The title of the article actually was ‘SIX REASONS TO TRY A WEATGRASS COLONIC’. I will only repeat parts of the introduction, but please do take the time to read the full text, particularly if you feel sad or depressed – it is hilarious!


If you’ve ever had a colonoscopy, then you may be familiar with colonics. Colon cleansing is normally used to prepare for medical procedures. However, some alternative medicine practitioners might offer colon cleansing for other reasons, such as detoxification. During a colon cleanse, large amounts of water are flushed through the colon, along with other ingredients, such as herbs, teas, juice or coffee. This takes place with a tube that’s inserted into the rectum. In some cases, and depending on the colonic, smaller amounts of water along with other substances are left in the colon for about 30 minutes before being removed.

Wheatgrass is a humble weed that has a wide variety of health benefits for the body due to high concentrations of chlorophyll, active enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients. According to Israeli research on wheatgrass, lab studies suggest that it may have anticancer potential. In animal experiments, wheatgrass demonstrated possible benefits in cancer prevention and as an aid to cancer treatment — particularly chemotherapy. In clinical trials wheatgrass was found to improve chemotherapy and decrease chemotherapy-related side effects.

Wheatgrass has also been found to support the immune system and help repair damaged cells. It’s also shown promise for conditions such as:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Hematological diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Oxidative stress (the body’s ability to repair damage)

Wheatgrass colonics cleanse and nourish the colon, according to digestive wellness center Vitallife. And effects are felt almost immediately. This is attributed to wheatgrass’s dense nutrient profile, which contains over 90 minerals, and the high absorption rate of the colon. Both factors allow for easy and fast entry into the bloodstream.


The article motivated me to come up with my SIX REASONS TO AVOID A WHEATGRASS COLONIC. Here they are:

  1. The treatment is not effective.
  2. It is uncomfortable.
  3. It is not safe.
  4. It costs money.
  5. It has no plausibility.
  6. There are better therapeutic options for whatever condition you want to treat.

I know, some of my reasons are not entirely scientific or fully evidence-based. But, if you read the article which inspired me to write this post, you will discover, I am sure, that my version is a whole dimension better than the original.

24 Responses to Six reasons to AVOID a wheatgrass colonic

  • A convincingly modest list of possible cures though. And perhaps less stressful than the Weetabix enema.

  • The name itself is enough to make me avoid it.

  • I’ve long thought that colonic irrigation was quite an imaginative way of taking the pee.

  • Gives new meaning to the Smerican ‘ripping thepiss’.

  • lab studies suggest that it may have anticancer potential.

    I find this one quite hilarious. To ‘have anticancer potential’ is uncertain enough, but what does ‘may have anticancer potential’ really mean?

  • Advertising colonic cleanses to rid the body of toxins is a dead give-away for quackery at it’s worse, and one would expect opportunistic frauds like Gwyn Paltrow to jump on the band wagon and exploit this ridiculous “health” claim by selling it with her “Goop”, which she does unfortunately on world viewed TV programs(just on Jimmy Kimmel Show) as a celebrity and elsewhere. Another fallacious red flag claim mentioned was that their magic enema “supports the immune system and helps repair damaged cells.” (almost always code words for gimmicks, fraud, quackery, snake oil and alternative practices such as phrases or terms “cleanses toxins, natural, holistic, antioxidants,etc.”). (anything that sounds kind of “sciencey”but not make by humans). Of course they do not explain that natural and synthetic chemicals are all chemicals.

  • Interesting Stephen Barrett post today about Jeffrey Beall/ predatory journals.
    One comment there was that CAM is increasing in popularity, whereas ( here and elsewhere) there’s often encouraging news re the decline of homeopathy funding in the NHS, and the closure of homeopathy courses in Spanish universities and elsewhere.
    Anybody have views on whether or if the balance is shifting?
    It sometimes seems there’s contradictory evidence.

  • Just this morning, my dear wife informed me that she intends to return to “fancy, expensive enemas” (my terminology from, lo, these six years and more past, since the last time she tried them). I almost go ballistic with her “gurus” (copious in number) and their “natural” advice. It all smacks of quackery. Any good effects, and I have seen some, are squarely in the placebo camp, IMNSHO. Placebo effect is genuine: the mind really does lord it over matter, to an extent, for a period of time. But of course, we all eventually fall apart and die anyway, no matter how determined we are to the bitter end, to stave off decay and death by whatever means come “recommended”. I despair.

  • I cannot see a link to the article you refer to. Please could you send it me.

