It is Christmas time – one cannot possibly fail to realise it, if only by listening to the perennial reports about our hospitals and GP surgeries being over-stretched to breaking point.

Will we cope?

Sure we will – after all, we can rely on our homeopaths! Yet again, they are at the ready to help out and prevent a disaster.

What, you don’t believe me? But it must be true, just look at this tiny selection of what homeopaths currently say on the internet:

Where to begin… Let’s start with my favorite holiday event: Eating-To-Excess.  From there we slide over to the Too-Much-Drinking Marathon, the Suicidal Depression Derby, the Slipping On Ice, Falling Off Ladders and Sleep Deprivation Triathlon… the World Series of Overwork, Tension Headaches, Anxiety About Seeing Your Relatives and… maybe we should just cancel this holiday altogether! Fortunately, homeopathy can help. 

Stressed before Christmas?  Well the good news is that many of these emotions can quickly be tackled with Homeopathy, helping you relax and get back into the swing of the festive season…

Here’s how homeopathy can help make your Christmas a happy one…Consultation fees vary from homeopath to homeopath – please ring us for details and to book an appointment.

Give the gift of health this Christmas with our Homeopathy Gift Sets. These sets have been carefully put together by registered homeopathy Jenny Livingstone M.A., R.S.Hom. There are three kits to choose from: the first aid kit for those little emergencies, the travellers kit for those on the road and for our mums to be – the birthing kit. The kits are priced at £45…

THE HOMEOPATHIC CHRISTMAS SURVIVAL KIT: Christmas is a great time for catching up with friends and family, taking time out to enjoy the festive season and of course partying! It can also be a time of stress physically and emotionally as we rally hard to create the perfect day and cope with situations outside our comfort zone. There is the pressure of shopping, dealing with relatives and in laws, coping with the cold weather conditions, worrying about finances, perhaps coping with feelings of sadness or loneliness and over indulging in food and wine which wreaks havoc on our digestive system. For these type of situations Homeopathy can help bring relief on a number of levels whether for acute periods of physical or emotional stress, or longer term it can be a great support for those grieving or suffering from depression or confidence issues.

Homeopathy can be very helpful and healing during this time of the year. I have heard some homeopaths talk about their practice being quite busy during the holiday months, November thru January. Issues, emotions, situations, responses, reactions, and physical complaints and concerns may come more to the surface than at other times of the year. Because they are more accessible and right there on the surface, it may be a good time to come for homeopathic care.

And whatever you do, don’t forget your pet: With Christmas time just around the corner, I thought it may be worthwhile to draw attention to some of the hazards that can face our pets during this festive season.


Convinced? Well, I am!

It’s Christmas – so, let’s not be cynical!

If our health care does not break down completely this time, it surely is due to the altruistic sacrifice of the nation’s homeopath.

(My only worry is: how will we cope next year when those awful, nasty sceptics, scientist and rational thinkers will no doubt have succeeded in insisting that even homeopaths need evidence for their claims?)


(And don’t forget your Nux Vomica for the detox next week)

9 Responses to Medical emergencies over Christmas: yet again, homeopaths prevent the worst

  • Thank you for a year of thought provoking posts. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • My echoes to David Tyler’s post. May you and yours receive the best 200C chiropractic applied to your favourite meridians.

  • Over 30 million people across Europe use Homeopathic medicines including Royals, entertainers, sports people, actors and politicians. Some examples are: British Royal Family, Sir Paul Mc Cartney, Catherine Zeta Jones, Bill Clinton, Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale and W.B.Yeats.

    When last I checked Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale and W.B.Yeats were all dead. Homeopathy seems to be expanding its patient base considerably.

    • apart from a classical fallacy, do you have anything else?

    • Nice example for one of the sentences you find as a verbatim copy on a lot of homeopathy web sites, another one is the “WHO … second largest system of medicine”, but always without giving any source for that statement.

      As the 30M sentence is an “Appeal to Popularity”, does it really show popularity in europe?
      According to, the EU has 503 million inhabitants – so 30 million are about 6% – less than cannabis use (according to EMCDDA in 2012, 6.8 % of all 15- to 64-year-olds). – “nice” result for homeopathy

  • Dear Edzard, I recently saw a news about your job, it’s amazing! I though that just here in Brazil and similar countries there was these problems with pseudo-medicine, but apparently it is a widespread problem, it is really bad. The world need more researchers like you.

  • Te reto a que cuando venga un paciente con dolor de cabeza o tu mismo te pongo una aguja sola y me explicas si se va el dolor tus planteamientos al servicio de las compañías farmacéuticas; la acupuntura tiene más antigüedad de 5000 años,más que la medicina que tu defiendes por lo que tienen que ir juntas tienen que ser complementarias. Te puedo asegurar si tratábamos a pacientes con acupuntura nos ahorraríamos mucho dinero público pero a ti no te interesa porque estas comprado

    Admin: Google provides this rough translation from Spanish:

    “I challenge you to when a patient with a headache or you yourself come one needle and put me explain if pain is your approach to service pharmaceutical companies; Acupuncture has more than 5000 years old, but the medicine that you defend so they have to go together must be complementary. I can assure you if we treated patients with acupuncture would save us a lot of public money but you will not care because you are bought”

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