This announcement caught my eye:


Dr Patrick Vickers of the Northern Baja Gerson Centre, Mexico will deliver a two hour riveting lecture of ‘The American Experience of Dr Max Gerson, M.D.’

The lecture will present the indisputable science supporting the Gerson Therapy and its ability to reverse advanced disease.

Dr Vickers will explain the history and the politics of both medical and governmental authorities and their relentless attempts to surpress this information, keeping it from the world.

‘Dr Max Gerson, Censored for Curing Cancer’

“I see in Dr Max Gerson, one of the most eminent geniuses in medical history” Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr Albert Schweitzer.


Who is this man, Dr Patrik Vickers, I asked myself. And soon I found a CV in his own words:


Dr. Patrick Vickers is the Director and Founder of the Northern Baja Gerson Clinic. His mission is to provide patients with the highest quality and standard of care available in the world today for the treatment of advanced (and non-advanced) degenerative disease. His dedication and commitment to the development of advanced protocols has led to the realization of exponentially greater results in healing disease. Dr. Vickers, along with his highly trained staff, provides patients with the education, support, and resources to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Patrick was born and raised outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At the age of 11 years old, after witnessing a miraculous recovery from a chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Patrick’s passion for natural medicine was born.

Giving up careers in professional golf and entertainment, Dr. Patrick obtained his undergraduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Life University before going on to receive his doctorate in Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College in 1997.

While a student at New York Chiropractic College(NYCC), Dr. Patrick befriended Charlotte Gerson, the last living daughter of Dr. Max Gerson, M.D. who Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dr. Albert Schweitzer called, ” One of the most eminent geniuses in medical history. “

Dr. Gerson, murdered in 1959, remains the most censured doctor in the history of medicine as he was reversing virtually every degenerative disease known to man, including TERMINAL cancer…


I have to admit, I find all this quite upsetting!

Not because the ticket for the lecture costs just over £27.

Not because exploitation of vulnerable patients by quacks always annoys me.

Not even because the announcement is probably unlawful, according to the UK ‘cancer act’.

I find it upsetting because there is simply no good evidence that the Gerson therapy does anything to cancer patients other than making them die earlier, poorer and more miserable (the fact that Prince Charles is a fan makes it only worse). And I do not believe that the lecture will present indisputable evidence to the contrary – lectures almost never do. Evidence has to be presented in peer-reviewed publications, independently confirmed and scrutinised. And, as far as I can see, Vickers has not authored a single peer-reviewed article [however, he thrives on anecdotal stories via youtube (worth watching, if you want to hear pure BS)].

But mostly I find it upsetting because it is almost inevitable that some desperate cancer patients will believe ‘Dr’ Vickers. And if they do, they will have to pay a very high price.

14 Responses to ‘Censored for curing cancer’: the Gerson therapy re-visited

  • Dr Alice Howarth has written about her experience of attending a talk that Vickers gave in Liverpool last year.

  • Thanks for this link. The story is horrifying! I simply cannot understand why many people, ignorant of medicine, imagine someone like Vickers has a sure-fire cure for cancers that medical science has missed, or has tested and mistakenly rejected. Comments on this very blog frequently claim such cures are too cheap to be profitable to Big Pharma. Such commenters should look at the prices Vickers extorts for the Gerson cure, which is simply fruit juice!

    The Glasgow police should be informed that someone is likely to violate the 1939 cancer act on February 10th and arrest Vickers. Show them the link from last year’s meeting. Explain to them the harm that such messages can do.

    • An honest oncologist will speak with caution, don’t hesitate to mention side effects, even to a person who will perceive a simple surgical scar as a tragedy, not to say about losing body parts or letting introduce deadly chemicals in their bodies (not everybody will try to find out more abot cancer meds). And then there are “wise” friends and family members, or, as in the case of my country, Senior oncologist +Pharma rep who seems to have been appointed by ministry of health to promote unsubstantiated cancer treatment. It’s very natural that many patients turn to cancer quacks (or probably are brought there by relatives). Attentive doctor (an ordinary patient often won’t be able to tell the difference between doctor and a fraud) promising easy cure or at least many years of happy life.

  • “After witnessing a miraculous recovery from a Chiropractic adjustment”. I assume this means he witnessed a Chiropractor giving a patient a stroke…and then the patient miraculously recovered.
    Where are serial killers when you need them…

  • Gerson was murdered, was he? Presumably by sinister agents of Big Pharma who saw him as a threat?

    Oh. He died of pneumonia. How boring.

    • you must be mistaken!
      the conspirationists know better (
      In the mid 1950s, after spending his entire life researching and creating a modality that practically put an end to all the major diseases of the 20th century – including cancer—Max Gerson was quietly putting together 30 plus years of his work into book form. Then along came his secretary, an efficient woman who looked after things, was just what he needed to manage his clinic, his out-patient work, new patients, and document his findings in a massive tome.

