Few alternative remedies are more popular than colloidal silver, i.e. tiny particles of silver suspended in a liquid, and few represent more irresponsible quackery. It is widely promoted as a veritable panacea. Take this website (one of thousands), for instance; it advertises colloidal silver in the most glowing terms:

Here are some of the diseases against which Colloidal Silver has been used successfully Acne, Allergies, Appendicitis, Arthritis, Blood parasites, Bubonic plague, Burns (colloidal silver is one of the few treatments that can keep severe burn patients alive), Cancer, Cholera, Conjunctivitis, Diabetes, Gonorrhoea, Hay Fever, Herpes, Leprosy, Leukaemia, Malaria, Meningitis, Parasitic Infections both viral and fungal, Pneumonia, Rheumatism, Ringworm, Scarlet Fever, Septic conditions of eyes, ears, mouth, throat, Shingles, Skin Cancer, Syphilis, all viruses, warts and stomach ulcer.In addition it also has veterinary uses, such as for canine Parvo virus. You’ll also find Colloidal Silver very handy in the garden since it can be used against bacterial, fungal / viral attacks on plants.It would also appear highly unlikely that any germ warfare agents could survive an encounter with CS, as viruses such as E Bola and Hanta are in the end merely viruses and bacteria.Colloidal Silver is non-toxic, making it safe for both children, adults and pets. Colloidal Silver is in fact a pre 1938 healing modality, making it exempt from FDA jurisdiction.

So why haven’t you heard of it? It’s suspected that the user friendly economics of Colloidal Silver may have something to do with its low profile in the media. Colloidal Silver shines a spotlight on the over expensive and deadly nature of the pharmaceutical industry, who are larger than the Pentagon economically.

That’s right, plenty of bogus claims (it goes without saying that there is no good evidence to support any of them) and, for good measure, some conspiracy theory as well – the perfect mix for making a fast buck!

But sometimes things do not work out as planned. The following text was recently published on the website of Essex County Council:

A man claiming to sell a cure for cancer has been fined £750 following an investigation by Essex Trading Standards. Steven Cook, 54, of East Road, West Mersea, was charged with an offence under the Cancer Act after suggesting Colloidal Silver was a treatment for cancer.

Mr Cook pleaded guilty at Colchester Magistrates’ Court on Friday 12 September. Magistrates imposed a fine of £750 and ordered him to pay £1,500 costs. Cllr Roger Hirst, Essex County Council’s cabinet member for Trading Standards, said: “Trading Standards’ advice to people who are considering whether to take any substance not prescribed for a medical purpose, either preventative or as a treatment, is to consult their doctor first.

“I hope the public feel safer knowing that Essex Trading Standards will take action where traders are trying to sell products which are neither medically proven nor safe.”

Mr Cook runs a website,, selling various products containing silver. One of the products on sale was “Ultimate Colloidal Silver”, a liquid containing silver that Mr Cook made in his own home. Trading Standards said the website implied that the product can cure cancer – and this is an offence under the Cancer Act. Mr Cook has now updated the website and removed any claims that colloidal silver can cure some cancers.

So, there is some hope! Occasionally, fraudsters are being found out and punished. But the bad news, of course, is that this sort of thing occurs far too rarely and when it does happen, the punishment is far too lenient. Consequently, the public’s protection from fraudsters exploiting the most vulnerable patients is woefully insufficient.

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  • This may seem like encouraging news but it is unlikely to make much of an impression on alt-med believers. Dr. Oz admitted before congress that he was promoting bogus diet aids. So far aside from momentary embarrassment no perceptible effect. The consumers of quackery are almost as deluded as those doing the selling. Reality does not seem to help.

  • Colloidal silver has proven germicidal effects as shown by research at Rice University, et al. It has a long history of use in medicine and industry. To ignore this and simply point to one person who ran afoul of the establishment demonstrates the author’s lack of honesty and diligence. We see this behavior and Modus Operandi from far too many self-styled authorities who present no evidence for their dismissals of an extremely safe, effective alternative to antibiotics and pharmaceutical drugs that have known harmful side effects and increasingly lowered efficacy.

