If you think that homeopathy is risk-free, you should read what this US homeopath proclaims on his website. I have copied several sections from his lengthy article (everything that is in normal print is his writing; mine is in bold). The author first gives a general introduction into homeopathy and why he believes in it; then he continues:

…Now, on the surface, you might think that since there is some common ground between homeopathy and vaccinations, that homeopathic doctors would be, all-in, when it comes to vaccines. The fact is, most homeopaths today are against vaccinations. The main reason for that is not because of the underlying principle, but because the process have been perverted by eugenics. Today, the real purpose of vaccinations is to cause sterilization and early death. Bill Gates spends billions of dollars on global vaccination, admittedly, to reduce the population. All kinds of heavy metals like aluminum, mercury and other poisons and pathogens are put into vaccinations. People, especially children, are given many more times the amount of vaccinations today than they were decades gone by, when it can be argued, vaccinations were effective and were needed.Even cancer viruses have, on record, been put into vaccinations. There is no actual vaccine for cancer. The only reason to put cancer viruses in the mix is to create more cases of cancer. In this day and age, one of the most dangerous things you can do for your health is to get vaccinated…

With homeopathy, you never have to worry about heavy metals, cancer viruses or other poisons being mixed in with the natural ingredients. Even though some of the underlying foundations of homeopathy and vaccinations are similar, there are a number of differences. With vaccinations, the actual disease that they are allegedly trying to build up immunity to is in the injection. In homeopathy, that is not the case, except in rare exception, and due to the dilution process, there is never any risk. Another difference is that homeopathic remedies are taken orally, rather than injected…

Homeopathic remedies have no side effects. That’s a great thing. On the other hand, every drug comes with lots of side effects. And then, you can get in a vicious cycle where you keep taking (or being prescribed) more and more drugs to deal with more and more side effects. In time, this often leads to emergency “live saving” surgery. When they are successful and the patient doesn’t die on the operating table, everyone praises modern medicine for saving those millions of lives, all the while ignoring that the reason those millions of surgeries were needed in the first place, was due to those allegedly wonderful and so-called scientifically proven drugs. Plus, many times, these surgeries aren’t truly needed. If the patient would simply quit taking the drugs, the body could, often, heal itself from life threatening conditions…

Homeopathy is much more well known in Europe and various other nations than it is known in the United States. There is a huge medical conspiracy against the use of homeopathy and other medical modalities that threaten the financial dominance of the current medical industry. The conspiracy extends world-wide, but it is strongest in the USA…This conspiracy is being perpetrated on a conscious level, for going on 200 years. Then, on the heels of that, there is a massive amount of ignorance from ironically, highly educated people, who have been influenced by the conspirators. (Most of these people you might not be able to classify as conspirators, because they believe what they are saying.) Doctors who have never even tried a homeopathic remedy on themselves, or their patients, often say that there is no evidence that homeopathy works. When you point to the innumerable raving fans of homeopathy around the world, each of whom have testimonies of homeopathic remedies working extremely well, the detractors simply call those, anecdotal evidence, not worthy of consideration. When you point out some of the clinical case histories of undeniable healings that have come to patients of homeopathic doctors, the opponents of homeopathy chalk it all up to the placebo effect. They say they want scientific proof and that none exists, but the truth is, numerous studies have shown very positive results, and have outperformed drugs and/or placebo. There are more than 150 placebo controlled clinical studies, most of which have shown positive results, either compared with a placebo or compared with a conventional drug. Moreover, they did so with zero side effects, (unlike drugs, which often have that little side effect known as, death.) And yet, the detractors always have a Rolodex of never ending excuses, why those studies, “don’t count.” They range from, the studies are too small; they are conducted by people who believe in homeopathy – (I’m serious!); the doctors aren’t well known enough; there must have been some breakdown of the scientific procedure that has yet to come out, etc. These people are unable to deal with the conundrum, that homeopathic remedies become more potent, with dilution, instead of less potent, like you would assume. From there, they assume that it can’t work, and no matter how much healing is done with homeopathic remedies, it’s nothing more than mind of matter, (placebo effect.) …The evidence is overwhelming to anyone with an open mind that homeopathy is for real. Does everyone magically become well? Will you not have to die? You know the answers to that, and nobody is suggesting it.

What is undeniable is that the pharmaceutical industry peddles toxic drugs that do more harm than good, by far. Big pharma corporations get caught faking studies, bribing doctors and all kinds of dirty, illegal activity, for which they are fined billions of dollars. To call them purveyors of science is laughable. There are drugs like Vioxx, that have killed anywhere from tens of thousands to more than a million people (depending on whether you go by Merck and the FDA statistics, or outside investigators), which, shockingly, aren’t even pulled from the market by the government. The company finally quits peddling them once the lawsuits make it unprofitable…

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that these people aren’t interested in finding the truth. They only want to protect their status quo, and well as their paradigms of how the world works. They don’t have room for experiential evidence. When these type of people write research papers smearing homeopathy, they are being intellectually dishonest. They consciously obfuscate facts and mold findings to seem to conform to their beliefs – let the evidence be damned…

These medical mafia type of people, don’t even care about logic. They stopped making sense a long, long time ago. When you are done reading these two articles, if you have a modicum of an open mind, you will at the very least, not be able to deny that there really is a very genuine conspiracy against homeopathy…

Such utter nonsense speaks, I think, for itself. Therefore perhaps just this as my comment. 

