Chiropractic may not be effective (as discussed often here); it also is not nearly as safe as chiropractors claim (as discussed often here), but it is excellent for making me – and I hope many others too – laugh heartily. If you doubt it, please read this article:


… “People come in with back pain, but after adjustments, they come back and tell me their sex life is so much better,” says [the chiropractor] Jason Helfrich… “It’s no surprise to us—it’s amazing what the body will do when you take away the pressure on the nervous system.”

… Every function in your body is controlled from the nervous system, but when vertebra are off position—known as a subluxation—the nerves traveling between your brain and your muscles can become blocked, compromising your body’s ability to function as it needs to. Every chiropractor’s goal is to remove these subluxations, since they can both cause pain and impede feeling, Helfrich says. But these fixes help more than just back pain. The lumbar region (your lower back) is a huge hub for the nerves that extend into your reproductive regions. Removing lumbar subluxations can improve nerve flow to your sexual organs, increasing things like blood flow to your clitoris or, for your husband, the penis.

The flow of nerve signals is a two-way street, though, meaning that adjustments also allow your organs to send messages to the brain more easily. This means that you not only do you become physically aroused faster, but your brain also registers that ready-for-action, heightened sense of pleasure more quickly, so you move past the mental obstacles that may be keeping you from orgasming, Helfrich explains… “Libido and fertility require a delicate balance of estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones, many of which are released in the upper cervical and neck area,” he explains. If there are any blockages right out of the brain, the impingement up there will have an effect all the way down… “We want to improve people’s health, and health is about living life as its intended. Having a great sex life is huge part of that,” Helfrich adds. No arguments here!

No arguments here???

Perhaps because anyone with an iota of understanding of human physiology is quite simply speechless after reading such baloney!

Or perhaps any critical thinker would be laughing so much that an argument cannot be formulated!

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  • Interesting that the site is plagued with pop-ups about how to make a mint of money as a chiropractor. Grammar not up to much either – plural of vertebra is vertebrae.

    Is there no regulation of misleading advertising in the USA?

  • Sex sells, period.

    Chiropractic is the correct term for the set of parlour tricks invented without any base in knowledge or experience by a high street charlatan named Daniel David Palmer and later developed into a successful snake-oil business product by his son.

    Later additions to the catalogue of chiropractors’s product inventory, some of which are of valid medical utility, should not be confused with the original de novo developed deceptions involving the well known fake tenets he called “innate intelligence” and “subluxation”. Chiropractors who denigrate the original fraud should reeducate and remarket themselves as proper medical professionals and discard the disqualifying title of “Chiropractor” (yes, this one was for you, C-C 🙂 )
    DD Palmer realised the “magnetic healing” products he was peddling was a “Red ocean” market i.e. everyone and their aunt were selling magnet healing – the competition was fierce and business slow. He invented a new healing-product that he could market in the “Blue ocean”. This was his own novel way of releaving the gullible of their money with less competition.
    If sex had been an acceptable marketing strategy at the time, he would certainly have used it. Instead he used religion, the selling argument that was effective back then 🙂

    Now sex is ‘thee’ marketing tool.

    In marketing strategy, “Blue ocean vs. Red ocean” is a metaphor describing different scenarioes of business competition. The red ocean is where all the sharks are competing in a crowded market, the water is coloured red by the blood. A Blue ocean is whwere you are alone with your attractive product and the sharks are not fighting each other. A more professional elaboration of this concept can be found here.

  • Like all chiropractors, he isn’t very bright, but is convinced he is a “doctor” despite not being qualified to lance a boil.
    Not bright enough to realise he isn’t very bright.

    • That is precisely the slur so often thrown my way as I confront various pseudoscientific modalities promoted in my field of health care….. “If you were only smart enough to understand the evidence, you would not be so contentious”
      Of course only they can interpret the “word salads” put forth as proof of efficacy.

  • We have torn into this crap from the circle of dinosaurs on chiropractic forums and I was wondering when you would post it here. You have not said anything that hasn’t been covered by like minded chiro’s. To quote a chiropractor when describing the circle of docs “Circle of Dip Shits”.

    • @Crackpot_Chiro on Monday 07 August 2017 at 06:35

      Yeah, yeah, yeah, same old crap from you. They are no different to you, all sharing the same title.

