On Sunday, December 18, 2022, the General Assembly of the European Humanist Federation (EHF)met for the very last time. It was decided that, from 2023, there will be only one international humanist organization and resources will be concentrated there, namely with the Humanists International. It was felt that this is the best way to strengthen the humanist network in Europe as well as in the world. The EHF has thus stopped its own activities and the liquidation surplus will go to Humanists International.


Humanists International (HI) is the global representative body of the humanist movement, uniting a diverse community of non-religious organizations and individuals. On their website, the organization states the following:

Inspired by humanist values, we are optimistic for a world where everyone can have a dignified and fulfilling life. We build, support and represent the global humanist movement and work to champion human rights and secularism.

What we do

We campaign on humanist issues. We defend humanists at risk of persecution and violence. We lobby for humanist values at international institutions, including the United Nations. And we work to build the humanist movement around the world. Find out more about the work we do on behalf of the global humanist community.

Our members and supporters

Our Members and Associates include humanist, rationalist, secular, ethical culture, atheist and freethought organisations from all over the world. Our community also includes many individual supporters who share our vision and values.

Find out more about our member organizations around the world. If you represent a humanist or secular organization you can find out more and apply for membership here. If you are interested in supporting us as an individual, you can sign up here.

Below, you can read more about our history, our strategy and how our organization is managed and governed.

Our history

Humanists International was founded in Amsterdam in 1952. Originally five Humanist organizations — the American Ethical Union, American Humanist Association, British Ethical Union (later the British Humanist Association and now Humanists UK), Vienna Ethical Society and the Dutch Humanist league — hosted our inaugural congress in Amsterdam, 22–27 August 1952, founding the organization that was then called the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU). On the last day of the congress five resolutions were passed, which included a statement of the fundamentals of “modern, ethical Humanism”, a resolution which would come to be known as the Amsterdam Declaration.

Now registered in New York, USA, the main administrative headquarters are in London, United Kingdom, Humanists International is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) with representation on various United Nations committees and other international bodies. We seek to influence international policy through representation and information, to build the humanist network, and let the world know about the worldview of Humanism.


Humanism focuses on living ethically and thinking rationally while refusing to rely on supernatural sources. The humanist movement aims at making the world a better place. I consider myself a humanist (without being a member of an organization) and believe the world could do with more of us.

7 Responses to The European Humanist Federation has ceased to exist

  • Dear Edzard,
    my answer has nothing to do with the Humanist Federation, but somehow with humanism, because it concerns this website and your, Edzard’s, activities – which, if I understand you correctly, are an example of living humanism. As there is a New year awaiting us I want to use this opportunity to thank you, Edzard, for your never-resting attention and your ever-ready fighting spirit. This does not mean that I always agree with you – not at all. For example, I agree with your position that traditional Chinese Medicine not only is widely overrated by most TCM friends but in fact full of frauds and fools, in Western countries as well as in China. But I disagree with your complete rejection of acupuncture, which I consider a small but useful therapeutic tool. And I feel sorry that I was and am never able to convince you and your friends that rational medicine should include rational ways to deal with the irrational, and even be willing and able to use it. Nevertheless, this website and your thoughts, Edzard, are always refreshing and inspiring, and that’s why I want to thank you today.
    Atahualpa Yupanqui, the great Argentine poet and songwriter, once wrote the line “cada cual tiene su modo, la rebelión es mi esencia” (everyone has his own way of living, but as to me, it’s rebellion). Indeed, he might have thought of you when he wrote this line. So, may you have a happy new year, and may you never get tired fighting stupidity, medical charlatanry and the nonsense of self-proclaimed alternative prophets –
    with my best wishes from Berlin, Germany
    Hanjo Lehmann

  • I have no qualms about humanism, or the European Humanist Federation, or any type of humanist organization EXCEPT …. Humanists International. I’m against all worldwide organizations, WEF WHO UN WTO World Bank IMF etc.


    • RG,

      Just like you, I live in USA and I too am against all world wide organizations. US is not a part of the world. It is located on a different planet where no other countries exist.

      • @Honest Ape

        In case you perceive that I have biases towards the USA, I would argue otherwise. I oppose globalism, for that reason I do not favor world organizations. The Globalist charge has no shortage of representation from western countries.

        I am a US citizen, but do not live in the USA.

        I am NOT impressed by the US today. Prior to the turn of the century, it was a better country. If you go back even further, better yet.

        Today the US politics is bent, broken actually, with the politicians on both sides of the isle that are corrupted by special interest, lobbyist and self-interest. Politicians that are bent on war (again special interests). I’m dismayed with the crony capitalism… which is also evident in other places of the world…. but probably nowhere more than the USA.
        I’m not impressed with the lazy population. A population that is ignorant politically because they don’t care. A population that eats too much and eats to much of the wrong foods. A population that is unwilling to get outta the easy chair. A sick population that has driven itself to chronic illness. A country with a health care system that is failing badly, largely due to greed from corporations and organizations. A badly and sadly dumbed down population that eats every word the mainstream media feeds them.

        I could go on; you get the idea that I dislike globalism NOT because I’m enamored with the USA.
        Is there a perfect county in the world ? … no. Go somewhere else, and you merely trade one set of problems for another.

        • “I am NOT impressed by the US today. Prior to the turn of the century, it was a better country. If you go back even further, better yet.”

          RG, you are opposed to progression of time!! It is time to buy a time-machine! I got a nice one to sell you. DM me Bro!

          “I’m not impressed with the lazy population. A population that is ignorant politically because they don’t care. A population that eats too much and eats to much of the wrong foods. A population that is unwilling to get outta the easy chair.”

          Population is exercising their individual rights to be lazy and eat whatever they want. I for one love eating cheeseburgers and freedom-fries everyday and sit on my couch and watch TV, it is my god given right to do so. You and your fellow woke-mobsters want to dictate how others should live their lives. Ain’t gonna happen RG. I love my freedom and freedom-fries!!!

          If you don’t like globalism and people on the globe or dislike globe altogether, you should consider immigrating to Mars. I hear King Musk is building rocket ships to shuttle people to Mars. Maybe you should buy your ticket now. Oh..wait..Musk is a capitalist! scratch that…..

  • I’m human. Tis sufficient.

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