We have heard often, here and elsewhere, that chiropractic is neither effective nor safe. But now I found that it is not useless after all!!! It is an effective preventative measure against infections like the common cold and the flu.

You find this hard to believe? But it must be true!

It is the message given to chiropractors on this website:

Chiropractic care raises your body’s natural resistance to disease by removing serious interference to its proper function, vertebral subluxations. For that reason, it’s important to explain to clients that their lymphatic system is basically their body’s drainage system. Lymph is a clear fluid composed of immune cells and the greater lymphatic system is made up of a network of ducts and lymph nodes that help filter out viruses, bacteria, and other harmful elements. Remind your patients that when they go to a medical doctor and complain of a cold or the flu, the first thing he or she checks is their lymph glands, feeling for enlarged lymph nodes on the neck under the jaw. Enlarged nodes, or swollen glands as we often call them, are a sign that the lymphatic system is actively fighting an infection or imbalance.
Here’s where chiropractic care comes in: when the body is healthy and working correctly, the bad things your lymph nodes collects drains out through the lymph ducts, some of which are located along the spine and in the neck. But when the neck and spine are out of alignment from muscle tension, a musculoskeletal condition or other injury, those lymph ducts can become blocked and congested. Fortunately, chiropractic adjustments restore the neck and spine to proper alignment, taking pressure off of the congested lymph ducts. That allows the lymphatic system to start flowing and working correctly again, naturally decongesting and helping your body’s immune system to work properly in the fight against colds, flu, and illness.
It’s hard to quantify the health benefits of a strong immune system, but one recent study found that patients who had chiropractic adjustments had a 200-400% stronger immune system than those who weren’t adjusted. Another study published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research showed that regular chiropractic care resulted in a 15% average decrease in the incidence of colds and the flu. For that reason, regular chiropractic adjustment and lymphatic massage will help keep a patient’s immune system strong and functioning optimally, and even will help minimize the symptoms and speed recovery once a patient already comes down with the flu.

And you thought that chiropractors had all but given up the notion of ‘subluxation’? No, they haven’t!

Subluxations are real, alive and kicking!

The germ theory of disease is false!

Chiropractic adjustments are the only cure and prevention!

Immunisations are just poison in your body!

What, I have not convinced you? Then you are not a chiropractor, perhaps?

You say they make numerous such claims because it keeps them in clover? Oh, you are cynical – shame on you!

12 Responses to If you don’t want to get the flu…consult your chiropractor urgently!

  • Incredible! A lot of SCAM seems to focus on (nonspecifically) ‘boosting’ or ‘strengthening’ the immune system which, for anyone with even a smattering of understanding of immunology, is a ridiculous concept. Now this strengthening can be done by chiropractic. Wonderful! I wonder if chiropractors measure the strength of the immune system in Newtons, dynes or poundals?

  • ‘Dr’ Charles Ward’s web site offering (since my daughter-in-law is a Californian, I can talk American) starts out asking:
    “FLUE GOT YA?”.

    Hard to know whether ‘Dr’ Ward believes in Santa, is concerned about Dick van Dyke’s performance in ‘Mary Poppins’, or his own ‘innate intellegence’ has been severely compromised.


  • They should remove percents, because how on earth they are going to measure the strength of immune system? Not to say about comparing before and after?

  • Apologies.
    ‘Dr’ Ward asks:


    ‘Tis the season to be jolly…

  • “The germ theory of disease is false!”
    The site you link to doesn’t make that claim.

    “Chiropractic adjustments are the only cure and prevention!”
    The site you link to doesn’t make that claim.

    “Immunisations are just poison in your body!”
    The site you link to doesn’t make that claim.

    • …and I don’t make the claim that they claim it!

      • So true! You don’t DIRECTLY…you just put it randomly at the bottom of your post. Very sneaky indeed!

        • jm,
          Are you disappointed that the suckers who go to this clown won’t turn up to you for a bruising?

        • Dr Collins,

          You’re confused. Noone turns up to me for bruising. i was commenting on Edzard’s sneaky inclusion of “The germ theory of disease is false!”, “Chiropractic adjustments are the only cure and prevention!”, “Immunisations are just poison in your body!”…as if they were somehow related to the link he posted.

          That’s the kind of sneaky you would expect from someone who falsly acribes TCM theory to a simple head massage. Or from someone who assumes that folks who didn’t respond to a survey have offensive views on vaccination. Or from someone who bizarrely claims that Naturopathy is implicitly based on the assumption that natural means safe. Sneaky, deceptive things like that.

          Hope that clears things up for you.

          • As usual, no. I read the totality of the post, not cherry pick.

            (And, as usual, lacking in original thought, “Dr Collins”, by copying DR ALLCAPS, who produces dodgy papers as wannabe research.)

          • Frank, those examples are pretty straightforward. Vast majority of students didn’t respond to a survey – so you would have to pretend they answered in certain ways…if you want to come to an anti-vax conclusion. Realistically, the anti-vax folks tend to be more vocal, so would be more inclined to voice their opinions on surveys. More than likely, the non-responders are pro-vaccine, and it’s a non-issue. But that’s speculation, too. (Speculation based on talking to Naturopaths…but still speculation) Can’t tell either way, since the surveys weren’t completed.

            Massaging the head for 10-15 minutes is just as good as standard meds. But if you pretend there’s “TCM theory” involved…now it’s magic, and scary. But, no magic. Just massage. Adding the assumption of magic you might be able to avoid a conversation about risk/benefit with massage vs meds.

            There’s no reference anywhere that Naturopathy is based on the assumption that ‘natural is safe’. But fiction sometimes makes for a more exciting blog post!

            And in this post, the link promotes chiro as an adjunct (not replacement), and references CDC recommendations for minimizing infection. Quite the opposite of “The germ theory of disease is false!”, “Immunisations are just poison in your body!”, and “Chiropractic adjustments are the only cure and prevention!”. But, if you pretend…it makes for more blog post drama.

  • The article they cite for improving immune function by 200-400% is a load of bollocks and has been thoroughly debunked by chiropractors. This post is a well written and valid criticism of the BS fringe within chiropractic! Charles Ward is one of the American practice management guru’s whom I am not a fan to put it mildly!

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