  • I use wheatgrass enemss 3x a year and it always improved my health. I dont go off others opinion, but how i feel after colonics.

  • I started with coffee enemas and they changed my life. I was sick and tired all the time, nothing the doctor did helped so I took it upon myself, after doing an enema a day for 10 days, on the 10th day I began pooping out worms…no poo just clusters of worms, it completely freaked me out. I continued for a month till worms stopped coming, and I felt incredibly better!! I also took a sample to the doctor and they gave me a dewormer. But every now an then a worm will be flushed out, never clusters like before tho!

    The wheat grass enema is a great option to rotate with coffee enemas as it makes me feel “replenished”. I found doing Coffee ones on their own left me light headed and dehydrated. Where as the wheat grass revitalizes!

    I know a lot of people are sceptical but for me they worked wonders. (And there’s no record of any enema related deaths or illness haha so I say go for it !)

    • @Jessica

      And there’s no record of any enema related deaths or illness haha so I say go for it !

      Jessica, you go well beyond the norm on this blog for making comments which show you can’t even google adequately (or can’t understand the simple things you read when you do). Try googling “enema-related deaths” then come back, apologize and correct your statement above.

      • Unfortunately enemas can fix a rude person. I did your search, all “enema related deaths” can’t be directly linked to the person doing enemas as there were other health issues involved.

        • My wife and I learned about Coffee Enemas at CHIPSA Hospital in Tijuana when she was in her last battle with cancer and had been wrote off here in the US. We did 5 32oz coffee enemas a day there. I still do 1 a day, at least. My ast and alt liver numbers stay in the low teens constantly. On deaths from enemas, if someone has had surgery to their intestines or had them perforated, you may want to consult a doctor that likes medicating with enemas first. But I’ve done over 2000 coffee, chamomile, burdock root, apple cider vinegar, pedialite enemas (if dehydrated) and now wheat grass and have never had an issue. Get the right equipment and products. By the way my wife survived hospice and has been cancer free for 4 years and this was her 4th stage IV battle.

  • Oncologists are the real quacks. One can say the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Translation CHEMO DOES NOT WORK, but oncologists have a micro size tool box when it comes to “treating cancer”. They learn in medical school if you poison someone it may get rid of their cancer, which is a consequence of elimination systems not functioning effectively (deification, urination, exhalation, sweating, lymphatic drainage).

    And when an alternative approach to poisoning is used where you address causes and not symptoms, why that must be absolutely nonsensical.

    You are so full of shit literally, you are in desperate need of a wheat grass enema!

    Oncologists, cardiologists, and western medical doctors alike do not possess competence.

    Competence is defined as having knowledge, training, and experience.

    Oncologists for example do not have knowledge of the causes of dis-ease. They have no training on how to reverse cancer, only how to poison people and ensuring great suffering and eminent death to the poor patient. Lastly, they don’t have any experience successfully treating patients to eliminate the cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. They follow the same pharma-influenced treatment model. Treat the symptom with drugs, cutting, burning, and poisoning, then you will make them more sick but then get to put your skills to the test by giving them yet more poison (prescription meditation). So your not only making money off the cancer, but pharma and the medical system get to more then double dip on the chaos and disorder they continue to create, if you killed them quick that would not be as profitable, so you have to drag it out so you can give them as many rounds of chemo and as much pills as possible $$$ all at the expense of tax payers (Canada) or a family personal saving/ lose their house to get poisoned (US).

    What’s more invasive? Having your breasts removed or a section of your intestine removed, or inserting a less then pinky size tube, less then knuckle deep into your ass? You may even find it stimulating.

    WHAT DOES WORK for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke?

    Water only fasting 7 to 40 plus days
    Raw plant based diet (little to no fruit for people with cancer or heart disease)

    Coffee and wheat grass enema’s

    Activated charcoal



    But if we did the above how are the trillion dollar pharmacology and animal based agri-business suppose to keep over filling their deep pockets?

    They can’t, which is why when you go back in history doctors would tell pregnant women that “it’s safe to smoke” “no scientific evidence to show its harmful”. It’s amazing how you can suppress information to the masses when you have the money to do it.

    Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food.

    • any evidence for the many claims you made here?

    • Well done, Pythagoras. The most impressive display of ignorant, hubristic Dunning-Krugerism I’ve seen in a long time. I won’t bother with deconstructing your little pile of foolishness. Others here are better-equipped to do so. People who have to pick up the pieces when cancer sufferers believe the twaddle that people like you spout.