    MDs have developed the ability to memorize information and do the bidding of Big Pharma. Unfortunately they have little ability to think critically or creatively. A real pity and a shame. It seems that more people have begun to question the accepted wisdom of these credentialled fraudsters. They can set broken bones and repair structural damage but have limited understanding to the human organism as a system.

    For more examples of medical incompetence, fraud, and malpractice, look into the use of statins and their unforeseen negative consequences, as well as numerous other wrong turns taken by our esteemed MDs.

    Q. What’s the difference between God and a doctor?
    A. God doesn’t think He’s a doctor.

    • very good!!!
      yes, it has germicidal and other effects ex-vivo. that does not mean that it works when taken by mouth by sick patients [bleach is also not clinically effective]. if you know of clinical trials that show clinical efficacy of colloidal silver, please tell us.

      • This article came just on time. A member of a family I have – in vain – attempted to protect against fraudsters for years, just asked me if I knew anything about colloidal silver. Of course I did. I have forwarded the link to this article. Although I no longer have high hopes, maybe it will do what I failed to do.

        As for bleach, I disagree. In true quack-reasoning, bleach is eminently effective against any and all diseases. Of course, it kills the patient in the process, but we will forget to mention that insignificant detail in our next wish-based study. A beaker of bleach for eternal health! ^_^

    • @Abraham
      You are also wrong about this factoid:

      Q. What’s the difference between God and a doctor?
      A. God doesn’t think He’s a doctor.

      It applies only to surgeons (like me), not all doctors 😀

    • “It has a long history of use in medicine and industry.”
      So did mercury, bloodletting, and leaches but, when they were found to be dangerous, they were discontinued. Colloidal silver is in that category too, except that alt. “medicine” doesn’t test for dangerous or deleterious side-effects.

      “Q. What’s the difference between God and a doctor?
      A. God doesn’t think He’s a doctor.”
      A doctor is real and can keep you healthy, if possible. God, on the other hand, ………………………………………..

  • Some years ago I met a fellow who was convinced that the fungus Candida albicans was slowly taking over and destroying the human race. He regularly swallowed colloidal silver to counter this imaginary menace, so his skin had a dreadful blue-grey pallor over his whole body. He looked desperately ill but was proud of it. You can see similar examples here:
    @Abraham B. Doya: if you really like a therapy with the side effect of making you look like a walking suit of armour, please do consume all the colloidal silver you want.

  • Colchester Magistrates seem to have taken a very light view of this serious offence. The fine is piffling and will not dent this man’s profits very much. It should be possible to put someone as dangerous as this out of business – a dirty restaurant can be closed down immediately but not apparently a crook conning the vulnerable and desperate. It certainly isn’t a penalty which will deter many others from following in this man’s footsteps.

  • The website listing all the ailments colloidal silver can treat (first link) has a disclaimer page absolving them of any responsibility if people take their advice. They refer visitors to a 547 page book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual by Steve Barwick. The book is published by the Life & Health Research Group, whose CEO is Steve Barwick. His education is a PhD from USB, which he explains on his online CV as Piled Higher & Deeper with Life Experiences from the University of Steve Barwick.
    He, surprise, is a supplement distributor, former political hack, and direct marketer.

  • What an echo chamber of nonsense. Firstly – Talens and CRISPR are the best things science is working with against cancer and sugar (white flour included) and environmental exposures are the leading cause – but, back to the point————– Firstly, read this on CS and breast cancer:

    Secondly, to the person who said chemo doesn’t kill people – in a quick look, I found a study proving it does (not a perfect example, but does glean over the cytoxic effects of chemo which lead to death):

    The author of the case report suggests that cannabis oil needs to be explored further because there is potential that cannabinoids might show selectivity when attacking cancer cells, thereby reducing the widespread cytotoxic effects of conventional chemotherapeutic agents.


    There’s a cash study. Come on people, do your own research.

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