Bleach can be a useful product – but not as a medicine taken by mouth or for injection.

A 39-year-old man with a fracture of the right acetabulum underwent open reduction and internal fixation with a plate under general anaesthesia. At closure, the surgeons injected 0.75% ropivacaine into the subcutaneous tissue of the incision wound for postoperative analgesia. Soon after injection, subcutaneous emphysema at the injection site and a sudden decrease in end-tidal CO2 tension with crude oscillatory ripples during the alveolar plateau phase were observed. Shortly thereafter, it was found that the surgeons had mistakenly injected hydrogen peroxide instead of ropivacaine. Fortunately, the patient recovered to normal status after 10 minutes. After the surgery, the patient was carefully observed for suspected pulmonary embolism and discharged without complications.

A team from Morocco reported the case of a massive embolism after hydrogen peroxide use in the cleaning of infected wound with osteosynthesis material left femoral done under spinal anaesthesia in a young girl of 17 years admitted after to the ICU intubated ventilated. She was placed under mechanical ventilation with vasoactive drugs for ten hours and then extubated without neurological sequelae.

Tunisian doctors reported 2 cases of embolic events with neurological signs. The first, during a pleural cleaning with hydrogen peroxide after cystectomy of a pulmonary hydatic cyst at the right upper lobe. The second case, after a pleural washing during the treatment of hepatitic hydatidosis complicated by a ruptured cyst in the thorax.

Canadian anaesthetists reported a case of suspected oxygen venous embolism during lumbar discectomy in the knee-prone position after use of H2O2. Immediately after irrigation of a discectomy wound with H2O2, a dramatic decrease of the PETCO2, blood pressure and oxygen saturation coincident with ST segment elevation occurred suggesting a coronary gas embolism. Symptomatic treatment was initiated immediately and the patient recovered without any sequelae.

Indian nephrologists reported a case of chlorine dioxide poisoning presenting with acute kidney injury.

A 1-year-old boy presented to the emergency department with vomiting and poor complexion after accidentally ingesting a ClO2-based household product. The patient had profound hypoxia that did not respond to oxygen therapy and required endotracheal intubation to maintain a normal oxygen level. Methemoglobinemia was suspected based on the gap between SpO2 and PaO2, and subsequently increased methemoglobin at 8.0% was detected. The patient was admitted to the paediatric intensive care unit for further management. After supportive treatment, he was discharged without any complications. He had no cognitive or motor dysfunction on follow up 3 months later.

The medical literature is littered with such case-reports. They give us a fairly good idea that the internal use of bleach is not a good idea. In fact, it has caused several deaths. Yet, this is precisely what some SCAM practitioners are advocating.

Now one of them is in court for manslaughter. “If I am such a clear and present danger and a murderer, I should be in jail by now,” said doctor Shortt, who despite a criminal investigation, is still treating patients in his office on the outskirts of Columbia, S.C. Shortt got his medical degree 13 years ago on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. Being a “longevity physician” didn’t seem to bother anyone until one of his patients wound up dead. Shortt gave her an infusion of hydrogen peroxide. Katherine Bibeau, a medical technologist and a mother of two, had been battling multiple sclerosis for two years, and was looking for any treatment that might keep her out of a wheelchair. According to her husband, doctor Shortt said hydrogen peroxide was just the thing. “He had said that there was other people who had been in wheelchairs, and had actually gone through treatment and were now walking again.” It didn’t worry the Bibeaus that Shortt wasn’t affiliated with any hospital or university – and that insurance didn’t cover most of his treatments. “He was a licensed medical doctor in Carolina,” says Bibeau. “So I put my faith in those credentials.” According to Shortt’s own records, the patient subsequently complained of “nausea,” “leg pain,” and later “bruises” with no clear cause. “She went Tuesday, she went Thursday. And by 11 o’clock on Sunday, she died,” says Mr Bibeau. Shortt never told him or his wife about any serious risks. “Even if it wasn’t effective, it should not have been harmful.”

Shortt has been putting hydrogen peroxide in several of his patients’ veins, because he believes it can effectively treat illnesses from AIDS to the common cold. “I think it’s an effective treatment for the flu,” says Shortt, who also believes that it’s effective for multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease, and “as adjunctive therapy” for heart disease. “Things that involve the immune system, viruses, bacteria, sometimes parasites.”

He’s not the only physician using this treatment. Intravenous hydrogen peroxide is a SCAM touted as a cure the medical establishment doesn’t want you to know about. There even is an association that claims to have trained hundreds of doctors how to administer it. The theory is that hydrogen peroxide releases extra oxygen inside the body, killing viruses and bacteria.

Natural News, for instance, tells us that cancer has a rival that destroys it like an M-60 leveling a field of enemy soldiers. It’s called “hydrogen peroxide,” and the “lame-stream,” mainstream media will tell you how “dangerous” it is at 35%, but they won’t tell you that you can drip a couple drops in a glass of water each day and end cancer. Yes, it’s true.

