Some homeopaths advise parents not to vaccinate their kids and use homeopathic vaccinations or ‘homeo-prophylaxis’ instead. Despite the fact that it has long been clear that this approach is not effective and even dangerous, some homeopathic pharmacies have been selling the remedies used for that purpose. In the UK, Helios has been at the forefront of this dubious trade. But, a few days ago, they have changed their ways.

Here is a screenshot of the results of a search for the word ‘vaccine’, with the ‘remedies’ that were subsequently removed highlighted:

Helios vaccine remedies 1

Click the image to enlarge.

This is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. The question I ask myself is WHY DID HELIOS MAKE THIS CHANGE? Was it because they had to? Or was it because they saw the light and realised that the evidence did not support the remedies in question?

If it was the latter motivation, we will soon know – because, in that case, they will surely do the same with the entire rest of their remedies.



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  • FINALLY some good news from the UK. It’s been a rough week.

  • If someone purporting to be an expert compromises someone’s finances with unsubstantiated claims and worthless financial instruments, he can expect the police to come knocking on his door. But if he takes money from people in the name of “health-” something with useless remedies, immunity seems guaranteed.
    Something wrong here?

  • “Helios Homeopathy is a well established homeopathic pharmacy who manufacture their own remedies and provide expert advice.” (Helios web site).

    email: [email protected]

    Pharmacy: “A shop or hospital dispensary where medicinal drugs are prepared or sold.”
    Remedy: “A medicine or treatment for a disease or injury.”
    Treatment: “The combating of a disease or disorder.”
    (Oxford Dictonaries).

    In what sense are Helios remedies ‘medicinal’?
    In what sense is ‘Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy’ a pharmacy?

    • That is correct. This website is obnoxious. All of the negative talk about Herbs when it is well documented that meds are the leading cause of death in the US and not herbs.

      • You don’t seem to have understood Dr Rawlins’ post, Ilya…

        Nor much else, I suspect.

      • it is well documented that meds are the leading cause of death in the US

        Wow! Up till now commenters have told us that meds are the third leading cause of death in the US. Obviously, things have got a lot worse since last week.

        I’m sorry to have to tell ilya Skolnikoff that it is far from well documented that meds are the leading cause of death. Try reading this article for a balanced account. Or even just try contemplating — with a drop of common sense — exactly what that statement implies.

  • Sorry to be kind of a spoilsport.

    But it seems to me, Helios has some problems with their image-files only. If you click one of the “more info” buttons, you still can proceed and add the vaccine to your basket. I did this from Germany for the rotavirus vaccine right now – and proceeded to the cashier – which I did not complete of course.

    • Norbert

      Can you provide a link? I think they’ve used IP filtering in the past (for their non-MHRA-registered kits of homeopathic products) so you may be seeing something different to UK users.

  • Okay, being located in Germany, here are the links of my way to order some homeopathic vaccine from Helios.

    Search result ‘vaccine’ on the helios page:

    I clicked ‘more info’ of the Hepatitis B vaccine and a screen opened where I could specify my drug:

    I selected tablets / 8g / 200c and clicked ‘add to basket’. Then a banner informed me that my remedy was added to my basket.

    The remedy showed in my basket.

    Helios vaccine

    Clicking the ‘checkout’ button I was invited to sign in. I stopped here for sure, I do not want to own a hepatitis B vaccine. I simply could not figure out what the law of similarity implies what this remedy could do to me.

    • The Helios webshop seems to work for “Vaccines” here in Iceland also.
      I could fill my basket with, among other interesting things, Rotavirus vaccine (Rotarix®) in a form called “Medicating potency” (Whatever that is) at 200C. 14 ml of the stuff cost £11.80

      That’s a lot to pay for an astronomically small dose of vaccine 😀

      Link to item:

      • Link gives a “This product is not available in the United Kingdom” message. Like the original post says: “Why did Helios make this change?”

      • Yes, what made them change their strategy?
        Sure we could learn a thing or two here about the weak spots of this industry.

        • I’m sure they would only have changed because the MHRA told them to. We’ve put them under some pressure over the past few years. Our last complaint to the MHRA that concerned Helios was about their homeopathy kits: the MHRA visited their site last September and:resulted in:

          A verbal warning has also been given to the owner of Helios and advice reiterated regarding the sale and supply of kits in the UK.

  • Procrastinating on a lazy Saturday morning I looked up the stuff I almost ordered from Helios yesterday. (See comment above where we were testing th Helios webshop)

    I just had to look up what “Medicating potency” is all about so I asked uncle Google who found this explanation on Helios’ web:

    These are remedies made in ‘high alcohol’ (ie 90% ethanol). They are used by practitioners and other pharmacies to medicate tablets and pills etc.

    14 ml @ £11,80 makes almost £843 per liter of 9% industrial alcohol if I’m not mistaken. I found the same on Ebay for £30 including shipping and on AliBaba the bulk price seems to be around a dollar per kilogram for food grade Ethanol. The cost of a vial of Rotavirus Vaccine is perhaps a few pounds, if they bother using anyat all – who would be able to find out?
    The dilution process is automated so I guess tit’s a bl**dy lucrative business making homeopathic remedies?!

    Also, if they managed to find how on earth water is able to remember the Berlin Wall, it still remains to be elucidated how sugar pills can retain the properties of a Virus Vaccine after the alcohol that was diluted
    00000 times has evaporated from them??

  • Odd. The ‘vaccine’ products have re-appeared. The search for ‘vaccine’, now returns the following products:

    You searched by keyword vaccine (complete list) 20 Products

    Rotavirus vaccine (Rotarix®)
    Hexavalent Vacc. (Infanrix Hexa Vaccine – 6 in 1)
    Vaccine Free
    Raising A Vaccine Free Child
    Vaccine Damaged Children
    B.C.G Vacc.
    Vaccine Guide Dogs & Cats
    Typhoid vacc.
    MMR Vacc.
    Hepatitis B Vacc.
    Hepatitis A Vacc.
    HPV Vacc. (Gard.)
    H1N1 2009 Vacc.
    Measles Vacc.
    Varicella Vacc.
    Understanding MMR
    Materia Medica New Homeopathic Remedies
    Silenced Witnesses
    New Materia Medica Vol 2
    Drug-Free Approach/ Asperger & Autism

    It could be their method of checking IP address is flaky or they are just not trying to prevent a customer in the UK from buying these products.

  • On the way to ordering from Helios, I stumbled upon this discussion.

    Homeopaths don’t use the remedies made from vaccines as prophylaxis for particular illnesses.

    They are instead often used when a child (or an adult) presents with unwanted, often severe symptoms as a result of a vaccine.

  • Homeopathic treatment worked WORKED with no side effects for my mam dog and me.
    With out making billions of pounds for fatcats.
    Plus there were no side come you lot think its ok to take chemicals to solve one.that gives you some other condition.that you have to take another pill for.and so it goes on and on until you die an untimely death through taking a pill for something (sometimes) minor.

  • Clearly written by someone who has never tried (the right remedy of) homeopathy.
    Just hating

    • Awww… bless.

      But if you ever find anything wrong with what anyone says here, please do feel free to correct it. With evidence and reasoned argument, of course.

    • @ arnica

      Homeopathy has not ever ‘worked’, simply because the whole idea was based on a false premise. It acts as a placebo until either the self-limiting condition clears up, regression to the mean occurs, or the hypochondria subsides.

      I’m not saying you are an imbecile, but the implication is clear.

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