I have said and written it often: the homeopathic remedy might be harmless, however, many homeopaths are clearly not.

In a way, I should be thankful to the author of this truly amazing article enforcing my point.


10 Responses to A truly dangerous homeopath

  • During Ebola crisis some homeopath recommended “remedies” to treat patient :
    Another case of irresponsible homeopath.

    The most madenned homeopath also posted a “protocol” describing the process of making your own homeopathic dilution of ebola virus ( the original post of the homeopath in question, Oftendal, was removed from his blog because of huge critics from the readers but it get caught by ORAC attention).
    The protocol explicitily tell to take fluid (blood or anything) from ebola infected people to do the dilution (by shaking in a bottle !), this is indeed pure madness with no good safety equipement.

  • That homeopath has stated in public the essence of what most homeopaths believe yet will state only in private conversations with their fellow believers and open-minded clients.

    Not all alt-med apologists and practitioners are as pathologically deluded as that homeopath. At the opposite end of the spectrum there are many who are astute charlatans fully exploiting the ignorance of their targets. However, their position on this spectrum makes little difference to the overall harm they cause because this axis is orthogonal to medicine: an alternative to medicine that benefits its apologists and practitioners at the expense of its clients — the antithesis of compassionate health care.

    • Compassionate healthcare isn’t the only thing for which homeopathy is the antithesis. It’s also the antithesis of “holistic”.
      Since the prescription of homeopathic “remedies” is based on the victim’s symptoms, not any underlying cause, (hence the absurd “like cures like” mantra) homeopathy is the epitome of a symptom orientated medical scam. Nothing could be further from “holistic” that homeopathy.
      It takes monumental self-delusion or downright dishonesty to be an advocate for homeopathy.

  • The problems in what this deluded practitioner is saying is clear to you and me. To the educated (in the humanities) person who buys into post-modernist thinking, it reinforces their biases. Reason does not have much power for these people and they are very much at risk. As we slowly move into a post antibiotic era, forgoing vaccination and depending on magic pills becomes ever riskier. For the homeopath, there seems to be no liability for this advice. I hope some of the new class actions suits against people selling this stuff has an effect.

  • Such utter nonsense does indeed speak for itself, but the US is apparently full of conspiracy theorists of this type. Just 3 things I came across in the discussion fora of Jamie Pope’s Coursera Courses:

    Jamie Pope government/industry agent? No independent discussion so far

    Bart, shut up – we see you know nothing about real nutrition, only the FDA-approved pseudo one!

    I did not appreciate the mainstream “health and big Pharma” propaganda and the FDA-approved cr*p that this course is promoting. There is a lot of MISinformation as well. So pity!

    The interesting part is that these are people following a (very lightweight, but still) course on nutrition given by an instructor of the Vanderbilt University nursing school. They knew that before they started, what were they expecting? What is this with Americans?

  • Shocking indeed. Most of his references seem to be either Natural News, Mercola or Dana Ullman. But who exactly is this homeopath?

  • Another example like this:
    Dr. Annette Prollius writes on her Website, among other things (in german):
    “Besonders Ebola und Cholera machen mich betroffen, weil die Methode der homöopathischen Medizin da hervorragende Arzneien zu bieten hätte – wenn man sie denn einsetzen würde.”

    My attempt at a translation:
    Especially the cases of Ebola and Cholera are touching me, because homeopathic medicine has great remedies to offer in these cases – if one would only use them.

    This women claims to be a Doctor in Medicine. I seriously wonder what german University gave her a degree in medicine.

  • By the way, Dr. Annette Prollius actually also claims on her website that homeopathic remedies can prevent you from getting sick from radioactivity.
    (“Homöopathische Mittel können uns vor Radioaktivität schützen.”)

    I’m having trouble deciding if this website is more hilarious or dangerous.
    It indeed is both at the same time in abundance.

  • Hi. That was an interesting. I drift away to tell u what homeopaths have to say for the dangerousness of homeopathy

    That was a public forum. You see irresp of homeo may or may not actually work a “wrong” remedy may have irreversible mental and psychological affects. And this is as per people who are into homeo meds.

    The very fact that YOU DONT KNOW HOW IT WORKS makes it very dangerous to even prescribe it. The prescription method is anything but logical/ scientific. It is rather based on “probings” of the great homeopaths before of the known “similimum” that can cure the disease. You may say its crap but overlooking even the homeopath’s perspective would be dangerous.

    Talk about corruption in sanity. Insane.

    • Perhaps they all started out drinking shaken water that had been in contact with a suspect substance and that is what made them delusional. That would be as good an explanation as any for the fallacious folly called homeopathy.

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