    • @Pythagoras

      WHAT DOES WORK for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke?
      Water only fasting 7 to 40 plus days

      Yep, that usually does the trick. Disease is gone, and so is the patient. Without food, diabetes patients will succumb within a few days at most. Serious mineral imbalances will cause cardiac arrest in people with heart disease within one or two weeks, and even completely healthy people generally die within 4 weeks without nutrients.

      Now you are of course a dumb troll, but this nonsense of yours is still a good example of how many quacks lure hapless and often desperately sick people, in order to fleece them (and often their family and friends and GoFundMe sponsors etc.) for every last penny they have before they die:
      – Establish a rapport with the patient by affirming their notion that regular medicine didn’t really help them.
      – Sow distrust in real medicine by emphasizing the risks involved in regular treatments.
      – Further increase this distrust and ensure that the patient will not easily return to real doctors by telling the patient that those doctors are utterly incompetent and corrupted by Big Pharma and Big Food etc.
      – Tell the patient that you are the one who has their best interest in mind, and that this is obvious because you will treat them with ‘natural’ treatments(*) that will have none of the harmful side effects of regular poisoning/cutting/burning.
      – While treating them, keep telling them that they’re doing absolutely great – regardless of any actual progress (or, more usually, the lack thereof).
      – If the treatment is not working (duh), make sure that the patient never loses hope – simply offer them another treatment. Remember: there is always hope (at least you should tell the patient so).
      – When it is becoming obvious that the patient is not improving at all but instead is dying, put the blame on the patient for not following the treatment regimen strictly enough. If necessary, blame that one chocolate bar or that one cookie they shouldn’t have eaten because of their starvation strict keto diet.
      – When the money has run out, that is the perfect moment/excuse to stop treating a terminally ill patient. After all, you have bills to pay too, now don’t you? And there are of course lots of other patients waiting for their treatment. So tell them you’re sorry to see them go, but at least “we really tried, now didn’t we?” (emphasizing that it was a collective effort, with the patient taking an active role in what was promised to be their recovery but is turning out to be their demise).
      – Throughout all this, maintain a friendly but very firm, authoritative attitude, radiating absolute certainty about what you’re doing and saying. Don’t be afraid to overdo it – people find huge self-assured arrogance still far more trustworthy than those wishy-washy regular doctors who admit that there’s little they can do, and that they’re not certain if a treatment will help. Remember: in times of crisis, people want a Strong Leader who will Make Things Right. You are that Leader, taking control and driving them down that path out of their personal crisis. Never mind that it leads straight to their grave. And oh, very important: don’t forget to keep telling yourself too that you are doing the Right Thing. All that money is a triviality of course (and just goes to show that you are hugely successful, trustworthy etc., justifying every penny you earned).
      – And if a patient is still alive after you sucked them dry, you can return them into the care of real doctors, who of course will get the blame for not being able to do anything when the patient dies shortly thereafter. Again: “At least we tried!”

      *: I’d be interested to read your exposé on how, according to you, prehistoric people treated their sick with coffee enemas and saunas. Oh, wait, prehistoric people of course never got sick in the first place, living a completely ‘natural’ and healthy lifestyle.

    • It is quite clear from your comments that you have no idea whatsoever what oncologists do, what treatments they use, what they base it on or what outcomes they achieve (or cardiologists and endocrinologists for that matter).

      Speaking as somebody who has suffered cancer, diabetes and heart disease, I am very grateful to my Western doctors. Without their expertise, experience, training and skill I would certainly have died in February 2017 following a respiratory arrest due to a cancer-related infection. If I had managed to avoid that, my cancer would have killed me shortly afterwards. My coronary stent has cured me of a lot of unpleasant and limiting chest pain, and may also have prevented sudden death as the narrowing was at the root of a major artery.

      From your post, I am not even clear that you understand the meaning of words like “cancer”, “stroke” or “activated charcoal”.

      You may also be interested to learn that abandoming a raw, plant-based diet is what made civilisation possible in the first place. All animals which subsist on such a diet (i.e. most of the animal kingdom) spend nearly all their lives eating. The invention of cooking allowed much more energy to be extracted from food, freeing up time for our ancestors to do other things.

      Most healthy individuals who have gone on hunger strikes have died during the second month of their water-based fast. I don’t have data to hand on the effects of serious illness such as cancer, heart disease, cerebrovascular injury or an already disrupted metabolism (as in diabeted) cope with starvation, but I would be very surprised if many of them could survive as long as 40 days.

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