the festival are things like going home checklist and staying healthy checklist
    05:57 and all sorts of things in there so if you click onto the festival um website and the resources page or you can use
    06:03 the qr code again to take you straight through next slide please satish
    06:09 so um we are on day five of the festival i can’t quite believe we’re on day five it feels like a long week and a quick
    06:16 week in in succession um we have got more sessions coming this
    06:21 morning so um we the next live session is managing sleep difficulties which i
    06:26 know a lot of colleagues struggle with so really good and then the the keynote
    06:32 live session this morning one absolutely not to be dog today one absolutely not
    06:37 to be missed is mr motivator himself is joining us so um yeah could be prepared
    06:43 for laughing activity and uh learning as well as we go through and then there are
    06:49 more sessions coming and being released throughout the afternoon so again you all know how to access the festival
    06:55 website please do so and a final slide please satish um again we would encourage you to get
    07:02 social share your reflections share your learning share your insights on twitter
    07:08 instagram and facebook if you can see the um tags on there hashtag
    07:14 vwbf22 i don’t know why i always have trouble saying that um yet and that will collect it all together
    07:21 and finally a massive thank you to satish for this morning session and for all the support
    07:28 that he gives colleagues colleagues has given colleagues both in nhft in kgh
    07:35 and um across the system for the last couple of years actually it’s not just
    07:41 it’s not just today we’ve had winter well-being we’ve had um he i think he’s
    07:46 been every festival and done a session so a massive shout out to thank to status
    07:51 we really appreciate your calm help and support and energy that you bring to
    07:57 this it’s really appreciated massive shout out to robert and louise behind the scenes for everything they do
    08:04 to keep it all looking and working smoothly in the comms team as well and finally a massive shout out to
    08:11 you and to all of the colleagues on the call for everything you do every day
    08:16 to for the people that we serve in northamptonshire so please please enjoy the rest of your day hopefully you will see some of your sessions later
    08:23 and um enjoy the weekend when we get there so thank you very much
    English (auto-generated)

    [Re-formatted by Admin]

  • Interesting video on EMDR and memories

    Do your eyes protect your memory? The susceptibility to spontaneous false memories after performing eye movements as used in EMDR

    Sanne T. L. Houben, Henry Otgaar, Jeffrey Roelofs, Tom Smeets and Harald Merckelbach (Maastricht University, Catholic University Leuven, Tilburg University) Presented at TARMAC via Zoom, Birmingham, UK on June 11, 2020

    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an effective treatment for post- traumatic stress disorder, but adverse memory effects are unknown. Using the Deese/Roediger- McDermott paradigm, we examined the susceptibility to false memories after performing eye movements, as used in EMDR. Participants received negative and neural word lists and completed a free recall (while performing eye movements or not) and recognition test immediately (Experiment 1) or 48 h later (Experiment 2). In Experiment 2, eye movement participants showed higher correct and false memory rates. Although far removed from clinical practice, eye movements might amplify both correct and false memory rates.
    Contact: sanne.houben at

  • EMDR 🙄

  • Interesting debate. I do note that opponents seem to be conflating emdr with all sorts of seriously marginal/ unscientific practices. As several respondents have suggested, emdr is one of the few first line treatments for ptsd. While the mechanism may at present be a black box, there does seem to at least be a case for continuing to gather evidence.

  • @ Weary Dunlop

    “Interesting debate. I do note that opponents seem to be conflating emdr with all sorts of seriously marginal/ unscientific practices.”

    Well if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck!

    “As several respondents have suggested, emdr is one of the few first line treatments for ptsd. While the mechanism may at present be a black box, there does seem to at least be a case for continuing to gather evidence.”

    I do not know who the respondents are, however as I pointed out there is evidence to support one element of EMDR, the exposure / desensitisation element of talking about the traumatic incidents with others. This does not mean that the eye movements / hypnotic elements are either safe or helpful.

    As for evidence, I can happily oblige with many examples of quacks and charlatans using EMDR with extremely vulnerable patients with poor outcomes.

    An example of the promotion of EMDR by a dangerous quack can be easily found the recipients of the 2008 James Randi Educational Foundation’s not all all coveted Pigasus Award *drumroll*…….the controversial psychiatrist Dr Colin Ross.

    For readers unfamiliar with Dr Colin Ross a good place to start is the James Randi Foundation

    a video here from James Randi is most illuminating

    Pigasus award to Ross listed here

    Ross wasn’t happy about the award and wrote about his butthurt in his website here

    Threads about Ross on the International Skeptics Forum can be found here and are all worth a read

    The threads include contributions from one of Ross’s victims, Roma Hart, who he abused and brainwashed into believing that she had been involved with satanic cult – that thread is here

    Wikipedia page on Colin Ross

    Ross’s enthusiasm for EMDR can be found via his Ross Institute website, examples of EMDR training can be found here

    and on his related Trauma Recovery Institute here (some of Ross’s colleagues are EMDR promoters)

    A detailed compilation of evidence against Colin Ross can be found here (Warning – it is horrific reading)

    some of his books can be found here, some were published pre EMDR, but just to give you a flavour of his beliefs

    Of course just because a notorious quack makes money from EMDR it does not mean that EMDR itself is a bad thing. Nor does it mean that all promoters and practitioners of EMDR are bad people or have bad intentions. Well meaning people can get taken in by quackery.

    I suggest we proceed as follows: every day or other day if I’m busy I will post up some examples of either notorious quacks promoting / practicing EMDR or research papers indicating that there are problems with EMDR and that it can generate false memories.

    The networks promoting EMDR and generating revenue from it are fascinating and worthy of scrutiny.

    Also it is important to add that it is not only EMDR that generates false memories, there are new therapies being promoted, often by the same networks, that openly claim to alter memories. They claim that replacing traumatic memories with more positive memories is a good thing as it helps with PTSD, but personally I do not believe that altering people’s memories is a risk free activity.

  • My post for the day

    Here’s another EMDR peddler for your consideration


    Dr Helen Webberley, who claims thus;

    “pushing distressing thoughts to the back of the mind can be “very damaging”.

    “Repressed memories can manifest as dreams, nightmares and flashbacks. They can interfere with daily activities for many years and often the person has no idea what is holding them back.”

    She continued: “Traditional counselling is useful when the person knows what it is that is bothering them, but when the issue has been suppressed or hidden, then counselling and psychotherapy may not identify the problem.

    “Clinical hypnotherapy and EMDR have been shown to be very useful in some cases, and have really helped a lot of people uncover these issues that have been stored away in the subconscious mind.

    “However, as with all therapies, we must make sure that the therapist is fully qualified and competent to carry out the treatment, and is fully regulated with a professional body and has the right amount of supervision.”

    For those unfamiliar with Helen Webberley and her husband some links for your consideration

    There are dozens of critical news reports about the Webberleys and their GenderGP clinic that readers can find easily.

    The GenderGP website includes EMDR as a service, which I find deeply concerning yet unsurprising.

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