And hydrogen peroxide is not the only bleach that found its way into the realm of SCAM.

Perhaps even worse (if that is possible), the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing promote MMS as a miracle cure. It consists of chlorine dioxide, a powerful bleach that has been banned in several countries around the world for use as a medical treatment. The ‘Church’ claim that MMS cures 95% of all diseases in the world by making adults and children, including infants, drink industrial bleach. The group is inviting members to attend what they call their “effective alternative healing”.

The organizer of the event, Tom Merry, has publicized it by telling people that learning how to consume the bleach “could save your life, or the life of a loved one sent home to die”. The “church” is asking attendants of the meeting to “donate” $450 each, or $800 per couple, in exchange for receiving membership to the organization as well as packages of the bleach, which they call “sacraments”. The chemical is referred to as MMS, or “miracle mineral solution or supplement”, and participants are promised they will acquire “the knowledge to help heal many people of this world’s terrible diseases”.

Fiona O’Leary, a tireless and courageous campaigner for putting an end to a wide variety of mistreatments of children and adults, whose work helped to get MMS banned in Ireland, said she was horrified that the Genesis II Church, which she called a “bleach cult”, was hosting a public event in Washington.

In Fiona’s words: “ Its experimentation and abuse”. I do agree and might just add this: selling bleach for oral or intravenous application, while pretending it is an effective medicine, seems criminal as well.

27 Responses to Beware of the ‘Bleach Boys’ – hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide

  • FTA:

    In his autopsy report, Nichols says Katherine Bibeau died from “systemic shock” and “DIC,” a disorder in which the blood loses its ability to clot. Nichols blames Shortt’s treatment, saying “this unfortunate woman died as direct result of … infusion of hydrogen peroxide.”


    Oh, and this wackjob is still freely practising, despite one confirmed kill and more likely…

    “He was a licensed medical doctor in Carolina,” says Bibeau. “So I put my faith in those credentials.”

    Bate says she and her husband paid Shortt at least $26,000 over the course of eight months, hoping it would help Michael Bate live longer, just as the doctor’s sign says.

    “He had tears streaming down his cheeks,” recalls Bate. “And he said, ‘A terrible mistake. Shortt has made a terrible mistake. I’m a dead man. Janet, I’m a dead man walking now.'”

    Any time SCAMmers want to take on a real crime in medicine today: goddamned chickens guarding the foxhouse. (They never do, of course, as it’s their own quacken uber alles committing fraud and murder while garbage self-regulators fiddle with themselves.)


  • Industrial bleach … the religious panacea
    In parts of Africa people are encouraged by church leaders to drink industrial bleach to get rid of their sins and to heal from severe diseases like HIV/AIDS cancer a.s.o.

    and religious insanity spreads over Africa … it’s not only idustrial bleach drinking it’s also albino hunting, and megalomania

  • Good morning Dr Edzard.

    I have read some parts of your reports in your website, I would kindly like to ask you if you could please elaborate more on your position over Andreas Kalcker and his theories about Chlorine Dioxide, not over MMS.

    I live in South America and there have been many people claiming to feel the benefits of using Chlorine Dioxide, but I have not seen a deep study about it. I can’t say it’s good or bad myself but i believe it would bring another point of view over this discussion.

    Thank you very much.


  • Hello
    I tried to understand about ClO2 by reading

    It says it must be stored at 4°C as a liquid.

    So, a “bleach boy” stores his liquid in a jar, to daily/weekly por it into water and drink it. Is it even likely that the ClO2 reaches their system?

    The link above also states that ClO2 is used to clean water for consumption.
    That ClO2 “goes away” but it may leave byproducts: “chlorite” and “chlorate”

    What’s actually going on?

    Another question: why would we use ClO2 for say, clean a home or a fruit, over using H2O2?

    Thank you in advance

  • Sodium chlorite, [ activated by a weak acid to produce chlorine dioxide] has been approved by the FDA to purify drinking water for many years, [ I think about 70yrs].
    However when some alternative practitioners started claiming it could cure many diseases or could benefit the health of patients it caused a storm of protest from the pharmaceutical industry and even from other alternative practitioners who were selling much more expensive products. If claims about sodium chlorite are true it certainly would put most of the pharmaceutical industry out of business. The FDA then, whilst still saying the chlorite was safe for purifying drinking water,
    made statements saying it was dangerous to use it for treating disease, claiming it was bleach, with toxic free chlorine being produced.
    However sodium chlorite is not bleach,[that is sodium hypochlorite], nor does it produce free chlorine when activated], and is not toxic at the recommended doses.
    I would like to know if this product has received any serious research and has it been tested on animals for covid, TB etc.