      The question is, and has long been; reform what? Unlike medicine (the word ‘real’ is superfluous), chiro has no common knowledge base, no professional standards enforced by the professions themselves and regulatory agencies, consistency from one chiro to another, and no foundation in science. So, reform what?

      Why not start by reforming yourself and not being a chiro? As usual, you will ignore the question, as you have done so many times when asked by many of this forum. You belong to a bizarre group with bizarre ideas; why do you still belong to a group of which you are so critical?

      YOU are part of the problem, and, doubtless, will so remain. Your continues griping is pointless, a trait shared by your ‘profession’.

      • A common strategy of members of a group they themselves are inherently embarrassed by is to create a counter-group to which they ‘alone’ can control the description. I’m sure he introduces himself as a “different kind” of Chiropractor…not one of THOSE lesser sorts”. The way PhDs in biomechanics have to regularly apologize for their ‘lesser’ colleagues at public gatherings.
        Telling the public ‘you (and often ‘you alone) ‘know’ things about the spine and human health (inaccessible to others) and have treatments directly ‘developed’ and proven to ‘fix’ the underlying problem….IS the definition of Chiropractic as practiced by 98% of DCs (sorry I made up the percentage based on an AK muscle challenge I did on the son of a statistician I went to school with).
        Chiropractic is always bait & switch….getting ‘shallow-effects’ (available in innumerable places) and selling them as ‘deep-effects’.

  • My chiropractor used a Williams flexion distraction table to help me with my 3 level lumbar herniations/bulges. I could not afford surgery at that time and through his solid advice and care I was able to non surgically to return to my prior physical state without medications, steroid injections or surgery.

    Not all chiropractors are the same just as not all medical practitioners are the same. My personal experience with chiropractors have been on the very good side in general but there were some that I wouldn’t go back to.

    There are non-force manipulation devices which do not require the neck to be manipulated in rotation/extension that have assisted patients in their search for relief of pain. Additionally, many chiropractors are using decompression machines and devices like the one that helped me many years ago.

    Its is sad to see this much animus come through against the chiropractic profession in this thread. It can be very useful for many people.

    • Mark,
      Are this doctor; Dr. Mark Strahan, MD is a Doctor primarily located in Reno, NV. He has 34 years of experience. His specialties include Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology. He speaks English.?

      If so, I suggest you stop practicing as you are danger to yourself and others. Surely you would be aware of regression to the mean, self-limiting condition, and the natural progression of an illness? I certainly hope so, but you are deluded. You have been fooled, like most, about chiro, but you should know better.

  • This post is quite old, but I stumbled upon this website yesterday and just had to make a comment. Neck manipulation is just the same as good ol’ fashioned finger popping – it serves no purpose. It might feel good temporarily afterwards (or sometimes hurt like hell actually…), but all you’re doing is “teaching” the joint to get used to popping it, and then the air pocket builds up inside even more so you feel like you have to pop it more and more often. What usually starts off in your childhood/teens as a “look what I can do with my fingers/back/knees/neck/whatever” thing only ends up as a life long habit that can be insufferable to try to break. A joint does not NEED to be popped, and even though for instance finger popping is supposedly harmless, it’s really daft to start it in the first place (yes, speaking from personal experience) as there is no point to it whatsoever. Same thing goes for any other joint – and when you start F-ing around with more “important” things like your spine for instance, then you REALLY shouldn’t ever do it.
    Chiropractic is kind of in the same mumbo jumbo group as “chakra balancing”, ECT, lobotomy and blood letting, and it’s absolutely baffling that it still continues on these days… But it does serve as severe comic relief indeed, so at least there’s that! It’s really fascinating how humans consider themselves the most “intelligent” species when a single cell amoeba has more common sense…

    • A couple of things

      Research has shown it doesn’t matter clinically with SMT if the joint “pops” or not.

      The difference between “popping” a finger and the spine is the former acts on voluntary muscles and the later on involuntary muscles.

      Research has shown that at least with the knuckles that habitual “popping” has no known negative effects.

      Yes some chiropractors are full spine adjusters meaning they adjust multiple regions regardless of the area of chief complaint. There are various reasons for this approach. I do agree that they need to listen to their patients. I have many patients that I see that don’t want their spine “popped”. I’m fine with that. I never do anything unless I have the patient’s informed consent.

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