      Then, just as he finished his manuscript, “miss helper” took off with it, taking the only copy he had—the original. Keep in mind, these were the days before copy machines and the like. That’s when Max got even more bad news. He found out that he was suffering from massive arsenic poisoning; a parting gift from his secretary.

      Even though in advanced age, his healthy approach to curing modern diseases was enough to stave off this attack, allowing him to recreate from scratch his wonderful book:

      Max Gerson: A Cancer Therapy: results of fifty cases (1958)

      Once the book was published, he found that yet again, he had been poisoned by person or persons unknown. This time, the dose they slipped him was completely fatal. He was dead by the end of the year.

  • And the Schweitzer claim?

  • IF you are considering Gerson Therapy, (Northern Baja Gerson Center), please read this 1st. This article will explain the experience of a Dr who went to Mexico to seek alternative therapy and his 3 week experience.

    Northern Baja Gerson Center, Patrick Vickers-Founder and Owner/Director
    My wife & I went to the NBGC for 3 weeks in April of 2019 to seek out benefits of Gerson Therapy combined with some alternative therapy that may or may not be legal in the USA. I have Pancreatic Cancer and my tumor marker (CA 19-9) on day 1 at the clinic was 600. 2 days after we left, which is at 23 days, the number had risen to 3900. Normal CA 19-9 blood levels are below 35.
    As Advertised:
    Gerson therapy is provided as well as coffee enemas, hyperbaric chamber, bemer mat, silver pulser, B17 Laetrile and hyperthermia which was provided via a Jacuzzi. For an additional fee you can have dendritic cell therapy, UV ozone therapy and GcMAF. They advertise to also provide IV Vitamin C, which they no longer provide. Vitamin C is given as a supplement. One of the additional supplements is actually a prescription for natural thyroid which is given to everyone several times a day without blood testing prior to or during treatment and you are also sent home with a 3-month supply.
    All food is organic & a person consumes 20 pounds per day. 13 vegetable or fruit juices every hour beginning with breakfast. Gerson approved oatmeal every breakfast, lunch and dinner both include a soup called Hippocrates, potatoes, another vegetable & salad. Gerson diet has zero animal products, fats, spices, salt, pepper, sugar (other than supplied in nature), avocados, dairy, nuts or seeds. All foods other than the salad are cooked/steamed or baked until it is VERY soft. Obviously removing most of the nutritional value but the goal is for the sick patient to have foods easy to digest so minimal energy is necessary. You are advised not to exercise. The goal is to rest your body so it can heal itself. It is absolutely necessary to hire someone after you leave the clinic for compliance because all food is prepared prior to each meal and juices per hour. Between shopping, preparing and cooking it takes about 13 hours per day to adhere to this protocol. Zero down time. Your spouse and patient would be exhausted both mentally and physically.
    Our Concerns:
    1. The owner is a chiropractor, Patrick Vickers and not an MD. He is present at the clinic when he is available. He says he has the same training in school as an MD but when you ask a medical question he doesn’t want to answer, he refers you to Dr. Martinez who is an MD available at the clinic approximately 9-3 M-F. Dr. Martinez minimally understands and speaks English. Dr. Martinez stayed in his office all day and we personally only spoke with him 4 or 5 times during our 3 weeks stay. Another Dr comes in at 3 and stays until 9 or so. A nurse is on call during nighttime hours.
    2. In this clinic there is no “specialized” care. All patients are treated the same way independent of their particular cancer type or health issue. On our 2nd day, Dr. Martinez sat down with us and gave us Tim’s treatment schedule and when we asked some questions, he asked US what type of cancer Tim had. The treatment plans are not customized…. everyone had the same schedule unless one opted not to have the additional options. Same medications, same Gerson Therapy and same basic alternatives. There is absolutely ZERO follow up from the clinic once you leave. You can choose to call them but they will not call you! The owner said less than 10% actually stay on the Gerson Therapy once they leave. They maintain no reliable statistics on THEIR success or failure rates. Shouldn’t one with cancer keep muscles strong and blood flowing by movement? Sitting or lying around is never a good idea, for anyone!
    3. Payment for treatment which is between $20-30,000.00 must be paid in cash. You will be told WHY it must be paid in cash…. but we believe that if they take credit cards, an unhappy customer can file a dispute through their credit card which takes their control away. I have yet to find 1 other clinic that did not accept credit card payments.
    4. Gerson therapy is a specific diet as well as coffee enemas. Very time consuming for someone to prepare the 5 coffee enemas, meals and 13 juices each and every day for up to 2 years. Juices must be prepared every hour. A typical person will consume 20 pounds of organic food per day which is expensive and difficult to find. Some special equipment is also necessary to purchase. A shopping example would be 50 pounds of carrots and 40 pounds of apples per week, per person.
    6. Check out this article written by 2 MD’s on Search: More Ploys that can Fool You 4/26/19. Examples, “What have you got to lose” and “What sells is not the quality of their logic or products, but the ability to influence”. Patrick Vickers is your only influential contact until you commit to the clinic.
