I came across the following fascinating advertisement:
Post: Chief Operating Officer
Location: London office
(at least one day per week) and home/office based the rest of the time
Salary: £48,000 – £53,600
Contract Type: Permanent
Hours: 30 hours (flexible, but ideally over 4 days)
This is a fantastic opportunity to join the Faculty of Homeopathy; one of the world’s leading homeopathic membership organisations. The Faculty of Homeopathy is honoured to have HRH The Prince of Wales as its Patron.
We are looking for a strategic operational leader to work with the Executive Council and our Members to increase the Faculty’s presence on the world stage. The Faculty of Homeopathy is 176 years old; and has a rich and impressive history. Do you have the skills and enthusiasm to help us write the next chapter? If so, we would be delighted to hear from you.
Key Responsibilities:
* Providing leadership, management, and vision to help grow the membership
* Overseeing all day-to-day operations
* Responsible for external communications, including PR
* Writing bid or grant applications, and/or fundraising
* Brand ambassador for the Faculty of Homeopathy
* Strong leadership and motivational skills
* Proven track record in income generation
* Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills with a diverse audience
* Structured decision making skills
* Experience/knowledge of good governance, and working with non- executive or trustee boards
* Experience/knowledge of membership organisations
* Experience/knowledge of working with a charity or non-profit organisation
* Experience of managing external communications, PR, and reputational
Note: Applicants must have a legal right to work in the UK
For further information or the full application pack please contact Liz Tucker
(M: 07879 434056 E: [email protected])
Closing date for applications is Friday 30 October 2020
No, I am not interested. But I find several aspects of the advertisement interesting:
  • The main concern of the FoH seems to be boosting their membership. This suggests that their numbers are dwindling sharply. I wonder why. Is it because of the nasty sceptics? Or is it because the public is slowly understanding that homeopathics are placebos?
  • No expertise or even previous exposure to science or healthcare seem to be needed. Considering that the successful candidate is expected to write grant applications, this seems surprising to say the least.
  • No knowledge of homeopathy seems required. I find this odd. How is the ‘Chief Operating Officer’ going to understand the weird and wonderful world he/she is supposed to immerse into?
  • Reputational management! What a great term! I had not heard it before. It makes sense in relation to Boris Johnson or Donald Trump. In connection with homeopathy, it is truly hilarious, I feel.

So, here it is:

  • they offer a decent salary;
  • they allow you to work from home most of the time;
  • they require skills and expertise only in homeopathic doses.

Come on, Sandra, Lollypop, Dana, Heinrich, RG, Roger, Old Bob:


11 Responses to The Faculty of Homeopathy needs you – but you must be quick

  • The person spec should add “the ability to believe two impossible things before breakfast”.

  • No experience of dowsing required?

  • Laughed out loud today! Thank you for this!
    The worries about the increasing numbers in England and the lack of conventional medical therapies (the ICU therapy excluded) are already pressing.
    I feel honored that you also think of me, but also a little offended that you associate me with homoeopathic half-knowledge …
    Speaking of homoeopathic half-knowledge: Did you also think of our dear ad hominem-anonymus?

  • TBF, the same list of job skills probably apply to the idiots in charge of our health trusts. C-suite snake oil will outlive us all.

    Although I am disappoint that SoH pays their salary in cold hard allopathic cash. Should it not just waft a penny in their general direction and call that a fortune?

  • Are quacks still allowed to enter the UK once the Brexit is finalized? Or do they have to apply for a visa before? 😉

    • Given that the brexit project relies on the ability to deny evidence and inhabit a world of fantasy, I’d say quacks would be welcomed in a post-brexit UK.

  • God help your patients if you lack the mental capacity to explore whole person wellbeing. Not every treatment comes from a nasty chemical pill.

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