    • @kat
      Chlorine dioxide is used as bleach, among other things in the paper industry.

      And no, this product has not had any ‘serious research’ as a remedy for Covid-19, TB, cancer, autism, Alzheimer, eczema, HIV, malaria, rheumatoid arthritis and all those dozens of other often serious and even deadly conditions it is said to cure.

      This is mainly for two reasons:
      1: The burden of proof lies with the f*cking idiots rather unintelligent people who believe in it and promulgate it as a cure-all. However, they never bother with these difficult, time-consuming and above all expensive things such as ‘research’ and ‘evidence’. They simply claim that “we know it works”. Yeah, right.
      2: There is no plausible mechanism of action at all. Sure, this bleach product kills bacteria and other pathogens – in a test-tube, at concentrations that will instantly kill ALL cells it comes into contact with. The ones in your body included.

      What science knows about it:
      Ingesting it in safe dosage doesn’t do anything for your health.
      Ingesting it in moderately unsafe dosage damages your intestines, causing diarrhoea, cramps and discomfort.
      Ingesting it in even higher dosage can, among other things, cause kidney failure and serious damage to red blood cells. This is often lethal.

      • Anything is dangerous at high concentration.
        If sodium chlorite is as dangerous as claimed by the pharmaceutical industry why has it been recommended by the FDA as a standard treatment for 70yrs to purify drinking water??
        It is being used in the United Arab Emerates for this.

        • @kat

          Anything is dangerous at high concentration.

          Exactly, the dose makes the poison. But that doesn’t mean that this particular substance is beneficial at lower concentrations. And it is not so much the pharmaceutical industry that warns for the dangers of ingesting it, but toxicologists. Because in the concentrations advised by those MMS pedlars it is harmful: many people who use it report intestinal cramps and diarrhoea, which are obvious symptoms of poisoning. And yes, people have died ingesting this stuff, although that involved still significantly higher dosages than those recommended by its proponents.

          The concentrations used in water treatment are much lower than what those MMS-believers take, and pose no danger to human health.

          • @Richard Rasker

            “many people who use it report intestinal cramps and diarrhoea, which are obvious symptoms of poisoning”

            Richard…. that’s halarious.
            Not because the sodium chlorite won’t cause the stated reaction, but because many many a pharma med has the same exact side effects…. symptoms of poison ehh ?

            Too funny, I agree …. meds can be poison.

          • Why do you keep on saying that sodium chlorite is toxic when you have already agreed that anything is toxic at high concentration. And why do you say that sodium chlorite is bleach when you know it is not.
            Bleach is sodium hypochlorite, a completely different compound.
            Sodium chlorite has strong oxidizing properties but is nowhere as strong as bleach and significantly less than hydrogen peroxide. Can you admit that there is no free chlorine produced when Naclo2 is activated and there are safe levels of chlorine dioxide?

          • The only reason that Pharma demonizes Cl02 is because it is very inexpensive, it is very effective for a huge array of illnesses, it cannot be patented so they can make billions of dollars off it, and if people knew the truth, Pharma would literally go out of business. Pharma is a BUSINESS only. They don’t give a rip about people’s well being. In their minds, if they actually cured things, they would be shooting themselves in the head. They exist to create disease and to then profit from managing (not curing) those diseases; just like they are doing with this bogus plandemic. In the same way and for the same reasons they demonized Cannabis in 1937, and DMSO in the 1960s. Pharma is a criminal “medical” mafia. They (the Rockefeller criminals) literally own the FDA, the WHO, the CDC, the AMA, the “medical” journals, the “medical” schools, the politicians, the media, etc., etc. They will soon be eliminated for their crimes against humanity, and God will judge and eternally condemn them for what they have done (Rev 18:23).

  • When patients use sodium chlorite for the first time it will kill harmful bacteria and other parasites and oxidise some toxins which the body may then eliminate—-it is this elimination which is responsible for minor symptoms.

    • @kat
      I’m sorry to tell you, but you have been listening to the wrong people.

      Drinking bleach/disinfectant does NOT kill harmful(*) bacteria or parasites inside the body, and it does NOT oxidise toxins in the body (and what ‘toxins’ might that be, pray?). In fact, the vast majority of people in western countries don’t even HAVE harmful bacteria, parasites or toxins in their body in any significant amounts so as to need treatment. The body is quite able to eliminate those things itself on an ongoing basis.

      Drinking bleach will irritate and damage tissues in the intestinal tract, and – if entering the bloodstream in sufficient concentrations – destroy red blood cells and cause kidney failure. And all THAT is what causes symptoms such as diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting. And, in extreme cases, death.
      These ‘minor symptoms’ are signs of poisoning, and of attempts of the body to get rid of the bleach ASAP, not of any beneficial effects.