    7. This chiropractor did not invent Gerson Therapy. We were told they are not endorsed by “Gerson” because they’ve added additional alternative treatments which doesn’t follow Gerson “exactly” as the treatment was developed by Dr. Gerson himself, who passed away in 1959. We were also told that the “alternative” treatments added in addition to “Gerson Therapy” are because Dr. Gerson, a scientist, would have added them himself because of the scientific information available since 1959.
    8. After being treated by Gerson Therapy I can tell you that the nutritional information gathered since 1959 would have also changed his mind on the specifics of the diet as well. But any clinic claiming to be a Gerson clinic must follow Gerson exactly.
    9. Disappointed that as a medical clinic, NO blood pressure or body temperature was taken at any time.
    My experience with the clinic is as follows:
    My wife and I arrived in April 2019 for a 3 week stay. The staff is very nice and accommodating. The facility is very nice. I chose to add on UV Ozone, GcMAF and dendritic cell therapy to my treatment. After the 1st week, I developed rigors for 55 minutes (uncontrolled shaking and teeth gnashing). Was told the GcMAF can cause this and would only last 10-15 minutes. Over the next few days I developed large welts on my legs. No one knew why, but Dr. Martinez ordered a cream to put on the welts. The welts became less red but never went away until several weeks after returning home.
    2 days after returning from the clinic my blood tests revealed my tumor marker had gone from 600-3900 in 23 days! How could this have happened after all of my treatment?? My oncologist suggested I start immediately with chemo knowing full well that I never wanted chemo. My goal from day 1 of my diagnosis was to have alternative treatment only as long as I lived. On the day I was to have my 1st chemo, I was given the routine premeds ONLY and I experienced the rigors again. No chemo would be administered knowing that my infection must be treated first.
    My oncologist was present and told everyone I had been treated in Mexico recently. Prior to that day, my port had not been accessed since Mexico. Now 2 months later we realize someone treated in Mexico is a red flag to the staff of potential problems and someone with rigors is always a sign of a blood infection. I was rushed to the hospital emergency room where they performed blood cultures, blood tests and an x-ray of my lungs. The x-ray revealed both lungs with large areas of infectious lesions. The blood cultures confirmed a gram-negative bacterium but more time was necessary to confirm which one. During the interim, I was treated with many bags of antibiotics of all varieties so they could try to cover all the bases. After 5 days in the hospital, it was confirmed I had an unusual gram-negative bacterium. ALL gram- negative bacteria are hard to kill! My infectious MD told me that based on her years of experience there is no doubt in her mind that his bacterial blood infection came from Mexico and from access to the port. Usually the port must be replaced, but I was lucky! After 5 days on antibiotics in the hospital and an additional 2 weeks on antibiotics at home, my gut will never recover. Patrick Vickers (chiropractor) denies any responsibility because he didn’t have a fever or show other signs. BUT THEY DID NOT EVER TAKE HIS TEMPERATURE. The infectious MD also said no one with a PORT SHOULD EVER BE IN A JACQUIZZI!! I saw the staff clean it out but was refilled with Mexico water from a garden hose.
    We have spoken with other patients whom have returned with tumor markers increased and an educated guess says it’s because of the amount of sugar on the Gerson diet. Dr. Vickers will tell you that the cancer cells thrives on fats and processed carbs, but not sugar. If so, why does cancer light up on a Petscan after sugar consumption.
    My tumor marker increased from 600 to 3900 in 23 days. An educated guess would be that my body was working so hard to heal the bacterial infection, that everything else was useless and I wasted my money. Since the blood infection was a result of something they did in their clinic, we requested a refund of the amount we paid $27,190 from Patrick Vickers but he will assume no responsibility. I have not requested anything for the pain, suffering, gut torn up, etc. that has occurred. It was a mistake but non the less, a mistake, that I paid dearly for. Buyer beware of this clinic. Don’t make a decision based on this or any clinic saying they are your only hope…..many will take advantage of our vulnerabilities and finances in a time of crisis.
    Please email if you have additional questions. [email protected]

  • In response to the article dated January 13, 2018……There are absolutely ZERO peer review articles and Dr. Vickers does not keep stats either. He doesn’t because he can’t provide credible evidence that anyone should believe his, or any clinic for a matter of fact, that Gerson Therapy works. Remember the last revision to Gerson Therapy was in 1959…60 years ago!!! Science has come a long way with peer reviewed articles to prove it.

  • In a strikingly similar manner “Dr. Sebi” was “murdered“ for “curing cancer (and AIDS)” by “Big Pharma.” Then rapper Nipsey Hussle got murdered, because “he tried to make a documentary about him.”
    His brand still thrives, selling “African” herbal blends or “natural vegetable cell food compounds for inter-cellular cleansing and cellular rejuvenation” for outrageous prices, dispensing dietary advices, and running a healing village. His name is one of the most popular in homeopathy in the US.

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