The UK-based homeopathic pharmacy AINSWORTH has attracted my attention several times already. Amongst other things, Tony Pinkus, the director of the firm, once accused me of having faked my research and I suspected him of violating the basic principles of research ethics in his study of homeopathy for autism.

Today, THE DAILY MAIL reports about AINSWORTH’s scandalous promotion of the most dangerous quackery.

Tony Pinkus, director of AINSWORTH

Tony Pinkus, director of AINSWORTH

In a big article, the Mail informs the reader that:

  • AINSWORTH sell a guide (entitled ‘The Mother & And Child Remedy Prescriber’ and decorated with the codes of arms of both the Queen and Prince Charles) informing young mothers that homeopathy ‘will strengthen a child’s immune system more ably than any vaccine’.
  • The guide also claims that infections like mumps and measles can be treated homeopathically.
  • AINSWORTH sells homeopathic remedies used as vaccines against serious infections such as polio, measles, meningitis, etc.
  • AINSWORTH’s guide claim that homeopathy ‘offers the clearest answer as to how to deal with the prevention of disease’.
  • The guide claims furthermore that homeopathy is ‘a complete alternative to vaccination’.
  • It even lists 7 homeopathic remedies for measles.
  • AINSWORTH claim that homeopathy provides ‘natural immunity’.
  • AINSWORTH sell products called ‘polio nosode’, and ‘meningeoma nosode’.

The Mail quotes several experts – including myself – who do not mince their words in condemning AINSWORTH for jeopardising public health. The paper also calls for AINSWORTH’s two royal warrants to be removed.

AINSWORTH, Buckingham Palace, and Clarence House all declined to comment.

7 Responses to HOMEOPATHY = “the complete alternative to vaccination” ?!?!

  • Rather than call for the two Royal Warrants to be removed, I call for their Royal Highnesses to provide the public with all the evidence they have that homeotherapy remedies sold by Mr Pinkus have any effect whatsoever on any pathological process.

    The public have a right to share this knowledge.

    I have asked the PoW – he has no answer.

    Their endorsement of and assistance with marketing of worthless pillules is to be deprecated.

    • I think we’re all getting a little tired of this, Mr. Rawlins. The public already has what you are calling for, the evidence that “homeotherapy” remedies have any effect whatsoever on any pathological process.”
      After a couple of centuries it’s now at your fingertips on the Internet, what’s generally found in what’s called “the literature,” which you apparently are refusing to accept as the answer to your complaint. repeated biochemical testing that demonstrate supramolecular medical diluents triggering basophil degranulation (Davenas; Belon; Hirst; Ennis; etc,) and other processes such as strengthening zoological subjects immunity against infections (Jonas Dilner) and a vast and comprehenve record of clinical observation call the “materia medica,” referred by the FDA for “more information” . .

      • employing the ROYAL WE now, are we, John?

      • John

        Strange how such overwhelming evidence of efficacy has failed to make any impact on medicine.

        Why do you think that might be? Great scientists like yourself have explained how homeopathy works. You have told us of its efficacy. But still you and your fellow homeopathic healers are regarded as delusional cranks by the blinkered members of the orthodoxy. What do you think it will it take for homeopathy to recognised as the great healing methodology that it truly is?

  • Shall we wait for Mr Pinkus to turn up and ask us how many cases we have successfully treated with homeopathy which seems to be his standard argument?

    Mr Pinkus

    I have never performed a rain dance. I know nothing about rain dancing other than the claims of efficacy made for it. Does this mean that I am not in a position to dismiss it as a load of unevidenced, superstitious garbage? According to your arguments it does.

  • But if you call Mr. Pinkus a quack, you may be accused of libel, because his indispensible personal rights are protected by law.

  • Of course, Pinkus can always lie low in his Bali holiday resort until this blows over. He’s not short of a bob or two.

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