      If you want to continue to put forward claims that this bleach product has therapeutic effects, please heed the banner at the top and provide proper evidence for those claims. Scientific, peer-reviewed evidence, that is, not the nonsense and sciency-sounding mumbo-jumbo that quacks made up by way of ‘explanation’ (e.g. this crap about pathogens and cancer cells and toxins having a different electrical charge than normal, healthy cells, so that the former are eliminated while leaving the latter unharmed etc.). The only remotely medical use of this bleach product is as a wound disinfectant and a mouth wash – but there are other, better products for those applications.

      *: And no, this bleach product does NOT distinguish between cell types. It damages and eventually destroys ALL living tissues and cells it comes into contact with, regardless whether they are harmful, beneficial, or the body’s own cells.

      • The link below may help clarify a few things, it’s an enlightening read.

        • @RKay
          A patent application is literally a request to officially register and protect an idea, period. The idea does not have to be viable or even sane, it only has to be novel.
          E.g. over the decades, thousands upon thousands of patents applications have been submitted for perpetual motion machines, free energy devices and similar fundamentally impossible inventions. And in many cases, a patent was granted. The US patent office stopped accepting patent applications for this category of inventions because they clearly failed to meet the criterion of ‘usefulness’, as an impossible invention can never be useful.
          But in general, the USPTO will accept any invention that does not violate the laws of physics, and apart from this, the USPTO does not assess the viability of an idea in any way.

          And about this ‘inventor’ Howard Alliger: he does not appear to be a scientist. Apparently, he sells bleach as a medicine from the basement of his NY home, listed as a pharmaceutical company. IOW: he is simply just another bleach peddler, and his patent application is probably meant to fool gullible people. QED.

          And oh, about bleach killing cancer cells when directly injected into a tumour in high enough concentrations: duh. This stuff kills ALL cells upon contact, that is why it is used as a disinfectant, just like e.g. alcohol or lye.
          It is, however, not an effective medicine in any way, and least of all a cancer medicine.

      • OK. So please tell us why thousands of people have been cured of serious cases of malaria within hours with absolutely no dangerous side effects. Well documented. You write out of ignorance.

  • Nice try trying to demonize Cl02. Tell me which pharmaceutical drug, that you prescribe on a regular basis, that you can take 10 times the “recommended dose” without catastrophic side effects? Do you demonize those drugs? Or, do you say, well…you need to take the correct dose! But, the truth is, every pharma drug ONLY mutes symptoms while poisoning the body causing problems somewhere else. That is why once you start on a pharma drug, even at “reccommended doses”, it is HIGHLY likely that you will soon be on 2 pharma drugs, Then, 4. Then 6…etc. But, Cl02, at the PROPER DOSE, has absolutely zero negative side effects. And, it is NOT “bleach”, even though it has a bleaching effect, as lemon juice or baking soda, and many other substances, also do. If you know anything about chemistry, which I have to question whether you do, and were an honest man, you would point out the HUGE difference between NaCl02 (+3) and NaCl0 (+1). One is medicine, the other is “bleach”, as in Chlorox or pool chemical, and toxic. Pharma drugs are much more similar to Clorox than NaCl02 or Cl02 is to Cl0. Either you are ignorant, or you are evil. Neither is acceptable. And, both disqualify you for writing the above article.

    • Tell me which pharmaceutical drug, that you prescribe on a regular basis, that you can take 10 times the “recommended dose” without catastrophic side effects?

      Amoxicillin. Routinely administered at 12X the standard dose.

      The reason we don’t give most medicines at ten times the theraputic dose is because then they’d be dangerous.

      ClO2, however, does not have a theraputic dose because it has no theraputic effects unless you’re able to post good quality studies which demonstrate otherwise. We’ll wait, obviously.

      But, the truth is, every pharma drug ONLY mutes symptoms while poisoning the body causing problems somewhere else

      You mean like, oh, insulin, for example? Care to show us how many insulin-dependent diabetics bleach has cured?

      You’re just another of the inconsequential, ill-informed, deluded and tinfoil-hatted loons who routinely crop up on this blog to stamp and shout and sputter their ignorant nonsense. Run along now, Mark.

    • Mark VanAmburg wrote “If you know anything about chemistry, which I have to question whether you do, … Either you are ignorant, or you are evil. Neither is acceptable. And, both disqualify you for writing the above article.”

      Which is strange, being issued by someone who doesn’t know the difference between O and 0 in chemical formulae. Mark VanAmburg has made this error in each of his eight usages. Pathetic.

  • Whoever manages this site, you are obviously afraid of the truth and any information that challenges your false information. You are just like the Pharma companies, the propaganda media and the bogus socail media platforms, and have absolutely zero credibility. As you know, you will be taken down soon. Your spreading of propaganda and censoring the truth will soon be all a dead end. I’m sure that you are happy that you have hurt as many people as you have thus far, and you will answer for it. There is no escaping that.

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