I should never claim that I know all the cancer quackery that is out there! Because I don’t. There are just too many of them; and a new one seems to crop up every week.

For instance, I did not know about POWERLIGHT, a SCAM that is being promoted against many serious diseases, including cancer. Here is what the website states:

The very word “cancer” for patients is such a heavy burden, that psychological support actualy is necessary when a patient gets such a diagnosis. In this section we are pleased and proud to set an end to this terrifying illness.

A lot of different tumors in current language are called cancer. A cancer is based on epithelian tissue. This tissue occures in different organs. Because of that we find this tumore: as an

– Anal carcinoma

– Bronchial carcinoma

– Testicle carcinoma

– Laryngeal cancer

– Colon cancer

– Oesophageal cancer

– Gastric cancer

– Breast cancer

– Kidney carcinoma

– Ovary carcinoma

– Pancreas carcinoma

– Pharynx (throat) carcinoma

– Prostate carcinoma

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases we know.

We found the possibility to heal every kind of cancer, anyway what staging the tumor has. Also patients in the final stadium feel better after the third ampoule* and will be healed completly. The first ampoule brings a patient a better psychic situation.

For other tumors we have special medicines in our product list. Before taking Powerlight medicine it is necessary to have an exact diagnosis from a hospital. For example it was necessary to develope against carcinomas in the childhood other cluster stuctures – this is now our drug KIC. Tumores spreading from other tissues are to be treated with Powerlight NR, Powerlight H+NH and Powerlight LE.

If a patient started his treatment with conventional chemotherapy, the side effects will be bettered, when the patient gets Powerlight EG. The intake of Powerlight CA and Powerlight EG in the same period is not possible. In serious cases it has to be proved, whether the dangerous situation is caused primarily by the tumor or by the chemotherapy. According to this the heaviest burden has to be treated first.

All tumores that are not cancers, will not be healed by Powerlight CA. In these cases find an other correct medicine under  “Product list” in this homepage.

And how does POWERLIGHT work? The website provides the amazing answer:

The scientific background of our products is the physics of antimatter. With the help of positron radiation we can represent order patterns of living matter. Antimatter is able to copy patterns of organisms, when we put them into the electromagnetic field of antimatter. Such patterns show irregularities in the living matter. Normally living matter is structured by strict order patterns. The irregularities are causes of illness. Powerlight reconditions order patterns of living systems, because these order patterns also by heavy illnesses are not destroyed but only overlapped. The original order patterns are guide rails of the electron transfer by Clusters.

It has been reported that POWERLIGHT and some of the quacks offering it are now being sued in Austria after several cancer patients died who were naïve enough to believe this BS. According to the website, the firm originates in the Netherlands, however, MedWatch found out that it is not registered there either. This probably means that, officially, the firm does not even exist.



*the content has been analysed and seems to be a pure isotonic NaCl solution.

2 Responses to ‘Powerlight’ – a new cancer SCAM … (not antimatter but anti-science!)

  • A cancer is based on epithelian tissue.

    I suppose this is a misprint for epithelial. Carcinomas arise in epithelium, but they are not the only sort of cancer. Cancers can also arise in other sorts of tissue; for instance connective tissue (muscle, bone, cartilage etc.) gives rise to sarcomas, lymphoid tissue to lymphomas, etc.

    Testicle carcinoma

    Epithelial tumours of the testicle are vanishingly rare. Most testicular cancers arise from germ cells, which are the cells that give rise to sperm.

    The scientific background of our products is the physics of antimatter. With the help of positron radiation we can represent order patterns of living matter. Antimatter is able to copy patterns of organisms, when we put them into the electromagnetic field of antimatter.

    Well, that’s a lot of nonsense. It definitely comes into the category of “not even wrong”.

    Though antimatter is useful in cancer treatment. PET scans rely on a positron-emitting radioactive tracer (usually 17-fluorodeoxyglucose) to identify tumour deposits. Also standard radiotherapy uses a linear accelerator to generate x-rays with an energy of 6 megavolts or more, and one of the mechanisms by which these high-energy photons (they have to carry an energy of at least 1.022 MV) are absorbed in the body is pair production, where a photon in the vicinity of an atomic nucleus transforms into an electron and a positron.

  • ‘Powerlight’ – a new cancer SCAM

    The Powerlight SCAM is anything but new, and has been perpetrated from at least 2016, and possibly even further back.

    Psiram reveals more unsavoury details about this horrible scam. Apparently, people are charged more for useless ‘treatments’ the sicker they are, and at least one doctor who scammed 39 patients for a total of € 62,000 was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

    According to the website, the firm originates in the Netherlands

    Powerlight can be traced to Powerlight BV, ostensibly located in Arnhem in the Netherlands, with a Web site chock full of sciencey gibberish. Some more digging locates the firm in Amsterdam as of 2016. Both company locations are merely letterbox firms, probably established for evading German and Austrian authorities, and/or one or more German right-wing groups with whom Klose appears to have gotten into trouble. As his latest Web site incarnation already suggests, Klose himself seems to live in Dubai now, from where he continues to defraud people.

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