Words like these are sure to persuade me that this chiropractic conference announcement is an invitation to abandon reason and dive into pure, unappetising BS. Reading the full text confirms my suspicion; here are a few quotes:

… Chiropractic practitioners are blazing new trails in pediatrics, neurology, neuroplasticity, and multisensory integration, pushing the understanding and possibilities of greater health potential for [autistic] children. This first-ever chiropractic pediatric CE program, with an emphasis on autism, will open the door to more chiropractors serving this precious group of children, taking the daunting fear out of this neurodevelopmental disorder and replacing it with optimism and hope.

AutismOne Online Media Director Candyce Estave said: “As a chiropractor, you’ve already displayed the courage to pursue a better way for your practice and your patients. You’ve shown your patients how supporting the healthy terrain and flow of the body underlies maintaining good health. But what about what’s called ‘autism’? How do you help the multitude of children and families who would love to seek your services for that? You can learn how at the AutismOne 2018 Conference!”

Chiropractic emphasizes the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself when it is free of nervous system interference and given the right conditions. Led by Steve Tullius, DC, the Chiropractic Pediatric Continuing Education Credit Program will bring together the best information from the chiropractic and other healing communities to prepare the practicing chiropractor with up-to-the-minute information, confidence, and resources to help children with autism get better. The CE program is co-sponsored by Sherman College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Jeanne Ohm, chiropractor since 1981 and director of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association since 2002 says, “This year’s AutismOne Conference will offer essential fundamentals in caring for children with these special needs. I encourage all chiropractors to expand their practices and offer their vital services to this growing population in such dire need.”


Blazing new trails in pediatrics, neurology, neuroplasticity, and multisensory integration?

Vital services?

Are they claiming that freeing autistic children from ‘nervous system interference’ (with spinal ‘adjustments’ no doubt) cures autism?

Surely not!

This assumption would put chiropractic firmly into the category of anti-scientific quackery. Seen from this perspective, the little footnote to the announcement is rather hilarious:

“Professionals from other scientific disciplines are also welcome to attend.”

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  • Chiropractic emphasizes the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself when it is free of nervous system interference and given the right conditions.” explains much of the illusion of success in pseudo-medicine.

  • This is going to cause the readers of this blog major stress, but EFT tapping on the body’s energy pathways will remove the headache and stress in minutes, faster than a pill can, so there is no need to worry.

    Research is showing the way to cure autism with food, i.e. broccoli. You can read a summary of some of the research here in the 5-minute videos.

    Maybe there is an alternative approach to Big Pharma’s drugs, after all.

    • maybe, but we need proper research to find out – and if there is an alternative it will not consist in chiros adjusting the spine.

    • Why specifically broccoli?? Oh, I get it; you think ‘i.e.’ means ‘for example’. You mean ‘e.g.’ I suspect similar confusion accounts for your weird ides on medicine.

    • @Peter

      Sincere apologies for being unforgiveably condescending: you did indeed mean specifically broccoli. However, determining whether sulforophane from broccoli sprouts has any value for its medicinal effect will put it in the hands of proper scientific research, including ‘Big Pharma’. Eating particular foodstuffs is no guarantee of consistent quality or concentration of ‘nutraceuticals’

      And you still have very weird ideas about medicine. “EFT tapping on the body’s energy pathways” is such an utterly meaningless statement. Define ‘energy pathway’ in terms that something can be measured, for a start.

    • eft [zoology]: the juvenile stage of a newt.

  • I’m bemused that these buffoons get away ludicrous stuff. An acupuncturist I know (we often meet at chess tournaments) also describes his customers as patients. Surely this is unacceptable? This is a chap who told me that, my “affable” personality is the result of positive energy that was generated during my mother’s rape that led to my birth.

    When folk use such undiluted clap trap and misrepresentations, I’m befuddled that anyone would buy into their profiteering gibberish.

  • Dr Ernst I’m impressed by your restrained response to this criminal activity…it deserves a vituperative diatribe.
    I suppose to those of us with a reasonably typical IQ (e.g. Rex Tillerson, as opposed to a true genius like President Trump) it is so idiotic that dwelling on it seems superfluous.
    However most of us with a knowledge-of-knowledge (logic, science and the-fallacies-of-frauds) ‘know’ the gullible and those disposed-to-nefarious intent thrive on this kind of utter tripe.
    The ONLY solution is legislative…licensed quacks like Chiropractors must be constrained from and punished for dispensing BS that is so far removed from demonstrable science and research.
    These scumbags need to be imprisoned….they can surely conduct excellent research on convicts and uncover what drives people to crime while there. Likely they will find innumerable undiagnosed subluxations.

  • There is a misspelling
    “Vital services” should be changed into
    “Vitalistic services” because vitalism and iatrimechanic are still the origin of chiropractor’s explanations and practice.

    I assume that high velocity low amplitude services are not soo much fitting into learning or training and neuroplasticity like NDT / Bobath concept and pedagogic…

    But what about “Quantum Chiropractic” which is another marketing name for Reiki? Welcome to the 19th Century world of drugless healing (osteopathy and chiropractic) again…

  • Quantum healing theory is the new cosmic chiropractic paradigm as it is “The breath of live” in “Biodynamics in Osteopathy”
    I found the following text and was really impressed by the quantum forces but unfortunately couldn’t find any evidence …

    “Chiropractic and ADHD have a long history together – for decades clinical case studies have reported on the effectiveness of Chiropractic care for children with many kinds of neurological conditions including learning disorders, hyperactivity, dyslexia, inability to concentrate and behavioral problems..”

    Is there anybody who knows more about this hidden cosmic forces of quantum chiropractic and which institutional review board gave permission to do such researches on children and who published such extraordinary scientific results?

    Ore is this just fake news or a blatant lie?

    • The forces of ignorance and wishful thinking will always be with us. Some people will always prefer those forces to their enemy. The force of science with all its limitations and hard truths.

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